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DISAPPEARED in National Parks 1 of 2

This comes from the Youtube channel, "Edge of Wonder ,"

People who DISAPPEARED in National Parks Bizarre TRUE stories, Missing 411 [Part 1/2]    Published on Oct 19, 2018

This is a fairly recent video and one of the better ones out there. They mus-ta knowed I was com'in. They actually get into specific cases. They do not go as far as I do, but they do believe the Deep State is behind a lot of it, as do I. I sometimes quote them and sometimes summarize their statements. I note times in the video so they can be referenced.

Missing from National Parks. Some are showing up alive days later with no memory of what happened to them. Others have simply vanished without a trace. And some have even shown up in places where searchers had already looked for them. Many believe that the parks themselves are covering up these strange and mysterious disappearances; and if that is the case, why would they do such a thing?

All of this and more on today’s episode of Edge of Wonder.

Ben with the hat and Rob without for references to come.

They decided to look into this subject by viewers of theirs and how they put it, regarding missing persons in parks is “this has got the “Illumidonkey” written all over it! I could not agree more.

As an example of strangeness , there was a little boy whose body was found lying on a fallen tree, but the unexplained aspect of this is that the trail searchers walked through and searched this entire area for days, and then suddenly the body shows up out of nowhere.

So in another case, a 2 year old child was missing and after a couple days, it was really misty and the search dogs started to act really strange and out of nowhere, the little girl came walking out of mist completely naked, but could not say what happened to her.

They thought she was with a large animal which somehow protected her. Truth1: Not enough attention is given to the very common amnesia that these victims have when reappearing. It is possible they might one day start getting flashbacks in adulthood or these memories might be gone for good. I am sure dissociation is a big part of it. <<end T1

So recently, there was a documentary called “Missing 411,”based on a series of books by David Paulides, who had more than 20 years of experience in law enforcement, including the SWAT Team and Street Crimes unit on the San Jose Police Dept. So he got involved in missing persons cases after a government employee went to go see him for help. When Paulides started to get involved in missing persons cases, and heard the stories, it only brought up more intrigue and mystery into these disappearances with even more unanswered questions.

Truth1: my opinion is that "a government employee (nothing specific? How come?) deliberately sought out David Paulides as an investigator who would also ignore or cover up the most damning evidence that might surface in his investigations. This was largely the case in the JonBenet investigation coverup and the Elizabeth Smart Case as well.

I am grateful for his work. Awareness is the first step. But his affection for suggestions of the paranormal are uncalled for, when better, more realistic explanations would better answer it all. In some ways, I could say this about Ben and Rob. But again, I am grateful for what they have done.


“this is getting into real life stranger things here.”

T1: the bizarre nature of what was going on, did not allow for rational logical explanation. It had to be contrived for some reason or other. Nothing was natural. All the old rules went out the window. Someone involved in the disappearances was playing with the heads of the investigators and searchers, and ours, too. In effect the "spook" was saying, "catch us if you can!" << End T1


During a talk at the University of Toronto, Paulides said it was “It’s like something out of the X-files." Agreed!

“so this isn’t just some paranormal hobbyist. This Guy (Paulides) seriously has the dedicated his life to help figure out and understand what is happening with these missing persons cases.


Paulides collected over 2000 cases that have similar mysterious characteristics related to national parks.

“There is no requirement by our government to keep a national record for people who go missing on Federal land. Why?, Ben asks.

Missing people in the US is a whopping 650,000 just in 2017!

Ben: This is not even remotely funny! This is crazy.

This also counts for parents abducting their own children to avoid child support. But for the 1600 people, which some say is a very low estimate, has missing people range from all ages and all ends of the spectrum when it comes to age and mental capacity.

Ben: Even when the Movie “Missing 411” requested this info, they were told there were no records, and to deliver one would cost the production company $1.4 million. (The Feds were telling them to go to hell.)

The US Secretary of Interior, who oversees the US National Parks, is appointed by the President. Ken Salazar held this position during Obama’s 1st term and was interviewed by the “Missing 411” film crew. He was asked if there were any public records. He responded, “I do not recall.” Ben says that the only thing in the room where the interview was filmed, was a telescope pointing at another building. What was it aimed at? Was it a message to us? The all seeing eye of "Saturn/Satan?"


The saturn video:

Ben and Rob RUIN Christmas 2018 (please don't watch this video)          Premiered Dec 25, 2018

There is something very special about this video and I guts to mention here, while its still Jan.1, 2019 10:22 PM EST. I had done a lost of research on JonBenet. And I had published, on Jon Rappaport's blog:   about 2 or 3 months ago that JonBenet had been sacrificed by her parents to Satan because of what Satan gave them in "benefits." JonBenet might not be the first for John Ramsay, either. I am going to check to see if I saved the post or not. Bu I explained it and suddenly I got some very interesting interest. I thought what would be the end of it till I published my findings. but I was wrong.

