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The Police Presentation 4 of 4

JonBenet #5


Truth1:  <<T1 end

515 Patsy was looking around, peeking through the fingers



covering her face, one police report said, while John was off by himself much of the time, out of Arndt's sight. He had even gone alone into the basement at midmorning, after which time he had become despondent, sitting alone. The Ramseys' refusal to grant formal interviews until four months after the murder was also highly suspicious, the police said.

Truth1: If you have nothing to hide, then you nothing to fear. They did not want to give formal interviews. Like it or not, people are going to suspect you when you do not want to talk or help the police trying to solve a crime. This is why I don't buy the "red threads are not conclusively from Pasty" and similar denials. They should have been eager to help if they were innocent. I would. The entirety of their behavior was nothing but suspicious. The evidence was too overwhelming. No real kidnapper would have killed the girl and left her. They would have kept her alive and tried to get some money. She never was kidnapped, she was murdered in her own home and no one heard a thing. Impossible! <<T1 end

The physical layout of the house was reviewed. It appeared that all the doors were locked that night, yet it shouldn't be forgotten that there were still several keys missing as of June 1998. There had been no indication of forced entry. The pry marks discovered on two doors had not produced evidence of splintering on the ground below, and Barbara Fernie, a close friend of Patsy's, had told the police that she had seen the pry marks before the murder and at that time they were already old.

Mike Everett discussed the spiderwebs found on outside windows and on the grate in front of the broken basement window Spiders didn't build new webs during winter, he told the audience. He explained how little force it would take to break the web that had been found intact across the window grate.

Deliberately, it seemed, the police had organized the information to negate an intruder theory. Would an intruder have tied the cord so loosely on JonBenet's arm? Would an intruder cover her with a blanket? Would an intruder wipe off her body and redress her? Would an intruder have used Patsy's paintbrush to tighten the noose? Wouldn't an intruder have written a ransom note in advance? If he intended to write a note, wouldn't he bring paper? His own pen?

Would an intruder travel easily and freely through a mazelike house? One observer later said he could almost imagine this intruder saying, "Oh, fuck! My comrades and I, in our small foreign faction, forgot to bring a pad and a pen. Shit! We forgot to bring a garrote, some rope, and duct tape. What else did we forget?"

The police listed twenty-five indications that pointed away from an intruder:

Lab tests showed that the fine-line Sharpie pen with which the note was written was one that Patsy had used before.

Also, the pad, the note, and the flashlight were all discovered in close proximity of each other.

The pen in a cup with other Sharpies right beside the phone in the kitchen where Patsy always kept them.

The detectives admitted that even though the handwriting analysis did not show definitively that Patsy had written the note, the evidence indicated that Patsy couldn't be eliminated as the author. Moreover,


the police said, Donald Foster had determined—although not scientifically—that she had written and may have composed the note. Comparisons of phraseology and punctuation were shown to the audience. Of everyone interviewed, Patsy was the only one who was not eliminated as the author of the ransom note.

Truth1: I did a lot of research on handwriting around 1983 and continued with it 2 or 3 years, having a deep hunger to know every aspect of psychology. the problem is that mood, among other things, can vary and the resulting handwriting can vary, too. In fact, lie detector tests have much in common with how they vary. some people have quirks in the way they write certain letters or numbers. the space between letters, words, and lines can vary. But all in all, there will be some fairly consistent patterns as well.

Patsy was asked to copy certain things written out or to copy the kidnapping note. But they do not tell her why or what they are looking for. Patsy had far too many similarities in certain letters, among other things. Trying to write differently also poses problems. Usually, they hand writing will slow down, be more deliberate and will be less spontaneous and more careful. I remember looking at several samples in the tabloid papers my mother bought. To me, it seemed fairly likely that she did writes that ransom note.

But with writing analysis, it is subjective to some degree and how do you quantify that it is or is not? It can be up for grabs and might show stunning similarity. But with handwriting varying quite a bit from person to person, you really have something sort of almost like a finger print. But if you are for the defense of Patsy, you will deny it without any explanation or adding up similarities and difference. Technically, you would have 10 analysts each give their opinion and see who wins the vote. The defense claims that it is not definitive.

That is true and yet it does not quantify anything either. And there were similarities. It then becomes just another thing to add to the many things in sum. If they got 4 big things against them and 4 things barely significant, the 4 big things should carry the accusations of guilt unless at least one of the 4 big things can be solidly brought into question, which the defense group never did. And while refuting a point is helpful, the other 3 could still be hard to get around and still could carry the accusations if strong enough.

