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The Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke #5

Disclaimer: This is no April Fools joke, even though it is getting uploaded on that date. I believe what I am writing.

  My goal in this blog is to show that Heather's death was planned and predicted in the first Movie that Heather was in, "Poltergeist." So we are going to discuss "Predictive Programming." Predictive Programming has been around a while. Most fascinating is how may hints were spread around of the coming 911 Twin Towers attack and destruction. It as placed in movies like Back to the Future, The Simpsons cartoon and many other places. Below is more info if you want to look into it.

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Here we are at the 15 year anniversary for September 11th, 2001. I would just like to remind you so that you "Never Forget ...
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"Hollywood is the magician's wand (holly-holy) which has been used to cast a spell on the unsuspecting public. Things or ...
were these clues or just a coincidence?
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Predictive Programming

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False Flag Conspiracy - Finally Solved (Names, Connections, Motives)

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The Hebrew God, Jehovah or Yahuwah is you prefer Judah's version compared to that of the Israelites dispersed by Assyria who migrated all over in the northern Hemisphere of Asia, Russia in particular. But this God was presenting Himself as the great forecaster of the future. The Bible is loaded with Prophecy and predictions, though often veiled in symbolic language, likely required by Satan, to see if those following God would put the effort into trying to understand the symbols used in prophecy. It is likely that terms for the two, Satan and Jehovah, were agreed upon.

The disciples were asked by people, why does your master always speak in parables and metaphors? Can't he talk plainly? So the disciples ask Jesus about it. Jesus said in simple language I will use, that the parables were to hide the message from non-believers but that the Apostles had the parables explained to them. Jesus promised that in God's kingdom, He would speak plainly to them and to all.

Our desire to know or not, is being tested. Our efforts to seek God out are being tested, at the request of Satan. Many who ask questions of God, thru His followers, are not sincere in getting an honest answer. They are just looking for an excuse to dismiss the concept of God, along with obedience to God. Those who seek God in sincerity will study prophecy with care and diligence.

Now all the while, Satan knew about all this and decided that he would make predictions, too. How bout that! Phony prophecy or prophecy that is not such a big deal, but that Satan would suggest is a big deal.

What the world needs to understand is that the world is controlled by Satan. Even Jesus admitted that when being tempted in the wilderness. Satan said, I can give you all the kingdoms of the world if you will worship me. Jesus did not dispute that claim. He was there in heaven when the deals were made. Satan is in power now and has been since Adam and Eve. And to demonstrate his power, he likes to make predictions and then make them happen, so that you can see his power and foresight.

So when he offers a deal, he can make it happen. But he never tells you all the terms and expectations. You find out the hard way after he has you trapped. If you wanted to turn to God, you could do so, but you would likely have to die, trusting in God to bring you back and most don't trust God enough to do that, and they remain unhappy slaves of Satan.

Most people don't recognize the battle for the trust of humans by God and Satan. But you can not truly understand the world and life without considering the substantial propaganda war being waged down here from the spirit realm, also called the paranormal and supernatural.

Evil down here on earth, revels in their power and control, aided by the supernatural powers allowed in limited ways, to Satan, By God, the Almighty.

There is no place on earth more evil than southern California, home to the hopes and dreams machine known as Hollywood, and its conjoined twin the CIA. The attraction of Hollywood is so powerful, whether you seek attention, power, privilege, sex, or wealth. Hollywood is the propaganda dream machine, though really, the money is the biggest attraction. And the big Hollywood moguls are all servants of Satan, placed where they are directly by Satan. They offer the deals in behalf of Satan, who backs them thoroughly. Cross either one and you answer to both.

And this brings us to Heather, Spielberg, and predictive programming. Spielberg had a special movie project to do for Satan, and it was going to require a special sacrifice and some impressive predictive programming. I also suspect that this whole affair was going to be another test of mankind, seeing how perceptive and intelligent they were, and how moral they were or not. So the sacrifice had to be a very special one. An adorable, very young girl of beauty, and youthful charm. Heather had it all. She was perfect.

Satan would get his sacrifice, but at a substantial price, as it was, in time, going to expose Hollywood and its substantial network that is connected to the even bigger world wide network, involving all the intelligence agencies of all nations, all belonging to Satan, as part of his world wide empire that most believe, does not even exist. How is that for a clever disguise and cover up?

Next was to outline a confession in the 3 movie series as to what was really going on in Hollywood, along with other leaks and rumors of what goes on in barely secret places in the sets and stages. So the question is, who will triumph? and what are the predictive programming hints? I thought you would never ask. I discovered this in a comment on a video of Heather. It got a lot of attention and I will be showing many comments from the various videos I saw, that will show a huge consensus among the common people that show great insight, perception and awareness that surprised me and caught me off guard. I'll leave off here and cover the hidden hints of the first Poltergeist film in the next blog. And I have a home assignment for you:

Collative Learning  By author and director in the past, Rob Ager

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Hidden depths of POLTERGEIST (film analysis)

35K views      1 month ago   Truth1: isn't it interesting that Rob Age should have posted this just 1 month ago, almost as if it was to support me. I had no idea, one month ago, that I would be investigating the death of Heather O'Rourke. But here I am. << T1 end
Rob: Poltergeist has a good reputation as a piece of basic commercial entertainment, but it's aesthetic and technical craftsmanship is still very under-appreciated. This video digs beneath the surface . . . .

Rob will be your "first time." He does not deal with the real supernatural or go out on a limb. That's my department. the safe path is no fun to me. Rob will be useful in pointing out many small details for it is in those small details, that all the clues have been hidden. But that remains for me to prove. I will suggest to you that Speilberg's Poltergeist was a very special project and Satan saw Speilberg as the guy he wanted to do this very special movie, required by Jehovah. All the things this family, in the movie experiences is symbolic as all hidden prophecy is.

But in particular, what is done to the boy and his movie sister. The truth is, that the demons pursuing the 2 young children is the real focus of this movie. The 2 kids are the real stars of this movie. They represent all children. The Movie is a brag on Satan's part, but also an exposure of him. And it is designed to test us all on how perceptive we are. Are we awake and waiting? Or are we asleep at the wheel.

This was going to be a movie done in 1982, the year deemed to be important for this hidden veiled message to be placed into the movie as a sort of prophecy. The movie was also designed to show the cooperation that takes place between Satan's followers and Satan and his "brothers" in the spirit world, that we would call demons.

If you have seen this movie before, you will never see it the same way as before. Hold on tight. 2019 was, I suspect, the year for this to be exposed, fully! To see the world as never before. The veil is being ripped in two. I am waiting on the DVD of this movie to arrive so I can show you the frames you need to see, to understand what is really going on. Meanwhile, my next blog will show the 1982 prophecy in this movie, that foretells when Heather would die, 6 years later, and where, too. But the movie will reveal far more than that, too. You'll see . . . maybe. Its up to you!

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