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Satan the Drug Lord

 Oh, you didn't know? Well, Satan likes to stay out of the limelight, sort of, and yet, drop hints along the way, to leave doubt in some and assurance for others like his followers.

But here in the waning hours of humanity's last gasps, Satan has made drugs a big part of his plan. He uses a multi-pronged approach in his war campaign while God also does the same. So I want to explore the sadistic brilliance of how those prongs all work together. The Drug wars are like the glue that sort of ties into the networks that all operate in secret, an underground current that slows thru all the nations and intelligence agencies of the world. So let have a look. Wah da ya say?

I make some use of the presentation from my current favorite youtube channel for a few facts that reinforce what I say.

WHY DRUG Epidemic Was Engineered by Deep State - Tentacles of the Deep State [2018] PART 2

Part 1 featured John Coleman's book, The Committee of 300.

Ben and Rob have been on a hot streak and offer conflicting sides of some issue or topic, and letting you decide. Fair enough. So I recommend them, not as a dispensary for truth, but presenters of various possibilities and little known or discussed facts. For that reason, I give them the nod and some publicity. I may do that with a few other channels in the future.

Satan's Start

Satan has always been the master of our world, as soon as terms were agreed upon by him and The Heavenly Father, Jehovah by name. Satan had several key strategies in his game plan vs God. First, gather as many followers as possible, so that no one could accomplish anything without Satan allowing them to. So let say a guy wants to raise and army and take control of peoples and lands. Nimrod/Sargon was the first such one to do so.  Satan would approach guys like him and say, I can be your friend and help you conquer with my super powers, if you are willing to obey me without question, always! If you do not, I will oppose your every move and you will never amount to anything.

There were the prerogatives that God had allowed to Satan for a term of nearly 6000 years. We are about 25 years beyond that, if my bible chronology and several similar to mine, are correct or only a year or two off.

Satan's long term goal was to cultivate the world to him and eventually bring all of the world under his control. The march of empires has resulted in accomplishing that. He has managed to gather almost all people to his side, not officially, but by not obeying God, by default, they belong to Satan. In not too much more time, everyone in the world will have to openly choose between Satan or Jehovah. Then all hell breaks loose.

But in the present, Satan still operates in secret and using secret agencies who hide their deeds, even as Satan does. but as well, I believe he is required to reveal the truth, but allowed to do so while mixing in lies with it, to see which humans will rise to the challenge and make the effort and time to distinguish what is true from what is false. The final testing is the choice we will have to make in selecting either God or Satan to follow.

So what I want to show is that secret network that Satan operates, that hides much of its activity as their "boss" does.

The Secret Network

Satan as now been at his conditioning/programming of mankind to either reject God in a knee-jerk reaction of fear of what others might say or do, or do so out of a more intense programming and conditioning that all people born to Satanists must go thru. Its very  effective. Intelligence agencies and now evermore groups have learned many of the techniques long used by secret government agencies for over a century, really, and longer among some family lines.

Running all the world, Satan makes sure everyone obeys and carries out his every order. Once they belong to him, they are his forever. That is the deal they have to make. They can not walk away. Many gangs have these rules. You are a member forever.

In the world today, sex, porn, prostitution of all ages, is very big money. As well, the sex industry breaks down the will of the enslaved sex slaves. Thru this big wide network, any and all things can be accomplished, in secret, no less.

the very same can be said for the Drug trade. Its spans the globe. Some areas are used to grow the raw material and other refine it, package it, ship it out, distribute it all around the world and then sell it locally to all the addicts.

These networks are only half the story. The other half is all the other goals that Satan can carry out thru his networks, and lets not kid ourselves, all secret agencies in all nations, all cooperate together, by Satan's orders. There is not real separation between nations. The wars and manipulation are all there to deceive and HIDE what is really going on.

Below is a bunch of young Japanese girls performing. Note that they all flash the Devil horns sign. Its universal. Everyone is in on it! Some in the crowd are doing it, too.

Next was a comment in the video I referenced at the beginning: They mentioned the  Mexican drug gang, who they suggested was part of the network of not only the drug tgrade, but also of the deep state and Illuminati as a whole. the gangs were suggested to be the ones who:  

7:10 many say they are doing the hands on dirty stuff for the Cabal (Committee of 300). Then they listed the objectives that were accomplished by the likes of MS13 and other gangs dealing drugs,  just below. Killing to reduce the population in drug fatalities and gang killings, Worshipping Satan thru SRA and possibly some programming, thought not of the sophisticated degree that the CIA does. And drugs make huge money.

