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   Truth is my business!            Hoaxtead Watch No. #97

International Tribunal For Natural Justice On Trial

Truth1 Presiding

Chief Counsel Robert David Steele (ITNJ Seating)

International Tribunal for Natural Justice       Published on Jun 4, 2018    Time 15:45

While the goals of this tribunal have the appearance of good intentions, I have reason to believe that not all that glitters is gold. So I want to discuss this 15 minute video to show you why. I will ask the questions that no one else will.

International Tribunal For Natural Justice

Return of the Rule of Law and Common Sense

ITNJ Judicial Commission Summary

The Westminster Seatings     April 16-18, 2018

A court of inquiry, not a legal or adversarial court. Non-profit Educational event.

An Overview Statement by the presiding Robert David Steele

T1: yes, Non-profit . . . or is it? Does it have a chance of succeeding? Who is behind it? You might be surprised at what I noticed.

Robert David Steele:  As a parent and a patriot, I am outraged by what we are allowing to happen to our children.

Humanity is judged by how you treat the weakest members.

These children are not just kidnapped. In some families they are bred like a cash crop. We have people in the USA that breed children in order to sell them. And when they are sold, they come without birth certificates, which means its easier to kill them and have no one ask where they are.

We are also importing children by the plane load, again, children who have no documentation. Its not just child slavery, or child sex abuse. Its also child torture, because you have adrenalized blood. You have the whole blood drinking ceremony of the Satanic world. Its also the children for harvesting body organs. We have the Falun Gong testimony tomorrow. One of the reasons the Falun Gong are so popular is because they are so healthy so that you can get the very best (of quality organs).

And then you have ritual ceremonies and ritual murder as well as incidental murder. I have been a spy. I am out from undercover. I’m under a lifetime secrecy agreement. But I know the system. (He speaks of the many agents he has taught and trained and says that many are good men trapped in a bad system).

Truth1:  Well, we guts us lots to talk about here. Hearing him admit all the many things done to children is encouraging. Its need to be said often and everywhere. And I want you to keep in mind that he knows all about it and many who are in power, know about it all. I'll be coming back to it later on.

But what most concerns me is that this guy says, and no one disputes, that he had been a spy, an agent, and is still under an agreement. And we are supposed to trust him? Really? Is he still working for them? Is this all another trick? Lets read some more of  his words <<T1 end

One of the most wonderful  things this court could achieve is that now that we had PizzaGate for example, which opened peoples’ minds, is we could achieve an opening of the public mind, and an absolute imperative from the public to governments, including the US government, which I think is the center of gravity in so many ways.

Truth1: How much really, did pizzagate accomplish? It opened many eyes and got some people to think some, but . . . not that much. He speaks of the center of gravity, meaning people influencing their government and making government accountable. Absolute nonsense. Government has betrayed all our rules of conduct and restraint as soon as our founding documents were signed. They were signed with no intention of honoring them. Those documents were only to fool us and make fools of us.

Remember this guy is CIA and as far as I am concerned, he still is. CIA agents never retire fully and completely. They live in CIA neighborhoods where they can remain hidden and that they can be watched, too. In fact, no one who joins Satan as all the CIA do, can ever leave or quit. Many gangs are like that, too. <<T1 end

I have found in my research that preparation for this court and all of the work that will follow, that most organizations end up being used to prey on children, Oxfam is a recent example, all the United Nations Organizations, for example, Boy Scouts of America, all the child services agencies across the USA, they did not start out as organizations to prey on children. But they attract pedophiles. And ultimately, pedophiles end up rising in the ranks and controlling those organizations.

Truth1: What is more likely, is that these organizations were designed from the beginning, to eventually become predators of children. So these kinds of organizations multiply like rabbits. Some might not have been intended to be so, but not many. Schools are the most overlooked of all institutions, as are professional trainers of young under age athletes. Hollywood agents are in this number, too. Where ever there are children, you can probably expect to find predators. <<T1 end

So that an organization that initially started out in the service of children, becomes an organization that is, in fact, hunting children and one of our distinguished commissioners has written a book called, “Child Hunters,” which I recommend to all of you, as a brief on this.

Governments are letting us all down. And I absolutely agree with the commissioner who brings forward the need to restore the sovereignty of the people, because governments have become, not only bureaucratized, but they are now the servants of the deep state, of the banks and if I may, the deep state is not the same as the Shadow Government.

