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The Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke #7

I had the choice of first reporting what Heather's mom said the doctors told her, or giving you the medical facts first. I decided that the facts first would make the lies stand out more. I have two very reputable, from the world's point of view, sources of medical info. This so that no one need doubt the lies and coverup of doctors and hospitals. Then we will consider Mom's account of what she was told. And away we go!

Intestinal obstruction

Mayo Clinic


Colon and small intestine

Intestinal obstruction is a blockage that keeps food or liquid from passing through your small intestine or large intestine (colon). Causes of intestinal obstruction may include fibrous bands of tissue (adhesions) in the abdomen that form after surgery, an inflamed intestine (Crohn's disease), infected pouches in your intestine (diverticulitis), hernias and colon cancer.

Without treatment, the blocked parts of the intestine can die, leading to serious problems. However, with prompt medical care, intestinal obstruction often can be successfully treated.


Signs and symptoms of intestinal obstruction include:

When to see a doctor

Because of the serious complications that can develop from intestinal obstruction, seek immediate medical care if you have severe abdominal pain or other symptoms of intestinal obstruction.



The most common causes of intestinal obstruction in adults are:

In children, the most common cause of intestinal obstruction is telescoping of the intestine (intussusception).

Other possible causes of intestinal obstruction include:

Risk factors

Diseases and conditions that can increase your risk of intestinal obstruction include:

End of Mayo report

T1: It was claimed by a San Diego hospital and Coroner's office that Heather could have been suffering from this all her life. But a number of comments in the video dispute this, one of them having had the problem, saying that you cannot miss it and it is very painful. Heather had always been healthy. In fact, she was a radiant, healthy looking child. Lets consider another medical source.

From the Boston Children's Hospital 

Intestinal Atresia and Stenosis | Symptoms & Causes

What causes intestinal atresia and stenosis?

Experts believe that intestinal atresia and stenosis are caused by an inadequate supply of blood to your baby's intestines during fetal development. They appear to run in families, although a specific genetic cause has yet to be discovered.

What are the symptoms of intestinal atresia and stenosis?

The small intestine (small bowel) varies in length between 10 and 28 feet, and is divided into three main sections: the duodenum, jejunum and ileum. Intestinal obstructions are usually classified according to where in your child's intestine the absence, blockage or narrowing is found. Obstruction in the duodenum is known as duodenal atresia/stenosis and obstructions in the jejunum or the ileum are both called jejunoileal atresia/stenosis.

Jejunal obstruction may accompany intestinal malrotation, hernia or abdominal wall defects that strangle the small intestine, interrupting its blood supply. About half of all infants with duodenal obstruction are born prematurely, and more than 30 percent have Down syndrome. Between 50 and 75 percent have other anomalies, which often affect other parts of the digestive system, the heart or the kidneys.

If your baby has an intestinal obstruction, it will usually be discovered within a day or two of his birth. You or your child's doctors may notice that your baby:

Boston Children's Hospital has been named the #1 children's hospital in the nation by U.S. News and World Report for the fifth year in a row! It's an honor that we could not have achieved without you. On behalf of every member of our Boston Children's team, thank you for inspiring us to be bolder, dream bigger, and make the impossible possible for our patients and families.

Sandra L. Fenwick, CEO        End of Boston Children's Hospital

T1: Heather did not have the condition of intestinal stenosis until her very last days. And it is not certain, but not unreasonable that Stenosis was the cause of her death, but based only on symptoms, she could have been poisoned. Britney Murphy was shown to have very high levels of a number of toxic heaven metals. Arsenic is just as effective as anything else. Arsenic, if one had a borderline dose, could linger and even appear to get better briefly, unless one adds some more, seeing the person is not dead yet.

But we do have the testimony of a girl who says that something was shoved into Heather's rectum and was either stuck or an injury was caused. And the mother was lied to, about what had really happened. Keep in mind that if the girl telling about this was Drew and she had just turned age, born in December And Heather died, Feb.1, 1 month and some days from Drew's birthday.