The most important ingredient is the jury of 12 idiots carefully weeded and sifted to eliminate intelligence and strong convictions and will. A jury  was never supposed to be carefully interrogated and purposely selected or reject. It was supposed to be a random selection of peers. That is why the OJ case was so corrupt, with 11 black jurors and one Asian and zero white people, who were the most common demographic in LA county, CA. That is to say, the jury was rigged against the prosecution and for the defense. Its a total mistrial and a judicial fraud. <<T1 end

Possible scenarios, speculation, and conjecture about what might have taken place Christmas night in the Ramsey home came up during breaks in the presentation. The police had presented no motive or theory, but almost everyone agreed it was unlikely that a mysterious intruder, heretofore unknown, would emerge as the killer. There was speculation that perhaps JonBenet had wet her bed or soiled her clothes and that Patsy had reacted violently but had not intended to kill her. Then perhaps she and her husband had conspired to cover it up and make it look like something else.

Truth1: Now just think about this. The police had no motive or theory and this is where I will suggest that our society, despite the plague of preschools and day cares practicing abuse, rape, prostitution and killing animals and sometimes, people, babies in particular, throughout the 80s. The main reason no one referred to these as that they had been covered over so that we all had nothing to learn from. It has all been denied to us. So we can not fault the police there. But we could fault the DA, who knew perfectly well what they were doing and who they were protecting and why, too.

John and Patsy had a deal with the devil, says I. and after receiving incredible amounts of money in a merger with a big government military contractor, now had a debt to pay to Satan. And Satan or one of his earthly followers, make it clear to the Ramseys what was wanted of them. Possibly JB was passed around for sexual thrills. But in then end, it was her death that was required.

Now I know full well that in saying this, most do not believe in such things. And it sounds too horrific as well. and I will make it far worse by suggesting that this happens a lot among the wealthy and celebrities. but really, there is no other possible explanation that makes any sense. Would parents kill one of their own children for big money. Sadly, many would do it in a heart beat. Would they prostitute their adorable little girl to grown men to be abused in the extreme for big money? Its done all the time, all over the world. John and Patsy are no different than many other people in the world. Children have always been treated like crap from the beginning of time. It may be the most outstanding trait of our species. <<T1 end

The police listed all the reasons why the case should be presented to a grand jury. They mentioned sixteen people who should be questioned under oath on twenty different topics. Some of them had so far been uncooperative. In other cases they simply didn't know what real information, if any, people had, as with Fleet White. Also, some school, phone, and credit card records that were necessary could be obtained at this late date only by order of a grand jury.

Finally, in closing, Steve Thomas listed over a dozen reasons, in no particular order, why the police suspected the Ramseys. Some of them had been mentioned during the discussion of other categories.

1. The date engraved on JonBenet's headstone was December 25, not December 26, 1996, which indicated they knew she did not die in the early morning hours. December 25—that is, before midnight—was the earliest approximate time of death judging from the state of the pineapple found in her small intestine.

2. Sound tests conducted by the police indicated that the scream heard by Melody Stanton across the street should have been heard by the parents in their bedroom.

Truth1: Dec. 25 was important to John and Patsy! Why? I say because they were honoring Saturn on the day of Saturnalia. Saturn and Satan are very similar their rituals and behavior. It was ultimately Satan who was honored. They were required to give up their daughter, suggests I. I am sure it would not have been their choice, if they could have done something else. I  think Satan knew that taking JB would literally kill Patsy, who did contract cancer again, this time taking her life. JonBenet was everything to her. With JB gone, so was her own will to live.

But having made a deal, they dared not refuse or even pout about it. This is the problem with making a deal with Satan. he spites his own followers. Yes, they get rewards but I have read of many who seem to have lots of regrets about making a deal wit the devil. They do not openly say "I made a deal with the devil." But its clear enough. You lose far more than you gain.

Many have ambitions they were hoping to pursue. But once Satan owns you, you have no say in your life. Its all about what he wants. You should be grateful for what you have, he would say. This has been going on for 6000 years. Its far from new.

As for the reported scream, if so, and I have no reason to doubt it, then it clearly shows that had kidnappers been abusing JB inside the house, they would have easily been heard. Further, I do not have the slightest doubt that their boy, Burke heard and may even have known the plan. Burke had problems of jealousy toward JB as Patsy put all her attention on JB. Burke's neglect is well known and was manifest in many ways. Again, Burke would had to have had heard everything, especially if they sacrificed JB before midnight. Only John and Patsy could have killed JB. There is no way in hell that intruders were anywhere near that house. Even the FBI says there's no evidence for it.  <<T1 end

3. The behavior of Patsy and John after Rick French arrived at their house was not in keeping with a kidnapping but more the way people would respond after a death.