This video above, at the very end, says what I said only on Jon's blog. Note the premier was just a week or less, ago, Dec 25. They suggested JonBenet was sacrificed. Do you know what this means? Truth1 was absolutely right. The powers that be wanted to have their guys say it first. Fine. But I got screen saved to prove my work timeline. But what this also means is that they are admitting that Sacrifices are still going on and had not been recognized at the time of their happening. They are also opening the door for McMartin to be resurrected from the dead and spread like the plague. the Veil has been ripped to sheds.

And all the other stuff I got coming on JonBenet and Elizabeth Smart, too. Hoaxtead is going to look awfully silly, as now the net is confirming, thru its spokespeople youtube channels that I was right and beat them all to the punch. This also means that Hoaxtead's own accounting is also drawing near. They lies will be burned at the alter of God's truth.

These are some exciting times coming soon. The HMS Hoaxtead will soon be joining the Titanic in its ship wreck of lies. Sunk by the torpedos from Truth1's submarine of truth. Thanks be to God, the grantor of all success. This victory is His. I know that! But I likes ta have fun. This will be a year of big revelations.


No records kept of missing searches. Rob says “this just screams red flag.” Many cases are clustered in certain areas, particularly around bodies of water in the parks. If the people are found alive, they usually have memory loss. If they are found dead, the cause of death is hard to determine. Why is it hard to determine? Because the government is hiding everything, like Hoaxtead does. But not for much longer.

They are often found in an area they are not likely to have reached by foot such as steep rocky cliffs, or found in a location that had been thoroughly searched. They are often missing clothes or shoes. And search and rescue dogs are strangely unable to pick up the scent. Some canine handlers have told Paulides their search dogs act strangely, walking a little ways, circling, then sitting down.

There was an obscure movie, though popular at the time, The Legend of Boggy Creek. The dogs in that recreation or real, I do not remember, it was in theaters in 1973, the dog would not pursue the "Faulk Monster" as he was called. They were spooked. It happens.


Many claim wild animals are the cause of these disappearances, but there are never any mauled bodies to be found, nothing torn or dragged or left behind. In the last 100 years there have only been 14 fatal mountain lion attacks in the US and Canada combined.

Another possibility raised was that of family member, perhaps a parent/relative, doing the victim in. But in most cases, the parents are ruled out.

Rob says there is one family being accused, but when you listen to their testimony and the fact they have been out every day since, search, “it just does not add up.” T1 disagrees!

T1 says that children being sold or sacrificed is far from ruled out, according to what I have seen. This is called coverup.<<

Ben: There are so many things being covered up that this is why we think the deep state is involved.

T1: And I heartily agree!

Ben: For example there are no federal standards for terrestrial search and rescue, according to Robert Koester, author of the search and rescue guide book “Lost Person Behavior.”

If this author has created some ideas, standards, analyzed behaviors, then why hasn’t the Feds done so, ask Ben, Rob, and T1, too!


2 year old Keith Parkins, Oregon, 1952,  they walked around the family barn and disappeared. It was snowing. 200 people were called to rescue. They searched everywhere. Hours later and 3 miles as the crow flies, from the last seen location, a small amount of tracks from a toddler were found. The tracks started out of nowhere and seemed to end out of nowhere as well.

19 hours later, his body was finally found lying face down in the snow another 8 miles away, which was in a dense area on top of a very rocky cliff. His father picked him up and realized he was still breathing, but with scratches on his face. Some of his clothes were lying around him, but he was OK. But he could not rememeber what happened to him or how he was able to walk thru 12 miles of snow and tough dense terrain in 19 hours.

Truth1: What should be real obvious is that the boy was abducted. The question in 1952, would be who? No one would suspect the government back then and no one knew that at that time, Mind Control was going on in secret. If the boy did not remember what happened, it is very possible that he went thru something traumatic, even if it was only electro-shock. This would have caused memory loss, technically, memory hidden away in the mind. <<T1 end

Many bodies were found near water and yet that was never the cause of death. It was as if they were placed there. Exactly!

Jelani Brinson, Minnesota 2009, 24  year old soccer star found in a golf course pond in Anoka, Minn. They found his hat in one back yard nearby and his shoes in another. It has been raining for days, previously, and the golf course was muddy. But Brinson’s socks were completely clean. His cause of death was not drowning but something undetermined. Undetermined? What? How could they not determine it? It was a coverup, no doubt.

Jeffrey Boucher Whitby, Ontario, 2014,

Went out for a morning run and went missing. He would normally go to work after. His mp3 player, some running clothes, glasses, and wedding band were all missing. Police ruled out the wife and suicide.  They  found 3500 dollars in a desk at the school he taught in. School Officials said that he was collecting this money for a skiing trip with his wife.


