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Bunny Symbols Revisited

In my Hoaxtead Watch #23, I showed the very common symbols that many celebrities wear and promote and that the general public, including lots of children, imitate. Namely, Cats, Bunnies, and mouse ears (Disney). I came across a video yesterday ( Feb 25, 2019 ) that had loads of Bunny Ear pics featuring mostly celebrities. There were tons of them. Celebs and Hollywood, in my opinion, have made it quite clear by this point, that they are all in cooperation with Satan and his agenda.

I feel this video is essential viewing to demonstrate my point. It was well done. In fact, given the many photos in this, my opinion is that this was gathered up by insiders to come out of hiding and boldly admit their "affections" and what they stand for. The Link:

Follow the White Rabbit: Satanic & Occult Obsession with the Hare

Tell me what you think, if you dare. There is no refuting it. My small collection of bunny ears some nowhere near this video.

Those in power love to brag and openly declare their influence and power and it is formidable and pervasive. But still no match for God, in the end, which is not that far away now.

But I have to say, seeing adults run around in silly childish costumes, does not give me a lot confidence in humanity's maturity and intellect.

Anyway, I hope this can help more to see what is really going on in vast field of entertainment and publicity to spread a Satanic influence. Most will fall for it. And they will die if they do. I have to tell you that. God's orders.

If I find nothing else tonight, I will be going back to the Child Interrogation series.

I also updated Hoaxtead Watch #36  Dynastic Inheritance adding pictures of gated communities to keep the common people out.

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