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About Child Interrogation Techniques #2

     The following is presented with claims to fair use clause under then the copyright law and vitally important in the war to stop SRA and Satanism, or at the very least, expose it, that people might better be able to avoid it and warn others. The following is a description the proper techniques for interviewing children, and understanding how they think and express themselves and what avoid that might lead a child. That said, most accusations of leading children are very exaggerated or more often, completely lied about and distorted.

I will be talking about that as we go along. I refer the piece that I will be discussing:

International Journal at Law and Psychiatry, Vol. 7, pp. 89-103, 1984 Printed in the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

0160-2527,84 $3.00 + .00 Copyright 4, 1984 Pergamon Press Ltd.

We left off in the previous blog at the end of page 90 And begin here with Page 91:

90 Unfortunately, when the consequences of such encounters are described in court, these compounding factors are

91  frequently ignored since only the final conclusions of the research studies are summarized. Given these many cautions about interpreting any study of the consequences of child-adult sexual interactions, we will review what the majority of such studies have concluded.

Table 1 ( on the next page, 92 ) summarizes the characteristics of the child-adult sexual interactions that make it more likely ( + ) or less likely ( ) that negative consequences might develop for the child. References to the literature supporting these conclusions are included so the reader may examine the original sources ( Finkelor, 1981; Gangon, 1965: Landis, 1956; Nelson, 1981; Reiss, 1960; Tsai. Feldman-Summers & Edgar, 1979.) The factors influencing the outcome for the child have been broken down by

(1) the characteristics of the child,

(2) the characteristics of the adult,

(3) the characteristics of the child-adult sexual interaction and

(4) the characteristics of others involved.

Negative consequences to the child are less likely to occur when the child sees the adult as a warm, compassionate and loving individual; the child believes he or she has control over the involvement (could end the relationship at any time he or she chooses): the child (rather than being passive) actively resists the adult's advances during a forced sexual interaction; and when the child is able freely and easily to talk about the sexual interaction with others (rather than being told never to discuss or reveal it to others).

Negative consequences for the child are more likely to occur when the child believes ( prior to the actual interaction) that child-adult sexual activities are inappropriate;

disclosure of the sexual interaction is delayed;

the child is living in a troubled family situation at the time of the sexual interaction;

the child has negative attitudes toward sexuality in general;

the child is young (pre-pubertal); the child's parents themselves have a history of a traumatic sexual experience with an adult when they were children;

the child develops fears, anxieties, weight loss, nightmares or other psychologic symptoms following the inter­action;

and when the child holds herself or himself responsible for causing the sexual interaction (the adult says that the child made him do it).

What is impressive about this list is that a multitude of factors can influence how such interactions affect the child. If an adult wants to ensure that sexual interaction has no negative consequences on the child, he requires a fair degree of sophistication to appreciate all the factors that may contribute to the outcome.

Secondly, many of these factors are not easily changed by the adult involved. For example, can the adult be assured that the child has been raised in a family where there are open discussions about sexuality and child sexual interactions? Can the adult be certain of how the child's parents will view the interaction? Is the adult aware of the child's parent's earlier sexual experiences? Appreciating these many influences would not be impossible, but would require considerable knowledge and a fair amount of time to acquire the information.

Negative consequences to the child are more likely when the adult involved is two or more years older than the child, pressures the child to conceal the sexual interaction from others and is a trusted family member or close friend. The most perplexing of these issues appears to be concealment. The greater the pressure to conceal. the more likely negative consequences are to occur. Thus to ensure minimal negative consequences, the adult needs to discuss his child-adult sexual interactions with the child's family and with others. In



  Page 91 text  picks up again on page 94, covered in another coming blog

Truth1>> this next section is in some ways pointless as government law, at least in the USA, simply does not allow for any "child," even 15 to 17 year old "children," to consent or "know what they are doing." That is as best as the law can put it, as the rule is rather absurd that any teen of that age should be anything other than fully accountable to the law, in Criminal court. And if in criminal court, then they should be accountable for choosing to have, but then the schools would be robbed of the better part of those they want to program and delay their entry into the adult world, instead of encouraging them to be mature and take on mature responsibilities like raising kids or working.