Truth1: Governments letting us down? Well, yes and no. We let ourselves down as we continue to let the government lie to us and double deal us. We continually believe the campaign lies that we get every election year. when are we going to stop believing them? What is more, we allow secrecy in government, thru the CIA and similar. There is never any good excuse for any government agency to operate in secret like the CIA does. This allows them to be unaccountable. In fact, all departments of government tend to be unaccountable and hiding things from us. Secrecy is killing us.

He also says that "the deep state is not the same as the Shadow Gov." I disagree completely. They are joined at the hip.  tye communicate with each other and often have joint operations. That he can say this with a straight face means he is lying. What do you expect from a "former" CIA man? In fact, many CIA agents operate with covers such as being CEOs or Business men, Professors, Non-profit organizations and more. Lots of lies here.  <<T1 end

As I say, every organization is 90% good people trapped in a bad system. It’s the highest 10% that is generally the rogue killer element.

Truth1: Its more like 90% rogue killer and only 10% "Good". Fact! <<T1 end

The shadow government is generally politicians. I won’t speak to England but in the USA we have a 2 party tyranny, which disenfranchises 70% of the public. And they run this chimera of an election process. One of the problems with computers is they are too easily manipulated. In the USA, elections are decided before the first vote is cast. The electronic voting machines are essentially fraudulent machines. Just as computers can record a fraudulent judgment that sticks with you forever. Or make a child vanish.

Truth1: Yes, elections are rigged frauds. So that means that we do not elect anyone. Its all done behind out backs but we don't believe that. We kids ourselves and lie to ourselves. How can we help our selves if we are always lying to ourselves. We are screwed. <<T1 end

I am concerned because most of these organizations dealing with children do not have counter-intelligence protections. They are not vetting the people that are moving up in the ranks. And the government is allowing that to happen. So what you have, essentially, the pedophiles generally appear to be the most wonderful sociable people. You know, let sally sit on uncle John’s lap, because he is such a loving uncle. Unbeknownst to people, uncle John is actually a predator.

Truth1: Are you noticing that nearly every paragraph of the ITNJ is a lie? Agents are not being vetted because those running those agencies are the biggest part of the problem. And who it is that is telling them to let the pedos and Satanists thru? Who is in charge to ask? Would it do any good to ask them? They are only going to lie to you. Your screwed! I'm Screwed. We are all screwed. Lights out! The party is over. We lost. in fact, we did not even know that we were in a battle. We lost the battle of wits and intelligence/IQ. <<T1 end

We are not doing the counter-intelligence. The local level, the province level, or the national level. Its absolutely essential that we begin to talk about this openly and while we are not a law enforcement position, we can, in fact, turn over information to law enforcement. And I believe we will render a signal service to the people of Great Britain and to other countries by being a magnet for information.

Truth1: He says we can turn over information to the law. Isn't the law the biggest problem? Surely he knows better. So he is lying to us.  <<T1 end

Its been my experience that when you put out one piece of free information, it attracts 100 pieces of information from others from which 10 are priceless. So there is a 10 to 1 return on investment. And this commission seeks to create an online library and some other things that we’ll talk about in a moment.

And I believe we will serve as a magnet and hub, catalyst, for a new emerging global consciousness about pedophilia and all its aspects.  There is great cause for alarm, 2 great causes for alarm. Beyond the actual fact of pedophilia and its existence, which has gone on for centuries.

Truth1: As regards information, there is lots of it out there. But no one is pursuing it. Few care. Many exist (Hoaxtead among others) to lie or suppress good info. We are overwhelmed. They want to create an online library. But how would that work? Many would try block the library from disseminating the factual naming of victims and perpetrators.

The net providers like facebook and Youtube block and suppress free speech and the free slow of information. Why does the USA allow internet giants to act as police of the net. Its violation of the publics' right to free speech and unimpeded publishing. Rights of the press, right? Evidently not. Do you see just how hypocritical and unconstitutional this is? Your Bill of Rights means nothing. It is a bunch of lies.  <<T1 end

First, the elite appear to be seeking to infect local and region law enforcement officers with a taste for pedophilia. There appears to be a very deliberate attempt to push this interest in pedophile movies in, including movies  including bestiality. I’m very concerned.

We’re seeing some snuff movies now and we are seeing some movies in which military war dogs are raping children, including toddlers. And these movies may have come out of the American occupation of Afghanistan and the boredom of the US army and Marine Core troops where in Afghanistan, where pedophilia is common. It’s a standard practice at the village level. But military war dogs plus common pedophilia and video cameras which every US solider and marine has, is a very very toxic combination.

