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Revisiting McMartin Preschool    part 1 of 2

It is my solemn duty to present this very important information on a trial that spanned the 80s to early 90s, the longest running trial in USA History, and also the most expensive, too. And quite possibly the most suppressed case for information dispensed.

What I, Truth1 believe, is that a review of the evidence, thought somewhat reduced in quantity of detail, is more than enough to demonstrate that we have no real justice, power or defense to issue forth from the halls of justice and jurisprudence.  We are, in the world today, without any real just or order. Its worse than the days of the wild west or a WWII Battle Field.

Your greatest safety is in knowing what has gone on and why and how you and your children might best avoid getting harmed by it. The rest is up to God, the one best known since 1209 AD, as Jehovah.

I may be adding brief blogs on this case or others like it, from time to time. They will be on the Blog menu.

 From the Video presentation:

The Horrifying McMartin Preschool Satanic Ritual Abuse Case

Blackstone Intelligence Network

Published on Dec 22, 2018


1     Injustice prevails     2    The Godfather Precedent     3     Quick and Speedy Trials     

Truth1: I started transcribing this, Dec. 25, only 3 days after it came out. I will call it my awakening. This was and is a great, and yet concise, presentation. Concise is good. Detail can always be done after, or in this case, during my comments on it. I will set apart my comments from the presentation narrative in my typical style. I might decide on red text as well.

The Presentation   20:44 long   The following text was under the "Show More" tab in the video.

Were large numbers of children abused at the McMartin Preschool in the 1980s?

A controversial trial sought to determine the answer. In the end, the accused were acquitted of the charges. The media later suggested it was an unjustified case of "satanic panic". However, after the trial, 9 of the jurors went on camera and said that they believed the evidence was clear: the children had been sexually abused.

The problem was that the evidence presented was not sufficient in their minds to identify the specific perpetrator(s) of the abuse.

Truth1: Anyone working at the school was a perpetrator. Can juries really be that stupid? What, do ya need notarized signed confessions and video footage of the actual crimes? I think it possible the jury was bribed or threatened. These were real poor excuses in view of 400 children verifying so much. How many crimes have the benefit of 400 witnesses? Almost unheard of, and yet, no conviction! also note above that the press was in on it all the way. Can you already begin to see how broad and deep these Satanic networks go? How far they reach?  <<end T1

The Facts:

Aug. 1983 The Manhattan Beach police dept. began an investigation regarding allegations of sexual abuse occurring at the McMartin Preschool. Altogether approx. 400 children were evaluated by therapists at Children’s Institute International. All interviews were videotaped, and 350 children disclosed sexual behavior. In all, the victims named 6 female and one male teachers at the preschool as having molested them.

Truth1: Hey, wait a minute. I though the 9 jurors said there was not enough evidence to identify specific perpetrators. I see 7 people above that were identified. Therefore, I think the jury is lying and covering up. So the Jury is bought or threatened or both. <<end T1

These individuals were charged with 209 counts of child molestation. McMartin's victims alleged sexual abuse occurred    on school grounds, as well as    at a local market,    at churches,    a mortuary,   at various homes,    a farm,    a doctor’s office,    other preschools and    other unknown locations.

Truth1: Churches are in on these Satanic networks.  Various homes are used. A farm was used. Other schools and other locations the children could not identify.

Here is the real kicker. The 2 Hampstead kids also told of sex and abuse at their school and other schools. They said they were prostituted and porn was made with them. In many respects, they  are no different than McMartin except that there were far more witnesses against McMartin (MM from here on in) and the greater network MM was connected to. <<end T1

Most children state they were photographed in the nude. They mentioned drinking a red or pink liquid that made them sleepy. Children disclosed animal sacrificing of bunnies, ponies, turtles and so on. And some of this occurred in churches. Victims described sticks put in their vaginas and rectums and also being pooped and peed on. Children say that the adults sometimes dressed in black robes formed a circle around them and chanted.

Truth1: well, we got Satanic rituals complete with robes and chanting.  <<end T1


In May 1984, another Pre-school investigation began in the same policing jurisdiction stemming from a McMartin victim who identified the Manhattan Ranch preschool as a place where he was taken and molested. Approximately 60 more children began disclosing sexual abuse and they named 6 or more additional suspects. These children talked of strangers coming to the school and molesting them, of being taken off campus and molested; of being photographed nude and some talk of animals being abused. The Children talked of being hit with sticks and they also spoke of being peed and pooped on.

