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The Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke #10


 We begin with dad asleep in the chair as the TV station signs off. Though we don't know it yet, the TV static is a gateway for the "TV people of the spirit realm to communicate if they so choose. And they do not choose the parent or anyone . . . except Carol Anne (CA from here on in). She is their object of desire. Who really are the TV people? CA awakes.


She starts talking to the TV, as if she had been summoned by the spirits (poltergeists, right?) Everyone awakes when CA is speaking loudly.

Below left:

The idyllic facade quickly begins to go wrong as we get a close look at the activity about to happen that shows a sudden change in this idyllic neighborhood. We see a guy riding a bicycle carrying a case of beer as we will soon find out.


The radio controlled cars cause the guy to fall over with the beer. He brings in the beer to the guys watching the LA Rams playing. Its quite the mess as beer is spraying everywhere.

Mister Rogers starts playing in place of the football game. The neighbor has a remote control that conflicts with the TV. A mild argument turns into a battle of remotes. Not all people get along in these suburban paradises.  Note the green Jersey with the number 12 on it. The Freeling boy will also be wearing a football shirt of a much different color, but it, too, is the number 12. Not sure if it was intended or not. If you have any insights, please pass them on to me.

In the next scene, the pet parakeet that mom calls tweety, is dead on the floor of the cage. It is another hint that all is not well at this point. CA walks in and sees the dead bird and is saddened. Her and mom use a cigar box to bury the bird with some mementos to go with it. the cigar box will be dug up for a swimming pool, although no one is aware of it except us, the movie audience. Now note carefully, the guy with the green jersey with the number 12. Not far below, the boy also had number 12 on his football jersey. These two scenes are maybe 30 seconds apart. Coincidence? I doubt it. But I had not been able to figure out what it stood for.

Then a guy that has been conversing with me once in a while over the last year to present, saw my call for anyone who might an insight on the significance of the 12. His name is Graeme. He also discovered a bible verse had been tampered with. That is no small feat. He nailed it immediately. Recall the Super Bowl poster? it predicted Heather's death and circumstance to the letter. And how old was Heather when she was murdered, says I? 12 years old. Need I say any more? Oh, yes, you're right. Thanks Graeme! you hit another one out of the park. Keep on smacking them out of the park, my friend! But for me, I am so happy that I spotted this feature, so that people might be that much more sure that none of  this is a coincidence. And to the best of my knowledge, I am the first to discover this, with Graeme's assistance. Touchdown! Score!

By the way, you will note that all the football stuff seems to be associated with Caroll Anne. She had the Ram Helmet on in the next part I cover. the has football stuff on or on his wall. The boy wears the number 12 to alert us that there is something to discover here, hidden, to be revealed at the proper time, which would seen to be right now, in 2019. All things football seem to forecast the murder of an innocent girl.

This whole movie is presenting something very wrong with the apparent America of about 1981 for the filming or 82 for the movie release. Could it be a symbol of the Hollywood dream of fame and money as well? And maybe the hint of bad things happening in Hollywood but kept hidden from the public? We’ll see. But as far as I am concerned, this movie was intended to reveal a number of hidden messages and symbols to be sought out by those smart enough to discern this from the poster above the boy’s head, point to the 1988 superbowl  in 1982.

Mom is about to flush the bird down the toilet when CA come along and has a look of hurt on her.

 11:35   Next we see mom and CA make a burial box for the dead pet bird. CA (Heather) has a very delicate innocent way about her and for her age, 5, she is a very good actress as well. I have no doubt that she was hand picked by the devil himself. And God would have likely said, whoever it is you choose, I reserve the right to bring her back to life, after I have locked you up for a 1000 years. More on that later. You must also understand that the devil loves to kill innocence and decency. They are the thing he hates the most. He already lost his battle trying to tempt Jesus and now he just wants to be miserable to the end. Innocence and purity are hallmarks of children and of God and His spirit sons in the "Heavenly realm."