I presume that Heather was being readied for death, on Feb. 1, right after the Superbowl that would signal and complete the signpost event of a ritual Murder. That is known as pre-meditated murder, a.k.a., Murder1 in USA law code. And we could also throw in the "tort of conspiracy" and/or "accomplices to Murder 1."

This is also a good example of why Satan likes to be the one to out himself as opposed to letting God do so. Satan tried to imply that he is in power, fully and completely. And He is pretty much in control of everything, except for some key things that God reserved to Himself and He also limited Satan in some options and prerogatives. But for the most part, All things are Satan's until the Antichrist, the fake Jesus, dies at the end of 7 years after his arrival or coming out. Then God starts some of His operations to bring all things to a close.

Next are the details of Heather's final days of medical problems by the best accounting I can find. We will match it up with Mom's account to follow it.

Poltergeist III

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Poltergeist III is a 1988 American supernatural horror film and is the third and final entry in the original Poltergeist film series. Writers Michael Grais and Mark Victor, who wrote the screenplays for the first two films, did not return for this second sequel; it was co-written, executive produced, and directed by Gary Sherman, and was released on June 10, 1988 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The film was panned by critics, and was a box office disappointment.

Heather O'Rourke and Zelda Rubinstein were the only original cast members to return. O'Rourke died four months before the film was released and before post-production could be completed. It was dedicated to her memory.

Death of O'Rourke

At the time Poltergeist III began shooting in spring of 1987, Heather O'Rourke had been ill for several months with what was misdiagnosed as Crohn's disease, and subsequently underwent medical treatment during parts of the filming. Principal photography for the movie lasted from April 13 to June 26 of that year, with June 10, 1988 as the film's scheduled release date. After O'Rourke completed filming, she returned home to California with her illness appearing to be in remission. However, in late January 1988, O'Rourke suddenly became ill again, her condition rapidly deteriorated, and she died on February 1, 1988 (barely a month after her 12th birthday) during Poltergeist III's post-production period.

After the completed film was rated PG by the MPAA in November 1987, Sherman and the studio decided to re-shoot at least part of the ending with a different special effects sequence. Planning and design for the new SFX make-ups took place between December 1987 and January 1988, with a possible shooting date set for early February. Following O'Rourke's death, Sherman did not want to complete the film, but pressure from the studio prevailed, and the entire ending was re-shot in March 1988 using a stand-in for O'Rourke. In April, a re-edited version of the film including the new ending was submitted to the MPAA, after which it received a PG-13 rating. The finished film proved to be a critical and box office failure. Sherman has said that although he is proud of portions of the movie (particularly the creative use of mechanical "in camera" effects instead of the traditional optical effects often seen in movies of that genre), it is the least favorite of his films.[citation needed]

O'Rourke's death complicated MGM's marketing campaign, out of fear of appearing to be exploiting her death.[4] Skerritt and Allen were discouraged from giving interviews about the film to avoid questions about O'Rourke's death.[5]   << END Wikipedia

 Heather had no problems as a child. Her problems did not start until shooting for the 3rd sequel and underwent medical "treatment" during the filming. She "appeared" to be in remission.

I am re-pasting this from #2 in the Heather series

It was shortly before the pre-production of Poltergeist 3 that Heather began to feel sick. She had been sick a little bit before this, but it didn't seem like anything unusual, just the common flu. When Heather didn't improve, her mother took her back.

>Truth1: What happened just before pre-production? Had she been making any appearances anywhere? Everything seemed to be fine for some time. The career was going nicely. What changed?

I propose that Heather's murder/sacrifice had been planned at least before the 1st Poltergeist movie, released June 4, 1982, began production earlier. That will be for another blog. But with movie production not too far away, the plotting was now becoming a reality to be carried out. I'll give you a hint. The doctors were lying about Heather's health problems in my opinion. The doctors were in on it. Every important person in Southern Cal. was in on it in one way or another.

Hollywood is an extension of the even more wicked CIA. The two are inseparable. Thru their vast California network, they can reach out and "touch" anyone they want and do them in. The CIA also worships the devil and invokes him in their mind control programming activities. A vast network stands every ready to lend a hand to Hollywood and the devil. I will get into the details in upcoming blogs. <<T1 end

This time, the doctors suggested that maybe Heather's illness was a reaction to a spider bite. Her mother wasn't convinced, and took Heather back yet again when the medication she had been taking wasn't helping her.

