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About Child Interrogation Techniques #6

     The following is presented in fair use clause of the copyright law and vitally important in the war to stop SRA and Satanism, or at the very least, expose it, that people might better be able to avoid it and warn others. The following is a description the proper techniques for interviewing children, and understanding how they think and express themselves and what avoid that might lead a child. That said, most accusations of leading children are very exaggerated or more often, completely lied about and distorted.

I will be talking about that as we go along. I reference the piece that I will be discussing.

International Journal at Law and Psychiatry, Vol. 7, pp. 89-103, 1984 Printed in the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

0160-2527,84 $3.00 + .00 Copyright 4, 1984 Pergamon Press Ltd

Page 96

Does the child who gets involved sexually with an adult know that

(1) his parents may become upset and in some cases enraged about such interactions (especially if it is incest),

(2) that he/she will be questioned and interviewed by the police or child protective agents,

(3) that he/she may become embroiled in legal testimony in which the details of his or her sexual activities with the adult are made public?

Equally complicated are the potential consequences to the child when he or she gets older. A number of studies have reported a high incidence of homosexual pedophilia in adults who were molested while they were children (Knopp, 1982). Who informs children who become sexually involved with adults, that they themselves may develop arousal to children when they become adults? Is the offender likely to explain this to the child? Is it ever possible for anyone to explain the consequences of being a child molester? If it cannot be explained to a child that these consequences might occur, then the child cannot be informed and consent becomes impossible.

Truth1: A good point is brought up in that sex abuse will likely have permanent consequences on the child. What will seem exciting might change. One might develop a dislike or even hatred for sex. One might become obsessed/compulsive with sex.  one can not predict just how it might affect any particular person. Almost certainly, a child will likely be far more affected at tender ages of pre-pubescence than a teen or adult would. Young children are very vulnerable, which is why God made the pubescent hormones wait for 12 to 16 years of age in most cases.

The odd paradox of sex is that it is the ultimate of highs when one becomes fully pubescent, abuse excluded; But also potentially the most traumatic or disturbing if done at the wrong time and/or the wrong way. It is the most volatile sort of instinct in us and deserves to be carefully kept in check,  by adults restraining themselves.

It is true that Beauty can be found at any age. The reaction to it will be instinctual and some may react intensely to that stimuli. I recall on my National Geographic DVD collection, a picture of about 10 or 12 kids in their underwear, who were photographed as victims of Chernobyl, Ukraine. There was 3 or 4 girls who were nothing to look at in anyway. But the one girl at one end of the row, as young as the other girls, 5-8 maybe, stood out for a near perfect shape. Those are the potential problems. Today, mother's think nothing of dressing their daughters very provocatively. The problem is they are usually very well shaped pretty girls that mother shows off as her doing. Kids should not be put into these positions. Most reason that women are more vulnerable than their girls, but women are much more sensitive and capable of avoiding, running, other otherwise. They are not intimidated as easy as kids are.

Girls should not be paraded as strippers or show girls or the typical singer-slut of today. Yes, I am slut shaming. Girls need more protection, not by hiding them, but dressing them modestly. No 8 year old girl need to be wearing a triangle on the front and back for a bathing suit. Its absurd. But mothers after they hit the wall and go to hell, will often use their daughters as a status symbol for the mother's ego.

Now a predator will often not care about looks as much as easy opportunity. But on the other hand, some guys might not be tempted unless the child is seen as very attractive/desireable.

Because sexual perception and desire can be so volatile, all society would benefit a lot by having far less exposure and temptation. I also think that mothers should be full time mothers and have their kids around them all the time and be real sure about who you trust to leave them with, it if comes to that. <<T1 end

We now know that in some cases, the consequences of sexual activities between a child and an adult do not become apparent until the child becomes an adult (Becker et al., 1982). Three to twenty years after such experiences, the child involved can become quite angry and mistrusting of others (as he or she begins to see these early experiences as misuse by an adult). These negative reactions by the child are not always apparent at the time of the initial sexual interaction. To be able to accurately to predict whether a child will undergo negative consequences in the future is exceedingly difficult, even for individuals who are experts in psychiatry and psychology. Although not all children have negative reactions to child-adult sexual interactions, the problem is how to predict which children will or will not. How a child can give informed consent when the consequences of that consent cannot be predicted?

Truth1: Oh, I was waiting for this one. Too often, a child will be told how awful and terrible it was, what that man did. So right off the bat, they are telling the child how he/she should feel, rather than holding back and asking them how they felt about it. Let them decide how it was, so that you can get idea of the real amount of hurt and pain or not. This will be helpful if you have the child go to therapy. The therapist needs to know that baseline of hurt or shame. If you make a mountain out of it, you might set therapy back for years or mask other pain/humiliation of other sorts.

A fourth consent issue relates to the power structure between the individuals involved. Consent requires that both parties who agree to participate are equally powerful. If a beggar on the street asks for money, the power base between the beggar and the potential giver of that money is relatively equal, since the potential giver is guided by conscience to decide whether to donate or not. If the beggar draws a gun and then asks for money, the power base has shifted in favor of the beggar; it is exceedingly likely that money would be given. The giving of the money, assuming this unequal power base, would not be by mutual consent.

When adults ask children to participate in sexual activities with them the power base is nearly always unequal and in favor of the adult. Adults are physically larger and if they chose to, could easily overpower the child, a fact difficult for a child to ignore. Children also spend their early years being taught to comply with the wishes of adults: in school, with the adult teacher's wishes, and at home with the wishes of their parents. In both situations, failure to comply frequently leads to disciplinary action.

Therefore, when an adult requests that a child remove his or her clothes, that request is made from an unequal power base, since children have learned to comply with adult's requests. Thus again, children cannot give informed consent. There is a more obvious consent problem when the sexual activity occurs between a, family member and a child. When a child has lived in a home where everyone has complied with the requests of the parent and that same parent then requests the child to participate in sexual activities, it is more likely that the child will agree to such participation.

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