The devil was and is really pissed off that he could not have his way. There was another way he could have tested God, without destroying Adam and Eve, but he was sure he could ruin God's design and make God look foolish. But he ended up being wrong. God would have said, if you wait and let my plan play out, you will see that it will work. But if you insist on causing all this disruption and you fail to prove your points, then you and those who go along with you, must die. So Satan is furious and he is going to take it out on us.


CA puts a picture in the box, for the bird she felt for. Again child-like sweetness and innocence. Incidentally, I had to lighten many of these pictures to make them more clear and visible. Most of the Movie was like done deliberately in darker tones to set the mood.

Then she covers the bird in a shroud, to show her deep respect for the bird/pet lost to her. All signs of reverence and concern for the dead, and decency, too. It is the exact opposite of society by 1981, who has no regard for anything, as will be evidenced by disturbing the burials and not showing them proper respect as CA did to a mere bird. It ought to give us all good reason to contemplate what we are and what our society has become. So the bird is ready for a proper burial. And that burial just happens to be where the pool is being dug, which also happens to be the Indian Burial ground. Indeed, those with great power in building and developing an empire here in the USA, a Freemason enterprise if ever there was one, had no regard for the Indians already inhabiting the USA in various tribes. The atrocities of the USA, as well as every other government on earth, are far too numerous to number.

As it was stated in Revelation in the Bible, that their sins had piled clear up to heaven. A very appropriate symbolism, which in this move is figured as the desecration of the dead, as if to add insult to injury. Many were wiped out, just for being in the way of "Progress." Now empire tramples on their burial graves, too. Is it possible that we kind of asked for this? Did we have it coming? Are we going to have to pay the piper afterall?

the boy is up in the tree when mom and CA are having a burial prayer. The boy from up on the tree says, Mom, then the bird rots, can we dig it up and see the bones? How ironic for in that very area, mom will get directly acquainted many bones from the graves of a Native American burial as the story goes. So these are hints that probably get missed for most movie goers their first time seeing it. But this is a good indication that there are many hints in this movie, and some of them have nothing to do with the Movie plot, but rather, a real plot to Murder, says I.

Night approaches and the clouds were moving in very fast as an approaching trouble for the Freeling family. The coming night will be scary. Below sure looks like a phallic symbol to me. They keep doing it, too. Although the 2 in 12 does not show here, it does on a pic below just a bit below the left side.

There is this very weird tree ( I believe it is an artificial tree made for the movie.) The boy climbs up it.

Well!? Are you convinced yet? Does Hollywood like little boys? You better believe it! And how!

Note the boy wearing number 12, a football Jersy.

 What is just below is great snap hot of 1981. Cali was bit more conservative in 81, as compared to 2019. Reagan was adored but many, but not me. I could not stand him. But I did not give a damn who won or ruled since they work for the same Devil. Reagan had the economy take temporary dive but by the time of the next election, it had recovered and Reagan was re-elected. America appeared to be booming and Cali was a big part of that. This was a huge boom for Cali, throughout the 80s. But not all was well in the USA either.

Japan was putting our car industry into a steep decline and was doing the same for electronics, TV's and VCRs and Reagan just looked the other way while all our jobs were disappearing. Now Dad was making good money in this Cali housing boom. Incredible amounts of money were being made. Hollywood made plenty of movies showing the wonderful lives of teens in the Cali suburbs.

But as well, Mexican immigration, both legal and illegal, was booming and we have yet to see how that is going to end up. But you can't flood a nation with immigrants all living on welfare, while tax paying Americans are losing their jobs to Asian competitors at alarming rates and not end up with one of the worst catastrophes of the last few centuries. Sooner or later the Bubble will burst. I Guarantee it! So just as we see disaster building in this movie, know that a disaster is building for us in 2019 as well. We will soon find out when our Alien invasion takes place, in more ways than one. You'll wish it was more like Poltergeist, by comparison.

The two kids are in their room as the storm thunders. CA feeds her gold fish and the boy stares nervously at the very ominous and scary looking tree at 14:00. And more thunder.

