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The Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke #9

  This begins the film analysis of what is being communicated in a very subtle fashion. They always leave room for a plausible denial.


Lets go back in time to 1982, when this movie came out. Reagan was President, though at this time, the economy was having a down turn.

But California was looking like the American dream with pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The film starts out with credits.
The tree stands out for its twisted odd shape, but the development is sheltered by modest mountains, which which are very common in California. They don't have major roads running thru them. You get in and out of the development on a highway that runs beside it but not thru it. It keeps out strangers and shelters those inside it. But I will suggest that a number of these types of developments are intended to be isolated and private because the CIA


  would create these types of places for CIA families and other elite folks who are privy to CIA activities, such as mind control programming, which requires parents who know the basics of programming to prepare their kids to be programmed agents. The most documented CIA development as written about by Dave McGowan, is Laurel Canyon, which I will be writing about as well.  Brice Taylor grew up in a mind control family, carefullly coordinated with  CIA programming, in Woodland Hills. In the early 50s, it was a small little area and small roads, too. Now many TV and movie personalities live there in big houses.


For Brice, Satanic Ritual Abuse  was a constant feature. Her family belonged to a Baptist Church, which was a cover for the SRA activities. They had tunnels going from some houses to the church, Brice's included.

But for many others, life was sort of normal and comfortable, though even then, work kept dad busy. Daycares and Preschools were not uncommon at all. The 80s would begin the McMartin preschool lawsuit and criminal court prosecution that would end up being the longest and most expensive trial in US History. And it was the most covered-up and over scandal as well.

So as you watch these pictures (and be sure to watch the movie, too), keep in mind that not all that glitters is gold. Speilberg will use this setting to create the contrast of an idyllic lifestyle with a fictional (or not so fictional as the case may be) Horror that starts right off as soon as the credits are over.

The houses are fairly elaborate compared to many middle class developments in say my home state of Maine.  The California lifestyle was the envy of many Americans. and this being a sheltered enclave, makes it all the more so. Many places in Massachusetts are not as nice. Roads go right thru residential areas and crime is common. And Mass (Boston, Worecester) people make far more money than Mainers do. And they flood into Maine come weekends and vacations. But Cali also had the nice sunny dry weather which the film industry found desireable.


But it has to be said, that there is always that subtle undercurrent of general deviance that is hard to escape, even in sheltered communities like this one in this movie. My father was an building inspector who used to run into contractors who once lived in California and had to get out and they loved Maine by comparison. So again, not all that glitters is gold. These pictures look nice, but there is a certain amount of general decadence that Maine once avoided but has got caught up with some, due to so many from Mass. and NY and few from Conn. now, too. But in 1982, Maine was a great place to live as far as the  social climate goes.


See how big and elaborate these places are? this is the more affluent part of the village. Certainly, affluence was more abundant in Cali. Everything looks so calm and serene. That is what Speilberg wanted. He was going to show us a big contrast, which I feel was pronounced in the 80s, where every thing was starting to come apart, regarding the social fabric. Already at work were the massive networks of daycares and preschools making porn with children, and prostituting them throughout California and the NW. Most are unware of the many well substantiated claims made by 400 children and a number of former kids who said it

was done to them in the 70s as well. The kids were tormented and tortured, and threatened, as well.

So Speiberg is going to show us some metaphorical horror going on in this idylic middle class "paradise" or is it actually a hell? You'll notice the highway that divides one development from the other on the other side. Lots of light poles to light up the area at night for protection from invaders who do not live there. But though the metaphorical Horror is not real, there is a real horror going on in Hollywood and throughout California. Be Afraid. Be very Afraid. Especially for your children. Satan wants your children! Don't you doubt it! Many people flock to Cali in hopes of obtaining a part for their child or children.


 On such family lived across from me, one house to the left. and they took their teen daughter out to Cali. I don't think they had a chance. the problem is, once you are out there and not having success, you can get desperate and might start to consider things that you would not have considered previously. It was just tonight that I was watching MeTV airing Kolchak the Night Stalker, from the 70s. It just happened to be a guy offering Kolchak a deal with the devil. Most deals are indirect, thru an agent.  That is how it is done. the way the offer was made, seemed very accurate to me.


In order for Satan to get children and rape/torture them so that they are broken and a mess and resorting to drugs and alcohol and sex, he needs to make an offer big enough that it will cause moms, usually, to develop an unquestioning and very trusting attitude to allow the executives to have the children in their care with the parents not allowed on the set. They say there are laws against this now, but My thinking is that they just find other ways to get the kids out of the parent's supervision. A party, a field trip for the cast or something near to that. I do not believe it has stopped. Money and fame cause parents to be blind and go into denial.


The kids may even end up dying very young due to the abuse and resulting damage and reckless life styles. If they are deemed as out of control, no one will question their deaths. but the truth is that the abuse takes a toll on the kids that can easily lead to an early death. Satan loves to corrupt, ruin, and destroy.
But below left, you seen the carefree kids in their secure environment. Not just anyone can live in a place like this. Its not cheap. You can not live like a bum, either. There are many rules and restrictions. You must think and live like everyone else. Its all about conformity.




Every house has its own big lamp post. I see this as an overkill and extravagance, unless there is a lot more crime than I realize. But people with money do not know what to do with it all. And they like to brag and show off. "look at what I can afford!" "Aren't you impressed that I can afford to live here and conform? Its a sickness. The houses all look similar. Mail boxes are on the street so that the postal employees can get more done in less time. Push, push. Hurry Hurry.

Opulence abounds.


Below, more people wanting in on the lifestyle, so they can prove they are better than others and have "made it!"

This concludes the opening scenes of the movie. Trouble begins right away in the movie to follow in the next blog.

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