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About Child Interrogation Techniques #4

     The following is presented in fair use clause of the copyright law and vitally important in the war to stop SRA and Satanism, or at the very least, expose it, that people might better be able to avoid it and warn others. The following is a description the proper techniques for interviewing children, and understanding how they think and express themselves and what avoid that might lead a child. That said, most accusations of leading children are very exaggerated or more often, completely lied about and distorted.

I will be talking about that as we go along. I reference the piece that I will be discussing.

International Journal at Law and Psychiatry, Vol. 7, pp. 89-103, 1984 Printed in the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

0160-2527,84 $3.00 + .00 Copyright 4, 1984 Pergamon Press Ltd

The problem for an adult, anxious to interact sexually with a child, is that, like it or not, the opinions of others strongly influence the consequences of such interactions to the child and these

Page 94                                                            GENE G. ABEL et al.

opinions or attitudes of others are outside the offender's control. It is therefore not surprising that adults involved with children frequently attempt to bring pressure upon the child not to disclose the sexual interaction. This in itself, however, makes it more likely that the child will experience a negative consequence from the experience. Unless cultural beliefs of our society change so that others will not hold negative attitudes regarding child-adult sexual activities, it is highly likely that negative consequences will result from such interactions.

Consent and Child—Adult Sexual Activity

The law has traditionally relied upon the age of majority as a dividing line between complete competency to make decisions, and incompetency (decision making is in someone else's power). In recent years the concept of variable competence has been introduced, so that a child who has not reached majority may under certain circumstances make decisions regarding his or her life (Gaylin, 1982).

Truth1: I would assume this is only for teens. The problem is that teens can have sex and often desire it, even with "plus age 20" people. Sex is not so much a choice or something necessarily well thought out. It is often done out of pure fiery passion and lust, which we are all prone to, whether 14 or 40. This is not so much a binding contract or something momentous in its long-term obligations. Put another way, everyone has a weakness or vulnerability to the opposite sex. The only real situation that is long term are the possibilities of disease or pregnancy and its associated responsibilities for caring for the child to adulthood and far beyond that, too, for continued advice and counsel that parents can offer.

In the Bible, parents had all rights prerogatives over daughters, and over sons till they became husbands with their own families. <<T1 end

The concept assumes that the child has a conscious mind (his or her mental functioning, is not impaired), that the child is rational (not delusional), can accurately perceive the world and his or her place in it and that the child has enough intelligence and experience to determine what is in his Or her best interest. The age of majority implies that by a certain age any individual has acquired the intelligence, reasoning, ability to perceive and experience in life to make decisions in his or her best interests. The concept of variable consent implies that under certain conditions a child might, if he or she has already achieved the necessary requisites, be able to give consent prior to reaching the age of majority.

Truth1: to know ones own mind or desires, does not mean that one has good judgement. When picking an age for accountability and right to contract, one should be of enough experience in job and business dealings to avoid many pitfalls, but not necessarily all and having lived 60 years to this point, looking back, I could have used more insight as to the many dirty tricks that are played in the real adult world. But my parents were dumb and naive at best. Even then, I learned things from them. I would say that age of accountability, is not as being well informed and experienced, but in having the ability to learn and have good math skills since math is so much a part of business, employment, and finance.

But then again, I also believe that if it can be proven that someone lied or did not bargain in good faith, he would, should be accountable in civil court, But that is not how it works. But as regards criminal law, one is obligated to know the law in most instances. In our society, we have allowed the young to make more and more excuses for themselves and claim they did not know better. If you allow excuses, you will get lots of excuses.

As an example dealing with sex, I say a teen girl, Post-pubescent, is old enough to know whether she wants to engage in sex or not. Same for a teen male. They are old enough to know what sex is and should not be able to claim they did not know what they were doing. They were as responsible for the sex taking place, as the adult was. So I do believe our laws are very unjust. On the other hand, no one who is Pre-pubescent should be expected to be knowledgeable and willing. Sexual maturity is much different from legal accountability, because of the lack of sex hormones that cause the mental and physical changes that go with sex.

Our society is full of contradictions. On the one hand, any man that should have to join the army, willingly or by force, should have all legal rights to drugs, sex, voting or any other privilege. Anyone paying taxes who is considered accountable, should be able to vote.

On the other hand, if you are not paying taxes, you do not have a right to vote as I see it. Your a leech who has not earned the right to have a say in political matters if you are not a productive member of society. Get a job and pay taxes, and you can vote.

