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About Child Interrogation Techniques #5

     The following is presented in fair use clause of the copyright law and vitally important in the war to stop SRA and Satanism, or at the very least, expose it, that people might better be able to avoid it and warn others. The following is a description the proper techniques for interviewing children, and understanding how they think and express themselves and what avoid that might lead a child. That said, most accusations of leading children are very exaggerated or more often, completely lied about and distorted.

I will be talking about that as we go along. I reference the piece that I will be discussing.

International Journal at Law and Psychiatry, Vol. 7, pp. 89-103, 1984 Printed in the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

0160-2527,84 $3.00 + .00 Copyright 4, 1984 Pergamon Press Ltd

One of the difficulties of children giving consent to sexual activities with adults is that children have limited knowledge of sexual behavior and also limited resources to find out about these activities.

We pick up at page 95

When an adult agrees to participate sexually with another adult, both parties, because of their prior sexual experiences and their knowledge of sexual behavior in general, have a reasonable knowledge of what they are consenting to.

One of the difficulties of children giving consent to sexual activities with adults is that children have limited knowledge of sexual behavior and also limited resources to find out about these activities. The child may ask a peer, but another child may also have limited knowledge of what to expect. The child may ask another adult, but the offender usually goes to great lengths to prevent the child from talking with other adults about the activities.

The offender might explain that he or she wants the child to participate in cunnilingus, fellatio, vaginal or anal intercourse, but these words (or descriptions of the activities) will have limited meaning to a young boy or girl. Would a six-year-old girl know what is involved in sucking a 40 year-old man's penis during oral intercourse until the man ejaculates? Does a 13 year-old boy know that as the recipient of anal intercourse he needs to carefully dilate his anus to allow penetration and to reduce pain or discomfort during penile-anal thrusting?

It is relatively easy to check whether children know about sex by simply asking them. The reader could ask twenty children (after obtaining appropriate consent from their parents) to describe what sexual activities occur between adults or between children and adults, and listen to the answers and decide if such answers reflect an adequate understanding. In our society there is no extensive training of children as to how to have sex. Without that knowledge a child does not know what he or she is being asked to participate in. Without knowing what they are making a decision about, children cannot give informed consent.

A second issue regarding children giving consent is that in making decisions about one's social-sexual behavior, one needs to know the accepted societal standards. It is unlikely that an adult would agree to have intercourse with another adult in public near the side of the road of a busy highway, because in our current culture this would be considered inappropriate, and participation would be ridiculed. Intercourse with that same individual in the privacy of one's home would be considered quite appropriate. In both cases, the acts of intercourse would be physically the same, but the former would be contrary to accepted social behavior.

In most cultures children have not yet had the opportunity to learn their cultural sexual standards. Children are even less knowledgeable about sexual activities between children and adults, since this information is rarely discussed with a child until he or she is older (if then). Consequently, it is extremely difficult for a child to make a judgement about participation in sexual activities with an adult. Children lack knowledge about the sexual standards of their culture and without that knowledge it is exceedingly difficult for them to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of child-adult sexual activity. Informed consent, therefore, is problematic for the child.

A third area which complicates the notion of consent is that in order to give consent the child must know what the consequences of his or her decision is likely to be. If one were consenting to have surgery where the mortality rate was one in one million, the decision might be different than if one knew the mortality rate was one in three. Knowing the possible consequences of one's decisions strongly influences one's decision.

Truth1: I think there is way too much concern for trying to justify child sex. Instead, I do believe post-pubescent so called "children" should be considered fully matured for sex and breeding and being allowed to marry, breed, and work like any other adult breeder is allowed. I am concerned that the goal of so much talk about children being able to "decide" what gender they are. Having pre-pubescent boy act out in super sexualized ways is wrong. They do not have the adult sexual hormones and when those hormones finally come along, they can decide then, if they prefer a different gender or whatever.

My suspicion is that many kids are being coaxed into pretending they are "trans-gender" or similar. What I have said in behalf of pre-pubescent kids applies to Trans-kids, too. Wait for the hormones. Lets let kids be kids instead of using them to push some damned sexual-political agenda. Protect all pre-pubescent children from being exploited by adults.

Eventually, this 15 page journal will get to child interrogation. But since they brought up child sex, I thought it important to discuss.

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