Truth1: The paragraph bothers me a lot. I believe every word of it. And as you can see, everyone is in on it. The military serves as the evangelical crusaders for Satanism's cause. Its enforcement, promotion, and distribution, all in one. It could be said that our military exists primarily to facilitate all the vie of the world, fully uniting all the militaries of all the nations, and their intelligence agencies as well, into one big happy family of Satanic operations, much like the Bible indicated in the 1st century AD. You know its just my "humble" opinion that I am telling you a lot more truth than the ITNJ is. Why is that? <<T1 end

8:05 VLC player

And I am seeing direct evidence that is one of the most horrible things that’s come out of Afghanistan in recent years.

Now let me also tell you that we have a 2nd concern. And that is asset striping. The same machine that strips children from families, strips wealth from those who are being preyed upon, not just whistle blowers, but as we will hear on Wednesday, Husbands dumb enough to hide their money by moving it off-shore, so they don’t have to share with their wife.

What husbands do when they turn over their money to intermediaries who are part of this system, is mark themselves as a target. They might as well paint a target on their forehead, because they have now become prey for a system that recognizes people who are asking to be made destitute.

Now its not my working assumption, but the working assumption yet to be proven, that the totality of the children disappearing world wide is toward/tollward (unclear word expressed) 8 million people. In the USA  the acknowledged number of children, not including the children bred without birth certificates, or imported without documentation, is between 600,000 and 800,000 a year.

Now imagine Africa, and East Asia, all these other locations. I personally believe that the number we want to try to document is rising well beyond the official figures  and we have yet to learn what they actual number is.

Truth1: I'd say his numbers are reasonable. But why does he need to document it? We know it is going on. We know its big. So what is the plan of action? We need actions, not numbers and statistics. <<T1 end

The other working assumption is how long do these children survive within this system. What I am hearing from the witnesses that I have talked to, is, 2 years. It may be longer. Maybe 4 years. Maybe 6 years. By and large, these children are so abused. I mean we are talking rapes, by the hour and so forth, that they reach their expiration date within 2 years and then they are murdered with impunity. Or they are ritually murdered, if that is what they have been bred for. So I think we need to document this. No one else has done this before, in a systematic manner.

 Truth1:   While it is true that I am ripping on ITNJ, I am grateful for much of the stuff they are exposing in this presentation, such as the above paragraph.  <<T1 end

This commission is rendering a signal service by seeking to do an overall view in the public interest.

This will be a very massive undertaking. And while the preliminary attempt is to do a 6 month to 9 month endeavor, subject to funding availability, the availability of witnesses, also prisoners. There are a number of prisoners who can be debriefed, who when properly debriefed by specialists, can really give a deeper understanding that has not been achieved by existing law enforcement and other agencies because they simply treat these people when they catch them, in those rare instances when they catch them, as disposable goods to be thrown into prison and forgotten about.

And tomorrow we will have some expert testimony from one of our commissioners who can speak to this far far better than I.

Truth1: Now we are getting to a big concern of mine. This undertaking is not that big were more willing to expend a little effort. The information has been around since at least the 1980s. The problem is the resistance we get. Our laws are obsolete and useless. We are blocked by the media, DA prosecutors, lawyers, Judges, police and internet criminals interfering with free speech. We got plenty of info, but also plenty of resistance. Get rid of the resistance and there could be a far greater chance of success.  <<T1 end

William Binny is my counterpart. He is to NSA, what I am to CIA. Which is to say that he is saying what I am saying. We can delete 70% of [the staff] in our organizations and put the other 30% to work. Binny is also the author of “Thin Thread,” which is a way of doing deep discovery in unstructured data bases, and the internet. And so He is prepared to actually help us do pedophilia tracking world wide. And one of the things that the other technical commissions, even Arnold is good at, is de-anonymizing the internet.

Truth1:  So we got someone from the NSA in this as well. How about that! Pedophilia tracking? What about stopping the governments and intelligence agencies instead, and putting them out of business as we move to being a society and government with no secrets and total transparency. Yeah, someone must have slipped some good drugs in my raw milk. Those SOBs! <<T1 end

This includes every image having a fingerprint. So you can take an image of a child being abused, And you can track that image, thru the dark web. So there are resources that we can bring to bear in support of this commission’s mission, my favorite tactical commission is Arno Reuser from the Netherlands, who is a master librarian from the Netherlands. HE is so good that when the Dutch Intelligence community realized it did not know enough about the world, they recruited him to create the open source Intelligence center for Dutch Intel.