15:50 Mom is in bed and she has another one of those King Edward boxes like the bird was buried in and she rolls a joint and had been smoking just prior to that, too. By this time, everyone was smoking pot. It was not big deal any more. Dad was doing the same. And she was reading about nocturnal sonambulance, another name for sleep walking.  She speaks of a bad experience she had, doing that and swore it was genetic as CA was also doing it, so it would appear.  A somnambulistic trance is a deep trance where unusual powers can be summoned in the instinctive part of the mind. In this state, the person is very open to suggestions. Mind Control Programmers like that state a lot.

I ask at this point, was the movie hinting that maybe mom might have been a victim of mind control programming abuse? Brice Taylor's programming was breaking down in the early 80s. She was one of the first to begin breaking down and memories were coming out of hiding and Reagan was in office when it began. I urge you all to read that book, "Thanks for the Memories. It is available in PDF form and if you like it and appreciate the book (and you're crazy if you don't) that you then buy the book. It is one of the best books out on all aspects of Mind control programming, government, The CIA, California and Hollywood. You should not be without this book.

It is not outside of possibility that kids being abused, could also be put in this state to keep them from squealing or to dissociate when being raped. A hook could also be placed in an child, to be activated at a certain time or circumstance, a trigger put in place like a hand signal, a word, a sound or tone, a picture or similar. After a signal is given, the person becomes "inducted" and another ID in the mind takes over and carries out its instructions. Once inducted, more programming could be introduced. No one should have anything to do with the black art of Hypnosis, known as charming or casting a spell on someone in the Bible. (Deuteronomy 18).

Big business loved Ronnie Reagan. See dad reading about his "hero?

The approaching storm also brings with it the impending poltergeists to haunt the Freelings. The storm is shown moving fast and ominous.


The kids are scared that night. Dad says to count after a lightning flash and if in counting, the times get longer when the thunder goes of, then the storm is going away. Instead the counting is getting shorter, indicating far more is to come. The boy, and us, get our first look at the famous creepy clown. Clowns are pretty creepy anyway. Their origins are dark and part of the arts of black magic. That leads to Satan, eventually. As dad is leaving the room, CA holds the toy phone out, saying, Dad, it's for you.  Dad: "You tell him to take a message, Sweet Pea." He does not realize it’s a real call from the spirit world. Aren't we all being summoned to give more attention to why we are here and what the purpose and meaning of life is? Are we going to ignore that phone call from God? Man, do I hate clowns! We live in a clown world, don't we?

At 17:50, the When the thunder and lightning become active, the clown is noticed by the boy. He points his fingers like a gun and shots at the clown. Why was that there in the first place? Is the clown a symbol of the Hollywood pedophiles? The boy throws a blanket over the clown's head.

He gets back into bed and the jacket inside shows a picture of a wookie from Star Wars looking menacing, too. The boy comes into parents being sacred and dad goes back with him and the boy mentions he does not like the tree. The boy says the tree looks at him. “It knows I live here.” A leering child abuser? Dad called it a wise old tree that had been there a very long time. Truth1 speculating: "Why son, you have nothing to fear from that nice old man who drools over you.

He goes to his parents room and says the storm is getting closer. I swear this is a metaphor for the USA. A storm is coming, no doubt! But the boy is also alerting the audience that the storm is about to hit and hit hard. Dad goes back to bed and the kids count and a horrific bolt of lightning and thunder goes off and the kids end up in bed with mom and dad. According to Dr. Arthur Janov of the book, "The Primal Scream," kids should always be in bed with their parents. I agree. Not only that, but Jesus gave an illustration about a man being awakened:

NKJV Luke 11:

5 And He said to them, “Which of you shall have a friend, and go to him at midnight and say to him, ‘Friend, lend me three loaves;
6 ‘for a friend of mine has come to me on his journey, and I have nothing to set before him’;
7 “and he will answer from within and say, Do not trouble me; the door is now shut, and my children are with me in bed; I cannot rise and give to you’?
8 “I say to you, though he will not rise and give to him because he is his friend, yet because of his persistence he will rise and give him as many as he needs.
9 “So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.
10 “For everyone who asks receives,   and he who seeks finds,   and to him who knocks,  it will be opened.


