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JonBenet #2

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On Monday morning, June 1, seventy-five members of the media showed up outside the University of Colorado's Coors Events Center to cover the first day of the Boulder Police Department's presentation of the JonBenet Ramsey case. Peter Boyles, of Denver's KHOW radio, began broadcasting live from the parking lot at 5:00 A.M. Remote vehicles from CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox stood ready to trans­mit video as soon as anyone said anything on camera.

Alex Hunter (the DA) and Bill Wise (Assistant DA), accompanied by Barry Scheck and Henry Lee

>>both of O. J. Simpson trial fame a year or 2 previous, to help O.J. coverup up. Get the picture?<<

arrived at 7:00 A.M. The DA answered questions shouted by reporters without breaking his stride. He had "come to listen," he said. Lee and Scheck had no comment. By 7:30 forty-one people had arrived for the presentation.

Truth1:  The DA's office, in my opinion, was assigned the job to head the coverup and who was very cozy with the Ramseys and tried to convince the public that an outside intruder did it. There was an antagonistic relationship between the DA's office and the police. This said, the initial police investigation was also a cover up. For all I know, it might have been a show put on by both. But for sure, the DA was clearly trying to avoid doing any meaningful investigation and prosecution of the only 2 suspects possible.

The case was avidly and diligently pursued by the tabloids, and perhaps for the only time in the history of the press, that it seemed to do a damned good job of pursuing the case and they, along with nearly all of America, thought the parents were the guilty ones. Time for another one of my crazy theories. Now ordinarily, the press doing a good job would absolutely be good solid evidence that hell had frozen over completely.

But I suspect that in the realms beyond ours, a condition laid upon the devil's own, was that there had to be a source that supplied all the pertinent information, that a proper verdict could be made by anyone without much difficulty. Even the devil might have wanted that, to demonstrate how even the obvious with ample publicity, would soon be forgotten and allowed to pass, without a prosecution.

The devil loves to suggest that God's human creation was and is a total failure, while not admitting that his interference in the Garden of Eden, done without allowing them to gain some experience and knowledge first, as God had planned to teach and explain all things to them. Satan acted more out of desire than logic. It was a fatal mistake. But he insisted on striking first, believing that it permanently derail mankind. <<T1 end

In the Events Center, the police had chosen a room designed as a lecture hall; it had tiered seats in three sections. On the right sat five rows of Boulder police officers, including case supervisor Detective Sgt. Tom Wickman and Detectives Tom Trujillo, Steve Thomas, Jane Harmer, Ron Gosage, Carey Weinheimer, and Michael Everett. Sitting above them were metro DAs Bob Grant, Bill Ritter, and Jim Peters and forensic psychiatrist Steve Pitt. Just behind them were pro bono attorneys Richard Baer, Daniel Hoffman, and Robert Miller. Chief Tom Koby sat alone in another row.

Truth1: One should be suspicious about pro bono attorneys working for the state. Normally, they make their money defending people from the state prosecution. What was their interest? Well, in truth, all those in the greater network of government administration and law, all work together and stay together. The idea of a lawyer acting only for his client, is the biggest fairy tail in existence. I know from personal experience that lawyers and the judge make deals and decide cases, without any concern for proper rules and procedures of law. Even the Lawyer I retained, did not inform me of the "unilateral communication violation carried on by the judge and lawyer representing a man (and all his buddies) trying to steal my father's land or at least deprive him of the use of it. They had their own plans for it. << end T1

The police had arranged their voluminous files, photographs, and visual displays in the first few rows of the center section. Behind those seats, Barry Scheck and Henry Lee sat next to each other. Behind them were Alex Hunter and Bill Wise. In the top row, sitting alone, was Pete Hofstrom.

To the left was Hunter's (the DA) group—Trip DeMuth, deputy DAs Pete Maguire, Bill Nagel, John Pickering, and Mary Keenan—and beside them, Tom Haney, Michael Kane, Lou Smit, and Dan Schuler, and

page 511 

John Dailey and Terry Gillespie from the Colorado attorney general's office. Also present were four Boulder police commanders who had applied for the position of director of police services—Molly Bernard, Jim Hughes, Tom Kilpatrick, and Dave Hayes.

Bill Hagmaier, Mike Morrow, and Larry Ankrom from the FBI's Child Abduction and Serial Killer Unit were also there, joined by CBI personnel, including Pete Mang, Kathy Dressel, and Chet Ubowski.

In front was a podium equipped with a microphone and, behind it, a large screen.

The room was stifling; the air-conditioning wasn't working.

Truth1: Above were most of the cast involved in this coverup. Not all above are suspect in my eyes, but I would only exempt may 3-4 people. Quite and army of "professionals" who ultimate job is to protect the state's interests, which happen to include all interests of the federal government and its ultimate boss, Satan. The presentation was substantial.

