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The Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke #8

  As I had gathered information from various videos concerning Heather and some other child actors (and Britney Murphy) I noticed that the comments were strong and they were fairly united in they opinions. It was far from being 50/50. I had noticed on Yahoo, back in 2012 to 2014, roughly, that likes or thumbs up or down, agree or disagree or something like that, and they were clearly displayed so that you could calculate the percentage ratio of those favoring a comment and those disliking it. In almost every topic brought up, there was an overwhelming consensus of 90 to 98% agreement on many issues. What this was clearly indicating consistently and dramatically, was that the general population, mostly American frequently came to a united agreement on many issues. It is no less the case with youtube comments or likes vs. dislikes.

Then it struck me that the press, news and other media seemed to always suggest fairly close numbers of those for or against something. This was the very opposite of what was being shown on Yahoo. So I grabbed screen saves to publish in some of my articles. It was not very long when Yahoo decided to stop publishing all the info up front and they created a link so that if you wanted to see the numbers, you had to go out of your way in a new screen view. Most of it would not be on the opening screen, as it had once been.

The net and the Status quo do not want you to know that most people have the same general opinions on many things. They would have you believe it was near to 50/50. On some issues, that is the case. But much more often, it was agreement, not division. The Media tries to sell you a false reality of how American feels about various topic and positions. They will try to make you think that you are the only one who thinks like you do. Or they will try to convince you that opinions are 50/50 with a mere 5 point difference of 45 to 55% or 55 to 45%. Too often that is a pure lie. What I want t show you is the extreme consensus and agreement that that exists when it comes to Hollywood rapists and abusers of children on grand scale. There is not the slightest bit of doubt in their minds that Hollywood is guilty, 100%.

Many also relate info that contradicts the lies of the media, doctors, hospitals, police, courts, and so much more. The NEWs would have us believe that nobody believes those crazy conspiracy theories. But if you spend a lot of time on Youtube watching conspiracy videos, you will see that same consensus that was manifest on Yahoo, in say 2013. Few believe the lies of of the News and other Media. It's not a minority. Its a majority. This is what concerns government the most.

I will relate this experience I had, tending the parking facilities there and operating a booth as well. Businessmen coming back found their cars moved after 911 and other disruptions like the absurdity of the National Guard walking around with Automatic rapid fir weapons. It looked so ridiculous and laughable. At the time, the Portland Jetport (PWM) had been in the process of new construction since Feb. 2001 and had creates an off site parking lot with a shuttle to take people to the terminal or back. A businessman, that I never would have thought would say or suggest that it was a dirty government trick or that at least, they were very suspicious. These were guys wearing suits and frequently traveled. They were typically 35 to 55 in age. I would have seen them all as part of the system, so to speak.

But it was quite clear, that they were very annoyed with the BS at the Jetport and did not believe it was legitimate.  They thought the off site parking lot where many cars were towed from Jetport parking near to the terminal and deposited in the off site lot about a mile away with a shuttle waiting to serve them, were an interesting convenience or coincidence. But the Jetport had recently got low cost carriers to service Portland in an attempt to lure people to using Portland Maine facilities instead of going to Manchester New Hampshire to fly. The decision to get low cost carriers to operate in Portland, was an incredible success.

But it was clear that big business people were a lot more similar to the common people than I ever would have believed. They were not happy about newly developed Police State.

I am never surprised at the "little people" being authority haters. But to see and hear so many "establishment types" express the very same sentiment, was a complete shock to me. I never would have guessed it. But I can assure you that those in power do not want you to know about the substantial consensus that exists among a substantial part of the population. Spread the word!

The following was one of my articles that used the Yahoo stats. not much later, they stopped showing a lot of the relevant data for fear you would easily see what Truth1 was referring to.

 The net media like Yahoo and Youtube, are every bit as evil as the mainstream media. They want to hide truth from you. It is said, if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear.  They fear a lot. They are afraid that some are waking up and might actually come to God and be spared death come Judgment day, or be brought back to life if killed for believing in God and obeying Him even to being willing to die for their trust in God. Satan will test that trust that is in some.