Truth1: A spider bite? are you kidding me? Mom was not buying it. The medication was not working. The doctors knew it was not that. They were lying. They were in on the plan.

They did tests and found that Heather's intestinal tract was infected with an organism called Giardia lamblia. This was common in the area where Heather lived, and usually found it's way into someone's body if they drank untreated water.

Heather wasn't recovering from her illness. One day she came home from school with swelling to her feet and lower legs. Heather's mother then decided that it was time to take her to the doctor. The doctor informed them that this was only another symptom of the flu. They were told to monitor the illness and bring her back if they needed to. This puzzled the doctors though, because Heather drank the same water as her family, and none of them were infected. Heather was given medication to treat this, and her condition seemed to improve.

Truth1: The doctors suggested the flu, a spider and Giardia lamblia. In all cases, I believe the doctors were lying. I'll bet they knew exactly what it was. Something was used to make Heather feel rotten. Low dose arsenic could do that. Her feeling sick all the time would lessen any suspicion of foul play if she were to later die. That is what they were doing in one way or another. Or they could have known what it was, and were not telling mom. They were going to let it kill Heather.

Now the "Drew" testimony said the injury took place near to Feb. 1987. This is a full year before Heather began to get ill. It does not quite fit into the timeline. A major injury to the bowels or more likely the Colon, would have shown up immediately. Perhaps it is not Drew who gave the testimony. Or maybe the "entertainment lawyer account is a lie, to throw us all off the trail. Maybe it was said to help us understand how badly abused these kids were. The problem here is that Everyone could be lying to make it impossible to come to a fairly sound conclusion. Obviously, Heather died of something very serious and the doctors were lying like hell. We have enough testimony from other the years and more recent, to know abuse is real, chronic, systemic, and extreme. But the exact detail may elude us. I will try to narrow it down.

I am going to ignore the "Drew testimony, though it might well be someone else, since the girl said that she and Heather were the same age at the time of the account. If it were Drew, she would be nearly a year older than Heather.  Then again, if it were Drew, she was such a party girl at that time that she may have gotten facts confused. Our spies and informants are lacking some details on the enemy. But we can not just walk away from a murder. We have to use what we have. Mom's account and that of Wikipedia seem to harmonize on the timing and problems. Its the best evidence we have been able to gather from our "agents in the field," consulting contacts.

The doctors are either totally incompetent, which sadly, is not so far fetched. But they acted so stupid and were continually wrong, that I can only accept that it was deliberate and that they were hiding the real cause so that Satan might get his chosen sacrifice on precisely the date desired.

Arsenic facts  

Doctors: Unusual Circumstances Surrounded Actress' Death

 ″I would have expected a lot of (digestive) difficulties throughout her life and not just to have developed a problem all of a sudden,″ said Dr. Daniel Hollander, head of gastroenterology at University of California, Irvine, Medical Center. Other specialists, also unconnected with the case, said Wednesday it was possible she died as the resulted of a birth defect, but added that the circumstances of her death were extremely unusual.

Terry Merryman, spokeswoman for Children’s Hospital of San Diego, said Heather died Monday of septic shock due to congenital stenosis of the lower intestine, or bowel. That means she died of shock caused by infection in the blood, which in turn was caused by a birth defect that made a section of her intestine abnormally narrow.

Such narrowing typically reduces bowel diameter to one-eighth inch instead of the normal half inch, impeding movement of food and fluid through the bowel. The defect usually is apparent at birth because it causes severe abdominal pain, vomiting and nausea, Hollander said, adding that it is very rare for the disorder to kill an older child who lacked prior symptoms.

Mike Meyer, the actress’ manager and lawyer, said Heather didn’t suffer chronic digestive problems, and the bowel narrowing

wasn’t discovered until she underwent surgery and died on the operating table after suffering cardiac arrest en route to the hospital.