While sleeping, the TV comes on as the TV station was signing off with the National Anthem. TV stations used to shut down at 11:30 pm and start again in the morning. CA wakes up as if summoned. Programmed?
Is it possible that the       signing off of the TV station would be a symbol of the waning days of America, a signing off, even as TV was about to undergo big changes as Cable TV channels, being only a few channels, would grow many more, with far more programming and outrageous Cable TV prices going thru the roof. Our money would soon be drying up. Our economic decay was well on its way.

as We had a big stock market crash in the fall, 1987, while Reagan was still president. It all seemed great in 81, but it would not last long. The 90s would bring a rude awakening in many places. America signing off at the end of the 80s. Nighty night! The TV is now in the control of demonic evil with the static showing.


CA gets out of bed and approaches the TV. A skeleton hand and arm try to reach and grab CA and she backs off. The has become very creepy. Pedos trying to reach out to little girls? It was happening at that time. No questions about it! A ray of light from the TV shines up at the wall at the head of the bed. And then all hell breaks loose. Its a major earthquake except that its only happening to the Freelings. Not another soul any where felt even a slight noise or vibration. The Freelings have a big problem on their hands. You know, the same could be said about us now in 2019.

Now take a look at what showed up during this "quake on the left. A 2nd bird or angel. I say that as this will have an explanation in the next installment revised. Just keep this in mind. I'll put it in the next article.
the quake stops and then Heather (CA) utters her iconic line, Their here! at 25:08

The pool excavation begins. 25:24 The Bird burial gets dug up by the excavator.


 Next day is sunny and the kids have a mild food fight. The Boy happens to notice his silver ware is all warped and bent. Unknown to us yet, the storm brought the arrival of a very powerful poltergeist up to no good.

Dad is on the phone telling his boss what happened last night to them. It becomes clear that it only happened to the Freelings.

Mom brings up "their here!" she asks  CA who she was talking to, last night. CA says, the TV people. CA had been watching the blank TV static screen. The TV people! This was a funny point in the movie. Mom says the TV screen is not good for her so she switches it to another channel which happens to be showing some horrific war battle going on and guy getting killed in hand to hand combat. We are all great for wanting to shield our children rather than discuss what they are seeing and how to reconcile it. Ignorance is not bliss. but as well, TV presents life in a way that is not real at all. People do not act on TV like they do and real life.

But it all seems real and life like that people do not think about how contrary people behave on TV. In this way, they get us to accept lies without any thought given to it. Its like serving us a soy burger and telling us its beef. We just take their word for it. We don't question TV or anything else. If you take a fake placebo pill, it won't do anything for you cause its not the real medicine. It transforms how we view the world. Its poison for our minds and thinking. There is a way to counteract it, but it requires examining and questioning what you are seeing. Do people really act that way? How do people act. Its that how life realty is? We do no teach critical analytical thinking. We do not teach about patterns and breaks in patterns. We are all mindless zombies, not thinking or questioning. TV wins by default. Damn those "TV" people, right?

But the truth is that nothing coming from TV is good for us. And TV becomes the metaphor for all the sinister things it does to our minds, by deliberately designed intent.

A very odd thing then happens to the kitchen chairs. They all end up pulled out. Mom pushes them back in and goes to the sink and cupboard.

Mom is at the sink and when she turns around, the chairs, without any noise, are all stacked on the Table.

Mom asks CA if the TV people did this and CA nods yes.


Ah, yes, those damned TV people, again! Always up to no good. Indeed, their origins certainly are demonic and I am not being figurative at this point. And in this movie, and in real life, those "TV" people are after everyone's kids, if possible, thru having them in TV shows and movies and back in the 80s, parents were not allowed on the set. The Pervs could do what they wanted and they did, and it was brutal. These TV people do not love sex as much as they love brutality. Their brain circuits are all scrambled.

