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The Ritual Sacrifice of Heather O'Rourke #2


It was Macaulay Culkin maybe 6 months or a year back who claimed that Hollywood execs tried to have sex with him, but he had seen enough to be very cautious. It is also possible that he might not want to admit if he had been harmed or not. But He did say that one menacing Hollywood executive showed Culkin shoes that he claimed were made from the skin of Heather O'Rourke. I already knew that Heather's mom was suing or had sued the hospital for Heather's death. Buy more interesting to me was that the 2 Hampstead kids, Alisa & Gabriel, had said on video recorded tape that the alleged Hampstead Cult of which their dad was the leader of, had members who ran a shoe shop and made human skin shoes from sacrificed babies the cult would import thru London and Heathrow airports.

Of the many who took an interest in the allegations of the 2 kids from Hampstead, none had ever heard of shoes being made from human skin, much less being babies. This sudden report from Culkin now creates a 2nd source, 2 witnesses, to this sort of thing. My goal here is to find and supply as much info as I can find, to add more credibility to a claim that already has some credence in my view.

I will label the videos by number that I reference so that anyone might check my sources. What I have found is more then interesting.


Truth1's Rules of Evidence

I addressed these in other blogs but they bear repeating. I do understand the need for establishing a sound method that might give good reason to accept my conclusion. And In defining my rules, others might judge whether I have stayed in those boundaries or not.

Crisis situations such as the heat of battle or imminent battle impending, or when a population develops a crisis in function due to uprisings or a serious breach of classified information such as the atomic bomb secrets leaked to the Soviet union by the Rosenburgs; As well, if 2 opposing nations realize they are both infested with double agents, then they will consider that state/situation to have a different set of rules and conduct than those in operation under order and relative peace.

They call this state he rule of martial law, which is only supposed to last until order is restored. If extensive military action was required to restore this order, then that might lengthen the reign of martial law.

In the case of gathering information to form a battle plan and strategy, one can not use the ordinary rules of evidence used in a normal civilian court. When operating Intelligence activities, Civilian rules are useless. Since every agent is a potential double agent, each side has a far stronger task due to the treachery that might be at hand or just the fact that many things can not be verified or fully trusted. Deceit is a double edged sword that affects both sides equally. One can never be fully certain of what is or is not true. Each side will use a double agent to let out some evidence that will be useful and important enough to convince the bosses of the other side that this is stuff that the other side would not disclose or give up.

So each side has decide what they can afford to give out or not, without hurting them too badly. Its quite the cat and mouse game and a wrong decision to trust or not trust could be very harmful or it might end up being of little consequence.

There is absolutely no guarantee or certainty that they have everything right, and protected. They do their best and their sources extrapolation of information was rigorous enough and sound enough. Do they act or wait for more info. There is no right or wrong answer. There is either success or failure.

So our job as those who love God, the Father, is to investigate those things that represent the biggest obstacles people face when tying to serve God or just get the message out to people, of impending danger when none seems to be apparent of impending. A danger where none is perceived.

So in my court of publically available information, I have to render a verdict or urge great caution, at the least. That is my job as given to me by God's word, the Bible. I will not be able to achieve 100% certainty, but I do feel confident that the preponderance of evidence will support my judgments and opinions.

A Caution/Warning: Because of uncertainties and incomplete or slightly uncertain evidence, one must keep in mind that No one has been charged with any crimes, legally, of all the people that I may offer opinions on. Those are mine exclusively, and like all people, I could be subject to error, unintentionally. And while offering opinions on people, their deeds and motives, It is not my intent to harm anyone's reputation or character and yet I feel compelled to offer opinions in the hope of alerting people to grave dangers that could lead to harm and abuse and even death. I believe these are sufficient to require my opinions, based on the best obtainable evidence that I can gather. I act in the Greater Public interests of safety and security, and the general welfare of USA citizens and the world, due to what seems to me a clear and present danger to all the world and humanity.

1 > The Story of Heather O'Rourke

It is my opinion that this video and its info come from the mother of Heather. So it is 1st hand direct information from the original source. This will be a series of blogs due to the many details as I make my case airtight and unassailable.

The following text come from the video reference above, numbered 1.

The Heather O’Rourke account

(Times that appear in this article indicate the times in the video where the text that follows, began in the video. There are 5 starting points dividing the video text/narration.) My comments will also be set apart within the text.

0:10 Heather Michele O'Rourke was born Dec. 27, 1975, to Michael and KathleenO'Rourke. Heather had an older sister, Tammy (3 years older then Heather) and was a fraternal twin to an unborn baby brother. Tammy enrolled dance lessons and did well and Heather wanted to get in on it, too. They were entered in talent shows.