In our society, there is no consistency. But the difference between between pre & post pubescent, is a big one. Where I would make a distinction is on the type of sexual infraction that took place. Everything is called sexual assault. I say each type of interaction should have its own clearly distinguished name and prescribed punishment. If you want to create subclasses of rape such as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree rape, with each having clearly defined definitions, that is fine. But pinching a woman's hind end? $50 paid to the victim! says I. In fact, I'll gladly take $50 from anyone who wants to pinch mine. Nuf said. Flashing someone in public? $50 fine to the court. Whistle at a woman. Free Speech, no penalty. Threaten her, too, and you will be in court and if guilty, a large fine paid to the victim.

Now I am not saying an 11 year old girl will never be willing to "try it!" with a young man of plus 20. But I am saying it should be illegal since its not likely and if she is pre-pubescent. Further, that if she was 11 and post pubescent, then both should be equally accountable for the sex.

Interestingly, the Bible did not have any age limits for marriage. He left that to the parents to decide. Yet most Christians are quite happy with Satan's age limits, when God did not have any. Most Christians prefer Satan to God, which means they are not really Christians. I have to tell the truth, by God's orders. God lets the parents decide. I like that rule. For instance, suppose you have an 11 year old who is undergoing puberty and is digging a guy of 20 and wants to start having sex with him? Are you going to be able to control her? How determined is she? Is the guy a good guy? Is he crazy about her. You could forbid her, but will that stop it?

Fully pubescent at 11 will be the same as if she were 16 and fully pubescent. The hormones are fully operation as is the reproductive system, brain changes, and desires, too. While the government has put all teens off limits, regardless of puberty, The Bible did not care about age. It was about development, since that does not have any particular age when it takes place. but in the say and age of ancient Israel, I am sure that a daughter that was ready and eager to flirt with the guys, would be a good sign that maybe dad might want to consider getting his daughter married off. And if she has already set her heart on someone, you will not be able to hold the tide and keep her in line. Between hormones and infatuation, she is likely to jump the gun and got for it all, anyway.

We have huge numbers of teens having sex now. And it is not deemed a bad thing anymore. So if you want to preserve the moral character of your daughter, You should be able to let her marry and an adult male already earning an adequate wage, would by far, be the best choice. Ah, but the government says, "NO! we want to brain-wash and indoctrinate her, first. Make her wait till she is 20 or more." Teens are not gong to wait till 20 anymore. Now you could say, "Honey, why don't you just learn to masturbate and relive yourself till circumstances are right (which may never happen here in 2019). You have placed your kids in an impossible situation. and how many parents want a son-in-law or daughter-in-law living with them? Your government is your problem along with a shrinking, dying economy due to reduce our life style to almost nothing but poverty and squalor.

Another tHing we might ponder is, can a child be raised and conditioned in a healthy way, to expand their limits or desires for an extended range of acceptence for great differences in ages. I am sure to some degree, it could be done, But why would it be done? Because some adults sees beauty and wants it, then and there? I don't think that is a good reason. The mind and maturity have done just fine for at least 6000 years. Why the sudden urgency? My answer would be, Satan! He wants to turn everything into filth and corruption and spread as much abuse and trauma as he can. Tell him to go to hell.

I do note this, that in the Bible, if a daughter  reluctantly gave in to someone putting pressure on her, or not object when the goading continues and relents, then it is not deemed rape. But the father has a right to a dowry, without having to give over the daughter. That is an expensive bit of sex, I will tell you. The reason is that God reserves the right to the father to allow or not, the daughter to be given in marriage. The punishment for deflowering the daughter without being engaged with the father's approval, is a big no no! She could end up pregnant and bear great shame and dad would end up providing for the child. God placed a big deterrent for ignoring a girl's father's rights over the girl.
<<T1 end

When an adult uses force or threat of force to bring about the child's compliance in sexual activities there is little doubt that consent is not given. Confusion arises when the adult and child participate in sexual activities in which no coercion is obvious. When these activities come to the attention of others, complex debates result as to whether such activities were morally right or wrong, whether prosecution should or should not occur and whether such experiences have negative consequences for the child. Finkelhor (1979) has brought clarity to this issue by suggesting that rather than focusing on the moral, legal or psychological arguments it is better to examine whether a child involved in such activities has given informed consent. The requirements for informed consent will be described with reference to interactions between children and adults, but apply to any negotiating of agreement between two parties.

Informed consent presents four major problems:

(1) does the child understand what he or she consents to,

(2) is the child aware of the accepted sexual standards in his or her community,

(3) does the child appreciate the eventual, possible consequences of the decision and

(4) are the child and the adult equally powerful so that no coercion influences the child's decision.

First: Is the child aware of what he or she is giving consent to? If the child is not fully aware of what he or she is agreeing to participate in, He or she is not informed, and therefore, cannot give consent.

Truth1: Exactly! We leave off here to cover page 95 to follow in the next blog.

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