Demons are jealous that humans have the opportunity to be redeemed and justified, because they are human and have the valid excuse of Adam throwing our chances away by his disobedience. Demons do not have any excuse, being born directly of God and fully knowing and understanding the consequences of the decision they made to not wait for God to prove His point. Their haughty impatience cost them. They hate that we have a 2nd chance. They want to rob us of that chance, if possible. Don't let them do that.


Below are comments that show a clear consensus of opinion regarding Hollywood in general.

I squeezed these screen saves together in Photoshop for sake of memory and space. I ended up just saving the text for the sake of memory and loading speed and to avoid work in Photoshop. These all came from the references that I place above.

Truth1:  I will supply the links at the end of this so you can go check it out direct. But there was a mysterious absence of opposers in these comment sections and everyone is down on Hollywood. This every appearance of a strong consensus and agreement in the opinions of the population. I find this refreshing and encouraging.

I do note below that some are posting to a Kayleigh 1999. There is a channel by that name that I would take to be Heather's mom. If I may, of all the kids who have been abused or ended up dead, Kayleigh seems the most upset and devoted to her daughter. I have come across many "mom's from hell" in researching this. Kayleigh does not seem like a mom from hell. I do sense that many just find it a little hard to believe that any mom could have so little interest or suspicion about leaving a young child in the exclusive care of people and an industry that has long had rumors and allegations and many scandals. Whether mom was too trusting or perhaps dulled by the money pouring in, or just too trusting, I think it reasonable to be cautious with this mom, because as I said above before, she seems to grieve a lot more than I have seen, otherwise.

On the other hand, I fully relate to those who find it a bit hard to believe that anyone could trust such a creepy crowd so completely. Many in these comments seem to be the types that are very protective or would be, if it were them. I can only say that we all speak in hind sight and we have never felt the temptation that Kayleigh could have felt. She had the one daughter in a million or even a billion, that I suspect, Satan handpicked to be a sacrifice to him thru Hollywood. They were not going to let mom say no. If Satan had said to his earthly servants, "This is the girl I want. You get her. I don't care about the price. You just do it! You never say no to Satan if you have made a deal with him.

But since so much is not knowable to us, I believe that caution and mercy ought to be present in reasonable measure. Kayleigh seems to me to be among the better part of the many thousands of parents who have turned kids over to Hollywood and other movie producing nations like the UK.

I do not find any posts by Kayleigh, but she might have deleted them or the ID temporarily. There are a few more replies to her to come.

These are those I saved in text form.

The Eerie Super Bowl Poster You Probably Never Noticed in ‘Poltergeist’

Grim Citizen 2 years ago

I have the movie and it does say 1988-XXll. That is very creepy!

Michael Tatlock 2 years ago

What a highly original article! I never knew this before... well before 2012 that is.

Why was there a 1988 Super Bowl poster in the 1982 movie Poltergeist? Has anyone involved with the movie ever explained it?

 Trent Tomlinson

Trent Tomlinson, I read and write horror stories. Also a fan of horror films.

Answered Aug 11, 2018 · Author has 84 answers and 62.1k answer views

As far as I know, no one involved with the film has explained or addressed this.

The presence of the poster and lack of explanation has led to it becoming part of the legendary ‘Poltergeist Curse’. It is often misreported that Heather O’Rourke, who portrayed Carol Anne Freeling in the films, passed away on the day of the 1988 Super Bowl XXII. In truth she passed away during surgery on February 1st 1988; the day after the event. The close proximity of the two events can raise eyebrows but I see it as just a coincidence.

Possible reasons for the poster being there - who knows! It could have been a nod to a future project that Spielberg or Hooper were working on at the time. Given the nature of their relationship and the amount of Star Wars merchandise represented in the bedroom it could also be a nod from Spielberg to something Lucas was developing under the radar. The most plausible reason is that it is just a poster that the character Robbie had drawn because he had dreams of playing in the Super Bowl one day - or simply attending. Out of all the possibilities - this one makes sense. His father in the film, Steven Freeling (Craig T. Nelson), was a sports fan and probably enjoyed sharing his love of the game with his son.

