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   Truth is my business!            Hoaxtead Watch No. #90

Truth1 Prophecy Fullfilled

   OK, I do exaggerate a littleI did not prophesy, but I did render an interpretation of things to come in an article going back to 2013.

The Coming Sexual Slavery of Women              

I saw the military of many nations moving toward this goal, but especially the USA. I understood that Satan was gong to bring all women into sexual subjugation so that they might embrace a "> new kind of "love" <", where everyone has to share everything, especially their bodies, which is what Satanic cults have been doing all along. Soon the whole world will be doing it.

But it was today, Feb 25, 2019, that this showed up on the net from USA TODAY that dropped my jaw to the floor. I had predicted that the draft would come back and and women would be drafted. That is what all this equality nonsense has been about, all along. You see, Truth1 knows his business. Now one other soul on earth was willing to touch this one, But old Truth1 did! Can you pat me on the back cause I can't reach way back there? Don't worry. I know I will continue to stand along on this. Maybe its Jehovah the Father's way of setting me apart from the competition. Anyway, fun aside, here is the link to the article:

So ladies, you wanted equality adn indeed, Satan will insist that you get his version of "equality." But from the beginning, I argued against equality and very much against women being in the military. I knew where it was all going. But women are on the gullible side, not recognizing the psychopath going be the name of Satan, among many other names he uses, as plotting against them. Satan use woman to weaken Adam into giving in. And now, using the deceit of equality to ensnare women and get them into battle situations where they can face odds of a good chance of getting killed or maimed or captured by the enemy. And by the way, I think many nations will be doing this. Satan is going to transform the world.

So, yes, there is no draft . . . YET!  But there will be. Yes, I will guarantee it! Sue me if I end up wrong. I won't be!

Ladies, my suggestion to you is, even if it means imprisonment, do not sign up for the draft or join the military. You might want to get to know God real well, too. Its going to be tough road from here on in. The narrow gate, for sure.

AND. . . Did I not say that 2019 was going to the a year of revelations and exposure. You ain't seen nothing yet!

Ladies, renounce feminism and Beg God's forgiveness. Maybe he will forgive you. But know this! Satan will argue that all women, including most so called Christian women, heartily embraced the Satanic doctrine of Marxist feminism and that he should be able to do what he wants with you, since you went along with his plan and laws and policies and ignore those of God. I am being totally serious. Time to wake up, Ladies. You have been asleep way too long. I can do nothing for you now. You made your bad and Satan is apt to make you sleep in it. You have offended the Heavenly Father. Beg for His forgiveness. Its the only chance you have.

There are more goodies on the way. Truth1 does not like to disappoint his fans. What? I have no fans? Are you sure? Well, I can't really say that I am surprised. Its not like I am the life of the party or anything. Just call me doom and gloom, but you'll also have to call me "Mister Right" on the mark. See ya soon!

The Child Interrogation series will resume after 1 more special issue. Another fulfillment. Who wood-ah thunk it?

 Truth1 Out!

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