0:38 Heather won a "Little Miss" Pageant at 3. She performed with sis on stage, too. Heather tended to follow in anything that Tammy did.  >>Truth 1: I think she might have had some "encouragement."<< T1end<< Tammy had an agent and Heather was offered small rolls and she was in commercials and printed advertising.


>>Truth1: It does seem to me that mom was trying hard to make her girls visible, and promote them. And Hollywood execs like Spielberg and talent scouts and agents likely visit many of these "plays." These plays might well be sponsored by Hollywood as an attraction and bait for mothers, who want their kids in Hollywood. So I am seeing mom as doing all she can to attract attention to her girls, both of whom were attractive. I suspect many moms pour into California in hopes of landing a career for their kids, if possible. Its very obvious when a child is attractive or ugly.

Beauty has a market. Its that simple. The problem is that most of Hollywood are all violent predators, as I see it. And they are always on the look out for mothers who are dying to get their kid into Hollywood. The predators will make full use of this desire to discern who might be most willing to look the other way and be willing to leave the kids in the care of the film and TV makers. No parents allowed on the set. And as the producers were see it, they are paying well for the services of the children. Most parents never question a thing once that first paycheck arrives. Money buys blindness and silence. <<T1 end

During lunch breaks at Tammy's plays, many of the tables would quickly fill so mom and Tammy would leave Heather at the table and pick up lunch to being back.

1:52  Then a man came to her table and introduced himself as 'Steven'. He asked if he could sit down with her. Heather, four years old, answered "I guess so, but you're a stranger, so I'm not allowed to talk to you."

Steven sat with Heather and waited until Tammy and Kathleen returned. Steven said he was looking for a little girl to be in his new movie. He asked Heather if she had ever been in a movie. She answered that she hasn't. Steven talked with Kathleen and Tammy for a short period of time, but after learning that Heather was only four, and that she didn't have much experience, he thanked them and said he was looking for someone a bit older.

The next day, Steven found Heather again at lunch. He started to think that Heather might be right for the part after all. He left his card and they arranged a meeting where he would have to see if Heather could scream, because she would be screaming a lot in his movie. Heather screamed and screamed for Steven, she had a lot of patience for a four year old. But eventually she told him that she was done screaming and that she wanted to go home.

>Truth1: I had come across an account that has said Heather had started to cry, where upon she then wanted to stop. What you need to understand with big powerful people like Hollywood execs is that they got their positions and power, derived from Satan, ultimately, by being exceptionally ruthless and cruel, just like Satan. They love the sound and facial expressions of children screaming in terror, even as Satan does. Spielberg was really enjoying hearing the girl scream over and over again. She might have even sensed some evil in him. Regardless, she broke down and was done for the day. <<T1 end

Since Heather had good patience, and could read her script by herself, Steven offered her the role. Listening to her mother's advice, Heather accepted it.

>Truth1: This was the point of no return. Mom likely begged and explained that they needed the money and it would be a big help for mom as paying bills was tough. Most kids will endure nearly anything for the sake of their parents so Heather went along with it. I don't think she would have, otherwise. I am betting her instinct saw thru Steven loud and clear.

Kids are sitting ducks for ambitious parents, who may or may not, be aware of the cost of a career on a child. Many kids will keep quiet and "do as they are told", knowing mom and dad might not be happy otherwise. Some children will do almost anything for their parents, because their parents are instinctively very important to them.  Parents need to make it clear to their children, that they come before mom and dad's needs and problems. When parents say, "do what ever they tell you," they might or might not know all that will be done to their children. But the Child often figures anything means anything. No limits.

What I wonder more is how much the parents are or are not, aware of what is going on. I suspect many sell their kids out, knowing what is going on.  They are willing to stoop to prostituting their children. Its sickening. What I can tell you is that Brad says some know it is going on and allow it, silently. There have been lot of rumors about such activity. I don't think anyone who lives in southern Cal. could avoid all the rumors. Its Hollywood's little secret that many know, but none speak of openly. <<T1 end.

She portrayed 'Carol Anne Freeling' in Steven Spielbergs 1982 Horror film "Poltergeist".

Heather had guest appearances in many different TV shows, for example; "Webster", "CHiPs", "Matt Houston" or "Believe you can ... and you can!". She was also seen in 12 episodes of the TV show "Happy Days" in which she portrayed 'Heather Pfister'.