Many of those in TV and movies were raised in Satanic cults that were all over California according to 450 kids testifying in the McMartin Pre-school trial of the 80s. In fact, throughout the USA in the 80s, were popping up daycare centers and preschools who were sexually assaulting the kids, making porn with them, prostituting them in a California network, killing animals and even people in a few instances. Dark morbid rituals with robes and chanting were all the rage when the parents were all off working to have the good life, the American dream, or California Dreaming, if you prefer. Its a nightmare every bit as bad as this horror movie.

Oh, by the way, as best as I can tell. The Mamas and the Papas have the largest number of views on youtube, of any song/video from the 60s. And McKenzie Philips claims (and I believe her) that her dad, John Phillips, was having routine sex with her from 12 onward. If so, she was the lucky one because in Satanic cults, they start when kids are 4 or 6. Brice Taylor was fully raped at four by her father. Kathleen Sullivan at 6 for full penetration. Brice was raised in Woodland Hills, CA in the 50s. It was a small place back then, secluded. Many celebrities retire there now. Big homes!

And as for John Phillips, he had been raised in Laurel Canyon, right next to TV production facilities and Hollywood. Many celebrities came from Laurel Canyon. And a lot of very suspicious deaths happened there, almost always ruled as suicide, when it was clearly not suicide. Laurel Canyon was a place where CIA families would live, and sometimes die, too.

But summed up, kids are the targets for elite thrills and horror. The main goal, thrills aside, it to damage the kids enough so that they are not very useful or productive for the rest of their lives. Often hooked on drugs and sex, they struggle thru life and many end up dead, early. Hollywood and TV are the horror movies being made for real.

It will be discovered that this was once an Indian burial ground. But the graves were supposed to be moved to a new place, but only the head stones/markers were moved. So the disturbance of CA's bird burial was done to foreshadow that.  Again, not likely that anyone watching the movie might catch on to, after all the wild things that would follow in this movie. But in hind sight, its obvious.

As I would see it, this aggressive land development had greed behind it and no respect for anyone or anything. Money was all that mattered to them. Reagan was a good example of that as he let the USA go to hell, business wise, although the truth is that Ronnie was just an errand boy for the ultra powerful rich rulers of the world. The USA had begun its death rattle in 1973, with the phony gas crisis that nearly doubled the price of gasoline and home heating oil. They did it again in 1978. 1974 began the huge layoffs of steel workers in Pennsylvania. Even in Maine, all the shoe factories and textile factories and paper mills had nearly all been closed.

There was prosperity in Cali in 81, while much of rest of the country was closing shop. It was quite the contrast. It was a complete betrayal of America and the American dream turned American nightmare. Also fueling the success of Cali was Hollywood and TV show makers. Disrespect of former Indian burials was reminiscent of how Indians were often betrayed as the world rulers made their moves to harvest the lands of, and labor of, many different peoples and races. Greed had no regard for anyone or anything.

And worst of all, Hollywood, enjoying huge success around the world, was in secret, horrifically sexually devouring the many children used to make the TV shows and Movies. The 1980s were the peak of this sort of hidden beneath the ground, "skeletons in the closet," or in the ground symbolically here in this movie. And this sort of thing was going to cost "Carol Anne," Heather O'Rourke, her life and Culkin alleges that her skin was used by Hollywood big wigs to make shoes. Oddly enough, over in the UK, videos surfaced that had 2 kids claiming that their dad was running a cult operation within Hampstead that took in 10 schools in a network. All the kids were made to have sex with each other, with the adults and many were prostituted to the public, too.

As well, babies were imported thru this connected network all over the world, bought in thru London and Heathrow airports and black Taxi cabs to be sacrificed, eaten, blood drank and skulls kept and worn in ritual dancing. Oh, and one more thing! The kids said that the skin of the babies was used to make shoes for ritual use in these dances. Well imagine that.

Part of the rituals was to have members take great delight in being as cruel as possible and even rubbing it in, by using their skulls and skin. The skin as shoes was a way of trampling on the baby victims to show the complete revelry in dominating and destroying innocence and niceness.

