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514        we left off with fibers from Patsy's jacket at the crime scene in the cellar.

the Whites showed Patsy in the jacket. The detectives were certain of this evidence and its importance. They considered it a match.

To Henry Lee, however, the word consistent was not the same as a definitive match. Lee, like Scheck, thought like a defense attorney. In his mind, fibers were fibers. When confronted with evidence like this, Lee always asked himself what other garments existed that were made of the same fiber. He knew it was impossible to match a fiber to a garment the way a fingerprint or DNA could be matched to a person. The fibers found on the duct tape here might be slightly persuasive to a jury, but in Lee's opinion, they were not a smoking gun.

Truth1:  So there is Henry Lee cherry picking words. Consistent is not Definitive. OK, but the rest of the evidence and the context do make it Definitive. If you want to say otherwise, you had better have another person seen wearing the same type of jacket. If not, then it is up to the defense to have something definitive to show conclusively that those fibers were not from Patsy's jacket or that Patsy did not have a jacket like that. But with nothing but stupid people looking the other way while defenses experts pick at words and definitions while offering, essentially, NOTHING!, then you have a serious cover-up. If you interrupt the prosecution enough, stupid people will think the prosecution is struggling, which was not the case.  <<T1 end

It was also possible that the fibers had gotten stuck to the duct tape in a secondary transfer. For example, the fibers could have been trans­ferred to the child's blanket as Patsy tucked her daughter into bed and then could have adhered to the duct tape even if Patsy never came into contact with it. The police had found the tape on the blanket.

Truth1:   What they are doing is making a big deal about the fibers and ignoring that there was no intruder and if there had been an intruder, then how did he/she/they hunt up the girl, the note paper and pen, go down stairs to the basement and do all they did and then left the girl so that no ransom could be obtained. Were these guys stupid or what? There never was an intruder. Now you can see why Henry Lee was in the OJ Simpson case. He did the same there as here. OJ was obviously guilty and even tried to escape to Mexico. Talk about obvious guilt. The Back and forth BS gave the all but one black jury the excuse to let OJ go because the prosecution was only doing this cause OJ was black. I'm sick to my stomach.   <<T1 end

Listening to the presentation, Tom Haney knew that trace evidence could be strongly convincing to a jury but that a good defense attorney could explain it away, especially when the defendant lived in the house where it was found. Haney also knew it was a tedious and enormous job to identify and trace every fiber that had been found on JonBenet's blanket. They hadn't even begun the process, and he would lobby for it in the coming weeks. For example, the pubic hair found on the blanket had to be thoroughly investigated. It was decidedly odd for pubic hair to be on a child's blanket—especially one that was washed often. At first the police understood the hair to be some­what like Melinda Ramsey's, but the match didn't rise even to the level of consistency. Only John Ramsey had been excluded as the source of the pubic hair, which meant that a lot of work still had to be done. It also could turn out to be a secondary transfer.

Truth1:  Did you notice that they admitted a jury would find it convincing because they are not playing games and lying and twisting things. And: A good "attorney could explain it away." Well, of course. An Attorney is a professional liar whose real job is to try to get guilty criminals off the hook and walk free. They will gladly resort to the absurd and ridiculous.

Are you beginning to see how and why Satanists get away with what they do? They do the same thing. They argue the ridiculous and walk free. Ain't that right, Rick? <<T1 end

The police reported that they had been unable to find a match for the fibers discovered on JonBenet's labia and on her inner thighs. The fibers did not match any clothes belonging to John or Patsy. The police were stumped.

Truth1: The police wanted to be stumped. They rolled over and played dead. Even dogs can do that!  <<T1 end

The detectives presented a long list of suspects who had been considered and dropped. Randy Simons, Kevin Raburn, Bud Henderson, Linda Hoffmann-Pugh, Joe Barnhill, and Chris Wolf had been eliminated by forensics evidence. Others, like Sandra Henderson, had ironclad alibis. By now, all but two of the thirty-two known sex offenders in the Boulder area had been cleared.

Truth1: Honestly, we could spend the next 100 years investigating every person Colorado at the time. And you know what you would have got? NOTHING! There were no other qualified suspects other than the very obvious John and Patsy Ramsey. These are what they call: Wild Goose chases. <<T1 end

page 515

As for other suspects, Steve Thomas had told more than one observer that Bill McReynolds was not involved in the crime because he was too infirm from his then-recent heart surgery.

The results of DNA testing were inconclusive at this time, the police said. The DNA found under JonBenet's fingernails showed the possibility of contamination. Nevertheless, the police claimed that they had been able to exclude certain people by these DNA tests. This led Barry Scheck to comment, "You can't say the DNA test results are iffy and then exclude people because their DNA doesn't match. You can't have your cake and eat it." He recommended further RFLP Or newer types of PCR testing. Most in the audience considered the DNA test results the weakest part of the presentation.

Fleet and Priscilla White, who were eliminated by forensics and alibi, were still the subject of some conversation. Someone asked if White's erratic behavior during JonBenet's funeral and afterward had been considered before he was cleared. Yes, the police replied. What about his continued involvement? Was it a sign of guilt? Detective Harmer pointed out that White had information that he still had not shared with the detectives. Metro DAs Bob Grant and Bill Ritter both said that since White had sat on the information for so long, its credibility was questionable, regardless of what it was.

Truth1: Fleet White was helping John search the house. Fleet had looked into the small room in the basement but it was dark and he did not see anything. then he and John R. searched again and John went into the room and found JB's body. After Fleet had thought about it for a time, he became convinced that John had killed JB. He even made a scene about it in public. The Fleets ceased to have anything to do with the Ramseys. The police and the DA would keep the Whites as persons of interest and not exonerate/clear them in the investigation. My opinion is that they were innocent and not cleared because the police?DA wanted to leave some doubt as to the Ramseys' guilt. The DA and police knew full well that the Whites were innocent and that John was guilty. Patsy had made some remarks to a reporter named Jeff Shapiro that left him cold and convinced him that she was the murderer. But it was both Patsy and John, says I! They did it together. <<T1 end

Every ninety minutes, the audience took a break. Despite their animosity of the past eighteen months, there was now an easygoing exchange between the DA's staff and the police. Steve Thomas even joked with Barry Scheck that the attorney wasn't any friend of law enforcement. Scheck said he was more a friend than Thomas knew. Tom Koby, a lame duck as he awaited his replacement, made small talk during the breaks.

Truth1: See? They had all been acting the whole time. Phonies, everyone of them! <<T1 end

When the cops played the tape of Patsy's 911 call, Alex Hunter wrote on his legal pad, "Doesn't sound as upset as I thought." But others on his team had the opposite reaction. Then John and Patsy's statement that Burke had been asleep and knew nothing about the events of that morning was called into question when what sounded like Burke's voice could be heard on the tape—if you could be sure it was a voice, said one listener.

Truth1: I have heard the tape and it is Burke but making out what he said was not clear. <<T1 end

The police discussed the Ramseys' demeanor both before and after JonBenet's body was found. They had seemed distant from each other the entire morning, had never tried to comfort each other, and had remained physically separate. Patsy was looking around, peeking through the fingers.

Truth1: It is possible that it was John's dealings with the devil and his reps that cost JB her life and was devastating to Patsy. It really is hard to say anything for sure. Neither acted as they should have.

This concludes book page 515 and we will pick up in the next blog at 516 - 517.

 Truth1  Out!

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