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University Bribes of the Elite

     Big headlines getting all kinds of attention, per the will of the Father, Jehovah. Everyone is upset about the very advantaged using their advantages to cheat, lie and get ahead without any merit. This topic just gets me all excited. So much to say. So lets get to it! Right?

The Ultimate Cause
Bear with me on this section.

Well, this is certainly a marvel that so many are upset. Know why? Because its been going on since humans first began. And in the Industrial age, all the more so. The industrial age is unique in many ways. The Biggest is that mass production allows minimal amount of effort thru machine automated mass production, to make the greatest use of raw materials, and mechanized and automated mechanization to drive production costs down to almost nothing. But they those who own and operate the production facilities to sell the Products, not at a fair price for the cost of production, say that all costs to make a widget amount to $5. Then add a fair profit margin of 25%, $1.25, and we have a $6.25 item cost.  Lets get crazy and say 33%, $1.65 for a $6.65 cost. Given the huge number of widgets cranked out and bought by a few, say 3 million people/customers/slave laborers and that $1.65 create a pure profit of $4.95 million or $5 million. Free and Clear. All Costs accounted for previously.

BUT INSTEAD, at a market value cost, where a man might say, I am willing to pay $20 for that widget, or maybe $25, what you have now is  a full yearly haul of $20 per item vs. $6.65 cost. That is 3 times as much profit margin. Instead of $5 million, you are now making $15 million. And with factories, once your initial start costs have all been paid for in costs, the production that continues after that is far greater since many of the costs are fully compensated. Fuel, labor, shipping, still remain.

What this does is flip the scales of production and profit. For example, a blacksmith makes you an ax head. You are paying him by the hour or job and pay him for his skill and equipment. The labor is intensive. So he charges enough, say based on a few customers a week, to support his family. The exchange between the make and buyer is much closer to a 1 to 1 exchange of valued between your time and his.

But with the factory, the factory enjoys a 1 to 10 exchange, perhaps, where what costs the factory $1, will cost the buyer $10. It maybe be much more than that. That is a 1000% exchange rate. While the widget is very useful to the buyer, the profit is far greater. If the profit margins was more reasonable, there would be far less profit for the factory and therefore, the factory owner would be far less profitable and not nearly as rich and wealthy. And that is important. It is the obscene disparity in wealth that causes most problems in our society. Money becomes power and influence and special perks and privileges. Those with money have lots of power, too, and they are willing to use that unfairly with bribes and cheating and lying.

Almost all ills in our society result from an instinctual sense of fairness, reasonableness and sharing, that tells the person that he is being treated unfair, slighted, treated as less worthy and less deserving. If the gap tween the haves' and have not's, gets too big, then you end up with resentment and anger that eventually end up in revolt or societal collapse or attack from a people less well off then yourself.

What we now have is an ever growing and great disparity between the rich who use their every advantage to see that their kids get as much as their parents had and keep their high status in their family legacy. In California as as example, the grown up children are given the jobs once held by people of lesser status, but with far more pay than the previous person. The middle class is rapidly losing the Middle class life style and quality of living and being driven into the ranks of the poor. How long can that go on, without a fight? Money buys power and privilege, but it also buys stupidity and blindness and arrogance and selfishness.

The problem has been, that in all TV and movies, and books, in schools, everywhere, that America is the land of freedom and . . . and that is a big and, equality of opportunity, where a mere plow boy can supposedly become president or get rich. You have all been viciously lies to. The laws of economic and social "physics" regarding "inertia" state that a people in power & wealth tend to remain in power and wealth and a people with no power or wealth will remain that way forever. This is especially so a nation is fully developed and stratified and whose economic growth has ceased as the rest of the world catches up.

Put in plain English, none of you non-rich and non-powerful are going anywhere but down. Its been been headed that way for a long time. When settlers first came to the Americas, it was wide open and vast and the natives were centuries behind in technology of the times. So for while, those of little means could come over to the USA for new opportunities that has long ago disappeared in Europe and the UK. But its all developed now and the Opportunity window has been closed for good.

Believe it or not, most people are not on to any of this. They still believe the lie that anyone can rise to the top, because merit is always rewarded and desire. You damned fools! Merit is not rewarded. In fact, it is hated and despised by those with money, power, and privilege. They will do everything in their power to stop those with merit run them out of any meaningful promotion or advancement. They will be more opposed then the stupid poor, since they do not present threats or merit.

Wake up you dumb labor class serfs. Your prosperity has fled from you. You are near to rock bottom now.

But most do not have this awareness and understanding. They still think that exams, tests, employment interviews and so much more is open for whoever is the best. A total lie. AM I making myself clear?

The Way It Really Is

Satan took over in the Garden of Eden and disrupted everything. He was allowed control of the earth and people to prove his point or not, till 2 things were accomplished. Satan's goal of misleading all humans with God only reserving the right to subtly have His explanation put down in written form and to allow His son to become a man and tried and tested to the death, without sinning or giving up his cause. Satan failed to get Jesus compromised and that was the final test that doomed Satan and accomplices. Meanwhile, Satan is on a mission to prevent as many humans as he can from getting eternal life from God, By trying to obey God.

So Satan, from the beginning, let all men know that no one was going to have anything good without becoming obedient to Satan. It worked like a charm. The rule was that all those in Satan's company were to do what they were told and to look out for  anyone in Satan's army/network and help them and defend them.

What this means is that only Satanists have rights and privileges and wealth, and power and prestige and glory. They are allowed to lie, cheat, break laws, get away with murder or rape kids and sacrifice them. Satan demands ruthlessness and no compassion allowed.
Let me make it clear. Anyone and and everyone with substantial power, or prestige and celebrity, or wealth, is either directly a Satanist, or is at least obedient to following order of real satanists and not following God and little to no morals. That covers almost anyone today.

That wealthy parents can bribe Universities is the least of your worries. Though degrees are wanted to maintain the lies of equal opportunity and merit being rewarded, the real reason for their rise and promotions is their belonging to Satan or his network and doing what you are told. Truth me, its not worth it. God offers a way better deal, but it requires your trusting Him and Obeying Him, rather than Satan.

This was Hoaxted # 36 I wrote 6 months back maybe: Hoaxtead_Watch #36  How Wealth Acquires Power & Control

This will introduce you to Dynastic Inheritence. that is what is killing you, me, everyone, everywhere.

Little Children of God, do not envy those who revel in lying, and cheating and getting wealthy at your expense.

For it will not be much longer and the evil of the Satanists will be brought to an end. And then we have 1000 years to perfect ourselves, if we apply ourselves earnestly. I say that because the prophecy says that when Satan is let loose after 1000 years, that he will convince many that they now have what it takes to live without God and yet keep the laws of God. It will be a lie like it has always been, but many will be enticed by the flesh/sexual "freedom" and what ever other crap he says and will join in a 2nd, very short lived rebellion. They will decide to kill those who stayed loyal to God, but God will wipe them out when they "surround the camp of the loyal ones. This to prove who really took the teaching, training and conditioning of God, seriously, and to heart, and not just superficially going along with the crowd.

So remember, boys and girls, that the world belongs to Satan till the antichrist dies. He and his hordes are in power until then.

 Truth1 Out!               

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