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DISAPPEARED in National Parks 2 of 2

My goal here is to:

No. 1 to continue to Show that the "deep state" is behind most of the strange and bizarre missing persons cases happening in National Parks or other venues. No. 2, to demonstrate how government agents promote both truth and lies, to muddy the waters of truth while often dispensing truths as well. But offering multiple choices, the intent is to throw people off the trail of truth by creating confusion and uncertainty. To that end, I believe that the second video of the "Edge of Wonder" youtube video, having covered the first one in HX#63 a week or so back, will show some of the truth mixed in with some deceit. At times, they reveal solid truth. Other times, They will suggest crazy things, to see if they might get you going off in a wrong direction like getting involved with the paranomal spiritual world that God warns us to stay away from.

Bizarre Truth of WHY People DISAPPEAR in National Parks, Missing 411 [Part 2/2]
Edge of Wonder  
Premiered Nov 2, 2018

They jump right in to the Jaryd Atadero 1999 case that I covered in HX#58.  So I am not going to go over that again, other than state that it is a clear case of SRA and coverup, just like JonBenet.

At 8:30, they finish their analysis and they brought out many good points that were not in the Paulides video I used as a source. They have things said or experienced by the father of Jaryd, but I am not satisfied that Jaryd's dad is a reliable source. Ben and Rob vary Paulides on the story and I think they talked to the dad. But regardless, they said there were no good explanations on the part of the Park personnel and agencies. That various stories come up, leads me to believe that this coverup involves everybody and as they said on X-files, sometimes, "Trust no one!" Ben and Rob saw foul play in it all, as they should have. What I wonder is if they had a part in the muddying of the waters.

Next up was Bigfoot as either a cause of abductions or sightings or who knows what. They did bring paranormal factors regarding Bigfoot and point out that Paulidies has done several books on bigfoot. I say that Bigfoot are the same as any other ghosts, visions, apparitions, etc. But I see this bigfoot thing as a distraction and diversion. Its a non-factor in my investigations. One might as well contemplate the Easter bunny as a suspect. But I do believe that secret government agents are absolutely involved in many of these cases.

To further reinforce my view of Bigfoot, it was noted in the video that Bigfoot type sighting are seen all over the world, just like spirits and apparitions.

They then bring up UFO abductions as a possibility. I do not believe there are any "aliens" other than the fake ones on earth, pretending to be "Aliens." UFOs are real, but are secret military operations, not aliens from other planets. That is the story they will feed you, though, when the time comes. Maybe 2019. That would be good for a laugh.

Ben/Rob believe the deep state had many underground bases. It is widely spread belief and I subscribe to it, too.

They suggest "aliens" could be involved in sex trafficking operations. Whatever it is they are smoking, I'll bet it beats the hell out of pot! But I am 100% sure the CIA and Military are behind a lot of sex trafficking of all types. they suggest that, too.

They do suggest that many of the evil ones involved in trafficking also drink the blood of some of the victims.

I say that Evil Elites + children + sex  =  Satan/SRA. I do agree with their suggestion that there are clean-up crews and who remove bodies and "clean" a crime scene area. I think the movie, Pulp Fiction, had a "cleaner" in the story, who cleaned up the crime scene and "fixed" things. A bit like Charles Bronson in the movie, "The Mechanic," filmed on the roads of the Malibu area.

Ben suggests that park personnel possibly look for victims and alert whoever and help in "cleaning as well. Dewd, I like, totally agree!

Ben suggests the deep state and describes this as:

"These are the best ingredients for the perfect crime. You can abduct people with no evidence, no one around, that will ever know what happened. No cameras, no witnesses, no nothing! And on top of this, they don't care to keep records. No one is holding them responsible for any crime, even if a body is found."

I believe that Ben's above statement is 100% truth and accuracy. He deserves some gratitude and acknowledgement of that. But when he misses the mark, that needs to be noted as well. Same for Rob.

Their consensus is that there is no good excuse for all these glaring problems. I could not agree more. Its about covering up their own crimes, says Rob. They emphatically blame the "Deep State," as well they should. Yet they suggest that hopefully, things will get exposed and everything will get better. Don't count on it!

The Paradox that is Ben and Rob is that they will present some real nonsense, too. Now they might believe their source and what they tell you. but that does not mean they are right. We all can get fooled.

But that they blame the deep stated and the parks is a huge step forward as most are reluctant to admit such things. That is why I put this article up. You would do well to watch the video, too. Get a feel for right and wrong, truth and deceit.

As well, I really think you should watch a number of their videos to see if you can recognize deceit and truth when they are all mixed together. They reveal some truths that I have not seen anywhere else. But I also saw a lot of baloney and nonsense.

In my opinion, these two guys and whoever is behind them, as I believe all youtube channels are controlled opposition, are the cutting edge of mixing solid truth and absolute BS, too. So check out their sizeable collection and you are free to question me or what I say or what I think. Anyone asserting things, should be willing to account for why they think or say what they do.

Truth1 Out!

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