Truth1: Wow! Now we have other preschools doing this. Is there any end to it? 6 more guilty people, too, if you accept eye-witness testimony of 60 witnesses. I would ask at this point; if this covers the densely populated Manhattan beach area, which is in LA County, which is far bigger, how much of this county and this state is involved in this? how far does it go? More to come.  <<end T1

An astounding 460 children reported being sexually abused at three closely linked Manhattan Beach schools.


Even more astounding, investigative author Michael Newton, among others, has noted that Childrens’s Institute International determined "a full 80% displayed physical symptoms including vaginal or rectal scarring, anal bleeding, painful bowel movements, and the anal wick reflex, associated with violent penetration."

Truth1: 80% display physical symptoms. So this is not an isolated anomaly of 2 children as Hampstead was. This is ample physical evidence that reinforced the eye-witness testimony. This case is solved. The whole preschool is guilty. So how come they were not convicted? Do you dare answer? <<end T1


The stories told by the victims and witnesses were remarkably similar as to the nature of the abuse. The locations where the abuse took place and the perpetrators of the abuse; these were not as is commonly believed, only preschool children telling such stories. Some of the witnesses were former students in their teens and 20s and their stories corroborated those of the children.

Truth1: This means that this was going on in the early 70s to some degree, and becoming ever more common.  <<end T1


The older witnesses were not allowed to testify at the McMartin trials, however, as the statute of limitations for the crimes committed against them had expired. Many of the younger witnesses were unable to offer testimony as well, for various reasons; most notably because they were too severely traumatized.

Truth1: I find this excuse amazing. Older witnesses were quite young when abused. Being minors, they can not be held responsible for their actions or lack of actions that have legal implications, nor can they contract with anyone. Not until they reach the age of accountability, which oddly, varies from state in the USA. Therefore, the Statutes of Limitation should not have begun until they were of legal age, assuming 18. Then if you want to say, 20 years have passed since your 18th birth day so you can not testify, then fine! So they should have been able to testify. Beyond that, there should not be any limitations to serious crimes being testified to by anyone. If you witnessed a murder, should you not be able to say so, in a court of law? At any time, now or in the future? You should be able to!

But I would argue that Limitations only have good justification when the length of time makes establishing most facts next to impossible or very unlikely. On the other hand, if the facts can be easily established, then any wrong doing should still be accountable and worthy of being prosecuted, so that everyone can see that there is no way out of a crime if the facts can be established. Again, limitations usually benefit cheaters and other criminal types.

As long as the witnesses are alive, their testimony should be able to put anyone away, even if it was 100 years ago.

Statutes of Limitation are often put in place to help those who want to get away with something. For example, If you have 20 years use of someone else's land or lived on it, you can acquire rights on it or to it, in Nova Scotia Canada. If you have it for 40 years, its your without dispute. This legal stealing of land was allowed by the king, for the colonies, since the desire was to have as much land being productive, as possible. If another made a King's land grant more productive, then the King favored that with these statutory laws.

Crimes against children being written off, can not be justified with statutory limits as I said earlier above. They are not supposed to be legally accountable.

If you look at enough laws, you will very commonly see contradictions in law, everywhere you turn. This was my major point in my recent article: Hoaxtead Watch No. #68    Outdated Obsolete Weapons & Laws    Laws serve the rich and the powerful. They never help the little people who are powerless. <<end T1


Even so, as author Jan Hollingsworth has pointed out, prosecutors  had at their disposal more than a hundred child witnesses as old as 11,    and a truck load of medical reports bearing documentation of scarred genitals and anuses. The Stories told by these children, it should be noted, were not fed to them by some diabolical team of therapists and headlines seeking journalists. Many of them were offered spontaneously to hundreds of parents and scores of child care specialists.

Truth1:  Jan points out that the evidence, both in corroborating testimony and in physical evidence determined by medical staff so that the entire staff of MM should be in prison, from then, right up to this day. But they are not, are they? How come? Because legal professionals of the state and government can do whatever they want. The facts discussed from 3:57 to 4:32 just below prove this beyond any shadow of a doubt. That's just 2 paragraphs.

Also well worth noting is that the 2 Hampstead kids, Alisa and Gabriel, said they, along with many other kids, were prostituted and were in porn films and videos, were sexually abused by all the school and church staff, and their medical reports verified this, though the 2nd "police influenced" report changed some conclusions, but 2 tests that were taken, or should have been, and never made it into the report. On was for sexual diseases, and one for drugs.