But on the other hand, the method put into chart form below, seeks to define and quantify how much damage or not, is done to a child and what types of actions and circumstances can mitigate the damage done or amplified. The chart had come from page 92. << T1 end

GENE G. ABEL et al.

Characteristics of Child-Adult Sexual Interactions That Make Negative Consequences More or
Less Likely for the Child

 "plus" equals negative consequences more likely: - "minus" equals negative consequences less likely.

Consequences for Child's Characteristics Impact Reference
attitude that child/adult sex is bad plus 10
sees adult as warm/compassionate/loving minus 31
delayed disclosure of child/adult sex plus 31
child believed they could stop the sexual interaction minus 10, 27
living in troubled family, at the time of sexual interaction plus 10, 27
general negative attitude towards sex plus 10
young age plus 17, 19, 31, 23
mother and/or father had negative sexual experience with adults when they were very young plus 12
actively resisted sexual interaction minus 10
child develops symptoms (fears, anxiety, nightmares) plus 10, 31
child able to talk easily about sex and sexual interaction minus 17, 10
holds self responsible for causing the sexual interaction plus 29, 10

Truth1: What is shown above is that any situation can be made better or worse, depending upon the reaction of the adults who deal with the child after. But really, these things listed are all going to be felt as bad, with some situations only slightly reduced in harm. Adults should not be having sex with any child that is pre-pubescent. On the other hand, I do not believe any post-pubescent person should be forbidden to have sex, if allowed by the parents. And if they do, and against parental approval, the person should be responsible for their choice to have sex. It takes 2 to tango. In our society, the man is blamed and crucified for it all, and made out to be a monster for desiring a post-pubescent person who is also at their peak of beauty and willing to share themselves. Make them both accountable, if you are going to judge their actions as bad. That is what he Bible does.

What seems to be missed is that a child without those secondary bursts of hormone development not only affect the body, but also the brain and desire. It was interesting in my Kingdom Hall days with the JWs, to see a girl start her development. The behavioral changes were so amazing. They were like new and different people. Some would end up quite bold and others more subdued or even timid, despite the hormones. But for better or worse, the psychological changes were dramatic. There is no excuse for saying they are not ready. Not only were many ready, they were chomping at the bit and eager to pursue the opposite sex. It is cruel and an insult to nature to deny these young any longer. Get them married and they will be quick to settle down get serious once that belly starts to bulge. Its sobers them up fast, if they are going to be inclined that way at all.

The other thing is, that children are interested in other children near to their own age. With these, they will explore and discover, without perceived harm. But only with those close in age. Everything changes when the ages become far apart in ever growing degrees as the difference gets bigger. Honestly, what is so hard to understand about that?


Next below describes adults who are 2 or more years older than the child. First off, if adult = 18, than we are only talking 16 at the most and I know of plenty 16 year old girls who have had sex with adults. No harm I ever saw other than that typical of all relationships. So why are we discussing such a narrow range? The study seems a bit stupid to me.

Adult's Characteristics
adult 2 or more years older than child pressures child to conceal experience plus 17, 27, 23

I do note above that the more shame you add, the more they will feel shame. This is the problem with masturbation. Many feel great shame because shame is heaped upon them. I don't agree with the shame in regards to masturbation. and I don't agree with shaming men for liking fully developed secondary sexual characteristics, at any age. If an 11 year old was fully developed and complete. I would have no problem with her wanting to marry or some guy wanting to marry her. If they are fully developed, then nature has spoken, loud and clear. Let no man deny what nature/God, has wrought.

But it should be noted that governments have forbidden the perfectly acceptable, and blatantly obvious, so that they can justify brain washing every child alive. May they rot in hell, which they will. I do not believe in a literal hell, but I find it an amusing absurdity to play with.

As you read the next group, it becomes obvious that the more abuse you heap on a person when we will say they were raped, the more it will hurt, scar, and wound them. And while rape is obvious never a good thing, the more respectful and gentle the rapist might be, perhaps the less the whole experience might leave smaller psychological wounds. As an example my father related, the daughter of a guy he worked with, said she was aggressively raped and passed out. Then she turns around and dates him. I would say that the behavior after would suggest it was not nearly as harmful or traumatic as it is for many women who never dream of dating their rapist.

