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Satanism a Growing Problem

I came across this while looking up things on the McMartin case. Its from 1987, so you can get a feel for bewilderment of many who were directly acquainted with these various pre-school and daycare centers. And even more interesting is that this was published by a big mainstream Newspaper, which was far from typical, but much appreciated by me.

Satanism a Growing Worry for Police

CHICAGO TRIBUNE  October 8, 1987

Fair use claim by Truth1.  I do not make any profit from this. I needed to discuss it and its implications at the time of its publishing, and now, as well. I use this to inform the public and warn and protect them of ever growing dangers. And I have nothing but praise for the article, its authors, editors, and management.

I had put the Title up, 2 days ago or 3 though I had not finished this. I get a visit from Nexeon in Chicago. I am sure the 2 are related and I have no doubt that Hoaxtead might have alerted them. When I published my article on Ellen Janov, I got visits from LA California. Again, Hoaxtead, I suspect. While they never mention my name or site, I would say that I was their biggest concern. They had complained to Go-daddy web hosting about pictures and names, mention "General Sands." But Sands has not ever been a problem to them. But I have. I was their target.

This is typical conduct of HX, to harass those who publish on behalf of public interests and safety, exercising their free speech and right to publish. HX does not like free speech since they have to much to hide and fear. <<T1 end

The Tribune:  They sound like campfire stories: tales of frenzied devil-worshipers in black robes sacrificing animals-and sometimes people-before candle-lit altars to Satan.

But to a growing number of police investigators around the nation, stories of ritual mutilation, blood-letting and sometimes murder are all too real. In seminars and conferences, they have begun to train others to see signs of satanic motives behind otherwise bizarre and inexplicable crimes.

Truth1: The crimes are bizarre, but not inexplicable.<<T1 end

One of the investigators, Robert Simandl, a 20-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, was in St. Paul, Minn., earlier this month to talk to 150 local police investigators and youth social workers about the clues to satanic and occult crimes.

Simandl, who has been studying cult crimes around the nation for five years, rattles off stories about ritual murders that rock the most seasoned detectives. They are stories of ritual sacrifice, child molestation, grave robberies and teenage suicide.

''It was terrifying,'' said Solveig Storhoff, a Ramsey County, Minn., child-protection worker who attended the conference. ''I became aware later of what it was I was afraid of: It was the unknown. It was chilling and overwhelming. You don`t want to admit this is going on.''

Truth1: Storhoff above, makes a very good point. For too many, even the slightest hint of fear or danger sensed by discoveries like SRA, will become fearful and often run from what they encountering. Many can not handle the extreme danger implied in SRA evidence. <<T1 end

Assistant Hennepin County (Minn.) Attorney George Widseth said that while he knows of no satanic cults investigated in Minnesota, he`s convinced that cult crime has become a national phenomenon.

''It reminded me of when we first heard about gangs and everybody thought it was blown out of proportion and it wouldn`t happen here,'' Widseth said.

Truth1: So no, Virginia, its not your imagination. Its very real. It has taken a while to become known and to acquire more publicity, and awareness but we have reached the tipping point. We have reached critical mass in this movement. <<T1 end

''Now it`s a way of life here. We get gang cases every day. But with these cults it can be more dangerous, because you`re dealing with smarter, more educated, more sophisticated people. I think it`s going to be a real problem.''

"While they say they`ve come up with only hints of organized activity, apart from the established 2,500-member Church of Satan based in San Francisco, they are convinced that covens of child molesters around the country practice satanic rites and are in contact with one another."

Truth1: an excellent report/analysis was done by a San Francisco Officer named Sandi Gallant, bases on California finds and most particularly by the McMartin case/evidence. There is every indication of widespread practice of SRA and of its close ties & networks with Satanists all across the county and the world. Its not isolated. In fact, it is a dangerous epidemic that is out of control.  <<T1 end

Devil worship has emerged as a motive for a number of high-profile serial killings, most notably that of the L.A. ''Night Stalker,'' Richard Ramirez, who painted pentagrams-five-pointed stars associated with satanism-in the homes of several of his victims, and later emerged from a court hearing during his trial yelling ''Hail Satan!''

But perhaps of greater concern to police officers and social workers are the allegations of ritual sex abuse, animal molestation and sacrificial murder made by children in the McMartin Pre-School child abuse case in California.

Truth1: It would seem to me now at this point, that all roads lead to McMartin Pre-School and its Pre-eminence as the case to demonstrate the pervasiveness and extreme degrees in which SRA exists. Hampstead only reinforces what McMartin did reveal, only no one was prepared to grasp it at that time. It was too much to handle. But it should not be that way any longer. Everyone needs to know how bad the cover up was and what it portends for us all. <<T1 end

A conference titled ''Satanic Cult and Ritual Abuse'' that is scheduled Oct. 16 in Torrance, Calif., comes out of the ''McMartin experience,'' according to Catherine Gould, a clinical psychologist in Encino, Calif., who will be lecturing there.

Gould, who said she has treated 20 children in the last three years who allegedly were subjected to satanic rituals, said such cases have begun to ''come out of the woodwork'' as child-protection workers learn the signals and cues of satanic abuse.

Truth1: Yes, we needed time to learn and get to know the Satanic culture. There was and still is, a learning curve there. Are you up to the challenge? <<T1 end

Police detective Curtis Jackson of Beaumont, Calif., another scholar of satanic crimes, said "other police officers have tended to be skeptical  until they see  the cases he has collected."

''When we first started, people were saying, `You`re crazy, this stuff isn`t going on,''` he said. ''Police are the biggest skeptics in the world. But when you`re done with the presentation, the biggest question is `Why didn`t we learn this before?` They think back to cases they`ve had in the past and it starts to make sense to them.''

<<end Newspaper article

Truth1: While we can learn a lot from the past, we have got to be more proactive in anticipating their next moves. If you put yourself in their place, you might begin to recognize opportunities that they have already begun to exploit and rather than wait for the next scandal to erupt, you might recognize signs and be able to help some avoid becoming victims. I don't say blow the whistle on mere suspicion or spying, even. but Satanists are bold and reckless, full of confidence which makes them careless, too. The goal is to help others just be more alert. Set up your own daycare if you need the money and in that way deprive them a few victims. Look for situations where kids are concentrated into the hands of just a few adults.

Girls Gymnastics has had a somewhat recent scandal a couple years back or so. Even local child acting lessons or coaching. A field trip. Just having your eyes open might turn up something because Satanism has grown a lot since the 1980s. Its everywhere now. And in my opinion, more open now, and less hidden, than before.

Truth1 Out!

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