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Teach Kids Early & Urgently


 My friend sent me a link from a therapist we both like on youtube, Daniel Mackler. When I finally got around to it, I was amazed.  He had been hitch-hiking and was picked up by a Native American women and her daughter.

This is the video &  link:     Intergenerational Sexual Abuse and Living with Perpetrators        Published on Feb 22, 2019

A tale of hitchhiking in British Columbia in 2011 — all about the trans-generational repetition of trauma in a coastal First Nations band. Here I walk about abuse in Canadian residential schools for First Nations people, the psychology of child sexual abuse, and the consequences of child sexual abuse into making some people into abusers themselves.

His website:

So we gotta talk about this video. As they are riding along, Dan, age 39 heading back from Alaska to the USA by way thru British Colombia, and he told them he had been a therapist and still was a social worker. The lady/mother brought up Sex Abuse. Her daughter was with her, about 15 or 16. the woman said she was as a 1st nation person, Canada's name for Indians. She lived among a tribe/band that lived along the coast. she said that 90% of the men in her "band" were registered sex offenders. Sexual abuse of women and children was rampant among the tribe, and was out of control.

Dan asks here, is it OK if we are talking about this in front of your daughter? No she says! Its actually very important. If I did not talk about this with my daughter, then she would probably would have fallen prey to one of these people. she said she had been talking about this with her daughter since she was old enough to talk. That's pretty young, but I totally approve.

The woman said that though registered, they still had to live among these men and live with them. Sex abuse did exist in the tribe, before white men came along. It was rare but when someone was caught molesting a childe, they were killed by being taken out a low tide far out and a stake driven deep into the land normally submerged, and tied him securely, and left him there to drown when the tide returned. We can not do this now, she said, because 90 of the man are now abusers.

At 3:42 >> Why did they do this? Where did this history of abuse come from? She said that they were acting out what they had learned. What we as a tribe had learned. The French Jesuits, with the help of the government, all around Canada, took all the kids from all the tribes, and put them in residential schools, far away from their tribes, for most of the year. They were not allowed to speak their own language or observe their own traditions. The religious people running the school, both men and women, were rampant sexual abusers. It was never ending. The woman's mother was one of the last to go to theses schools.

The mother of this woman told her what happened at these schools. "It was constant sexual abuse," and unfathomable amounts of "sexual shaming." When her mother had her period, the nuns took her bloody underwear and made her wear it on her head the whole day.

The result was that all the kids came back totally screwed up and a mess. And they took it out on their own tribe and kids as adults, "acting out" as some call it. So the whole tribe was now a broken mess. Parents abused their own kids, other people's kids, and the kids abused each other as well. Sounds like Hampstead, doesn't it? Little to no healing and it spread.

"This is what happens to people abused." If they don't resolve it, in some way or another, they are going to act it out.

So then Dan asks >> What are we going to do about it? Does it help to label people? Sexual abusers for life? People on a sexual abuse registry? Its not a bad to at least know some are dangerous, so we can protect our selves and our children. But at the same time, does it solve the problem? Clearly not! Everybody has been traumatized in one way or another. And they often act out their abuse  . . . until they heal. A world of traumatized humans who traumatize other humans and are destroying our planet. << Dan ends

Truth1 from here on in. I see many things in all this. 1st, yes we are all abused, some worse than others. We are all injured or crippled, psychologically. we have all at times, injured others to some degree. No one can claim to be perfect or innocent.

But then I ask, if all we do is let ourselves off the hook and stop making excuses and justifying our short-comings, rather than trying to stop the excuses and rise above the hurt and pain just as an athlete or wounded soldier might do, and move on with a resolve to not let our own wounds justify doing the same to others. Its just too easy to make excuses and go with the flow.

But I have to make it clear that to fix this problem and all others, is absolutely beyond us to do. We need Gods' help to pull this off. Satan wants us to believe that we can transform our selves. I saw a star trek episode just last night that had these advanced being say that they had evolved over thousands or millions of years and acquired great power as spiritual beings and they no longer needed bodies. The episode was "Errand of Mercy" and the people were called "Organians."

But the idea that we can just will ourselves into gods, is pure nonsense. We can not get out of our own way. If we are to amount to anything at all, it will only be with God's help and power.

But in this brief story, are several stories. First, we can see why God chose to wipe some nations and peoples out, given that they, one and all, were worshippers of pagan gods who demanded the rape and/or sacrifice of children. God hated these things. Oddly enough, God's own appointed and cultivated people descended from Abraham, turned to worshipping Satan. But God will punish them as He did all the nations before them in Canaan.

But we also need to pay attention to the fact that governments and phony religions all serve Satan in what they do. They worked together in abusing the natives. Most churches have been in Satan's corner, either in small ways or big ones. Organized, institutionalized religion of God/Jehovah is all fake and phony. Real servants of God are hated by the world. Listen! I have never won any popularity contests. I'm not even liked. I get crap everywhere I go. If the churches were true to God, they would be oppressed and persecuted.