As for the silence over the matter from those involved in the production of the film. Given the fact that Heather O’Rourke tragically died at such a young age (shortly after her 12th birthday) I imagine those who knew her and were part of series production felt it would be vile to use O’Rourke’s death to add any verity to the claims of a ‘Poltergeist Curse’. People tend to perpetuate the notion of a curse because it builds a mystique around something. In this case, it would have been perverse and disrespectful to the tragic death of a young girl.

What REALLY happened to Heather O’Rourke?

Kayleigh 1999

Published on Aug 2, 2018

For you guys who don’t know her she was an American child actress from the 80s. She’s best known for playing the blonde hair little girl in the movie, Poltergeist and it’s sequels. She passed away in 1988 from a blockage in in her intestines which was caused by a narrowing in her bowel. Now recently they have been reports that Heather was raped and THAT lead to her death. Heather was never sexually assault or raped at ANY point in her life! Her family has been through enough and they don’t need people blaming them for their daughters death. Heather never told them she was in pain until it was too late.

Kayliegh listed as 7


Published on Jul 13, 2017

Heather o'rourke's last months on Earth.

December 27th,1975-February 1st,1988. This video includes July-December 1987

Heather O'Rourke's Grieving Mother Tells Why She's Suing Her Child's Doctors for Wrongful Death

By   John Stark  Eleanor Hoover  and  Peter Keogh     June 13, 1988 12:00 PM

Heather O’Rourke gave this interview last June. Had fate been kinder, Heather would be jetting about the country now, promoting Poltergeist III, which opens this week. But on Feb. 1, seven months after she finished filming, Heather died of cardiac-pulmonary arrest and septic shock, the result of an undetected intestinal blockage.

The news was startling. How could the popular child star have died so suddenly? Heather’s mother, Kathleen O’Rourke Peele, 38, is furious over what she believes is the answer. Last month she filed a wrongful-death suit in California Superior Court in San Diego County claiming her daughter’s illness was misdiagnosed, eventually causing her death. The suit’s primary defendants are the Kaiser Foundation Hospital and Southern California Permanente Medical Group, a plan in which patients are treated by a rotating staff of physicians. Kathleen states that she received a letter—dated March 30, 1987—from Dr. James Tipton of L.A.’s Kaiser Foundation Hospital saying that there was “conclusive radiographic evidence for Crohn’s disease [a chronic inflammation of the bowel].” The suit charges that the operation performed on Heather on the day she died at Children’s Hospital and Health Center in San Diego established conclusively that she did not have Crohn’s disease but an acute bowel obstruction due to a congenital stenosis. “It was an intestinal blockage that had probably been present since birth,” says Kathleen. “The X rays taken, if properly read, would have disclosed that this was the kind of condition that should have been treated surgically.” Says Kaiser spokesman Alan Mann: “We have reviewed the case extensively and are satisfied that the diagnosis made, and the care provided, was accurate.”

Beverly Hills attorney Sanford Gage, Kathleen’s lawyer, is seeking unspecified damages. “It covers both the personal loss [the emotional stress suffered by Heather’s mother] and the economic loss,” says Gage. “The economic loss is difficult to project, but from our preliminary investigations, I’d say we’re talking about a career that was very sizable, maybe greater than $10 million.” Gage claims the suit wasn’t intentionally filed to coincide with the release of Poltergeist III, “It’s taken my office 3½ months to obtain all the records and X rays and put them in the hands of medical experts,” he says.

