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 Continuing from page 513 of JonBenet #2

Detective Harmer covered the family history of the Ramseys and the Paughs and reviewed the medical findings about JonBenet's genital injuries. Several well-known experts had concluded that the child's hymen was torn weeks or even months before her murder, Harmer said, but other experts had said the tear was recent. Broken blood vessels inside the child's vagina clearly indicated that she was penetrated that night, but there was no conclusive evidence of a sexual assault before that time. The blood stained her underpants. The state of the hymen offered clues, but they were open to interpretation.

Truth1: So much here! I'd love to know more about the family histories. But we got more pressing matters here. Supposed experts ( I always laugh when I hear that term, Experts) can not agree on matters of the hymen. Well, imagine that. Shock of shocks! We guts us a coverup, do we not? And if the science was legitimate and incontrovertible, there would be no room for a split down the middle. but for sure, one side is right and the other is not. You can pick who you want, but I have seen this all before. If you have the DA and some of the police on board, and mind control programming covered over by psychiatrists and psychologists, then how hard would it be get some doctors on your side?

In fact, if you are going to try and control a society and justice, you would have to have a few skilled or prominent professionals in many different fields that you could call on to lie for you as you try cover something up.  You would need mechanics, carpenters and contractors of various skills, Doctors, scientists, academics, athletic trainers, bankers, electricians, architects and so much more. Half of the doctors in this trial, are lying. And remember that Mr, Sheck who helped a murderer get away with murder, is in on this case. And so is the DNA "expert" Henry Lee. And if that is not enough, even if there are well meaning doctors, that does not mean anyone has to listen to them. Or they could be pressured to "adjust" their examination findings a little. That said: "Several well-known experts had concluded that the child's hymen was torn weeks or even months before her murder." That is good enough for me, knowing all the help the Ramseys were getting when they were the only suspects possible.

But I dare say that for all we heard, a lot could have been left out or toned down. One video I saw, said JB's vagina was twice its normal size. As well, found in the Ramseys' belongings was a stun gun, which CIA Mind control programmers and their henchmen use to make a fresh experience be buried away in the mind by use of the stun gun. They also had a book on how to use the stun gun for causing dissociation. Unusual books to have when suddenly you daughter turns up dead in your house that some one supposedly took an hour or more hunting up all the things that were found at the crime scene, all of which had been in that house prior.

But it does not end there. One guy drove up to the Ramseys' house to pay a visit and after shutting off his vehicle, he says a big blue Chevy Suburban pulled up in front of the yard and JonBenet came out alone and got into the vehicle and it drove off.

That, in itself is not a big deal. Maybe she had an appointment and someone was taking her there for mom, right? Well, OK, but do you need a big ocean liner like a Chevy suburban to do that? Suburbans were becoming the rage at this time, because they were big, like a limo, but a whole lot safer in a collision so that many began to prefer these to the limos. If a limo had driven up, I would have suspected that, too. But the clincher is that no one ever followed up this evidence and for good reason, I suspect. It would have broken open the case and might have even exposed a child prostitution network. There were many avenues that were never explored. That is another form or cover-up. Don't ask and don't tell.

 There is a lot that can be assumed here, if this is true. In order for JB to be willing to just go right out there and jump in, she has to be operating as another personality in her mind. Otherwise, she might have put up a tantrum. I have seen that enough in my lifetime. If this is so, it is a sure sign that she had received some programming, with Kitten/Monarch/Beta mind control programming. In such programming and conditioning, their vaginas are violently penetrated to cause dissociation when very young. But also to stretch the vagina so that by 4 or 6, they can accommodate any man on earth.

Something I think what is misunderstood is that stretching a vagina really wide, such as a birth of a baby would do, would be a permanent thing. One of my tennis buddies back in the late 90s was commenting that his girlfriend he was getting serious with, felt stretched out. He had realized this when he had a quick one with his old girlfriend, who was in her 20s and said she felt a lot tighter. Well, the main reason for that was likely because the lose fitting women was in her low 40s.

A young woman will tighten back up after her first baby if she is in her early 20s. And if she started young she might have 2 or 3 kids before the next one comes along, that her vagina does not recover from as much. But its not the baby in itself that does this. If you look at a 20 year old, Assuming she is attractive, there is no sagging of the face or other parts of the body and the skin is firm and underlying muscles as well. There are high levels of brain chemicals and neurotransmitters that send chemical signals to muscles to hold their tightness. But even at 27, a female can begin to have the brain chemicals start to drop in levels so that the underlying muscles will start to sag and it will be noticeable on the outside.