What the good lawyer was suggesting is that Heather was just fine, health-wise, until she underwent surgery and died there on the operating table. He might even have been suggesting that they just let her lay there to die, without treating her. He knew there was an obvious lawsuit against the Hospital or more than one hospital or doctor. Now about that so called blockage. I say it was total Bullsh#t. That was going to be the excuse and they would claim it might have been there since infancy. No. It would have created problems right away. No such thing.

Now the Claim of the Entertainment lawyer and a supposed girl of about the same age as Heather, I say this was a smokescreen which is why the facts do not fit well. The supposed girl claimed horrific abuse of Heather, figuring  that would be readily believed in 2019. The idea was to sell us on the bowel obstruction or puncturing. But were that the case, she would not live another month like she did. That kind of injury would require immediate surgery with no guaranteed success.

What they wanted to avoid most, was the suggestion of murder in the hospital or malpractice. If it came out 30 years later, it would not be so bad. but not there, then, at that time so close to all the facts and circumstances. This is why Satan much prefers blowing the whistle on himself than to have God do it. My contention would be that it is likely that the hospitals and doctors and even ambulance staff were all well informed of the expected event and have them prepared to act as instructed. I can not rule out poisoning and Hollywood owns the Coroners as well. Cali is one big corrupt state full of CIA spooks and Mind control programmers, Hollywood pedophile Barrons and the biggest network of Satanic cults in the USA. Absolutely anything is possible.

I think there is a good possibility that poison was also used. Its common in Hollywood. Another good reason for trying to push the Bowel Obstruction narrative. It would be real interesting to exhume Heather and have a handpicked Coroner to make the examination.

As it stands now, there was a closed session arbitration with a settlement reached and kept secret. They probably wanted to buy the silence of the mother. They might have concluded that by 2019 there would be a few nosy bastards like Truth1 poking around into these matters. Buying mom was an insurance policy.

Below was the offical report of the Coroner

Heather O'Rourke's Grieving Mother Tells Why She's Suing Her - People › Archive
Jun 13, 1988 - She was only 5 when she made the first Poltergeist film, playing a child kidnapped by evil spirits. ... But on Feb. 1, seven months after she finished filming, Heather died of cardiac-pulmonary arrest and septic shock, the result of an undetected intestinal blockage.

Truth1's analysis and verdict

Heather never had a birth defect and in fact, was exceptional in form, beauty, and health. not the slightest sign of bad health not any medical records to state otherwise. Heather dies of un-natural causes  which no hospital, doctor, or coroner wants to admit. Mom is not likely to have anything to say, anymore. She does a lot of videos of Heather and some other kids, too. No conspiracies that I could find.

Heather was a chosen sacrifice, Chosen by Satan, himself. She was to be perfect in every way (except for the sin of Adam. Therefore, it is at least possible, though not  likely, that no one might have been allowed to touch her. Now Macaulay Culkin said that some big wig producer has shoes made from Heathers skin and he was not the only one. She was a prized item. I believe this account as the same thing was reported in the Hampstead scandal by Alisa and Gabriel Gareeva, now called by the last name Dearman.

Heather O'Rourke's Grieving Mother Tells Why She's Suing Her - People › Archive
Jun 13, 1988 - She was only 5 when she made the first Poltergeist film, playing a child kidnapped by evil spirits. ... But on Feb. 1, seven months after she finished filming, Heather died of cardiac-pulmonary arrest and septic shock, the result of an undetected intestinal blockage.

We can never be sure about many details, but there is no question that Hollywood rapes and other wise abuses kids on a mass scale, and they love to be cruel. What I hope people can see is how bad all of California has been for a long time. But I do think it is clear that a coverup was in full force and that Heather was a planned ritual murder/sacrifice that should be fairly easy for an average American to comprehend.
Was Heather passed around in Hollywood? If not she would be the 1st to escape it. I say the odds are against her except for the sacrifice aspects. And who know what was discussed tween Satan and God on the matter.

I am going to next be showing the vast numbers of commenters in the various videos related to this case. They are fascinating for the strong united consensus that appears from the comments. I was quite pleased.

After that will be a screen save analysis of the movie footage of the first Poltergeist Movie. The DVD showed up this evening in the mail. There were/are a lot of things communicated in this very important movie.

 Truth1 Out!                      

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