My gripe with sex crimes is that there are no gradients. Nearly anything is now called rape. For example, I recall the story of a Baptist pastor who was overcome by a 6 year old girl and exposed her buttocks and caressed them. Nothing more. Now this is not a guy you want leading a church by example. But on the other hand, what he did do, was not severe. You could certainly not call it rape. not even close. I'll go further. Even if he has taken all her clothes off and took pictures, too, it would still be far short of rape. To me, rape is in a category by itself. In the bible, if any respect that, only rape carried the death penalty. No other sex crimes were even mentioned in the bible, except for adultery or sex with animals or various incest relations.

but in our law today, nearly anything is called, all, by the same name, "Sexual Assault." That charge can be referring to almost anything and I see that as trivializing rape and making a mountain out of a mole hill on much smaller stuff like exposing one's self, or slapping a woman's ass gently, or guys who have cameras on poles to aim up dresses. I find that one funny.

But here again, the government can make a criminal out of nearly any man, for almost nothing at all. My female cousin said that in Italy, men can't resist pinching or gently slapping the buttocks of blonds. And no prosecution.

As a society, we are looking for any excuse in the world to be offended and overact totally out of proportion, to the slightest provocation, blurring any sense of degree or reasonableness. I'll finish this after the next section.<<T1end

 Sexual Interactions Characteristics
interaction continues over time plus 31
force/threat of force used plus 10, 31, 23
penetration occurs plus 31, 23
experience only involves mutual exposure minus 17
weapon used during interaction plus
sexual interaction becomes socially visible plus 29

Truth1: Again, what you are seeing above are attempts to make distinctions and gradients and I applaud that, wholeheartedly.

What strikes me is that most of the categories just above, are all used on children. They don't get any soft easy treatment. Soft easy going nice guys don't rape children or anyone else. When criminals (Satanists, Luciferians, and pagans/witches) want children, they just take them and they like being excessively mean and vicious. The more the better to them. Satan likes cruelty. That is why SRA rape should be punished by death with no appeal and no delay in their execution. Swiftness Certainty, and Severity.

The next section is very notable as well. I have already mentioned that legal, law, and social workers abuse teen girls all the time when the girls try to protect the man they were or are in love with and having sex with. They keep the pressure on the girls and try to break them and almost always succeed because they will go as long as they have to, to break the girls down. So the legal system makes the whole event a lot more damaging to the "girl" of teen years. Parents will blame anyone except the daughter, although in truth, the daughter should be the one to be equally responsible for the sex relationship that took place.

Imagine if the daughter was also prosecuted with the possibility of prison, for having sex with a man. Why, then no parents would ever say a thing. That is why the law lets the girls off the hook. But the Bible does not do this. Each is equally guilty and shares the blame as is the case with adultery. Both parties are executed or the parents could, if agreed to by the party that was cheated, to cover it over, then no one would be the wiser. A rich man of a cheating daughter could bribe the wounded partner, if agreed. It would be violating the Mosaic law, but Israel was no stranger to ignoring the law.

All sexual encounters in the Bible made both parties equally guilty. Modern law, being thoroughly wicked, only blames the man. Warning to all professed Christian women, While Satan lets you get away with murder and no accountability, God will still make you account for it. If you do not accept equal accountability with the man, you might not make it into God's Kingdom. Man's law is not God's law. Man's law is Satan's law. <<T1 end

Other's Characteristics
negative reaction of family, friends, courts, institutions plus 10, 23
family able to talk about the child-adult sexual interaction minus 17
family/friends/institution/courts to hold child responsible plus 29
supportive parents minus 10, 31, 27
judgemental parents plus 10, 31, 27
communicative parents minus 10, 31, 27
family breakdown follows child/adult sexual interaction plus 31

End of Page 92 tables/charts    Truth1 from here on out.

This I say mostly to Christians. Your sense of law and supposed oppression of women is not God's view. God has states His laws very clearly with Moses, the prophets, Jesus, and the Apostles. These are the only laws you should take good care to observe, while not violating any of Caesar's laws as much as possible. But in the end, if it comes to one or the other, you must obey God rather than men. But I also say to the world, that it is vital if your law is to be respected as being just, that you reevaluate your very corrupt laws that viciously persecute men, as Satan prefers, and fix things that take into consideration, all circumstances as the above analysis tries to do, with some merit, along with room for improvement.

The next blog for this series will begin with Page 93.

Truth1 Out!

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