In my opinion the Police chief, John Eller, seemed to me the one who sensed a cover up and cover over on the part of the DA. Eller eventually was pushed out the door. But at the same time, he was the boss in charge when the Ramseys made their 911 call on Dec. 26. But he was not on duty at that odd time. Part of the problem with power networks is that you often do not know who is who. Everything is done in secret. That is the only way they do things. So you never know who is and who is not.

Often, as I suspect was the case with the DA, that they had people in the police dept. to keep tabs on that Department, as police often want a suspect sent up river, owing to the police seeing what the criminals did and being angry about it. On the other hand, the DA's office, a political one that depends on getting votes to get elected, is very sensitive to the desires of "key voters." The DA might be told to go easy or not prosecute at all, certain figures. And the mob does have close connections to the Ramseys. I will be substantiating this stuff over time. But the most important facts first! << end T1

The Boulder PD wanted to make sure that Hunter would take the case to a grand jury. The detectives had exhausted their resources and were ready to turn the case over. The crime and its aftermath had taken a heavy toll on everyone in the department. Among the casualties were John Eller, Tom Koby, Larry Mason, and Linda Arndt. Jane Harmer had been hospitalized once, and Rick French, the first officer to respond to Patsy's 911 call, was reportedly still tortured by his failure to open the wine cellar door when he searched the house in those first minutes. What if JonBenet had still been alive? He kept asking himself. 

Beckner opened by thanking everyone for coming and was soon followed by Steve Thomas, who spoke for ninety minutes, to the accompaniment of images projected on the screen behind him.

Truth1: Steven Thomas had become the police Chief and had some dirty tricks played on him. His healthy suffred badly from all the pressure put on him, I say, to get him to compromise. He has also written a book on the JonBenet case.  << end T1

He began by describing the Ramseys' life in Atlanta and Boulder. The first image he showed was JonBenet on Christmas morning with her new bike. The second, which Thomas kept on the screen for five minutes, was Patsy holding her daughter's arm, the pressure of her fingers evident on the child's skin. Thomas then moved on to the events of the day of the murder.

 He told the audience that Linda Arndt had "amnesia" and couldn't assist the department, though she had been the first detective on the scene and the only one present when JonBenet's body was found.

Truth1: Linda Arndt was in my strong conviction, the point man (Sorry about the gender goof) to begin the cover up. She never treated the Ramseys as suspects, which was the standard procedure ordinarily (can you say Hampstead style?) there is significant encounter with her in the book that only further suggests her actions that night were deliberate and that she was sent, and in, may have been scheduled to be on duty that night for this purpose. All I can say is she is a creepy looking person with those bulging eyeballs and odd demeanor on video. I'll look up the video and put it in another blog edition of this series. You'll not further back above that she supposedly developed Amnesia. I'd charge her just on that. Poor excuses should never be allowed in a trial or investigation. In my severe opinion, she should be in prison.

But a part of any good coverup is poor lame excuses, all of which are freely indulged and welcomed by police and courts, and the DA. And normally, the Media too, except in this case. I think the Tabloids knew full well, as did their bosses in very high places, that if they tried to down play a case like this, they would forever lose the trust of the public, so the tabloids ran will and it was a lot of fun. My mother used to buy 3 different tabloids during this time at the grocery stores, for about about 2 years or a little more. All I can tell you is that they were merciless and unrelenting like hound dogs & pitbulls combined. It was wonderful. If America would be denied justice by the courts, then the tabloids would do the prosecution for the public. It was their finest hour as I see it. I don't think we will ever see anything like that again, ever.

Because Arndt covered up (my opinion, she was excused and no one asked anything of her. There are so many holes in this case, even though the evidence is quite clear. Does it not have a lot of similarities to Hampstead?   << end T1

Thomas was followed by Tom Trujillo, who discussed the autopsy findings; Michael Everett, who described the crime scene and the items collected from the house; and Carey Weinheimer, who presented the evidence about the pineapple.

The police said that JonBenet's head injury could have been caused by the flashlight they found on the Ramseys' kitchen counter, although nothing had been found on the flashlight to tie it to the crime or the injury. There was nothing on the child's scalp to suggest the pattern on the casing of the Maglite. Whatever had struck JonBenet on the head

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had left a triangular hole in her scalp about the size of a dime. It could have been made by the joint that connects a golf club to its shaft. John Ramsey's partial set of clubs had been discovered just paces away from where JonBenet's body was found.

Next the police presented the facts about the noose—also called a garrote by somethe rope, the type of knot, and the broken paintbrush attached to the rope that was used to strangle JonBenet. The knot on the stick and the knot on the wrist were different. The one on the wrist ligature was a "capsized square knot." The rope had been pulled through a knot and acted as a noose rather than a true garrote. The point where the rope became a noose was at the back of the neck, which suggested to some that JonBenet was lying facedown when the ligature was tied. That seemed to be consistent with the bruises on the front of her face that the coroner had noted in the autopsy.