Months later, his body washes up on shore at Lake Ontario. The body was frozen, but the lake was not. Still no evidence for suicide.

It was never stated how he died? How come they would not tell? Could it be the authorities did not want to tell? Who froze him and then dumped him on the shore? Since authorities will not answer, it means they are covering for someone, likely of more substantial authority than law enforcement and forensics. Sounds very suspicious. This one is partially solved in that it is authority behind it. We can only wonder how Jeffrey got in trouble, which is how you get killed.

I assume Paulides lists this case to show how it was a coverup and not an accident, or crime of passion or even money. Was Jeffrey secretly working for “authorities?” And got into trouble that way? That Jeffrey was dumped to be found, means someone wanted others to see what happened to Jeffrey as a warning, perhaps. I suspect, too, that his running could have had a drop off point for spy material or something of that nature. Did he run for health or was it a cover? Was he going to meet someone that morning? No one is talking which means quite a few know, but will not tell.

Ben and Rob next bring up Deorr Kunz and I am going to cover that case so I am skipping it here. I think the parents did it. I conclude this, based strictly on the psychological elements revealed. This is not a mystery to me. But it seems to me that both Ben & Rob are not interested in speculation OR analysis. I’m not impressed. I think Paulides also thinks the parents innocent. I don’t. I don’t think the sherriff does, either.

What most do not grasp is just how much careful discernment psychology can reveal. With that, you could throw away most physical evidence and still get the right solution.

This starts at 10:50. I’m jumping ahead to the next case.

Ben & Rob blame the media for framing the parents. I do not agree. The Media did their job! That’s rare.

No evidence of the boy was ever found, nor anything to indicate an abductor or stranger. Can you say JonBenet?

6 year old Lillian Carney, Michigan, 1897,

She as picking blueberries and many reports say people go missing picking fruit, according to Paulides, I assume. They searched for over an hour. By morning, over 200 people were searching. Over 300 people had been searching in total.

They finally found her after days, out of nowhere and she could not remember anything. And she said it was daylight the entire time she was missing.

While mind control was not known to be in practice at this time, there is historical evidence that rich families often tortured their own to cause dissociation, whereby the torture was not remembered. Neither was hypnosis unknown at this time. But most clearly, her mind had been tampered with, in hindsight. So experiments were almost certainly now being carried out and would get much worse in WWII. Nazis would end up perfecting torture based mind control programming, using hypnosis as well. Hence, the “deep state” certainly is the most likely suspect.

Now we would not expect people of that time to recognize all this. But in our day and age, there is no excuse for not bringing Mind control factors that alter brain function, into consideration. We don’t have any other possibility.

So Ben asks, “what is happening? Him and Rob are certain this has to be a coverup. I agree! Rob asks, a covreup for what? He says truth is stranger than fiction. Agreed!

Rob: “These cases do not cover normal patterns so you need to expand your thinking into all possibilities.” Agreed!

They quote Paulides: “ I have never given you theories. I have given you a series of facts. What happens if I come out and tell you, Its that !? Then someone comes out the next day and says it can not be that! My credibility is shot.

I will disagree with Paulides. He could say, My best guess, given this piece of evidence at hand is, this scenario A is the likely solution. If better or different evidence turns up, I can re-evaluate my previous conclusions.

My concern about Paulidies and perhaps, Ben and Rob, a little, too, is that they are avoiding the real serious charges that would be perfectly justified to anyone very well read on alleged CIA abilities and activities. They are not always neutral and sometimes make judgments. So why not make a few more and state why? Its always understood that any new evidence can change an investigation and its conclusions. There is no crime in having suspects or persons of interest.

That Paulides is a former law enforcement officer, means he should not be gun shy about asserting possibilities and even likelihoods. And I think he is covering over a case that I would say is very likely 2 parents using their boy as a sacrifice for their occult group masquerading as church members.

Jimmy Smit was an ex FBI man, who helped to cover up the JonBenet case, says I! Beware of ex-badge men.

Ben and Rob observe that Paulides talks about the paranormal a lot. I noticed that, too.

Rob: and one common theme rather hard to accept to the average person would be the Aliens.

T1:Paulides may also think Bigfoot/Sasquatch is a factor. Myself, I consider bigfoot to be just another paranormal manifestation (Appearance) just as are ghosts, etc. I do not believe in physical extra-terrestrial beings. The only aliens I believe are real, are humans pretending to be aliens. The UFOs are man-made, too. This is the big lie and deception that the world is to look out for and not get fooled by.

My last though is that while Ben and Rob suggest the “Deep State”, they avoid saying what the deep state is doing.

On the other hand, that they say anything at all in this direction is appreciated. they had a good presentation and I am suscribing.

Their next video is very interesting for many reasons. It will be a separate blog to follow this one.

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