Acetyl-choline is the primary chemical that keeps muscles tight/firm. When the brain ages, and its chemical signals start to diminish, too, and then the body will reflect that. My theory is that if you take things to increase acetyl choline, you might be able to bring back some of the muscle tone. Its seems to have worked quite well for me. Do not try this without a doctor. I have to say that. So my friend was not aware of this and neither was I at the time. But what you have to understand is that no matter how young, the vagina will be very resilient. Stretch it way out and and it will in not much time, it comes right back, as far as I know. I am sure that figures into the madness of the child rapists. If JonBenet was being prostituted, which is a thing Satanists do, then her vagina would have the appearance of the hymen having long recovered from being torn and stretched as some experts suggest. But if this is the case, then it is also quite certain that the other doctors were lying their @$$e$ off, as it would have been real obvious. And why the stun gun?

I can honestly say that of all the children I have ever seen on TV and movies or like that, I have never seen anyone who looked as glazed over in the eyes, as JB does in her videos at pageants, more so than many of the photos. I would not be surprised if she had an alternate personality that performed in the pageants. One other girl that strikes me as possibly glazed due to such programming. He name was/is Eileen Baral who had her biggest TV exposure on Nanny and the Professor, 1970-1971. The whole program revolved around a magical nanny, played by Haley Mills' older sister, Juliet Mills. As well, I suspect that the boy who played Butch (Trent Lehman) was ritually murdered as a young adult on a fence outside of a school and it was foretold, says I, in one of the last episodes of the last season by a creepy aunt of Nanny's.

To get back on track, there are too many things around this, to just write of the account of the Suburban and why mom sent her out without accompanying her or at least stand at the door and maybe even wave. This would be normal if JB was prostituted, but not normal if otherwise.  So I ask at this point, how much of JB's medical exam was "toned down?" Lets continue! <<T1 end


Experts were also divided over the act of penetration. Some said it occurred before she suffered the blow to the head; others thought it was part of the staging. Several experts had told the police that the microscopic piece of cellulose found in JonBenet's vagina was wood. Most likely it came from the same splintered paintbrush that had been used for the "garrote." If she was penetrated with part of the paintbrush or a finger that carried the cellulose into the body, it had probably taken place around the time of the garroting or while JonBenet was dying.

Truth1:  This argument was pointless. She has been penetrated months if not 2 or 3 years ago. And I absolutely believe this whole thing was staged, anyway, likely ordered by Satan himself. but in denying the "months ago" they can pretend the non-existent kidnappers did it. There were no kidnappers to do anything. Case closed. <<T1 end

Steve Thomas presented the tape, ligature, and cord evidence. According to their best conclusions, the cord and the duct tape had probably been bought at McGuckin Hardware by Patsy Ramsey. Thomas pointed out, however, that even though Patsy had purchased items that cost the same amounts as the tape and the cord, the store's computerized sales slips did not list the name or number of the items purchased—only the prices. It was also possible that the duct tape had been purchased in Atlanta. The purchase of the items did not show intent to use them in a criminal act and, Thomas admitted, someone other than the Ramseys might have used those items in the crime.

Truth1:  Yes, yes, any number of things could be suggested. Oh, hell! Being Dec. 25 we could suppose that Santa might exist afterall and did it, since it was Xmas. Had it ever been proven that he does not exist? The easter bunny could have gotten him drunk and lost and set him up to be framed by a vast right wing conspiracy.

You can not say that someone other than the Ramseys might have used those weapons unless you have some evidence for that. Who should know that better than a cop? See what I mean? None of them are talking any sense. You can say anything you want as long as you have evidence for it. Other wise, I can argue that there is a man on the moon who shines it every night. And lets not leave the sandman out of this, either.

We have seen enough already to pass a final verdict on this case. But I want to really rub in it. I'm that kind of guy.

There is not a shred of evidence that does not reinforce the parents as being the only reasonable and possible suspects. But in tactics made famous by leftist Marxists and Satanists, too, they argue the absurd and deny the very obvious. No one should let them hijack the evidence and take it off into left field somewhere. That Thomas, a cop, can argue or allow for something that does not have any evidence, whatsoever, should cause him to be fired and never be a policeman again. Everything has to have substantiated evidence of some sort. An eye witness. A shoe foot print. Surveillance footage. Even the FBI said there was no intruder.

The trace evidence lifted from the duct tape was presented. The CBI had established that the four fibers found on the duct tape were consistent with the jacket Patsy wore to the Whites' house on Christmas, which she also had on the next morning. A photograph taken at       Truth1: There you have it. Patsy did it.  I stop here at the end of book page 513

and start the next blog at the beginning of page 514

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