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Inspiration from Thomas Jefferson



Thomas Jefferson:    "IF a nation expects to be ignorant and free . . . it expects what never was and never will be."

I came across that today, Feb1, 2019 and got inspired.

TJ expressed a fact that is too often, ignored, sometimes even denied. To not know is the worst of circumstances. Generally, it is a sign of fear. Fear does not want to know what is coming, because fear has no answer to what is coming or is very near to arriving. Often, laziness and indifference will begin the process of degradation and rot. And they do not pay much attention to the slow decaying demise they are growing into. “I can not be bothered with that, they say. The slowly approaching future is either not seen, or is ignored.

Ease of life is addictive. Part of it is that we want internal peace and ease. That feeling of relaxed comfort. That state of mind, is a dangerous internal opioid drug. We all want peace of mind and comfort, relaxation. We can take drugs and many do, or we can just ignore and block out any discomforting thought or signs, or dangerous development.

Life in 2019 has become a world of both opiate drugs for escape, and the running away from, and avoiding, of the observable march of doom that slowly makes its way to us all.

The world has long been tightly controlled. It has been that way because Satan has controlled it since the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. In our days, his work is nearly complete. The Mutually agreed upon terms to force the world of mankind into choosing one of just 2 sides.

Most are going to take the path of least resistance, intellectually, morally and effort wise. They will join Satan’s fake Jesus, the anti-christ.

Leading up to that, the world will become much more degraded and morally bankrupt.  On a mass scale, children will be taken from parents, on grounds of “refusing vaccines endangers the child.” But we were never in danger prior to the 60s, when vaccines began in earnest, though mainly to get us used to somewhat harmless at that time.

They will take children because of the teachings of parents given to their children, which is, and should remain the right of parents. But despite that, the government claims those parental rights and will take children away, to be taught how to live in the new, wonderful world of “freedom and love,”  finally rising up to reach our supposed great potential. A New World Order become incarnate, to be remembered for the rest of time.

Ignored are all the various steps that have been taken to slow breeding down and bring it to a halt. And to sow the seeds of many different methods to destroy the remaining life in existence. No one will listen to this, as it is way too scary and there is no way to stop it at this point.

But we got to this point, because we chose comfort and fear over vigilance and industriousness.

There is one way out that I am required to point out. But most people hate that choice more than dying.

We must choose, now and forever, the qualities of courage, determination, diligence, honesty; caring as much about others as we care about ourselves. And to take a hard honest look inside our selves, admitting what we really are and what we are really not, and then be willing to obey God and His rules that will enable us to live securely, in prosperity and ease, though always on the watch for any deviance. We have been doing it our way and Satan’s way and that has not led to anything good, ever!

To most people, what I suggest, in obeying God that we might live better, more at ease and far more happy, free from misery and grief, is a fate worse than death. I find that absurd, but it does appear to be the case. In fairly recent times, I faced the deaths of my brother, mother and then father.

My father did not want to die. I am not even sure that he thought he was ever going to die . . . until he lay in bed at the VA facilities on his next to last day of living. Maybe then he knew. He tried to wake up but they had him super drugged as he tried to move his hand and raise it, but could not come out of the drugged state, designed, in all likelihood, to keep him from eating and drinking, My mother ignored her date with death and it took her by means of either a heart attack or stroke. Given she was on the toilet and tried to get up and fell forward, never to get up again. For a brief time she felt the pain and fear, likely followed by the massive release of internal opiates to make her last moments merciful.

Not much known in the death of my brother, which almost certainly was a cover-up to prevent a lawsuit. But my mother's sister said he was balling his eyes out the last day at the office and was asked to go home for the day to recover. He saw no way out, I suspect and he was right. He boxed himself into a corner he could not get out of. Few are those who do not want to live.

So I make my final plea. Don’t wait till the last minute, make peace with yourself and God. Be courageous and recognize what is being done all around us, to bring the human race to its end, while telling us everything is going to be great, which will happen soon. If they want to execute you and you have chosen God, you have nothing to fear. You will live again. If not, you’re screwed. Don’t be a coward and blow the chance to live forever in a world a thousand times better than it is, right now or ever was.

Oh, and one more thing. Stop running and hiding from fear. Face it and what is causing it or you will die in not many more years. I Guarantee it!

Ignorance  and stupidity are not useful to anyone for anything. The USA, my country of origin and residence, rose to success because of motivated workers who sought opportunity that was not in Europe or Great Britain, so called. They were not afraid of work, effort or thinking. Literacy rates in the USA, were higher before mandatory school attendance became law in 1860. And those fell quickly after schools become mandatory. That literacy was taught by parents who clearly were affective in teaching, without any help from government. They grew their own food and taught and raised their own kids as they pleased

It was the quality of people that got the USA off to a great start. As long as opportunity existed, we could absorb immigrants, who all had to either swim or sink when it came to work.

Now it is the opposite where parasites and lazy people want a free ride and deplete the economy until we finally crash. That is the truth so many fear and deny. They want the welfare to go on forever, and it can’t do that. You can not be ignorant and prosperous. It never was and can never be. Wake the hell up!

Now my last big point. Why does Satanism grow and prosper? Why do they openly flaunt their symbols and their debauchery and subtle hints of sadism, torture, sacrifice of humans of all ages, but especially the young? Why? Because too many fear that our whole society supports this movement and overthrow. They sense much of what is implied and are afraid and hide. They block it out, thereby guaranteeing that Satanism will be the only religion in the world in not much more time.

I plead with all, to join the cause of exposing the existence and activity of Satanic cults and make it known to all. We can't stop governments and corrupt courts, and police. but we can make it hard for them all to hide. I do my best to write what goes on in secret, now and in the past, that we might more readily recognize the activity or potential activity of Satanic Cults. They are real and the evidence is all around and some are starting to wake up. Join us in exposing their evil so that even if we can not stop them, we can at least avoid their traps and help others avoid them. And I have many traps and activities to expose in the days to come. 2019 is the year. That seems clear to me now. Many are starting to do the same and join in.

How about you?

 Truth won Out!

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