Sitting in Gage’s office, Kathleen dissolves into tears while publicly talking about her daughter’s death for the first time. “The first month was awful. I had to force myself to get up, to eat,” she says. “Shopping was almost impossible. What Heather liked best was to coordinate everything in one color, from shoes to earrings. Another thing, I couldn’t cook in the kitchen anymore. Heather loved pies, cakes and cookies, and I used to make them for her. In the beginning I didn’t know if I was going to make it. I thought, ‘Why go on?’ ”

The first sign of Heather’s illness, Kathleen says, appeared in January 1987. Heather was at home at the time with her mom, step-dad Jim Peele, 45, and sister, Tammy, now 16, at their three-bedroom house in the woods of Big Bear, Calif., 120 miles east of L.A. The simple A-frame house had been purchased with money Heather had earned. (Kathleen married Jim, a part-time truck driver, in 1984, three years after divorcing Michael O’Rourke, a construction worker who is Heather and Tammy’s father.) Heather began feeling nauseous. Kathleen took her to a Kaiser facility in San Diego; she had been enrolled in the Kaiser plan earlier by her ex-husband’s union. “I had taken her to Kaiser three or four times that month,” says Kathleen. “They kept telling me she had the flu.”

Then Heather’s feet began swelling. Kathleen took her back to Kaiser, where they put her in the hospital for a few days of tests. They discovered she had a parasite called Giardia and gave her the drug Flagyl to kill it. The drug seemed to work. “Essentially, Heather was fine,” says Kathleen. “You know how kids are. They bounce right back.” But Kathleen, who considers herself an “overprotective mother,” took Heather back to Kaiser for a follow-up visit just before filming was to start on Poltergeist III. “They did an X ray after giving her this chalky, white barium stuff to drink,” says Kathleen. “And they found that the parasite cleared up, but there still was some kind of inflammation. They called what they saw Crohn’s, and they put her on cortisone and sulfa.”

During the time they were in Chicago for Poltergeist III, April through June, there were no symptoms, says Kathleen. However, she did take Heather to a private doctor there to see about getting her off the cortisone, which had caused her face to puff up. “She was rather embarrassed about her chipmunk cheeks,” says Kathleen. Heather was gradually eased off the drug, and by September her face went back to its normal proportions. “She was delighted,” recalls Kathleen.

To celebrate the end of shooting, Heather, her mother and her truck-driver stepfather unhitched the cab of his 18-wheeler and spent two months, July and August of 1987, driving from Chicago to Disney World in Florida and then back to L.A. “It was the vacation of a lifetime,” says Kathleen. “Heather’s health seemed excellent.”

Just before starting Poltergeist III, the family had moved from Big Bear (the doctors at Kaiser had told Kathleen that parasites were more common in a mountain area) to a large, two-bedroom apartment in Lakeside, Calif. There seemed to be no further cause for alarm until Sunday, Jan. 31, 1988, when Heather woke up vomiting. During the day, Kathleen had Heather drink Gatorade, which Kaiser doctors had recommended as a stomach remedy. The next morning, Feb. 1, Heather got up and informed her mother she was going to school. “I told her, ‘No, you’re not!’ ” says Kathleen, who tried feeding her some toast. “She said, ‘I can’t even swallow.’ Then I noticed her fingers and toes were blue, and she started to breathe real heavy, kind of fast. And her stomach was distended. I called our local doctor and his office said, ‘Bring her right in.’ About 20 seconds later she fell on the floor. That’s when I called the paramedics.”

Suffering from septic shock, Heather was still conscious when the paramedics arrived. When one asked her if she was feeling bad, she said, “A little.” On the way to the ambulance Kathleen says she told Heather, “I love you,” and Heather replied, “I love you, too.” They were the last words mother and daughter exchanged.

During the less than 10 minutes it took the ambulance to drive to American Medical International Hospital in El Cajon, eight miles away, Heather suffered cardiac arrest and lost consciousness. The paramedics tried to revive her. She arrived there at 9:25 a.m. She was “technically dead,” says Kathy Beaudoin, the head of nurses. After doctors resuscitated her, they helicoptered her to Children’s Hospital and Health Center in San Diego, about 20 miles away, where she arrived at 10:45 a.m. in a critical state. Kathleen was joined at the El Cajon facility by husband Jim, who hadn’t been allowed to ride in the ambulance.