The police did not say whether the garroting had occurred before or after the blow to the child's head. The coroner himself wasn't sure if strangulation by the noose or garroting was the sole cause of death. He had said—and the police now repeated—that death had been caused by the noose in association with a blunt cranial trauma. Though there was no expert opinion to confirm it, a reasonable person listening to the presentation could conclude that the blow to the head had probably come first.

Also unclear from the crime scene was where JonBenet had been when she suffered the blow to the head. The injury hadn't produced any bleeding to leave a trail. She could have had her skull fractured in her bedroom, the kitchen, or the basement. Nobody could be sure that the scream heard by the neighbor was JonBenet's, the police said. Sound tests indicated that a scream should also have been audible to the parents on the third floor, but whether it would have been loud enough to awaken them was unclear.

The police addressed the likelihood of staging at the crime scene. Their analysis of the ransom note indicated that it was evidence of staging. The white blanket in which JonBenet's body was enveloped and the Barbie nightgown found next to her body were strong indications of staging, as was the cord tied lightly around her wrist, the police said. All suggested compassion, caring, and emotional attachment. The FBI profile said that parents typically found it harder to dispose of a child's body than an intruder would. Listening to the presentation, one investigator theorized that the nightgown might have been bundled up together with the blanket, a gesture not unlike burying the child with her favorite stuffed animal.

Truth1: so they admit the scene was staged. It also seems clear to me that the parents did not really want to do what they had to do. They really did love JonBenet. Especially Patsy, who put her every effort into that girl and the pageants JB was in. This is a major piece of evidence that almost no one would have discerned at this time. John had major business acquisitions with the help of a major defense industry contractor.

He became very wealthy almost over night. I'll get more into it, later. But to get something like that, once has to deal with Satan. Satan evidently required JonBenet as the sacrifice for the major breaks John received. by the way, John had a previous daughter who died in a car "accident" as an adult. She might have been the first sacrifice on his part. More on that in another blog.

But what I want to make sure is clear is that particularly in the case of Patsy, having to JonBenet was done in obedience cause you do not say no to Satan. But in her heart, I do not believe she wanted to do it and afterward, was devastated. It bought on a return of her cancer that she had overcome earlier.

The problem here that no one wants to talk about is that people actually sell their souls to Satan, and being the dick-head that he is, he delights in human misery, including that of his followers. He has no gratitude. He figures they did well by him. But those are not the figures I come up with.

So when JonBent was still, and gone, she still received the tender loving care afterward. I know that some will say, "I don't care. They killed her." And I say, yes and no. When people agree to Satan's terms, they often think he will feel some gratitude for joining with him, although the joining is for selfish reasons. But they never imagine the high cost that will be required. Many end up regretting serving Satan, but once he owns you, its forever, till you die.

So while John and Patsy share the blame for the murder, let it not escape your notice that Satan gained noting from the death of JB, other than seeing people suffer. There is not ever the slightest amount of compassion in this SOB in the spirit realm. He is 100% hate.

But if you, the reader, can bear this assessment so far, I have much more to put out in text to fully account for all things, pretty much.

But this Satanic assessment explains why the murder, a supposed kidnapping that never took place and never left any evidence, seemed to make no sense. None, unless you realize the real goal of this crime was offering a sacrifice to the maniacal sadistic psychopath in the spirit realm and then sort of showing off how easy it is for them to cover something over and up. All the mystery is gone. Satan was bragging.

This had previously happened with the McMartin pre-school trial and the Little Rascals Day care scandal trial in Edenton, North Carolina and so many others like it all over the USA in the 80s. << end T1

 Page 513

Throughout the presentation, Dr. Lee took notes by hand. Scheck typed on his laptop. Pete Hofstrom (assistant DA) had three legal pads. On one, he took notes with a blue pen; it indicated significant evidence that implicated the Ramseys. On the second pad he used a red pen, to record evidence of an intruder.

The third pad, on which he used a black pen, was for inconclusive evidence. Everyone paid strict attention to the speakers. No one left until breaks were called.

Truth1: The phonies were just going thru the motions. They had no intention of ever solving or prosecuting this case. I can say that with confidence, looking back 24 years. Nothing ever happened. The parents should be in prison. Patsy died anyway. John, who I allege was a participant in the murder of JB, though not just I, either. Ben and Rob of the Edge of Wonder channel on youtube also say the same. I have hear it suggested once on a video that I do not recall the name of but he took video footage of the outside of the house in Boulder that the Ramseys had lived in. I suspect many more will be saying it sooner or later. The truth will not be denied.

I am stopping here as a good point where the evidence is about to be addressed.

Continuing on page 513  of HX no. 79


 Truth1 Out!

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