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JonBenet Justice NOW

 I am just giddy with delight. My feet are not even touching the ground. A Miracle had taken place. My watchers and tormentors have broken down and ordered my project to be copied/confiscated to rob me of my discovery and all the work that went into and I could not be happier. Ya guts ta see all this. I am going to show you my work history so that you can see the absolute details. For one, the book I read on JonBent is well over 600 pages. I got the important stuff but have a few more pages left. Given the detail, this task was not a fast read. I began in 2018. I want to get out the info now, rather than finish small details.

But I did publish my idea on Jon Rappoport's blog as follows:

The taboo against paranormal experience is a taboo against freedom

by Jon Rappoport     September 27, 2018

 I posted my comment on the 27th Sep. 2018 It was up by the 28th, so I credit the publishing date as being Sep. 28.

truth1 says:     September 27, 2018 at 10:58 pm

What I say, I say without malice. Jon, you have in my view, expanded the definition of paranormal. I see it as a realm where non-material entities exist, being extremely intelligent but also full of malice toward humans. These spirits can cause us to have “paranormal experiences,” that can be quite amazing. But this is used to impress us and trick us into going along with them, “cause they care so much about us.” But for 6000 years they have been making deals with people in exchange for 100% Obedience and they want a lot in return for the wealth or status or talent we might ask for. They will expect a big sacrifice from any who make a deal with them.

Classic case is Jon Benet Ramsey. I say, based on the big book I have read, that they made a pact with these beings and John had to give up his adult daughter and then JonBenet. Patsy, too. The loss was far more devastating to her than to him. The things found around Jon Benet, like the garrote, the rope, the duct tape, the tazer, golf club and whatever else I forgot; These all had special significance in the ceremony they performed on her, to take her life. Both participated together says I. The FBI analysis was very accurate.

These are the ways that these spirits trick you into harming yourself and others and promoting their cause rather than yours and causing you great misery and pain for it. Despite this, many continue to take the offer, not fully appreciating that they are not being told what will eventually be required of them. Make no mistake about this. I am certain both Jon and Patsy were devastated that they had to give up their daughter. Patsy put everything into the girl, to the point of hardly noticing Burke, their son. They had bought books on how to cope with grieving with the 1st daughter and the 2nd. John and Patsy did not dare refuse what was required. They know far better than you, what will happen if you refuse these spirits. They knew better than to say no.

I would also suggest Elizabeth Smart was given for a sacrifice and was replaced by a substitute, who at first looked nothing like the original but over time adopted the look more similar to Elizabeth I. The mother was devastated. But like Patsy, she dared not say no, but she balled her eyes out. The loss was devastating.

The problem, Jon, is you only see the nice side, the sweet side. You have not flipped the coin over to the dark side. Throughout the last 6000 years, these spirits have seduced humans into joining them, with rewards of victory, power, wealth, women, but paying a very dear price for it all.

My urgent plea to all! Do not go anywhere near these super cruel hateful entities in the paranormal. God tried to warn us all of the very dangerous courting of the rebel sons of God thru the paranormal practices and black arts that allow these spirits various prerogatives with you. Stay away from them and their lies, entirely.

I will be, in time, publishing far more detail that leads me to the conclusions I have stated here, on the two cases I referred to, tonight on this blog, Sep. 27, 2018, that are likely to appear a day later.

That is all I am going to say. These spirits are pure concentrated evil. Truth1 out! <<end of first post

I figured everyone would ignore it. But then I got a surprise 13 days later on October 10:

Meg says:

October 10, 2018 at 11:17 pm

I would like to hear more about this, can you point me in the direction as to where you have this intriguing information published? I’ve had some paranormal experiences, and I’m interested in the cases you mentioned. Thank you!

truth1 says:

October 11, 2018 at 12:38 pm

Meg, my site in the category you seem to refer to:
Straight off, Lawrence Schiller’s book, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, is so comprehensive with Jon Benet. I can not imagine another book even coming close to it. Tom Smart’s book give lots of info on the Elizabeth Smart case.

The Jon B book is well over 600 pages. I am near the end at 469, But I hit the mother lode already. But there is bit of discernment required. Most people do not give any regard for the paranormal aspects.

