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Outdated Obsolete Weapons & Laws

 I began this Jan.12, 019 8:48 PM EST, after a couple days thinking on it. I was thinking about the McMartin coverup and I realized that our laws were way behind the times and situations and had been, going way back to the days of Al Capone and the Chicago Mob and the way that juries could either be bought or threatened. Or someone with key testimony might turn up dead on the day he was to testify.

In fact, killing him just before he was to testify was their way of sending a message to any and all who might want to testify against the Mob or Capone. This was the roaring 20s. We are near to 2020, 100 years later and our laws still make killing a witness an easy thing with no consequences. With no consequences, it is the same as declaring open season on those due to testify. This is a glaring sign of the absence of any law or justice;  completely enabling criminals to kill as much and as often as they please or need to.

These are signs that those in power fear real actual rock solid, air tight protection of witnesses, thereby securing real justice. After all, it is the governments that long ago, we abandoned so called vigilante courts run by the people, and turned over  the courts and their conduct to the government. Given the deplorable killing of witnesses that has always been rampant, it would appear that the fox is guarding the hen house. Our government has become our persecutor and tormentor, using and abusing us and our children, and even stealing them from us.

Our laws are less then useless. This is not a good sign, by any measure.

So lets think of another situation where obsolescence and outdated vehicles and other equipment would be a matter of national security. Suppose we were to go to war with muskets and cannons while the other side machine guns and tanks. Or an old WWI planes and mounted guns against our modern jets and guided missiles?

The reality is that we often replace ships, jets, tanks and other things that work perfectly fine, but would never stand up to what the other side. And the other side does the same.

It is recognized that war and its weapons and upgrades is essential and part of a continually escalating arms race.

That being the case, there is no excuse for not having updated our sadly lacking protections for witnesses and proper police conduct and procedure, which are getting ignored and bypassed far too often.

Not only is this a problem in law, but in Academics as well. Rules of evidence are rarely followed and theories often are lacking evidence for support. In fact, on youtube videos, it is being well observed that a number of youtube channels are now run by "amateurs" who are making analyses of many ancient sites, monuments and other artifacts and coming up with far different interpretations that are being far better received than those academia, who seems to base their conclusions on political doctrine and agendas of the current regimes and status quo.

Those in possession of power and authority no longer care about following procedures deemed important and necessary for keeping the investigation process free of contamination and bias. We are long past that, now.

Our broken down laws and procedures or the lack of any of them, is clear evidence that law is no longer on the side of the weak and oppressed. Now those in power and enforcement are the bullies and oppressors who serve people with power and wealth. The Proverbs say, "When the wicked rule, the righteous go into hiding.

Hence, whenever a situation of SRA comes up, it always gets covered over. Witnesses die. District Attorneys and prosecutors cover for the criminals and the kids are abused a 2nd time, as those in power and control ignore the testimony of the kids.

A Public Trial

I have noticed this about courts and law. The whole concept of not allowing cameras, recorders or video cams in court is against the very thing courts are supposed to preserve, that of the right of the public to observe the court and trial, to the end that the those conducting a case will be pressured into doing as they are supposed to. Further, grand juries and other such things often require secrecy, when law is the very opposite of secrecy, where secret star chamber hearings conceal the phony conduct of lawless authority. Law should be free of any regulation that might prohibit the public from having their right to either in person, or by proxy, be able to witness the trial. Restrictions might be made about the jury being able to discuss a trial outside of the court.

It should be the right of any juror to discuss and reveal anything at all that might been brought up or discussed or ignored. The whole idea is to be open, transparent, absolutely nothing to hide. justice is the concern of any and all the public, every last individual had the right to know and be informed as much as they want. NO SECRETS!

Privacy should not allowed in court. Everything is to be public. Everything is accountable. If you don't like justice being revealed, then you hate law and the public. Law is the opposite of privacy. Privacy is another word for secrecy and hiding. Listen to JFK's conspiracy speech. Secrecy is abhorrent to American citizens. Well, it was in 1961.

The more discussion there is about a matter, the more likely that justice will be done. In the bible proverbs it is said, in a multitude of counselors, there is wisdom. We call it brain storming today. Lots of discussion is a good thing. Not talking about it and discussing it, is the essence of a coverup.

The whole idea and concept of a court and judge forbidding anyone talking about any case, is the greatest violation of the rights of the public to witness and be informed. In the USA, no regular court is allowed to be conducted in privacy/secrecy. Its violates the Bill of rights. But modern family courts by pass the Bill of rights, the USA Constitution, and general principles of morality. The constitution dictates that no one can be deprived of personal property without the full due process of law, with any property taken by government authority for civil or civic use, shall compensate the owner of the property taken with a fair market value price paid.

In my opinion, A family court taking children from one parent and given exclusively to the other, without substantial evidence of wrong doing or evidence of previous harm, then the robbed parent much be compensated.

Further, Alimony is a racket. If the man is paying the money, then he should get the children. If the mother wants the children, let her do so at her own expense. I do not think divorce should even be fully allowed. A man can not support himself and then support a second household as well. Divorce law is way over due for a major rehaul.

My Opinion

It is clear that courts today, whether in the USA, the UK or probably any place on earth, that the purpose of courts is to obscure, hinder, and subvert law and justice. The appearance of law robs the poor of justice and allows those with power and privilege to abuse the weak and poor, and powerless without any consequence. This is how we know it is the last hour as the twilight turns to darkness. We are heading for a complete collapse and destruction that is due to kill a vast number of people to the tune of at least 2-3 billion, if not more, though the Bible says God will cut those days short or no flesh would have been saved. but because of Christians, many who are not, will still be briefly spared, until they turn on God's people as prophecy says they will.

Law and Justice are 100% dead and gone. Lets not fool ourselves. What do we do? Let everyone know. Don't dispute a case. dispute the precepts of the conduct of courts, as to why secrecy is wrong and evil. Why ignoring Due process and procedures are wrong and evil.

I have seen Sabine sentences to 9 years, for exercising her opinions on a matter where police did not follow the procedures that are required for police to follow and carry out. My mission for this article, was to let all know that law is corrupt and evil. Avoid law at all cost. You will not win. But I did this article to use in my prosecution of previous cases, most particularly, the McMartin case, so filthy rotten with corruption, and the JonBenet case, now admitted by 3 parties other than myself, to be a victim of child Satanic sacrifice. That number is very likely to grow, as well it should.

Sabine is not guilty of anything bad. But Authorities are punishing her for standing up for 2 children, directly, and all children as well. And also for standing up to authority and accusing it of wrong doing. You are not allowed in the UK, to accuse authority. For that matter, you are not allowed to accuse authority in the USA. I have proof galore of that. We live in a world of evil, controlled by Satan, ultimately.

I want to revisit the McMartin trial in detail. I got JonBenet waiting. I desperately want to do more with my article of Joseph in Egypt and the incredible amount of evidence for it. But as things come up unexpectedly, I often get delayed. I also got projects in my home. Organization is needed now that I am getting slowly back to normal. So that might give you an idea of my work load and time frame.

My best wishes for all well-intentioned people.

 Truth1/won Out!

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