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Youtube Truthers All Controlled

     I have been saying this for a long time. All YT channels and "heros" or "truthers" can not talk about some things. They are to some degree, controlled opposition. Then entirety of Youtube channels are carefully controlled, probably from the beginning. Are there any exceptions? It might be possible or perhaps some are fearful, though not controlled otherwise. But for sure, everything on youtube needs to be viewed with caution and intense critical examination. All the net is patrolled, policed, and youtube is the court, jury and executioner.

Well, now there is a youtube channel saying it as well.


Everything she said was 100% correct. Of course, she might have been including herself in that, for all we know. Never the less, she gets a pass from me for a 100% truth video message. Think about it! Even if she was lying in many of her videos, This one is not a lie and what difference is it, as long as this is 100% truth. Truth is Truth, regardless of the source or other deceptions. And Mia is the first I have seen to declare this. If you have found another, that pass it along to me.

Now my cup runneth over because I found another channel sort of saying some things along similar lines.

HOW THE INTERNET BECAME A BATTLEFIELD (in the war for our minds) | a reallygraceful documentary

Americans MUST watch! The Suppressed History of the United States

This channel happens to be one of my favorites as her voice seems to really hold my attention with ease. I can even be writing or doing other tasks while still listening to her with ease and clarity. She holds the attention of my mind. Her voice is calm and relaxed. For what ever the reason, I listened to many of her videos, all good and with no flaws in reason. She has a gift or a technique. I wish I had her ability. I have no video skills, and I have no idea how my voice would be received.

So these 2 channels say watch out when you are on youtube. And I agree! Its not just my saying it anymore. 3 witnesses now!

Mia's video is the best of the 2 in this case. Some might complain (and do) and accuse both these channels, reallygraceful getting some "uncalled for" accusations. One I saw said "you know you did not write this video." Whether so or not, I don't criticize any channel who seems to stick to the truth most of the time. Even if we suppose that she did not write it, if the message is valid, then why complain and bitch? I know of channels that I suspect are supported by writers and editors with pictures and video clips, who likely do receive help. But again, if it is spot on, then what is the the problem?

But I would always caution everyone to carefully examine each point or suggestion made in any video or article. You should even question mine, not because I have done anything wrong, but because all sources should be questioned. I posted the following on reallygraceful's video above that sums up my policy and outlook.

Diligence Integrity 9 hours ago  Mar 7 2019

I see the net as a big cosmic courtroom, where arguments are put back and forth for all to see hear and ponder in their minds, if they dare. It is a chance to become awakened and enlightened or to be passed by, but passing it by will also mean passing up a chance of a life time to avoid the coming global disaster/conflagration/destruction that has been in the work of the super-maniacal sickos that rule over the planet. So yes, our minds will be challenged by the opposing sides, but such is really an opportunity to make the best informed decision possible as everyone will be forced to choose between just 2 opposing sides, with a huge contrast between the two so that it should not be hard to make the right choice. It will be obvious for those who have eyes that can see, and ears that can hear.

So as long as there is a source or two other then just myself, saying these things or sort of, then there is a good possibility that each of us is in the same ball park. And if they are planning on switching ideas and doctrines at a later time, you need not worry if you have a brain. I know many channels that have tried to lie. But reallygraceful has been pretty much flawless so far. That's not a bad thing. That's a good thing! Now if you encounter any bold faced liars, those you can give them hell and call them out. But the likes of reallygraceful, would seem to me, to merit some civility. Something to consider, folks. I was going to say fans, when I realized, Hey, I don't have any fans. Almost goofed there. Narrowly missed it. But who need fans when you serve the Heavenly Father. You can always count on Him to be in your corner.

Enjoy the 3 videos. Mia has the better of the two in many respects, but reallygraceful would be my first choice for consistency and solid truth so far. I only recently discovered Mia. But I'm not into her private website membership. I like to do everything out in the open.

And what I want you all to come away with, is that there is no 100% truth. I would make claim to that except that I could possibly make an unintentional error. Or I might later discover the error and fix it. And God might find some errors, too. I am not infallible. And neither is the Pope.

I recall one guy, I think he was with Personal, and claimed that youtube had some legitimate channels and that not everyone was phony. That is why I decided he was a dishonest shill. It took a while to catch on, as I am a little slow at times, but sooner or later, I always catch on.

Happy Truth Hunting!

 Truth1 Out!

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