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Big Trends Beginning

  I announced at the start of 2019, that it was going to be a year of big revelations. JonBenet was already getting known as being sacrificed by her father, and I will add, mother, to it, in my opinion. I had figured this out months earlier and had done some preliminary work after finishing reading it over a years time. I did publically publish the suggestion on Sep. 27, 1018.

Then I discovered this on Jan. 31, 2019 at perhaps 11 PM, which was earlier this evening from my perspective in the EST time zone. Then I published the expose on the McMartin trials beginning Jan. 17, and the last installment of it, Jan31, 2018 with a Chicago Tribune account of SRA growing in the USA from 1987. I even put recommendations for what to look for, as I did, I think, in part 2 of the McMartin case. then tonight below, I find this.

Cult Abused Her While Singing Gospel Songs...Parents Wake Up!

David Heavener

Published on Jan 31, 2019


Annette Ryder 5 hours ago :

This is not new. SRA groups have been doing this a long time. When I investigated the cults in the 80s, victims reported this often. Satanists/witchcraft cults/occultists have been in the lukewarm church for decades. David, I'm so thankful you are reporting on this. Thank you and many blessings in the name of Jesus.

In this video, David Heaven-er really went after SRA and also discussed what others could do and that we all have to go after this as a major cause. Once again, I was terrified that maybe hell had frozen over or the world had ended. But it was still here. Watch the video and you will see what I mean. This cause is going to go viral this year. David also mentioned coverups by police, etc. Watch it! You'll love it.  They know I guts me more coming. The lid is coming off! I am excited.

But that is not all. I have been declaring since 2015, that those in power were leaving hints of certain events being fake, to test people and that it was a requirement of God that Satan expose the news, or God would have the right to. Now I have volunteered my services to God nearly since 1980, but more particularly so, since Dec. 1999. May guess is that if I put something up or out, that if Satan does not get his own to out it, then God will be able to let my expose rip. so to prevent that, many are assigned to put stuff out very soon after I do, so that I can be suppressed. And I am all for that. As long as it gets out, then fine. Why do I bring this up. You gotta see it to believe it.

Many videos have come our suggesting that NFL Football is rigged/fixed. I agree completely. I even started an article on rigged sports:    It has a long way to go. You can see the football sub-heading I never got around to, till now.

Football is BEYOND Rigged

Published on Jan 6, 2019

Critical Crossroads    aka CC

I have transcribed the portion of CC's opinion:

At 5:13, he begins to talk about major events being scripted , almost like a reality show.  It seems like the system is almost exposing itself. If you watch any of these major events (false flags, psyops)      nonsense spills out from it. Ridiculous eye witnesses, things that make no sense, laughing off camera and then crying for the camera after their loved ones have been slaughtered.  All if it was done on purpose. All of this is scripted.

6:10: There are clues that are put out there on purpose to sort of admit to every body what is going on. Like the system has to expose itself, very obviously. So the people are able, if they are paying attention, to see right thru it all. Its sort of like some cosmic karma.

Where these hijackers of reality, we would be at their mercy if ah, if they didn’t have to play by any rules. We’d all be dead or enslaved by now. These evil spirits, or whatever they are, would have their way.

Truth1: Obviously, they are not in charge to have to give out clues and basically blow the whistle on themselves all the time. At this point, he implies that the kicker might have had some help from the supernatural. Well, I just had to comment. Way too much temptation for a weak man like me:

T1:Think about this. The Field goal kicker, aside from kick offs, is called in to make maybe 10 kicks per game. Yet he is paid very well, for a mere 10 plays per game. that's maybe 20 seconds per play. maybe 3 minutes in all. What else is he asked to do for that kind of money? Its not just for 3 minutes of play, I can guarantee you. These sharp shooters are there to sway a game in anyway the "bosses" want. A QB can easily throw an interception any time he wants. How would you know better? I say that they are too good for some of the plays they make. Or what about a good offensive linemen that suddenly makes 3 off-side penalties in a drive. An accident? Not hardly. I am of the opinion that QBs and kickers are good enough to avoid really lousy play and yet I see stuff that any QB could have avoided, but did not. Its rigged. Don Corleone (GodFather) did not believe in coincidence. neither do I.

OK, now I am going to tell you all with a really big one. Pour a drink and sit down and brace yourself. In Homer's Illiad, the battle is described as going back and forth, Minerva/Athena fighting for her troops for a time and then the other god fights for his/her side causing them to do well. Now think back to the Patriots Atlanta superbowl. Was it not like a see-saw battle, with Atlanta manhandling the Pats and then, sometime in the 2nd half, suddenly Atlanta can not do a damn thing and the Pats can not do anything wrong. Now there are things you can fix, but to have a whole team play dead and the other play like gods. NO! I'm not buying it. There were supernatural forces at work. You can not have every team member in on it.

There is a style of basket ball that has been claimed to possibly allow demonic control. Now if any of this is true, and I suspect it is, then there is just one more uncomfortable thing to answer. What does the NFL do behind closed doors that demons are willing to help them? I ain't touching that one, but there has to be something. But you average Joes are not about to touch this. Then consider real war and demons getting in on that, too. Some battles of the past just sent men up over trenches that you know full well, they had no chance of surviving it. So why was it done?

Then if you consider that hypnosis and mind control programming are used on athletes to make them perform better, then you could have kickers who could hit the goal posts nearly every time. When you read about how they program assassins with super fast reaction times and super strength like lifting a car? You have one hell of an assassin. I am not saying any of of this is true, but neither am I saying its not possible. you'll have to decide for yourselves.

My deepest regard for Critical Crossroads for this video. It was bold but not unreasonable.

CC responded to me very positively. And he did another video to add more, too:

YES It's rigged, but WHY?

Critical Crossrods, you should keep up on this and continue to expose it. True, few will say anything. but that is worth something. look how asleep the population is! nor do they perceive the spirit world tampering in our lives. Nor the power and permeation the spirt world has made into, not only politics and war, but even into sports and entertainment. In entertainment, I have always assumed everyone was in on it.

Now I have to wonder, is everyone in on it in sports? Logic would seem to suggest that if everything else is, then it must be for all sports, too, and everyone in them. Demons feed off of attention, even as many on the net, do. Where there is attention, there would have to be emotion sucking demons trying to wine us all up. then again, I did get dropped on my head a couple times. but ya know, where there is smoke, there is also fire and the Fruit does not fall very far from the tree.

I doubt I'll have much more to say about Pro Sports, but the point of this channel was really just an investigation into spiritual awakening....whatever that even means. I think being able to see through the nonsense is clearly a step in the right direction. Thus, I will maintain that theme (for the most part, though I do like to add some satire and comedy). Eventually, I want to start taking the next step on this journey and post some more personal videos on what I'm doing INSTEAD of playing these nonsensical mind games. It's one thing to the that reality is false, but it's quite another to step beyond that....and that's where this will ultimately go.

PROOF NFL RIGGED! Crosby 5 Kicks missed SCRIPTED???

Published on Oct 9, 2018
This video breaks down plays & is on the topic of the NFL being rigged & scripted. Matt Crosby of GB Packers rigged field goals.

You see? I'm not crazy . . . well, OK, maybe that goes a bit too far, but I am not the only one that says what I say.  Things are coming together. From the Who's Tommy LP, sort of:   Gotta a feeling 2019 is going to be a good year. Specially if you and me see it in together . . .

God will not be denied. The truth will be released, though maybe not with fireworks and celebrations, but it will come out for those of discernment. I'm looking forward to it.

 Truth won Out!

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