They pointed out that per weight,  lb for lb, a kilo of heroin or similar opiate, was worth a good deal more than a kilo of gold. That is mind boggling. And the drug money gives the government cartels lots of secret cash in the trillions. I got more info coming on that as soon as I finish the book it comes out of. Its loaded with amazing info.

but main point here is that Satan is very much a part of the gangs and drug industry. Many Satanic cults specialize in drug distribution and selling. In addition, it was related that when gangs brought sex trafficked women and girls to the border, that each one of those females will be raped at least 5 times before handed over at the border, to the next gang.

Ben/Rob also discussed how music and drugs were used to mislead the 60s and 70s generations. They then relate how it is said that this guy below wrote most of the lyrics to the Beatles songs to sow them with misleading corruption. Of course, I am going to have to destroy that notion. For one, he is an old fart. Brian Epstein, who discovered the Beatles, saw a natural talent them and he turned out to be right. As well, I have heard it said many times that he wrote all the music and lyrics working at Tavistock. One guy with that much talent? Bullshit!

My guess is that this story was spread around to see how stupid we were, and possibly to protect the Beatles should any accuse them of trying to mislead the young. The last name above is actually Adorno, not Aderno.

For starters, the main reason that the young were swayed is because their parents and institutions never gave the young any good instruction or answers and just let the kids grow like weeds on their own. No purpose or meaning to life given. Their dads were often disable thru PTSD of WWII, so kids resented dad, the bully.

When there is not strong influence to guide, then and only then, can idiots like celebrities have any influence. And all humans are great for passing the buck and blaming anyone or anything else for their failures. Even Satan is at times, falsely blamed. We tend to be our own worst enemies. The real enemy is in the mirror. So in the absence of any meaningful parental instruction and nurturing, the kids can become anyone's prey. that is what really happened in the 60s.

The Stones did a song called sympathy for the devil. The lyrics and sentiment suggest that the devil could not have done what he did without our help or lack of opposition to him.

Regarding Adorno, Rob said the following apologetically.

Rob at: 11:40, I know, its hard to swallow. I am just telling you what I read. (regarding Adorno).

Regarding Hollywood Celebs, they said: They are Forced to go to high end parties with lots of sex and drugs, etc. and promote the life style. What they left out, as far as I am concerned, is that the celebs have to sign a deal with the devil in exchange for celebrity, status, and money. And Satan will leave some things out, too. Once you join, you can not back out. Many gangs have those kinds of policies, too.

Now consider this! Satan makes the world and life miserable and almost not worth living. This makes everyone miserable and focusing on trying to escape that misery by any means they can. So they take chances, do stupid things and get in trouble. And many now choose drugs as the escape. But in not time at all, they are hooked and have to spend every dime on their habit. Maybe they have to prostitute themselves. Or rob and steal. It becomes a vicious cycle. Their whole focus becomes getting that next high. They can think of nothing else. And they often overdose and en up dying. So the life Satan creates pushed them in the direction of drugs and once on those, the sellers get incredible amounts of money and if they die, the population decreases, which they also see as a good thing. And they will never be able to think about much except their next fix. Its all a trap. Escape thru opiates is a guaranteed way to ruin you life. Don't do it!

A Summary Analysis

Ben and Rob are of the opinion that the drug trade is a major arm of the "Deep State." And they accomplish a lot and they seem to induct Satan as well. That is remarkable. That does not mean they believe in Satan, though they might, for all I know. But they recognize that his worship is involved in what the Deep State does. Gangs serve Satan. Secret Intelligence Agencies all over the world serve him. He seems to be into everything. His symbols are everywhere. Many powerful men show a great respect and reverence for this twisted maniacal sicko in the spirit world.

Intelligence agencies are the organized transportation system and network that carries on most activity in secret, unknown to the masses for the most part. And drugs and the sex trade two very big money makers that also serve as blackmail operations, too. Thru drugs, the population is reduced by the opioid epidemic of deaths, drug gang war casualties, and the money made can further more misery and death, to help reduce the population and keep people doped up on drugs so that they can barely function and the money to buy drugs does not allow them to escape the addiction that keeps them buying, till they do it once, too often.

It keeps the whole world in misery and addiction. Brilliant, though horrific and immoral by any measure.

This is just another article to point out how Satan's network works.

 Truth won Out!

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