Now this case was in 2014, near to 30 years later, and nothing has changed for the sexual and physical abuse of children. But that the things claimed by Alisa and Gabriel had happened often, and in many places, in the USA, there should have been no problem believing anything they said. But most remain blissfully unaware that anything happened anywhere. The saddest thing is humans not learning from experience or not wanting to know about it.

In fact, the reason no one referred to McMartin was because no one ever heard much of anything about the McMartin SRA Trial. It was a better kept secret than who killed JFK. That says a lot, all by itself. No paper or documentary  ever reported on it in a truthful and meaningful way. This is also very strong evidence that was has been going on since the early 70s, had many, many participants and many of those who covered it up in all levels of society. Starting at 1980, 34 years later, Hampstead reveals the same kinds of crimes, with one added exception.  The acquiring of babies from all over the world, to import to the UK for sacrifice. That was huge! <<end T1


And many of the victims of the McMartin preschool, all adults now, still tell the same stories today. Anyone suggesting that the allegations in the McMartin case were true and that a massive coverup concealed the true nature and scope of the case is likely to be labeled a conspiracy theorist. The most preposterous conspiracy theory surrounding the McMartin case, however, has always been the notion that some cabal of overzealous therapists was able to implant false memories of heinous abuse in the minds of nearly 500 individuals and have those memories persist to this very day.

Truth1: Ah, yes. A conspiracy by therapists. Well, listen, any charge should be heard and tested. But if the charge can not be proved, then it is nonsense and that should be the end of it. Who was involved in this false memory BS? The CIA, to be exact! How does one implant false memories? The truth is, that traumatic experiences leave imprints in/on the mind. They can be detected. I have blogs on all this:

Hoaxtead Watch #1        Hoaxtead_Watch #7        Hoaxtead_Watch #20        << end T1

Injustice Prevails


Despite the vast number of eye witnesses, many of them bearing physical evidence of abuse and despite the fact that the judge who presided over more than a year of pre-trial testimony, ruled that the state had more than enough evidence to proceed to trial, District attorney Ira Reiner inexplicably dropped all charges against 5 of the 7 McMartin defendants on January 17th, 1986. Six days before that he had summarily dismissed 2 prosecutors on the case. At least 3 dozen suspects who had been independently identified by numerous witnesses were never indicted at all. One of these was a man named Robert Winkler, who was arrested in neighboring Torrance, California and charged with running a baby sitting service out of the Coco Palms motel that authorities described as a front for a child sex abuse ring.

Truth1: What right did the DA have to dismiss 5 of the 7 defendants? His job is to prosecute and let the jury decide if the defendants are guilty or not. Of course, the DA could deliberately avoid a meaningful prosecution so that the jury might not be able to convict. 36 suspects ID'd by numerous witnesses, yet not indicted? Why? How come? Its obvious, is it not? The DA protects Satanists and child abusers. He probably attends Satanic rituals on a regular basis and visits child brothels.  << end T1


Children in the McMartin case recognized Winkler in news footage as the man they had known as the Wolfman. The kids described Winkler as being a frequent visitor to the school, who often times delivered drugs for use in abusive rituals which were sometimes conducted    in churches,    in a cemetery,    or a crematorium. The Wolfman, conveniently enough, turned up dead on the eve of his trial, allegedly, of a drug overdose. Winkler was not the only one to miss his day in court in conjunction with the McMartin case.

Truth1: Children recognized the Wolfman from TV news. How embarrassing! On the eve of his trial, he turns up dead. The only thing that remains is whether he did himself in or someone whacked him. Most think their network and allies are going to protect them. But quite often, the gang takes the suspect out, knowing that there is nothing they can do for the unfortunate casualty. Nothing personal! Its just business, you understand. Loose lips sink ships and dead men tell no tales. Its always been that way.

Now I want to get something clear here. In this case/trial, lots of people end up turning up dead the day before their taking the stand in court. It has happens so routinely in big cases or organized crime cases from the 1920s onward, that one almost comes to expect it. But the truth of the matter is that this could easily be stopped dead in its tracks, if anyone wanted. I am going to call Don Corleone to the stand for his opinion on "accidents." Don Corleone was the Godfather in the book and movie of the same name.

The Godfather Precedent

The Godfather--Meeting of the five crime families

Don Corleone attends the 5 crime family Meeting together, to warn about anyone trying to hurt or kill his son Michael.'

Truth1 throughout this section.