The following is far from done yet, but it has some stuff. Sadly, I have none of the photo comparisons of Elizabeth, before and after uploaded. And there are a lot of photos and vid grabs of E before she was taken and after, too. This is the start of an article I began. but Priorities dictate what gets attention and what get temporarily shelved.

I am also in the process of moving, which is no small hassle.

Feel free to email. My address is at the bottom of my front page of me site. It would be great for more attention to be brought to these cases. But ancient history reveals an extreme consideration and devotion to the “gods” in all things. None more than the Spartans. There is a fair short video on their observances and government, of fairly recent publishing on Youtube. But many other accounts Like Herodotus on Croesus and Cyrus the Persian also show the gods off. It was everywhere, although it was the Greeks who began Atheism, too, if not a primitive form of evolution.

I could be of more help but Till moving is done, no chance. Give me 2 months, or email.

Meg says:

October 12, 2018 at 12:28 am

Wow, thanks truth1! I’ll check it out and email with any questions. Good luck with the move, a miserable task, in my opinion. <<end blog comments.

Truth1: my main point here is my publishing this publically on Sep. 28, 2018. And it got some attention in not much more time. This might have gotten the wheels in motion. But now I want to show my work history on this project. I think it is relevant. 3 days later, out of nowhere, I get a notice to vacate my apartment by October 30, on Oct.1 just 3 days after my squealing on the net. But it was for the better, although at the time, it was a shock and even scary as it was just me doing it and the Portland place needed lots of attention to be livable. It was scary for a while. But it was for the best. I am saving a fair amount of money and I finally have peace from nuisance neighbors. I did not see the notice to vacate as related to my post. Never a thought to it.

I began scanning a fair amount of text from the JonBenet book, beginning at page 384, and I OCR'd it into text. It was Nov. 26, now at my Portland place. On Dec. 7 & 8, I OCR'd the documents and put them into HTML. I then did more writing on the 22nd, Dec.

My "overseers" were no doubt keeping close tabs on me. Why do I say this? Cause it has happened too many times.
What would happen next, unknown to me at the time, was that on Dec. 25, Xmas, 2 guys uploaded a video on Xmas and Saturn and Satrunailia and at the very end of it, they announced JonBenet was quite possibly sacrificed by her father John Ramsey. You could have knocked my over with a feather. Someone out of nowhere was going to say something as outrageous as that, besides me. I checked out my window, just to make sure the world has not ended yet. It was still there.

I created the beginning of the HTML doc for JonBenet on Dec. 7, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, "a day that will live in infamy." Then I added to it on Dec. 22, the day after the solstice.

As you can see, my work on this was well under way and I revealed my findings way back in September. Those who watch me, besides Hoaxtead, had plenty of time if they wanted to act on this. And indeed, They would. Then last night I discovered the following while working on Hoaxtead #63 on missing persons on the YT Channel "Edge of Wonder." They suggested that people look into the history of Saturn after a telescope was shown with the name Saturn on it. It also revealed origins of Xmas. I have written a number of comments on the historical Saturn and Jupiter, among others, on the net. Saturn would sometimes sacrifice his own children for favor from the gods. (demons, says I). They gave this link: 

Ben and Rob RUIN Christmas 2018 (please don't watch this video)          Premiered Dec 25, 2018

Note that it was uploaded on the day of Saturnalia/Xmas. its a good piece of work, but they did not really reveal what a sleezy scumbag Saturn/Chronos really was. That is why his kids, led by Jupiter/Zeus, chased him away to Italy, where he was protected by Janus, from where we get the name of the Month, January.

Then at 26:30, right near the end of the video, 30:22 is the end; They bring up the occult ritual of "The last bulb on the tree." This begins their accounting of Dad John Ramsey sacrificing JonBenet. I was stunned, shocked and breathless. They are letting it out. Someone had to allow this because these guys are very careful about what they say and what they avoid saying. Arizona Wilder, former mind control slave, she says, was said to bring this up back on another earlier video, they say. The Illuminati would have this ritual where kids would put bulbs on an Xmas tree and the last one putting on a bulb is sacrificed at midnight.