Further, By Satan raping all the Native Americans in a systematic, organized, institutionalized way, have committed the worst types of Genocide that have ever been committed. Yet we never hear the end of how the Jews suffered. Indeed, they did. But they are hardly alone in that matter. But they want you to believe its only they, who have suffered. BS! Many nations and races have suffered throughout times.

But traumatizing an entire people and race, Satan effectively disables them and gets them to continue his nasty ways and behavior. We need to expose the real history of the Catholic Church, who in reality, is one of the many Synagogues of Satan.

There is no separation between organized religion, governments, Big business and Finance. They all belong to Satan as one big united happy family . . . Well, OK, maybe not so happy in many cases. But they dare not say it! And what we can add to this list, is the scores of people, like these west coast Indigenous "Canadians" who have been damaged and broken to the effect that they are behaving in many respects, just like Satanists. They may not do the rituals, and thank God for that. But the psychological destruction makes these people help to keep anyone from elevating themselves and giving thought to life and its meaning and purpose. These people are lost and most will never recover. That's good enough for Satan.

There are others like this. In recent articles and videos, it is becoming apparent that Old Order Mennonites and Amish are now into criminal drug operations and the sexual exploitation of their own people. There is a shocking case I will soon be getting to, where most women and children are being raped and they do not want outside interference and yet can not stop it themselves. Yet, by putting up with it, they are no longer unwilling participants. They are now as guilty as the rapists.

I would think that outside help would be preferable to continual rape.  Further, living outside of God's law means you will not be allowed in God's Kingdom. Now these folks may not be doing Satanic rituals, but then again, is not constant rape a thing that Satanists do. Let me clarify that. Once you are captive and have given up as kids in cults do, the chances of getting out, with some sanity in tact, is not likely.

So these peoples of extreme sexual abuse are essentially in Satan's corner, even if not connected to him, otherwise. And for all we know, some might be observing Satanic rituals and serve as contacts and allies when called upon. Most serial killers worship Satan but it gets covered up by law enforcement, prosecutors and the press. The net spreads its web everywhere.

Obviously, this leaves the few who are truly loyal to God, with few options and leaves them standing out and being tormented and ostracized, not only by the world in general, but by organized corrupted Christian denominations.

Now as for teaching kids as soon as they can talk, I am all for that, not only teaching them how to read and write and be considerate of others as much as themselves, but also to make them world wise as to how to spot potential trouble and avoid it. The mother was right. The child needed to know as absolutely as soon as possible, that trouble lurks out there.

You'll note in the wild of the vast African savanahs that herds of grazing animals will graze under the watchful eye of predators. But due to the generous numbers of grazers, there will be one who at times might get a little too far from the main herd so as not to get a warning when the herd notes a predator starting to go into a stalking mode. The grazer might get a little too close to the edges of the grazing fields where the predators rest in the shade and cover of brush. then the young, inattentive grazer might become the prey of a predator. Inattention alone is something that can happen quite easy for an animal, or a human.

Our societies are full of predators. if we are inattentive and not paying attention, we can become prey, too. They are everywhere and most may not even be Satanists, although when you consider how many belong to religions, business/finance and governments, that is a lot of power and control and they have contacts and "assets" everywhere. I know this from experience. Anything you need done, when you are in power, can be quickly found by this vast network of contacts from the lowliest of people, to mid-range to any level or any place, in a short period of time, less than a day or even less than an hour. If they want you, they will find the right parties to get you. You would be surprised at what I have dodged being ultra-hyper vigilant, careful to observe every detail of wherever I am. I know and recognize patterns everywhere and I also recognize odd breaks in patterns.

Yes, we are constantly watched, by those around us and Satan and his spirit army also watch us day and night. That is the meaning of that all-seeing eye that pagans and Satanists display all the time. They are letting you know that they are watching you at all times.

So there is no question that in our predatory world today, a child must learn as soon as they can talk. As well, no child should be left to or with anyone other than the parent. Baby sitters that you do not know? No way! Don't do it! Trusted relatives? Are you sure? Many children have become victims of trusted family relations. In our day and age, we need to be far less trusting and far more suspicious or at least not taking chances. If you have to put kids in day care or pre-school, then you have no business having kids. They should be with either mom or dad. Even siblings can be very harmful. If there are significant age differences among siblings, then there is need for careful observation as hormones are great motivators for sexual abuse, without any outside influence. I have seen this and read of such things. Only suspicion and great caution will give you your best chance of keeping your kids safe.

In general, most parents are not observant and are in attentive and would rather not be bothered. Its the perfect recipe for the perfect storm.

Children need as much knowledge as they can get, as soon as possible. If children were brought up right, then the completion of puberty would be no problem and teens would be able to marry as teens and early 20s. The Breeding years are few and best at their youngest year of "completion." If allowed to marry, then sexual promiscuity would be far less, almost non-existent, had it took place in the 40s and 50s onward. But with raging libidos and no outlet for those libidos, the teens and young adults went crazy. We did it to our selves by now teaching, reasoning, and preparing our kids for marriage and being cautious and observant.

Caution and being observant are skills that need to be taught. They are not natural or automatic. The Intellect, unlike the instinct, needs to be aimed and directed. Parents need to make that clear.

Don't wait, or Its too late!

   Truth1 Out!

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