4:13  my youngest son, whose supposed to leave this country because of this ??? My youngest son, I have to make arrangements to bring him back safely . . . But I’m a superstitious man. If some unlucky accident should befall him. A shot in the head by a police officer. Or if he should hang himself in a jail cell. Or if he is struck by a bolt of lightning, then I am going to blame some of the men in this room. And then I do not forgive. << end Godfather quotes

The big point here is that Don C. is not going to accept any lame excuse should his son turn up dead. He warns everyone that no excuses at all will be accepted. Not even a bolt of lightning. And if his son Michael does turn up dead, He will assume that some people at that very meeting will be behind it and it will be war. Don could care less about proof or "evidence." To him, the circumstance would make it clear what really took place.

I want to point out, I saw a Perry Mason Episode just last night, Jan. 20, 2019, Where a woman was found drowned in a pool and had been drinking alcohol. His secretary, I believe it was, thought it was accidental, a reasonable conclusion at first glance. But then Perry points out that way to many people stood to benefit from the death of this women, making it very unlikely that it was accidental.

Perry (the script writer, actually) was acknowledging the kinds of circumstances that almost demand a different consideration. It is common for mob bosses to assess situations according to the most obvious motives and act accordingly.

Now some might call this "circumstantial evidence" as it that were a four letter word. But in times of crisis such as a military battle or campaign, the application of martial law is nothing more than acting on circumstances most likely to determine the safest sound course of action, when trials are not possible. Such is the case with the prosecution of SRA cases.

The sophistication of SRA operations will not allow for the acquiring of absolute certainty. One must then resort to the most likely and reasonable verdict and sentencing. However, in the MM case, there was plenty of evidence. Its just that it was ignored entirely.

In many critical situations where a lot is on the line, They ask who benefits and usually whoever that is, also gets whacked or attacked. To them, it is obvious.

Law in our day, makes mountains out of ant hills and can make mountains into ant hills as well. They will deny the obvious and make big deal deal out of something completely irrelevant, trivial, and absurd. Such is the case with the so called False Memory Syndrome.

As a further example of some recognizing the obvious, lets consider the JFK assassination. After it happened, the Russians did not believe it was Oswald. They knew the Manlicker rifle was a hunk of junk. They also knew that no one could get to a president unless those guarding the president let someone thru and let them escape, too. And Jack Ruby taking out Oswald was such an obvious move to silence the suspect so that he would not be able to defend himself in court. Its one of the oldest tricks on the book. They are called patsies. The Soviets made it quite public what they thought. They felt JFK was done in by his own government. And they were right. They could see the handwriting on the wall. They could do this because the USA had no authority of them, as it does over its own citizens.

Now if wicked men can see the obvious and act, judge, and act accordingly, then why is it that the courts and their laws do not also say, if a witness turns up dead before a trial or before their day of giving testimony, or the day after, then those who benefit from that "hit" (the ones being prosecuted in most cases) will automatically be deemed guilty and judged and convicted as such and sentenced with out any further trial or prosecution, unless other defendants remain, who do not benefit.

Do you see how easy that is? Let me put is this way. On the off chance that a "hit" was just coincidental would be 1 in one million if not a good deal more. With odds like that, no one ever need worry that someone accused was innocent.

This is also why the failure of the prosecution by the DA was inexcusable. There fare too many accusers and corroborating witnesses and physical evidence of abuse as well. The result of this trial should have been the prosecution and imprisonment of the DA and all his office staff, if not even more in the way of police, etc. So we need to talk, OK?

This brings up the fact that no court in the world, allows the possibility that the court could be corrupt and be ignoring its own procedures and/or interfering with one side or the other. In effect, this is declaring that the court is beyond any possible corruption or wrong doing, and therefore, effectively infallible. There is nothing or no one on earth that should be, beyond accusation.

Further, the state/government should not be the only party to conduct a trial or interrogation. When police have a suspect, the trial begins at that point and any and all people should be able to question the suspect. The whole idea is that the process be at all times, open, transparent and accountable to whoever should want or demand an accounting.

As it stands, the government is at all times, the only one in control of all the processes of the trial and court, making it superior to the people and parties; and accountable to no one. Of absolute necessity, the government must always be accountable to the people, even as the people are accountable to the government. And I do not believe governments should be handling trials, anyway. That is for the people of the locale (venu) of the crime to care for. It is for the people alone, in any community, to decide guilt or innocence in their affairs.

Quick and Speedy Trials

First off, God's law and that of US law, is that a quick and speedy trial is due to any suspect and any and all victims. This is an excellent law that excels in quality and superiority. But you need to understand why that is the case and also why we do not have quick and speedy trials.

