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About Child Interrogation Techniques #7

     The following is presented in fair use clause of the copyright law and vitally important in the war to stop SRA and Satanism, or at the very least, expose it, that people might better be able to avoid it and warn others. The following is a description the proper techniques for interviewing children, and understanding how they think and express themselves and what avoid that might lead a child. That said, most accusations of leading children are very exaggerated or more often, completely lied about and distorted.

I will be talking about that as we go along. I reference the piece that I will be discussing.

International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, Vol. 7, pp. 89-103, 1984 Printed in the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

0160-2527,84 $3.00 + .00 Copyright 4, 1984 Pergamon Press Ltd


When a child has lived in a home where everyone has complied

page 97

with the requests of the parent and that same parent then requests the child to participate in sexual activities, it is more likely that the child will agree to such participation. Since the power base is different in incestuous sexual interactions, consent is once again problematic.

Those who support sexual interactions between children and adults focus on consent in a simplistic fashion. Their position is usually that children can give consent, but there is no detailed discussion of how one determines whether informed consent has been obtained. A detailed examination would have to take into account the four issues discussed above which make informed consent between children and adults problematic.

Truth1: the only so called consent that I have seen is that the child did not disapprove or protest so that consent was assumed. They are scum.

Up next, just below, I will show you how pathetic psychology has become. What will be suggested is that our cognitive thinking is what causes us to behave as we do. I will go no to prove it is our instinct that governs much of our behavior. All obsessive compulsive thinking and behavior comes from the sub-conscious instinct <<T1 END

The Cognitions of Adults Involved Sexually with Children

Men seek out sexual encounters with children primarily because they are sexually attracted to children. This is a strange concept for most adults to understand because the majority of adults are attracted to other adults, not children. The exact mechanism of how arousal to children persists in adult males has not been completely researched but the theory of its acquisition and its maintenance during adulthood is most easily understood from a social learning model of behavior (Bandura, 1973) and the psychological and psychiatric literature related to the development of deviant sexual arousal (Abel and Blanchard. 1974).

Truth1: They admit they don't know the exact mechanism of adult arousal to children as it has not been completely researched. Truth is, that it has been completely researched and they have chosen to ignore it and make something up so they can justify whatever they want, to the end that any man will be vulnerable to natural instinct and will be punished for it, and black mailed. Keep in mind that God does not forbid pubescent people of any age from marrying. It is Satan thru various governments and corrupt lying researchers, that forbids what God says is Good.

So why are some men attracted to young children? Supposedly, the above mentioned "model of behavior" explains it, although that is not, by their admission, completely researched or understood. Someone is talking out of both sides of their mouth.

The attraction to beauty is an instinct. Its that simple! We are born with it. In fact, even animals take more notice of attractive humans than they do plain or ugly ones. And there are studies to prove it. Think of it this way. My aunt had 5 Rottweiler dogs. The mother had what I call smooth rounded features and one son (Indiana) looked most like her. Dakota had his own unique look, and then there was Max, who had a distinctive look. It was not only distinctive, he was outrageously handsome as a Rottweiler. Now am I a pervert for saying that? Did I have a thing for Max? I certainly did not. But in nature, there are variances in any given species, with some having more appeal than others.

Beauty transcends nature. The instinct of most animals are very similar to humans in many ways. Beauty is recognizable by any species. If animals are raised from infancy by humans in a good way, they can love people as if they were their parents. They can bond with other species, too. The instinct is flexible. It can be modified by circumstance and conditioning. Again, there are mountains of research to back this up. In fact, CIA trauma-based MK-Ultra mind control programming is powerful evidence of just how much you can change natural instinct.

The fact is that instinct will reign supreme unless loved, trained, disciplined and instructed. The odd paradox is that one can not predict just exactly how the instinct will react to any particular experience or stimuli. Each instinct is unique due to the 9 months in the womb, along with epigenetic patterns in the genes, and why that might even happen to the parents while the baby grows in the womb. Each instinct will react in whatever way it is "programmed" by the circumstances, starting with the DNA.

