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TruthStream Media Hits it Big!

 I have said in my last few blogs that 2019 was going to be the year that everything was going to be brought out into the open. And I celebrate their well made observations on how things are spiraling out of control. You need to watch the whole video.


Does Society Realize It Is Being Initiated?

Time 47:03    Published on Jan 15, 2019

Truthstream Media

This coming out near to the same time as my blog on Satan being real, makes it look like 2019 is wasting no time in exposing the lies and coverups of Satanists, their networks through out our nations and their spheres of operation like the media, courts, lawyers, juries, the DA's offices across the nation, schools, preschools, churches, Big business and so much more. Its all coming out.

Hoaxtead is terrified. They are targeting GoDaddy web hosting services, allegedly, shut down Christine Ann Sands a.k.a. General Sands. But the real truth, Truth1, is their real target. Yes, my site is hosted on GoDaddy, too. But GoDaddy told them to go to hell, which is rather redundant since Hoaxtead is part of hell, along with the rest of Satans minions.

Truthstream is pointing out in a big way, who much Satanism and Illuminati symbolism is announcing its take over of our world as I pointed out in the following recent blog posts:

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This can only get worse for Hoaxtead. McMartin Revisited will blow them out of the water. And it won't stop there.

"When you see all these things happen, then know that I am near at the doors."  - Jesus

So check out "Does Society Realize It Is Being Initiated?"

 Truth won Out!

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