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The Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke #3


While I have discerned many things in this case, I am still putting things together carefully and not all things are settle yet, but they will be. But that said, I hop that no one will be too harsh unless there is no other possible conclusion. So I ask you to consider the caution below until the whole of my case is presented.

To the readers of this article and those to follow in this series.

It was Jesus who said, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. Put in a more simple perspective, Its easy to judge others harshly, but yet we all want to be judged delicately for ourselves.

When big money, bigger than many parents could ever hope for, normally, is offered for the services of the child as an actor, parents would find it hard to turn down without good reason. Mere rumors would not likely be enough to get them to walk away with their child and remain with humble means. Too much to gain and not enough evidence to say no, as they might see it. "I need more proof!" A red flag would be that no parents are allowed on the set. that is big red flag for me. But then again, I have no kids and no offers of money. As it is said, There before the Grace of God, go I! For whatever reason, I turned out as I did and I am grateful for that twist of fate.

But not all have the same fortune that I did. I might well have acted in much different ways had my life been different. We can not know how we might act unless we experienced things that others have, who we might be questioning. Big money can make a criminal out of most. Could I have resisted big money? I could now, but earlier in life? I would hope I would not, but how I would have reacted can not be certain. I accept that I am fortunate and got my head on my shoulders and am firm in my resolve now. But I can not judge what I have never experienced.

Judge the Hollywood elite as you please. Even I have judged them. But do not be overly harsh with people who are offered great temptation. If you are of righteous inclinations, Give God, the Father great praise. but leave the judging of the lesser inclined to God. Some might deeply regret their decisions. Others will not. Only God can say, so let God be the one for that. I may have suspicions and have reservations, but the hope of a better life is a hard thing to turn down, not to mention the celebrity and fame that might also be part of it.

We can surely find fault with the madmen of Hollywood. No problem with that. And were it certain that a parent knew all about everything and was fine with all of it, then you could judge them, too. But without knowing what the case was, anyone who suffered a loss like that of Heather's mom, step dad, and sister, must surely deserve some sympathy and understanding. Ask yourself, how would I feel if Heather were my daughter and I lost her to super evil men and circumstances.

Would you want compensation? Revenge? Would you feel pain and betrayal? If someone came along and said, we'll give you some big money if you fall silent and accept the stated cause of death, would you take it? Would you feel you had it coming to you? I might very well feel that way.

Now I want to create the worst circumstance imaginable, only to explore the worst and who that might be judged or not. I do not think at this point, that such a thing happened. But if you calculate for the worst, then anything beneath that will be far less.

So lets say the bad guys say, we will give you some damn big money if you not only deny our wicked deeds of murder and vicious rapes (I am not saying this what any party did) and also defend us as totally innocent and say that the death was just a mistake. Would this offer be acceptable to you?

So lets look at this from all angles. You daughter is dead and she's not coming back. You decide that you deserve the big payout being offered. you suffered a hug loss. Be honest with me, readers! That is not such a bad way to feel. I would find it quite understandable. It might not be what I would do, though I could never say, without actually being in that spot at a younger point in my life.

On the other hand, many could reason, you are selling out what was done to your daughter and hundred if not many thousands of children who have been permanently mentally impaired/injured/traumatized. There is a lot of truth to that, too. But the bitter loss of a child might make it hard to feel any sympathy for anyone at that point.

I can both points. And never having faced such things myself, I can not lift even a small stone and throw in the direction of a parent. God will have to be the one to decide here. I might say to those offering, I can go silent, but I can not lie for you and say you men are all innocent. I will just say nothing. Maybe that would not be good enough for them. Then again, they might threaten to kill me if I don't. Then what?

So how about this! Hate the Hollywood SOB's all you want. But don't be too harsh on the family, whatever turns up in this series. I have not rendered any verdict. I am not even sure how some of this is going to turn out. But I believe I have enough to suggest, Pre-meditated Murder 1. But many other things remain to be nailed down before I can offer the complete picture. But of most concern to me are those who have experienced the loss. They did not want their daughter murdered. Keep that point foremost in mind.

 Truth1 Out!

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