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Recent Hampstead BS Apr 20

I've stood all I can stands and I can't stands no more. This nonsense must come to an end. I refer to Karen Irving BS! But first, for the benefit of more recent followers of the Hampstead case, a little back ground History. In late February, 2017, news broke, with Angela Dizzy revealing that Alisa was in the Audi Superbowl Commercial. It was revealed on the Secret Facebook Hampstead group page run by Cynthia Marie. I was very skeptical as Angela was the least credible informant in the whole of the Hampstead Community of supporters for the 2 kids. I quickly went to the link and I was speechless. I thought, this can't be! Its true and it came from Angela. I got very scared. I thought, you don't suppose hell has finally frozen over? But there was no doubt that at least one of those frames was absolutely Alisa, beyond any doubt.

So I had to go right to work to thoroughly prove or deny, as the evidence allowed. when I was done, I was numb. Beyond any doubt, it was Alisa. One frame even looked like Gabriel, but it was not enough evidence with jus one frame. I would discover more later. I did suspect that the dad in the commercial might be RD. I uploaded my Article March 1, 2017. The shills came out in force. "social services says the kids are in foster care. A number of people said it. My reply to all was, "and you believe them?

Now the obvious solution is to examine the frames and if they really are Alisa, then social services is lying. Now just think about it! The lies and deceit by the police, courts, social services, the UK media, were all outrageous. Why would anyone believe anything these monsters said? They were all shills, every  last one of them. And even Angela recanted, buying the excuse of the UK and she was the one to first reveal it. How is that, for treachery? I published an updated version On March 27 2017. I would later discover that Gabriel was in like 4 or 5 shots, most racing against his sister and their father was the dad in the commercial.

There is no excuse, 1st, for believing the UK authorities. 2nd, some of the pictures of Alisa were perfect matches. It was not but a week after the initial leak that Kris Costa, alias Jacqui Farmer, alias Charlotte Ward, says Hoaxted. In fact, she has an army of false IDs on various platforms, her favorites being Word Press and YouTube. Sonya Vangelder was Costa's partner in putting forth a new lie that a girl named Jessi Giacomazzi was the girl in the commercial. Only problem was, not one screen shot looked anything like her. Busted. Sonya V.G was also Melissa Williams.

So as it ended up, everyone bought in to the lies because . . . everyone was a shill, in the whole of the supposed supporters. I cursed them all for being Satanic liars. I said the UK was lying like hell about the kids being in foster care. I said their father was in the commercial with the kids and it was filmed in California, which was obvious. And remember that Angela was among these many liars.

My conclusion regarding UK supporters of the kids is that there are no real true authentic supporters of the kids that are vocal and present on the net. It is saturated with shills (government paid liars)

Now in October of 2017, I tracked Hoaxtead for 30 days to see if there were any patterns or routines that might be discerned. Indeed, there were. It was also clear to me that RD was using a number of different names that were regular posters that he posted right after he uploaded the article. And then when it was morning in the UK, other names would post. Given the time zones, it was clear to me that RD was posting from a West coast USA address. It would not be reasonable for him to be doing this all over night in the UK. But again, no one believed because they were all shills. But then a funny thing happened.

RD came out of hiding, on an Ebay honors award with his 2 kids with him. What? What? What? I thought the kids were in Foster care. Guess not, huh? And Alisa did not look happy. Some have suggested that it was not Alisa. On some level, there could be doubt, but that she seemed to be disgusted with dear dad, told me all I needed to know, especially with her wearing a "choker" to suggest to us that she is being passed around.

So yet once again, I ended up being the only one right, from the beginning. All the rest were shills, but they all came out, hoping to recover their shame and use other new ID's to try to fool everyone again, except me!

End of Story! Now on to part 2: Karen Irving as EC. Another stupid ridiculous lie. So lets examine the facts in the next article to follow this one. Hopefully tomorrow but things do tend to come up at times. See ya all then, or not!


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