>Truth1: I have no way of knowing who will read my blog here. But if you are familiar with Hollywood's evil ways, I think the name they chose for Heather was sinister. Let me re-spell that to show you what I see: Heather Fist-her. Did they fist that little girl, the way some did at the 1999 Woodstock festival as women were being passed along on the crowd's hand and arms, body surfing on their way to the mosh pit to be raped. Some said that they had gotten fisted.

   You'll note below that heather does not look at all happy. But she does know how to act. And she does not feel like acting below. And Puke-berg looks like he is feeling powerful. I bet you he is a real @$$hole when he wants to be. Just ask Heather or hundreds of other kids who have personal experience with him.


She seems happy enough with the Fonze and Linda Purl below, doesn't she? It is said: One picture worth thousand words, say Confucius.


Trust me, the Hollywood elite are very capable of doing that. They hate innocence and beauty. They are from their father, the devil. Those poor kids go thru a living hell. Can I get a witness? As many as possible? You must also understand that anyone who is severely abused as a child, will most often become a monstrous abuser themselves. I suspect these big powerful Hollywood types are all from Multi-generational family lines of Satanic worshippers, doing their many sadistic rituals and sacrificial killings of human beings. I believe that Heather became one of their victims as did her family, in losing her to these monsters.

 I'll even go one further. It is my suspicion that Satan, himself might have picked the area to establish Hollywood. Satan might even have helped along the development of cameras and film and all that goes with it. A secret Airforce base was operating out of Laurel Canyon, that made many more films than Hollywood did, and many of Hollywood's best directors, actors and crew were paid employees at this secret airforce base, that for years, was kept secret.  You know who else likes secrets? Come on! You know this.  

The unholy trinity is composed of Satan, all Intelligence agencies of all nations, secretly united, and . . .

You could call Hollywood the propaganda arm that molds the attitudes and outlooks of the population like Tavistock is said to do. Only Hollywood/TV does it better.

Dave McGowan wrote a fascinating book on Laurel Canyon and those that lived there and many murders that were called suicides. As well, many CIA operatives lived there and many of their kids were groomed to be leaders of the flower child and Hippie and antiwar movements. I am still reading the book. I will be writing about it eventually.  << T1 end


It was shortly before the pre-production of Poltergeist 3 that Heather began to feel sick. She had been sick a little bit before this, but it didn't seem like anything unusual, just the common flu. When Heather didn't improve, her mother took her back.

>Truth1: What happened just before pre-production? Had she been making any appearances anywhere? Everything seemed to be fine for some time. The career was going nicely. What changed?

I propose that Heather's murder/sacrifice had been planned at least before the 1st Poltergeist movie, released June 4, 1982, began production earlier. That will be for another blog. But with movie production not too far away, the plotting was now becoming a reality to be carried out. I'll give you a hint. The doctors were lying about Heather's health problems in my opinion. The doctors were in on it. Every important person in Southern Cal. was in on it in one way or another.

Hollywood is an extension of the even more wicked CIA. The two are inseparable. Thru their vast California network, they can reach out and "touch" anyone they want and do them in. The CIA also worships the devil and invokes him in their mind control programming activities. A vast network stands every ready to lend a hand to Hollywood and the devil. I will get into the details in upcoming blogs. <<T1 end

This time, the doctors suggested that maybe Heather's illness was a reaction to a spider bite. Her mother wasn't convinced, and took Heather back yet again when the medication she had been taking wasn't helping her.

They did tests and found that Heather's intestinal tract was infected with an organism called Giardia lamblia. This was common in the area where Heather lived, and usually found it's way into someone's body if they drank untreated water.

Heather wasn't recovering from her illness. One day she came home from school with swelling to her feet and lower legs. Heather's mother then decided that it was time to take her to the doctor. The doctor informed them that this was only another symptom of the flu. They were told to monitor the illness and bring her back if they needed to. This puzzled the doctors though, because Heather drank the same water as her family, and none of them were infected. Heather was given medication to treat this, and her condition seemed to improve.

Truth1: The doctors suggested the flu, a spider and Giardia lamblia. In all cases, I believe the doctors were lying. I'll bet they knew exactly what it was. Something was used to make Heather feel rotten. Low dose arsenic could to that. Her feeling sick all the time would lessen any suspicion of foul play if she were to later die. That is what they were doing in one way or another.

I hate to leave you all hanging but we need to discuss the medical issues in detail to see why this could be the case. That will be for another blog. Keep in mind that crimes of this level of sophistication are not common, because in most cases, they never get caught. No one even knows anything happened. But at this point, I feel I can say with confidence that the doctors were in on it. You would be surprised at the real evil undercurrent that runs thru the medical healthcare industry. They serve the government and not our health. <<T1 end


Her mother took Heather for many check-ups, and she seemed to be getting better. This medication puffed up her cheeks, which can be seen in the third Poltergeist movie. Gradually, Heather was weaned off this medication, and her appearance returned to normal.