You should know that while the coroner put JonBenet as dying sometime after midnight, John and Patsy wrote her death as just before midnight. So that  would be on Xmas Eve and not after. Wilder said this is what happened to JonBenet. And Rob says that Wilder says that with all families of the "Cabal," there is always a price. Satan loves to cause pain, anguish, cruelty, and misery, even to his own. Nice guy, huh"

But JonBent was killed for far more than a ritual "spinning of the bottle." Dad got a real big position and wealth that had to be paid for, says the Master of cruelty. Below, Rob is on the right as he utters the words in closed caption beneath him.

The problem I have is them making light of Saturn, pagan origins that almost seem to carry over to JonBenet's death. Its not funny. This is an extremely vicious cruel evil game played by Satan and his followers. Its no laughing matter. These occultists are pure concentrated evil. Ben and Rob do mention Dad's wealth that was almost over night, gained.

But as you can see, while I was doing my thing over a good years time, everyone else was sitting still and quiet. When I get near to pulling the trigger, they let it out. All the better. If I was the only one making these claims, I would be called a kook. As it is, its not only me and I got the very strong feeling that some more people are going to be saying this. Satan and his cruel followers will be exposed for the psychotic cruelty they so adore. But you will not see the weight of evidence that I will bring to bear on this. Wilder, Ben, and Rob, are going real soft and easy on psychopaths.

That being said, on the whole, we have to be grateful for what Ben and Rob, and their bosses bring to us. All things are to be revealed by none other than Satan and his henchmen among us. We are allowed the truth, only mixed in with some deception, to see if we are smart enough to distinguish between the two. So a fair amount of diligence and effort is required on our part, to sort it all out, the good from the bad or unreliable. I think this channel has some good things to offer. I subscribed to them. They got lots of good material to consider. But you also need to go further and ask questions many would fear to ask. And they also have some junk and baloney, too. So use caution as always

Now what I want to make clear is that with Ben/Rob admitting the JonBenet sacrifice, being the cautious ones that they are, its no longer just crazy me. And that a women name Megan also is interested in this direction, means there is a big potential for this idea to get a lot more coverage and discussion. JonBenet illustrates that our knowledge we have at this point, can be used to re-examine the past, when we knew far less and were stumped. We no longer have to remain stumped. And what you/we, shall find is that Satanism and ruthless paganism have been around and common since the beginning and were never rare occurrences. Hindsight will be our guide.

My prediction is  2 things. 1st, that 2019 is going to be a big flood of exposure to the dirt that has been going on in secret, previously.  2nd, that many hiding and covering over right now, will end up getting exposed. McMartin Preschool, Elizabeth Smart, the Hampstead coverup and Hoaxtead. Much more to come. It will be like an avalanche. To steal a line from John Lennon's Merry Xmas, in regards to the new 2019, "let's hope its a good one, without any fear. Who needs fear, anyway?

Jesus said, when you see all these things happening, raise yourselves erect and leap for joy for your deliverance is near.

I take note here that Tom Dunn's website,  is not being allowed on my browser and its not just me. Seems that London is scared. What of? Exposure? You bet. Lots of it. They are terrified. Its going to be a good year for thrills and chills.

But my greatest joy is that I got, perhaps, 2 witnesses, or even 3 (Meg added) That are agreeing with JonBenet sacrificed, which also admits that such things go on, and that wealth will be found in conjunction with it. It also seems to confirm Satanic activities and cults also exist, and so does Satan. Are people going to sacrifice their kids for a mere myth? Highly unlikely!

Further, if JonBent was covered up and forgotten for 24 years and suddenly roars back? What are we to say? Will more scandals also suddenly get exposed? They will if I have anything to say about it! What will be next. McMartin! And then? Maybe Hampstead? Let London take notice!

Most things I deal with get ignored. It is most irregular that my work should produce anything in the way of publicity, unless someone else promotes it. So this is new for Truth1. People agreeing indirectly. Why, I do believe hell must have frozen over. But it might get mighty warm in London. 2019 will be an interesting year.

 Truth1 Out!

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