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About Child Interrogation Techniques #9

     The following is presented in fair use clause of the copyright law and vitally important in the war to stop SRA and Satanism, or at the very least, expose it, that people might better be able to avoid it and warn others. The following is a description the proper techniques for interviewing children, and understanding how they think and express themselves and what avoid that might lead a child. That said, most accusations of leading children are very exaggerated or more often, completely lied about and distorted.

I will be talking about that as we go along. I reference the piece that I will be discussing.

International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, Vol. 7, pp. 89-103, 1984 Printed in the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

0160-2527,84 $3.00 + .00 Copyright 4, 1984 Pergamon Press Ltd

 page 99 begins

Cognitive Distortion 1. A child who does not physically resist my sexual advances really wants to have sex with me. This cognition assumes that a child has learned how to effectively express themselves with adults about things they do not want. It also assumes that harm can only result when physical force is used to commit such acts. Research literature has documented that non-physical force used to commit sex crimes can produce nearly as many symptoms for the victim as crimes in which physical force was used (Becker, Skinner, Abel. 1983). In addition, children are taught to obey the requests of adults, especially when that adult is a family member and therefore, the child is less likely to object when the offender is a relative. Finally, it is a common misbelief that anyone sexually offended would physically resist. In actuality resistance is only one type of response to sexual assault. Some individuals respond by compliance and muteness (because of fear) and the offender may interpret this as acceptance of the behavior.

Truth1: I agree 100% with CD1, above.

Cognitive Distortion 2. Having sex with a child is a good way for an adult to teach the child about sex. Some adults attracted to children attempt to justify their behavior with children on the basis of its positive advantages for the child. A frequent misperception is that sexual activity with the child is educational and will teach the child to be a better sexual partner when he or she becomes an adult. The offender, while using this faulty belief will attempt to conceal this "sex education" from other adults.

If this belief were correct, why would they not want other adults to learn of the positive teaching value of sexual behavior between adults and children? If a child is unable to give informed consent to participate in sexual activities with an adult, what is the child learning during sexual encounters with an adult? Adults are frequently astounded to hear what children actually feel about their sexual activities with an adult. Unfortunately, when adults involve themselves with young children they usually do not remain in the area to get feedback on how the child felt about the activity. Without such information the adult cannot correct his mis­perception about the impact of his behavior on the child.

Truth1:  They are addressing the excuses of those who do not want to restrain their faulty instinct. Did the child ask to be educated in sex? Did the Parents ask the perv to educate the kid or kids? No in both cases. The Perv was just creating stupid excuses that might make perfect sense to him in his deluded mind, but no one else is going to buy it. So the journal offers correct logic to refute the action. But what the above fails to address is the zero tolerance policy that should be in place. Our system has no consistent standard for law breakers. It all remains wide open so that if they want to be severe, they can be. If they want to be soft and lenient and just give him a slap on the wrist, they can do that, too.

So how much is applied can favor some and brutally punish others. Law is supposed to be applied in a consistent manner to all. As well, there has to be a firmly fixed precise definition of a specific crime. Pinching someone's @$$ is not rape. Not even close. Each act or offense needs a narrow precise definition with the same punishment for all who commit a specific offense. In the USA, everything is called sexual assault, and as such, it can mean anything and that is painting everything with the same stroke of the brush. To prevent authorities from abusing law and making a big deal over small things and then a slap on the wrist for real penetrating, ejaculating rape.

Our legal system is easily abused and the worst part is that behind closed doors, they can tell the accused that he can be let off light if he will join their cause and do as he is told, when called upon. And they continually hold the threat over him. In fact, this is largely how Satan gets converts to do dirty work. They might even set him up with a child and get pictures and videos to be kept, just in case he tries to refuse later. This is the worst thing happening in our society as some men can be blackmailed for hardly anything at all. We can not afford to keep letting this happen. Our legal system is really a black mail system to get people to do horrible things to avoid being prosecuted.

Too many sex crimes are far less damaging than 100% rape. I have read that some guys were using shoe cameras or cameras on sticks to get videos of looking up women's dresses. While this is certainly not good behavior, it certainly is not the worst of things to be happening. Feminists have elevated everything to the class status of full 100% rape and the laws and courts are happy to go along with it.

What this mean is, that small infractions become very profitable, and then you will get many more of those reported and prosecuted because its money in the bank. People will make a big deal out of someone showing their ding dong off. That is pretty damn harmless in my book, especially when many liberal women will go see male strippers. Where is the consistency?

All abuse of law has to be eliminated if children are to be protected. So if you separate truly small crimes, then you can make much more out of the really meaningful prosecution and incarceration of child rapists. Women have no excuse for not expressing deep fear or outrage if they are truly being overcome by a rapist. They should make it quite clear to him.  None of this "wait till the next day and say you were raped," when you showed little to no resistance the night before. On the other hand, a child does have a good excuse for complying with an adult as first, the child as not likely ever had such situations talked about or explained to him/her and he is far smaller than than the adult and  is likely scared and feeling overpowered and helpless.

What I am suggesting is that feminism is destroying the legal system and the laws fully allow it, too. My deep suspicion is that this might be part of the ploy to make light of prosecuting those who rape and abuse children and make porn with them and prostitute them. Could it be that feminism is a distraction so that child rapists/abusers will hardly be noticed? women make all this fuss and get lots media attention while the kids are screwed over and ignored by the media. If you want to help kids, stop the nonsense and abuse of the legal system. That is what these articles have been avoiding. <<T1 END

Cognitive Distortion 3. Children do not tell others about having sex with a parent because they really enjoy the sexual activity and want it to continue. In actuality, adults involved with children, especially over time, go to great extremes to conceal that activity from others. One step in this process is to tell the child about the catastrophes that would befall the child should others find out. Children involved with their fathers are often told that their mother would be emotionally injured, the child would he removed from the home, their parent's marriage would break up. the father would be jailed and/or the family would become destitute should others learn of their behavior. Given these repercussions (some of which might actually occur) it is not difficult to appreciate why children are reluctant to reveal the sexual interaction. Unfortunately, when the child does not reveal. The adult misinterprets that action as evidence that the child wants the sexual activity to continue, so the adult continues his involvement. In this situation the child is harmed irrespective of his/her choice.

Truth1 Totally agrees with the above.

Cognitive Distortion 4. Sometime in the future our society will realize that sex between a child and an adult is alright (a corollary is that in the past, previous cultures have found sex between children and adults acceptable).

Continued on page 100 in the next blog in this series, #10

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