And as with the endeavors that I helped create in the USA, and in fact, for Scotland yard, very quickly people found out that they could get 40 to 60 % of what they knew, cheaply, using open sources of information. That’s not what government intel do today. They want to spend as much money as possible, in the riskiest way possible, and the most expensive way possible.

They are not actually there to support or answer questions. So I believe that Arno Reuser is capable of creating the worlds’ first digital library on Pedophilia. And this would be a multilingual library, to include local dialects. And it would be a library that would then then end up being what we call, a magnet for walk-ins. We want to have a very professional ingestion system, so that people can volunteer to provide excellent witness to the thing or they can volunteer to offer up their papers.

Truth1: OK, lets get this strait. We know all we need to know. We need to stop the cause of all these problems. Secrecy and unchecked, unaccountable government agencies. Its that simple and nothing else will work. Except being willing to obey God and let Him fix it as He is the only one that can fix it. I am obligated to tell you that.

What the ITNJ seeks is, in my opinion, your money. And you won't see anything for it. Satan is in power and will remain as such until the antichrist dies unexpectedly and Christians are set free from camps and prisons. Near to that point will be the salvation of God. <<T1 end

There are a number of pedophiles now who are actually ready now, to turn over their diaries, alright? So I think we are actually doing something really really huge.

Truth1: They are not doing anything huge. I do not believe pedos are willing to turn over diaries unless granted full pardon and amnesty. How do they plan on getting that thru? This just a lot of hot air.<<T1 end

ITNJ: My final comment!

The center of gravity for taking down the deep state! Pedophilia is both. The induction glue. Pedophilia is how the Deep state recruits and controls people. It is also the Achilles heel of the deep state.

I believe that once the public realizes that the government is not protecting their children, at a scale of vulnerability that we can articulate and everything else the government has called into question.

Truth1: There is no way in hell that anything is changing. Most people are stupid and don't give a damn and that won't change. But he wants you all to get all excited and send them big gobs of money. People are very gullible. And you should also be aware that I guts me some new and improved snake oil, on sale, just for you. And it will solve all your problems, except for the low IQ thing. Don't delay! Order now. These are selling fast. Who luvs ya, baby! <<T1 end

ITNJ: So for me, this is a truly righteous endeavor and I will end by saying that as good as it might do to do get the British angry, for me, the center of gravity for change is the American public. If you can get the American public angry, We will stop supporting dictators overseas, we will close all our military bases, overseas.  I am on record as a former CIA operations officer, saying, that our 1000 bases overseas are not there for national defense. They are there to serve as lily-pads for the smuggling  of guns, gold, cash, drugs and small children. So let me say that I’m proud to be in your company and I believe that no matter what we do or don’t do, it is going to make a difference. God bless you all.
End of ITNJ video Presentation transcribed text.

Truth1only now >> Neither the American public or an incredible stroke of luck can stop this mess. But I can not express enough gratitude to the ITNJ for at least telling some very important truths like that last underlined line above in the ITNJ paragraph.

All governments are just one big vast crime syndicate and Satan is the ultimate ruthless Godfather, not to mention, a huge liar.

On the off chance that ITNJ is sincere, I offer the following advice. We have lots of previous cases and evidence. We know what the governments of Satan are doing. just in the last day or so, I saw video by "Edge of Wonder on youtube that declares that whether YOU or anyone else believes in Satan or not, "The Deep State" definitely believes in Satan. That is your real and very formidable enemy. If you are sincere, you will be bitterly persecuted. I know something about that. If you are not and you get lots of attention and praise and money, then you are in cahoots with Satan. Edge Of wonder also showed the clear documented history of Karl Marx and his devotion to Satan, in a very recent video that I will soon be publishing a link to and commentary on.

ITNJ, you need to focus only on exposing the deeds of evil. You will not be able to stop Satan's governments. They are all powerful, except for God, our true heavenly Father, Jehovah by name. Further, the world is rapidly approaching a world wide economic collapse and a whole lot more. Begging for money is a poor strategy, if not a cruel one. People don't have it to give anymore. Consider giving your time to the cause, without asking anything in return, to show us how much you really care. I do it! Let God and His son be my witnesses.

 Truth1 Out!               

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