Truth1: Many check ups and yet the doctors doctors found nothing. What was their problem? They had plenty of time and opportunity to figure out the problem, yet were mystified, it would seem. I'm not buying it! They knew what it was, or was going to be. If there was something legitimate, how did they miss it? <<T1 end

Near the end of January, 1988, Heather began to feel ill again. Heather didn't complain about very much, but she did casually mention to her sister that she didn't feel like going to P.E. at school that day. She didn't ever say why though.

She went to her classes, and the next day, she stayed at home most of the day. She did go out to eat with her family and seemed to be feeling alright. The next day, however, it was obvious that Heather was not feeling well at all. Heather's mother and stepfather (Jim Peele) woke up to hear Heather being sick in the bathroom. Her mother called out to her and Heather slept with her mother and stepfather for the rest of the morning. She spent to rest of the day resting on the couch. Her mother gave her fluids because her symptoms were, again, flu-like.


February 1st, 1988

Heather woke up to go to school. It was Monday, and she had been sick the day before, but she still joined her mother in the kitchen. Kathleen was preparing breakfast. Kathleen asked Heather how she felt, and Heather said she felt "Okay.". She also informed her mother that she wanted to go to school.

Truth1: this is a good example of how kids can make light of pain and abuse. Heather had to be in pain and lots of it, and yet say she felt OK and wanted to go to school. She could have been wishful thinking that being distracted by school would give her time to feel better. She was not putting enough weight into the pain she was feeling. She was praying it would go away if she just gave it a bit more time. You'll see what I am talking about next. <<T1 end


Kathleen gave Heather a piece of toast while she tried to decide if she was going to keep her home that day to be sure that she was feeling okay. A few minutes later, Kathleen noticed that Heather was having a difficult time eating her toast.

Kathleen asked Heather how she was feeling. This time, Heather answered "Mom, I can't swallow." Kathleen now noticed that Heather's face was very pale, and her hands were cold. Her fingers had a blueish tint to them and it seemed like Heather's breathing was shallow. Kathleen told Heather to get dressed, but when Heather got out of her chair, she slumped to the floor, holding her stomach.

Kathleen called the hospital who told her to bring Heather in right away. Heather was loaded into the ambulance and driven to the emergency room. She was still alert during most of the trip, and she was able to speak as well. Despite this, shortly before arriving at the hospital, she lapsed into unconsciousness. The paramedics tried to revive her.

Eventually they restored her vital signs. The paramedics told Kathleen and Jim that Heather was stabilized enough to be transported by helicopter to another hospital. It was realized that Heather had went into shock.

They also noticed that her stomach was swollen, which was a sign of a bowel obstruction. They suspected the obstruction had already burst, spreading the infection across Heather's body. When Heather arrived at the other hospital, she was stable, but in a critical condition.


She remained unconscious and unresponsive while they prepared her for possible surgery. Her stepfather and mother were told that she may have already suffered permanent brain damage. It was found that her small intestine had indeed already burst and spread infection.

They performed surgery, but Heather was in horrible condition even before the surgery began, so her family was informed that she may not survive. The operation was completed, but afterwards, Heather showed no signs of improvement. She never regained consciousness, and her brain showed no activity. She stayed alive until around 2:00 p.m.

When her condition worsened, and she slowly stopped breathing. It was discovered that Heather had intestinal stenosis, a condition of intestinal narrowing. This made Heather more likely to have a bowel obstruction. Heather could have had this condition her whole life.

> Truth1: Just above, she might have been told this, but it was not accurate, says I. It was the excuse for why Heather died, but I will get to this in either the 3rd or 4th blog on Medical issues. << T1 end

Heather O'Rourke died on February 1st 1988. She is buried in Westford Memorial Park (L.A.). T1: She was murdered and her skin used to make shoes, possibly. I believe that.

My next blog in this series will deal with what children typically went thru in in staring in movies and TV shows. This is important to understand what Hollywood really is, as Brad Pitt suggested in the previous blog that started this. Namely that Hollywood and TV are not about making money that much. Its more about influencing the population thru lying entertainment and breeding a culture that will eventually accept the macabre wicked cruel religion of Satan. The best way of doing that is to ruin all the children.

The blog to follow the next one, will be the examination of the health issues claimed, using real medical authorities to show that doctors treating Heather were total liars helping the devil worshipers to conceal their turning Heather into a sacrifice to Satan. The medical practice is a big part of this problem.

Truth1 Out!

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