Modern trials can take months and years and cost all kinds of money and time. And the result is crap. It is the fact that the trial is slow and tedious that causes it to fail miserably. Something that very popular now is coaching a defendant accused, or even an accuser, most typically in civil trial, but also criminal ones, too. Innocent people do not need coaching, or rehearsing, or practicing. Only guilty people need to do that.

Gathering all pertinent evidence is considered a necessary requirement. I will show you why that is dead wrong. In any land dispute, many documents and statutes and caselaw will be sought out to present in court. First of all, Lawyers should not even be needed. A judge should know his own laws to be upheld. I spent several years gathering documentation, of law, of case law, of commentaries, of deeds of an entirely neighborhood spanning more than 100 years, along with railway deeds granted to a railway along with subsequent sales of the railway to other railways. I had them all by the neck, an yet not a shred of justice. Lies cover up, deceit, dirty tricks. My father's property and house were vandalized and destroyed because businessmen wanted it.

I had dirt on them all, aplenty. It did not matter. What was really needed was to have the whole community in court for few days, and the truth could have been determined. Documentation is a way of delaying and burying and lying and creating delays and dirty tricks. There was no law in that nation and province and county. Nor in any nation.

Documentation is a good way to slow things and distort things with lies, tricks and deceits. The entirety of the process was a joke. My father was not going to be allowed to have and use his house and land inherited by him. End of story.

Most things in trials today are not needed. Some will say, thorough documentation and legal research will assure the best possible outcome. I would suggest the opposite. Judges should know the law. Nothing to research.

While a quick trial will not always produce all the facts that could be known or established, it will have enough to fairly try the case and arrive at the right and just outcome. Extended trials only exist to slow down, delay, and cover over and hide. A quick trial will go a long ways to preventing coverup and the bad guys all getting together to get their stories to match and harmonize, so that they will all say the same thing.   Given enough time, anything can be picked apart and twisted and distorted if they have chance to work out a good coverup story. This was what was done in the McMartin trial.

Throughout the last 140 years or more, in the USA, they have been continually opposing a quick and speedy trial, which tended to be carried out by any Tom, Dick, or Harry and that was, what was so great about the so called vigilante justice, the best kind there is. In any town, you have the big important influential people and their allies, who upon the slightest provocation of any of their members, will quickly move them to all gather together to either coverup and use their political influence and clout, to free an accused member.

But quick justice might well end up hanging one from their network. So it is important for them to have the time to marshal the numbers and forces that will spare their accused comrades.

A trial quickly put into motion will usually thwart clicks and gangs, networks and political maneuvering.

Folks, why is it that the founding fathers wanted q quick speedy trial? Ready for the truth? Because most colonists remembered how rotten Great Britain was. And all the bureaucracy and red tape and petty procedures that allowed power to gather its armies against the little people and justice. That is why many fled to the colonies, to get out from under being held down and held back and screwed over.

So the leaders of the 13 colonies, fearing the population and needing their support, required quick speedy trials. But as time would go on, the leaders would slowly infringe on the established policies and change them, one at a time, till we no longer had any justice or properly conducted trials. From police to courts to elections to government affairs, everything would be controlled by "the right people of power" and to hell with the citizens. That is where we are now. That is why we have no laws or rights in our favor.

Consider the Hampstead case of Alisa and Gabriel. When video evidence was turned over, it was hidden and squashed and RD was not seriously interrogated, nor was any real investigation ever carried out, by a quick surprise investigation begun the day after the videos were turned over. In fact, I think they claimed the videos were lost. They gave all the accused lots of time to cover up. Now do you see why quick and speedy is the only way forward?

And its the same for McMartin. They filled in the tunnels, they tried to work up a narrative of therapists all gathering together in a conspiracy, but never answering why they would do that and evidence that they had formed a conspiratorial agenda as a result.

The biggest culprits in trials and investigation are the District Attorney's offices across the nation. The DA can do as he pleases. He controls the process throughout. It supposed to be done by the people at large at the start of this nation near to 1600 AD.

The end result is that if someone turns up dead, then justice is screwed over. Change the law to assume automatic guilt, conviction and execution either by prison sentence or my favorites, either a firing squad, or a beheading.

My conclusion in this section is that the conduct of an investigation and trial are woefully and deliberately inadequate to secure true righteous justice. It needs a complete overhaul. It is rotten to the core, and always has been, throughout time.

End of Part 1 of 2        Part 2 will be out in about a day or so

 Truth1 Out!

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