In contrast, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel, Jehovah, forbid boiling a calf in its mother's milk. One could not muzzle a bull while it was threshing. One could not fully harvest their field so that the poor might be able to glean the field after. Slaves had to be freed (a form of debt forgiveness) at every 7 year Jubilee. In all things, God demands compassion and mercy. So who do you like better? God? Or that sadistic SOB, Satan? God forbid human sacrifice that was common for pagans to do.

Now this next feature peaked my interest but then I had perspective changed twice. I am going to show some of the instances of a picture hanging in the parents' room. It gets repeated maybe 4 to 10 times. That is to say, it gets a lot of exposure. I have had some more thoughts since.

I saw it immediately. It only lasts a second or so. It was such a simple drawing. That made no sense to me. Why that for a painting or picture? Right away it looked like an angel or fairy, maybe with a branch of peace in hand or the bird (dove was it?) after Noah sent it out, coming back with an olive branch to indicate that land was now growing things. I would later grab a few more photos of it from other scenes. It was one of these that struck me as possibly being a dove with an olive branch. But then I got another screen save and changed my mind again.

Part of the problem is that the angle varies some in the various frames. below left, looks a bit lie a bird. But below right is blurred so that the head, if its a bird, can not be discerned and what remains looks like a pair of angel or fairy wings.

But my conclusion is that the angel head looks like 2 wings, one on each side and the head and far wing formed a hand pointing upward. I was sure at this point that it was not likely a bird, but was as I first thought, an angel or fairy type creature, but on the small young side, as if a child. There may have been some intent to leave some doubt by giving it a slight bird look. But I am sure that is a hand pointing up with the index finger. Again, the art work is not good, but has interesting implications, which is likely the reason this picture came out as it did.

Perhaps there was more than 1 picture switched in and out. But the Bottom wing if a bird, does not look that much like a wing. Further, the upper wing if a bird, looks even more ridiculous. The bottom looks more like a flowing gown such as an angel might be portrayed. And the apparent hand pointing up, to me, could only be an index finger or the other angel wing. In pictures where the bird head seems pretty evident with an eye and olive branch. Was the picture intended to be ambiguous and in doubt? I definitely think so. So what is the answer? I say it is the figure of a young soul ascending to heaven. And as the olive branch was a symbol of the rebirth of the ground producing growth after the flood, Heather will be one of the many brought back to life, by the will of God. Only it will be here on earth, and not in heaven. That is reserved for the Brothers of Christ, figured as 144,000 says I, to be kings and priests over the world of mankind in earth.

If this movie was Multi-purposed in entertainment thrills, but also loaded with messages and symbols and was discerned at the appointed time to have symbols interpreted, that the crude simplistic painting has a purpose. Heather's character was being hotly pursued by a very evil spirit. Satan, anyone? If this movie was going to be a sacrifice for Satan and Heather's skin ending up as shoes for the evil bastards of Hollywood, then God likely required that she was to be His to bring back to life, after judgement day, to get a 2nd chance. God does not like anyone having to suffer in any way, for His dispute with Satan, without a reward. The Hand and finger of God point up, meaning that God was overseeing things and would restore her, who did nothing to have the fate she did.

For Heather's mom: I am persuaded that Heathers life has been safeguarded and reserved for a resurrection after Judgment Day. But I would think she would be hurt if you were not there. Do everything in you power to merit being there along with her. Most people do not take the Bible serious enough. And if you are reading this, you have already found the best site on the net for understanding the Bible. There are many customs observed by Christianity that have pagan origins. Avoid them all. And if you have been silenced in exchange for a settlement, that is not a problem. I am prosecuting this case and my bite is like the bite of a pitbull. I never let go. I'll seek justice for Heather. In return, you seek to bring the Bible to people and encourage them seek first the Kingdom of God. Do it for Heather and God. What do you say? Have we got a deal? I hope so.

All hell is about to break lose for the Freeling family. That will be for the next installment. Been busy working so once a week might be the best I can do. Hard to say. But I want to show some more photos of that angel/bird. More to consider there. All the pictures need to be considered together.

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