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  Disinformation Practices

My goal in this blog is to warn all that truth can really only be discerned by learning how to separate lies and deceit from small kernels of truth that are mixed in with the lies. We are all being tested for intellectual fitness, by the devil/Satan who wants to deprive as many people as possible, from becoming obedient to God, so that we might be allowed to live forever or be brought back to life to live forever. Satan knows he must die for not being willing to let God's plan unfold as designed. Satan insisted that he be allowed to cause Adam and Eve to sin and start the aging/dying process and be without God's guidance and instruction, thereby walking blindly in life, and experiencing much harm as a result of our ignorance of so much that was important to know.

So now we have gained some insight after 6000 years, enough that if we want to take God up on His offer, we will have our lives preserved and be taught all we need to know to live without screwing up again, and to be able to do what is beneficial and helpful to us, rather than make the mistakes that result in harm to us and others.

To this end, Satan opposes us trying to overcome our fallen desires and live by God's law in relative measures, knowing that full perfection is not possible till after judgment day, when our restoration will then begin.

So in order to hinder us from obeying God, Satan throws temptation our way, and as well, tries to lie and fool us and trick us and use our out-of-control desires against us. To this end, Satan has launched a world wide campaign of lies and deceit to get us to do the wrong things, thinking they are right and good. We can avoid most lies by reading God's book and getting to understand it and Him real well.

But this said, Satan will try to deceive us into believing false churches and denominations and trusting authorities who lie. He will use so called science to make the Bible look bad or useless. He will have all the world under his control, lie to us in many cleaver ways. Our challenge will be to not get tricked and fooled by the lies and tricks.


It has always been my contention for at least the last 2 years, 2016 and 2017 and continues to be, that what is taking place on earth is a propaganda battle, with terms agreed to, by Satan and God/Jehovah, to settle who is in the right or who is right and who is wrong. As well, God left a door of opportunity open for any person to accept God's terms, and live by His rules, relatively speaking, given our fallen, wounded, malfunctioning state that leads to death, eventually, to the end that we are brought back to life after all matters have been settled in this affair.

Part of that agreement involves the testing and trying of every person alive, with Satan wanting to keep everyone from God's offer and from God, so that these humans would die with no chance of being brought back to life in what is called a resurrection to life.

God insisted that the trial of humans be reasonable with both sides being presented to one and all, to be listened to and considered, nor ignored and rejected. My contention is that Satan argue that he should be able to be the one to present God's side of a matter, or allow God's chose ones to present His side.

To that end, Satan sees it far more desireable that his people present the truth, and then contaminate it with other voices controlled by Satan who pretend to oppose the Satan-appointed ones promoting God's side, at least on some things. That is to say, Satan controls both the promotion of God and the opposition to God, as well.

No doubt that Satan argued that if humans were such intelligent creations, they should see thru the smoke screen and discern truth from lies or mis-directions.

God would have countered, "you disrupted the process I began, thereby causing most humans to be of limited IQ and discernment. That said, I, God, contend that the truth will be quite apparent to any when the point comes to choose, either you or me. So any not choosing me, are yours to do with as you please. Since they have chosen you and your treachery and deceit, they deserve you as my last act of irony and rejection of them."

Every war for the last 1500 years (the Founding of Venice approx. 405 AD, both sides of all wars were controlled by Venice and its allies all the way to this day and continuing. No person, big Business or government exists or stands without permission of Satan/Lucifer. There are not exceptions. All wealthy people belong to him. All power people belong to him. All famous celebrities belong to him. All good paying high ranking positions in substantially profitable companies are at least compromised and controlled by Satanists, though not revealed to the underlings as Satanists.

 Really, discernment has never been about being smart. It is about being sincere and moral. If you sincerely want an answer to a question, a puzzle, a problem, a mystery, your brain has the capacity to find answers to anything. It might take a while, but not forever.

The problem is when someone half-heartedly asks a question, while not really wanting the answer, perhaps for fear of making someone unhappy. When this happens, the sub-conscious will detect your insincerity and will not bother to explore the problem to "protect" you from undue fear or dread. You can not lie to your inner self.

So when trying to figure out who is lying and who his telling the truth,  you have to really want the truth, whole-heartedly, without any reservations. I am going to presents an example of a video that tells a lot of truth, but also lies mixed in, as well. From the Channel: Edge of Wonder with a special guest claiming to have inside knowledge.

California WILDFIRE: David Wilcock Exposes the Scorching TRUTH, Exclusive Interview [Part 1/3]

We will start at 5:30 in the video.