Truth1:  You all know how adorable JB could look. And there are plenty of accounts of her being charming. There was no pretending for John and Patsy. Killing JonBenet, I am sure, was difficult and devastating. There are no words for it. They could not muster enough strength to pretend it was a kidnaping. it one thing to lie in words, but quite another to lie in outward expression, when you watch your daughter, so innocent looking and sweet, die, and probably struggle and try to scream and they had to muffle her. I guarantee you, that even a lot of monsters would have troubles with that one. This is a very strong piece of evidence that the parents did kill her. If it had been a kidnapping, they would have been nearly hysterical and cooperative, too, eager to track the invaders. <<T1 end

4. The phone call placed by John Ramsey to arrange for a pilot to fly his entire family to Atlanta that evening was made within thirty-five

page 518

minutes of his finding his daughter's body.

Truth1: Wow! Were they in a hurry to get away or what? They sound guilty to me. <<T1 end

5. Prior vaginal trauma was unlikely to have been caused by a person outside the immediate family.

Truth1: I am going to disagree with this one, partially. While I am sure the parents were abusing her in some ways, maybe dad more than mom, though who can say for sure, I am still bothered by the big blue suburban said to pick up JB with no sign of mom at the door, seeing her off. In mind control programming, girls are violently stretched out in order to traumatize and cause dissociation, but also to make their vaginas more accommodating to adult males. This lead was never followed up. Why would that be, when they were trying so hard to claim it was an intruder that killed JB?

JB being raped and abused is not what anyone wanted to come out. Her being part of a prostitution ring would have been far worse for many, then her just being murdered. I think this is a big smoking gun. And John's adult son, Andrew, is another interesting story I will be getting to.

As well, there were some very interesting books in their collection. That will be for a future blog. Lets just say this. When you see smoke from afar, you're very apt to find fire when you get real close. <<T1 end 


6. The flashlight, the writing pad, and the Sharpie pen were all found in the kitchen area. The flashlight—which may have caused the head injury—was left on the kitchen counter.

7. The ransom note was written on paper torn from a writing pad that belonged to the Ramseys.

8. The Sharpie pen used to write the note was not found close to where the pad was discovered; but in a cup next to the kitchen phone where the pen was kept.

9. The writing pad was discovered close to where the ransom note was allegedly found.

10. Patsy Ramsey had not been eliminated as the author of the ransom note.

Truth1:  All the things found in the house used in the supposed kidnapping, all belonged to the Ramseys. Wouldn't a kidnapper bring his own stuff, already written out and get in there, grab the girl and exit fast? Would he kill JB if he was trying to ransom her. NO! It was all staged, the first false flag psyop staged event after the Oklahoma bombing. There was no kidnapper, no intruder! That only leaves mom and dad as the possible suspects.

11. The enhanced 911 tape contradicted the version of the events of that morning told by both Patsy and John Ramsey on several occasions to different police officers.

12. Patsy's statements about when she discovered that her daughter was not in her room and John's statements about what he did with his daughter after taking her to bed on December 25, 1996, were inconsistent.

13. The paintbrush used in the "garrote" was linked to Patsy.

14. The confusing layout of the home would make it difficult for a stranger to commit all the aspects of the crime and its cover-up without fear of discovery.

Truth1: It would be impossible. The police tried to do a run-through acting as kidnappers and going into house to retraced the steps. It would have been impossible. <<T1 end

15. The elements used in the aftermath of the crime and its staging, such as the blanket were obtained from places in the house known to the parents.

16. When the first officer arrived at the house Patsy answered the door fully dressed and with her makeup on.

Truth1:  Patsy was always performing and wanting to look her finest. Even after her child was dead. The real Patsy was never allowed to be seen by anyone. Would you have have bothered with makeup if your daughter was suddenly missing?

Though I have more details to come, it should be quite clear that only the Ramseys could have been the killers of JB. that much is clear. If you don't like my Satan interpretation, then what would you suggest in its place?  <<T1 end

I got a few other articles to work on for SRA and still want to get to My Joseph and Moses being in Egypt, too. And new things always come up. But there is a lot more to tell about JonBenet that I will get to, in time.

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