The dumb-asses who wrote this section know nothing of any of it. Instead, they say it is a learned behavior. Now let me make it quite clear. As I said much earlier in previous blogs on this subject, I don't believe children can consent with adults in a happy healthy way or that they would ever want to have sex with an adult if they are pre-pubescent. That is not the issue here. The issue here is that girls everywhere are being promoted by mothers, adds, TV and movies and much more. The entertainment and advertising industries have long been making use of pre-pubescent girls. And why do I say that is wrong?

Because they are attractive and appealing, by any standard or measure. Beauty is as apparent in an attractive girl as it is in any female who is attractive. The instinct does not give a damn about age. Age is an intellectual piece of knowledge. Its not age or youth they respond to, necessarily, but certainly beauty. They might like young ages, too, but not beauty, necessarily.

It is a well know fact that those abused as a child, especially long term abuse, will often become abusers themselves. Again, a proven fact of many studies. So some will seek to abuse the young, having been abused themselves when young. But in general, the biggest problem with extreme abuse victims as adults if that their ability to empathize, or recognize fear and pain or respond to it, has been destroyed or at least crippled. These are adults who may well be beyond recovery. Instinct is hard to fix, unless you allow for torture. I prefer the Bible's prescription of the death penalty.

Now I got one more big point to emphasize. Girls should be dressed modestly. Today, they dress in spandex as performers and even in some sports. G-strings are made for young girls as underwear. Is that really necessary? Or maybe the triangle underwear? I would honestly say that mothers, for the last 3 generations have been getting ever bolder and allowing their young daughters to do so as well. Potentially, it could be called child abuse. But if you suggested to change it, the mothers would howl and scream and say we have no right. And too many perverts in entertainment and advertising would also support the mothers.

Has our society gone too far? I think so! Can we go back. Now that might be impossible! Too many are in favor of that and even allowing supposed "child consent," as if they had raging hormones in their blood.

But no man should be condemned for admitting that a child can be beautiful. There are ugly children, plain children, and beautiful children. There are spoiled children, good children, bad children, difficult children, happy children, sad children, tall children, short children, skinny children, fat children; children of all kinds! You can admit any of them except for beautiful or sexy children, as is such was not even possible or existing.

If you jack-@$$es really want to help children, you have to first admit the truth, that some children are attractive and that it might be in their best interests to dress and present them more modestly. I am Truth1. I am not allowed to lie, says the Heavenly Father, because of my choosing to speak for Him. And lying is not allowed, anyway. So I give you the blunt, undiluted truth of God.

And if you accept any of this, then you have to also realize that our world is probably too far gone to stop or change, now. The devil is firmly in control. The other concern I have is that men are being persecuted or condemned for even recognizing beauty or suggesting beauty. Men are men and they respond to any all beauty. I say this to all beautiful women and girls, cover up if you don't want men gawking at you. Buy a Muslim Burka if you need too, to prevent men from looking. But off hand, I do not believe that women or girls are in danger by merely being seen by men.

You have listened to too much government propaganda. Just keep in mind that governments are the greatest abusers of men, women and children, especially children. Governments traffick millions of children now, all around the world. Don't let the governments send you on a wild goose chase toward men. Don't let feminists lie about men and their supposed "Toxic" masculinity. Satan encourages lies against men, because men are harder to deceive and not as easy to cajole into doing evil that is left for women to do. They will sell out for next to nothing . . . What I would call toxic feminism.

So stop the lies like: men will become rapists if they imagine sex while masturbating. What goes on in their heads/imaginations means nothing. It is the instinct that goes wrong and causes men to commit crimes of all types. Same for women. <<T1 end

The Journal:  At an early age, boys are exceedingly responsive to physical and emotional stimulation. When a young boy's diapers are changed he may get an erection. As maturation continues boys develop erections to other stimuli, some of which appear to have no sexual significance (crossing one's legs. climbing poles, etc.) and some identified by the culture as appropriately erotic.

Social learning theory indicates that during the socialization process a boy (or girl) learns which sexual arousal patterns are considered appropriate by his society and which are not. The boy learns not to fantasize about stimuli considered inappropriate by his society (nuns, his sister, etc.) and begins to inhibit his attention and his arousal to these stimuli. This process of inhibiting one's sexual arousal continues throughout adolescence and early adulthood so that by the time the average male reaches adulthood he no longer is aroused by stimuli that his culture considers inappropriate, but he maintains his arousal to stimuli considered appropriate.