There will be a massive avalanche event of awakening. And its coming soon!  (Truth1: there will be a revealing, but an awakening is another thing. At the very last hour, perhaps. T1:this is all in regards to the LA and northern Cal. fires.

Wilcox claims they did the blood sacrifice and then started the fire.

White jacket is Rob and T shirt guy is Ben. Wilcock explains that the fires  were not tended to, as they could have been. It was deliberate, in letting everything burn. Wilcox says the scope of the devastation is beyond anything LA has ever seen before. Unimagineable!  "its so much worse than an earthquake."

Truth1: I agree the fires were very unusual and deliberate.<<

9:00 Where modern people fail is we are too naïve to see all of the different things that are connecting that actually lead to, for instance, two California wild fires as an example.  Truth1: Not Naive. But they are not trying to connect the leads and evidence to form a pattern, if not a complete picture. They don't dare! <<

If you actually dig in and you research serial killers, and you research all of the things that were going on around the serial killers, you actually start finding a narrative that actually points to Satanic Rituals, Satanic Ritual abuse, these kinds of things. But all the information they are telling you is exactly basically that these were just; it was just this crazy case of this little boy misunderstanding things, growing up weird and then going crazy and killing people when they get older. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Truth1: I am going to be covering this subject thru David Gowan's book on this matter.<<

The other guy (with hat, Ben) says/finishes: . . . and is completely isolated. Not related to anything else.

Rob:I relate to anything else exactly but when you really start looking at it and for the California wildfires especially, if you start looking into what was going around the Cali wildfires, its like, what you stated, what was going on in Florida with the election and all that stuff . . .

Ben: and then at the same time you have the whole immigrant caravan, the grants . . . the caravan at the same time happening, I mean it’s a huge distraction, I mean, what do you have to say to people who have a hard time putting those things together? I mean you have been doing this for a long time. You know this better than anyone. I mean how can we wake more people up by helping them see the patterns in these things.

Truth1: Ben brings up a good point. They flood the media with more than one big news item so that people get distracted and don't get to think much about any one event. And once the news is over, no more thinking will be done.<<

Ben: Well, right before you answer that so recently I have been getting messages from France or some fans from, on facebook, who live in California and are affected by these wildfires and they are telling me, like “I’ve been through a lot of wild fires being in California and this is the strangest one I have ever done.”

T1: This was a fire fighter he is referring to. They go on to describe the many puzzling bewildering kinds of evidence left by these fires. They are unlike any previous pattern. A total break in pattern. An “out of this world” anomaly. We have no precedent for it, other than secret government technology << end T1

Rob: 10:50 Cars melting like 3000 degrees centigrade.

The fire does not act in anyway previously known. Anomalous and without a pattern or consistency.

At 12:38 begins some very questionable stuff. I’m not buying it! So I end this here. He speaks of underground facilities and aliens. this is the stuff they want us to fall for, that is fake. You let your guard down with good stuff and then they test you with the far out stuff. It is important to start with some truth to try and gain some trust.

 Now from the comments section of this video: I have a high regard, so far, for what I have seen from Dana Ashley below. I reserve caution but found nothing too objectionable so far. Her observations are good.

Dana Ashlie 4 days ago (edited)

So now questioning fires leads you into believing in centaurions?? Wow...RIDICULOUS. Kind of like David Icke talking about the TRUTH of agenda 21...but then he turns around and says the reptilian illuminati are behind it and offers the "new age just love each other and believe in yourself" as the 'solution'. That is NOT the answer!

She does not dispute the fires. But where he goes after that, she rips apart, and justly so!

Dana: The CIA has been propagating the new age for decades. Controlled opposition is used everywhere now to make rational questioning people (of these NOT normal fires for example) look like idiots.

Re: Folks who talk about anything 'satanic' who then do not point you to the truth of Jesus. . . but talk about aliens/reptiles Q agenda...are controlled opposition.

Truth1: Exactly. See what I mean? she gets it. She is on to their tactics. So you see, its not just me, though there are not many of us, either.

Dana: Fallen angels may masquerade as aliens to lead people astray...but it's a PART OF THE AGENDA TO DECEIVE YOU. Perhaps it's not intentional with these guys...maybe they actually believe this junk...but it's definitely way off.

Dana gives them the benefit of the doubt that they are just gullible, and that's fair enough and tactful. But I think they are paid "employees" who pretend to be researchers and regular guys. But they are just acting narrating like any news caster would.

So don't be too tough on the guys and what they do. But have your eyes open and question everything. Its a propaganda jungle out there. Read the bible and understand it and you will never be misled or fooled.

 Truth1 Out!

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