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Recent Trends on My Site

This is just a brief little article on recent activity on my site.

First off, I believe the UK has block UK citizens from viewing my site. As of Dec. 29, all UK traffic has ceased on my site. Since then, traffic as been at a minimum . . . until Jan. 15. I had 11 visits today, which is what I used to get from the UK primarily. Now a whole bunch of Chinese addresses are showing up and still none from the UK. Hey, I got no problem with who visits. But I am doubting the Chinese connection.

But the next puzzle, assuming a number of people are using VPNs to get around blocks so that they never have to miss an exciting issue of Truth1's blog; Well, I can't blame them there; But then I had to ask, why the sudden rush of excitement & thrill? Typically, Excitement and Truth1 never appear together, though I can't imagine why not. But why the sudden return of interest to 11 visits, which for a while, was near to typical. So I guess I'll have to answer my own questions.

I put up a new blog on the Jan.13 Being all on whether Satan/Saturn is real or not. I guess I hit a nerve. Either that or the UK is a very dull boring place. You can be the judge of why. I did put lots of interesting stuff in there, thanks to the work of  "Edge of Wonder" channel on youtube. I had some good stuff on Saturn, too. Ya know, I think I should get a raise. But my boss might have something to say about that, or more likely, Hoaxtead's boss might have something to say about that.

So the UK is afraid of me, huh? Well, they got good reasons. For one, I got the truth on them. They hate that. Ah, the light of Truth. A bitter red pill, for sure. I am uploading a new article with this, too.

And the McMartin article is coming along just great. I'm sure Hoaxtead will be delighted. They luvs me, ya know. Would I like to you all? Perish the thought! Most people do not really know what really went on with McMartin, then or now, near to 30 years later. Time to fix that right now. Well, give me another week, OK?

 Truth1 Out!

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