Truth1: Take a good careful look at the above. What those complete idiots above are suggesting is that merely telling boys or men that fantasies are learned and will result in us doing it for real.  They are not learned. They are instinct. They can not be stopped. You could all them appetites. We can not stop hunger or thirst, nor sex, either. For one, our sexual urges are an instinct, not a mere choice like preferring one color over another. We do not build appetites with thoughts of sex! Those urges are self-generated deep inside the primitive instinctual brain. But it would seem we have a lot of people still living in the Stone Age. I am going to take one statement at a time now. <<T1 End

Journal: The process of learning to inhibit one's sexual arousal to specific stimuli is not always perfect.

T1: One can not inhibit the instinct and urge to breed/copulate. We can not stop the instinct and its appetites. Sex urges are not learned. They are instinct! They are natural. They are important and necessary.

Journal: This is especially the case during a child's early years when his sexual behavior (primarily masturbation) is hidden from others and the stimuli that the child attends to during masturbation is secret.

T1: It does not matter what is in the "child's" mind for fantasies. What matters is the instinct and if this is truly a child, you need not worry since masturbation does not usually commence until male puberty begins. Its just hard to believe that intellectuals can be this out of touch in 2019. Literally cavemen! But don't be fooled. By making men objects of wrath, Satan can more easily convince society to marginalize the majority of men in society and put women in their place. But know this, ladies who claim to be Christian, that God will not be happy with those who spread the lies of Satan about men. Such people will not inherit God's Kingdom.

Journal: The critical issue in the development of arousal patterns inconsistent with an individual's culture appears to be the child's use, during adolescence, of inappropriate stimuli during masturbation and subsequent orgasm (Abel and Blanchard, 1974). When stimuli inappropriate to the culture are fantasized during masturbation and orgasm, the pleasure and enjoyment from masturbatory activity and orgasm become associated with this inappropriate material.

T1: I am still mystified that academics can be so void of facts and so willing to spread lies. The above says that whatever we associate and fantasize about while masturbating will become a part of us. The damned fools have no idea that instinct even exists and that appetites come from instinct. And what ever appeals to the instinct is what will direct what kind of fantasy we will have.

Journal:   The fantasy material becomes erotic and eventually provokes sexual arousal in the child. In this fashion, early inappropriate experiences and activities might be fantasized hundreds of times by the boy and repeatedly associated with the sexual pleasure of masturbation and orgasm until inappropriate sexual stimuli produce erection responses and arousal in the individual.

T1:  Do you use the above? A child is to blame for his "wicked" imagination. By merely imagining something, they say it causes sexual arousal, rather then reliving it, as I have found it to be.

This is the end of page 97

I warn all Christians that if your good sense does not greatly exceed that of the above nonsense of this journal and you can not fathom the concept of an instinct, that the Bible often refers to as the "heart," then you are in grave danger. Sin resides in the instinct. With the intellect, we know the law of God and believe it is righteous. But con-trolling our instinct/sin is not something we can perfectly control.

That is where the blood of Jesus redeems us, as the sin given to us by Adam has been paid for by Jesus giving his own blood as an unjustly convicted criminal, to be repaid by allowing any of the offspring of Adam to become the seed of Jesus, instead. The lack of control we have over our appetites and urges is not our fault, but Adams. Jesus recued us from the inheritance Adam gave us. We no longer bear the blame and guilt of Adam. We are now clean in the eyes of God, due to our sinful state being paid for.

For this reason, God insists on all of us recognizing and asking of God in the name of His son, Jesus, because he is the one that enabled the laws and scales of justice to compensated for.

If Christians follow the devil in condemning men's instincts, that Jesus has nullified, then those Christians doing that, can not inherit God's kingdom, for God will have no one in His kingdom that despises what His son did in His behalf, that God might be obligated to right the scales of justice that were breached by Adam and be reconciled to mankind.

As Jesus put it, if you do it to the least of any of these, my brothers, you do it to me. If you judge men wrong for mere instinct, you do so unjustly and Jesus will toss you into the lake of fire. So I would watch my step, if I were you. You have been warned.

Page 98 will be in the next blog as #8 of this series.

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