At Children’s Hospital Kathleen and Jim were told that Heather had suffered cardiac arrest and that her pupils were fixed, which could mean she had suffered brain damage. Suspecting a bowel obstruction, the doctors asked Kathleen and Jim for permission to perform an exploratory operation on her abdomen. They agreed. On finding an obstructed bowel, the doctors corrected it. “But it was too late,” lawyer Gage says now. “She was too far gone.” At 2:43 p.m. she was pronounced dead. “I was in shock,” says Kathleen. “I felt like someone was taking a knife and turning it and turning it.”

A service took place on Feb. 4 at the Lakeside Memorial Chapel. The next day the final burial rites were held at Pierce Brothers in Westwood, Calif. “It was an open casket. I asked for it,” says Kathleen. Before the casket was closed, Kathleen put a gold chain around Heather’s neck that had the letters F-R-l-E-N-D hanging from it. She kept the companion chain spelling B-E-S-T. “Heather gave me these for Christmas. She used to tell her friends that I was her best friend and not just her mom.”

Kathleen shows off pieces of a quilt she is making in Heather’s memory. Each square of heavy white cloth has been imprinted in color with pictures of Heather, her family, her friends, ads from the Poltergeist films and publicity stills. “When I lost Heather, it was like I lost my shadow,” says Kathleen, holding the still unsewn squares in her hands. Whatever the outcome of the lawsuit, Kathleen says, “my life will never be the same.”

—By John Stark, with Eleanor Hoover in Los Angeles and Peter Keogh in Chicago

Born: December 27, 1975, Santee, CA

Died: February 1, 1988, Rady Childrens Specialist, Encinitas, CA

Joined Oct 29, 2011 Dlux

Jamie Dlux

Published on Jan 15, 2019

 Poltergeist Actress Heather O’Rourke Killed By Hollywood Pedophile Ring?



POLTERGEIST Heather O'Rourke Story

Snuff Films - Child Murder #Pizzagate Documentary

Hollywood entertainment site called crazy days and nights. lawyer claims that heather was anally raped on the set of a TV show called Rocky road.

Humans are site reports that mid 80s was peak child molesting time in Hollywood. Drugs were common place. They were used to calm  and keep the kids from getting so hysterical when they were raped. Producers love to cast kids and tweens.

First molested when she was 5 or 6.

You must check out this YT channel for the greatest coverage of Hollywood abuse, anywhere on the Internet:

Jamie Clux

volumes of cases and revelations. You could spend several years going thru all this. Pick your favorites! They all lead to the same place and conclusions. There there is smoke, there is fire. And it is an absolute raging forest fire that is Calfornia. Or Cali-phoni-a, really.

I recommend these 2 videos on particular: Mary Anissa Jones was a young Girl on "Family Affair" in the 60s. She was the same age as me. Her story involves lots of TV sex abuse and she had a mother from hell. Her dad was good for her but he died very young.

Her Name was Anissa

This next one will simply blow you mind for the world wide corruption and the sexual use abuse of female actors. And the Premier mother from hell. this exposes Hollywood and so much more as to Hollywood coverups of murder, deceitful autopsies. Its a big network with w rabbit hole that has no bottom. The tragic heart-breaking story of Brittany Murphy

Re-examining Brittany Murphy  

The comments in this blog, to me, indicate a simmering undercurrent of people being aware of, and getting fed up with, what they know is going on, in secret, though struggling to keep it secret. In fact, I don't think it is a secret anymore. Most know but feel helpless. More is bound to come out in a big way. The will of God, the Father, and His appointed Son will not have it any other way. The bible promises a great crowd that will wash their robes clean in the blood of the Lamb. They were as the sands of the sea for numbers.

For me, this is wonderful. For the longest time, I could not see the signs of this happening. But it was too early. The more this goes on, there more there are that will wake up and choose God His promise of living forever in perfect health and beauty for all, with life being easy and enjoyable, not the living it is with Satan in charge. The world is slowly waking up now.

 Truth won Out!                                 

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