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Beware of What You Sow



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Truth1: Adverse childhoods, in which I include mere neglect and withholding of affection, are not that far from being torture and could easily quality as torture as would be the case for starving a prisoner. I know this first hand. My father could be a miserable bastard. He was constantly angry and jealous of everyone and everything, because he did not get any love or affection and was ignored till he got into trouble, which he probably did to get attention. It is also likely that he was mildly retarded, born late in his mother's life. He definitely lacked what have been called "executive skills." He had little math ability.

His neglect became the misery of his wife and 2 kids. Its the kind of thing that often ends up continuing a cycle of misery that lasts for generations. But he was adequate when my brother and I were very young. He did give some love and affection then, knowing that was what he always longed for. But by age 6, most of it was gone. My mother was our best comfort as children and teens.

My father was messed up in so many ways, that book could not cover it all. Suffice to say, mere neglect is all it takes to destroy or disable a life. This is the fate of anyone born to Satanism.

I abhor neglect and abuse. What is more, such small, delicate creatures, I would think, would tug on people's hearts and bring out some tenderness and care. I believe that is a reasonable response to expect. But clearly, time has shown that once damage is done, it continues to be passed on, more often than not. Now for Aangirfan:

Two thirds of Scots children experience adverse childhood experiences such as domestic violence or parental drug misuse.

(ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences)

“Traumatic events are experienced by two thirds of children in Scotland before the age of eight, according to researchers at the University of Edinburgh.

“Growing evidence shows that ACEs influence brain development and have a long-term impact on lifetime health, wellbeing and outcomes.”

Parents undergoing mental health problems or relationship break-ups were the most common, each affecting around one-third of children.

Almost one quarter of children had experienced frequent physical punishment.

One in five felt unloved or emotionally neglected.

Some 14 per cent had been exposed to parental drug or alcohol misuse, while one in 10 had been exposed to domestic violence.

Two thirds of Scots kids experience adverse childhood experiences
Mental health of more than half of young Scots impacted by loneliness, finds poll .


Truth1 from here on in.

A warning to Christians. Your primary duty to God is love your God with all your heart, soul, mind and Stregnth.

Then God Adds in other places that you do the same for your children. Paul says that a man who neglects his own (or worse) is worse than a man without faith. You will not enter the kingdom of heaven or earth if you neglect or despise the gifts of God, most especially the children He gives you. You are as good as dead, if you spite them.

Further, any who might imagine that "atleast I am not like those God-forsaken Satantists who rape and sacrifice children." My personal opinion is that you are no better than them. Forsaking your own children Is not the slightest bit better than devil worshippers.

Neglect and taking out all your anger and frustrations on your family is something that will last forever and you kids will carry the hurt an pain as long as they live. And it will continue down to each generation after, most likely, with only a rare exception. There is no place in God's kingdom for anyone who does not care for the gifts of God, in the form of children, that were given in trust, to you. Neglect them and you will end up in the lake of fire, if you don't die, first.

Satanists have long proved that whatever you do with your kids, can and will, if reinforced by the entirety of the local cult, continue from  one generation to the next. In fact, even Jesus noted that the sons of darkness are wiser in a practical sense, than as are the sons of light.

Satanists keep their ways and culture alive and well, for quite come time. Now it had to be admitted that Satan is in constant oversight and maintaining communication and enforcement of his requirements. And he made request way back when, that God not enforce His ways in any continual, noticeable dramatic fashion, that we might be fully tested as to obedience and applying ourselves.

Because of the sins of Adam, that Jesus gave his own human life for, we are no longer held to account for the poor degraded condition of the human race descended from Adam. So the expectations from us are not big, but they are sure and necessary. We must love and train our own kids. to neglect this is to neglect God. No kingdom of God for you!

What was written was true. What a man sows he will reap. God will ask your children what they think about you. You better hope that is good. Or I could put it this way. If you can't do any better than a Satan worshiper, what good are you? At least they obey their god and that is why they continue to grow and thrive . . . But not for too much longer. Maybe 10 years, if that.

Truth1 Out!  

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