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Recent Hampstead BS Apr 20  #2

  I 1st wrote about the "EC is Karen Irving" thing in the following blog: Hoaxtead Watch No. #39

It was at the bottom of the page that I challenged Hoaxtead's EC and Karen Irving and I quote:

Now Karen says that she went to Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Its just so happens that I have spent a fair amount of time there, at Dalhousie, doing legal research and even visit the regular library.  My father and I spent 3 weeks there in 2007. I know Halifax very well. My relatives live in Nova Scotia. My first ancestor to move from Belfast N. Ireland settled in Scots Bay, Nova Scotia. My father was born there and then came to the USA in 1947. I know Nova Scotia, up and down, east and west. Karen would have been at Dalhousie perhaps, in the late 60s or early 70s. Though it has changed quite a bit since 2013, I knew it before and after. I could quiz her and she would know some stuff. But if it were RD, he would be stumped. Skype calls, anyone? With video transmission?

I might also point out that there are Irving Gas stations all over Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and now in Maine, too, since the 1980s. New Hampshire has some as well. Irving oil and Lumber pretty much owns Nova Scotia. I do not believe its by accident that They chose someone with the last name of Irving. I noticed a blog or 2 ago that Hoaxtead just referred to Karen as "Irving," leaving it rather ambiguous. Their next move would be to confuse the names and cause doubt about me as well, thru dishonest association.

I recommend you check up on the patterns I refer to in my issue #39 linked above. EC, Scarlett Scoop, and numerous other names, even admitted/accused by Kris Costa/Jacqui Farmer.

Now EC has been begging Cat Scot, I think it was, to do an interview.  I don't know how to set up those things but would be willing to learn and to question Karen, the presence of RD in a 3 way interview. How much does Karen know about Dalhousie University and Halifax as her facebook page said she went there for 4 years. I'd like her to prove it and I need RD there so that there is not question of who I am talking to, as it would be easy to one person to pretend to be both if it were only say, an email conversation.

Now here are her latest FB information:

She was said to be living in Ontario, I think, at first. Then she went to help out in the UK. You are not actually believing this crap, are you? But the fact is that she no longer mentions Dalhousie University? How come? Why so? What's up with that? As a writer that I am not aware of as being well known and she just up and moves to the UK to help out poor falsely accused (BS) victims of Hampstead who never did nuffin bad and were minding their own business and terrified to show off their pubic regions. I'll show ya mine if you show me yours, Ye of Hampstead and Christ Church fame. Karen, I'll give you a pass on this one, OK? ;-)

But as any reasonably intelligent person knows, then someone's story keeps changing their credibility is shot to hell. Karen now gives out very little info, What does she have to hide? and how does she manage the move to the UK. Honestly, people, can you be any more stupid than to believe all this crap? Were you born yesterday? In Yesterdays' blog, I referred to the various reports I made of RD and the kids being in southern Cal and in Dad's custody when the UK assured Us all, they were in foster care. How many lies do you have to be told before you grow some brains. Everyone in the UK that "supports" the Children is a liar. The UK arena has been stacked with nothing but phonies, liars and those who act OUTRAGEOUS while saying "we support and believe the kids!" So many loonies that it could not be an accident. Most people could not be that stupid and out of control.

There are no legitimate supporters of the kids or truth allowed in the UK, which is as brutal an empire as has ever existed. They make Cina look like saints. the only way the cause 2 Hampstead children, Alisa and Gabriel, have a chance, is if their campaign is carried out in the USA and not the UK. Nothing but lies and fraud coming out of the UK. Got it?

EC is RD and by the way, in the times I have noted twice, the posting times are the same as they were in 2018 when I followed them for 30 days. Nothing has changed. Karen is a non-entity.

now this brings me to a sad point. Cat Scot/Wild Cat and her youyube channel:

And her blog:  Remember that I said and I mean it, that no one is allowed to sincerely help the "kids" or tell the truth in the UK. Zero free speech!  I was a fan of her work, though I do recognize now that she only usually addressed single persons turning up dead in Scotland. No real threatening info to power and authority. But she was the one to suggest that Karen Irving was EC because their FB pages were similar or Karens, when compared to Hoaxtead articles. She introduced the hair-brained idea. In the Mob ethos, the guy in your "family" who brings you the offer, is working for the other side.

Interestingly, she was asked to join the Fresh Fart, I mean, Fresh Start Foundation and then later asked to leave. The truth is, I suggest, that UK et al were planning a move to help poor RD in America and that the UK was embarrassed that they had been clearly shown to be lying about the foster care. For that matter, is there anything they do not lie about?

So they sent loyal Cat Scot to introduce Karen Irving to the world and pretend she was against Fresh Start now, who was beginning to look suspicious themselves. So Cat Scot becomes a heroin and supersleuth. But its not true.

I got another fact for you. Araya Soma sought help to make a FB group page and it just so happened that a woman in the USA specialized in helping grass roots groups by making and helping run FB group pages. She told all about it herself. She made a group page for the Hampstead cause, which I discovered just after Feb. 8 2015, when the videos had been release perhaps a day or two prior. By the time of the fairly impressive London protest of Mid March, 2015, the FB group page had erupted in a war and sent people walking away in disgust. The FB Group page rapidly dies after that, becoming meaningless. In just over 1 month, the whole movement was disrupted beyond recovery. But what also took place that weekend was that some were tossed out when they agreed with me that a certain person or two were very suspicious. They got thrown out and suddenly, Kris Costa soon becomes active as another cover for Jacqui Farmer, who changed her name to Jacob Farmer and joined Costa's group, when in reality, Costa was wearing 3 hats.

The trick was that 3 people thrown out, were actually still loyal to the liars of the FB page, that had been created and ran by Cynthia Marie as she called herself. Her FB page said she was living in France. I can tell you for sure, she is 100% by her own admission. In fact when people were thrown out, CM told of her credentials and the many causes she helps, and that we were disrupters and agitators. How very clever. But at the same time, 3 that were thrown out joined up with us to keep an eye and ears on us, as pretend friends. It worked for a brief time. Out of it all were only Katie and myself that were legitimate. I was later to learn that most names that were on that group page, were run by just 2 people.

What I am trying to point out here is that this was a very sophisticated operation put into motion from before the 1st day the videos were released. CM worked very closely with Jacqui, who ran the Hampstead Research Blog. And Angela Disney was right in on it all with the other 2. 3 peas in a pod. Cynthia was Arendale on Hampstead Research. Jacqui had about 8 to 10 names posting. And there was M, who was Maria McMahon. And there was Angie, the hit and run girl. She would declared something and then remain silent and hide when confronted about it and asked for response.

Now we see the same, I suspect, with Cat Scot going out on her own again to discover that EC was Karen. Absolute lies. Sadly, another bites the dust of what I would call deception. Oddly enough, too, as Katie noted, Hoaxtead never once made trouble for Cynthia Marie. She was the teflon Don of the Hampstead Arena. Her and Christine Ann Sands were USA agents helping out the UK from that start. They knew that the UK was going to need lots of help. So both nations were in on this whole affair, from the start. In fact, Christine had a huge RV compliments of the FBI, sent over to the UK and brought back and remodeled afterward.

Anyone following this case should know that there is lots of Intelligence Agency participation through out this Hampstead affair. You need to be on your toes and alert and question everything and everyone. You must appreciate that the UK wants to discredit the idea of RD and kids being in California. It clear shows the UK to be liars. AS well, it does not help California's reputation, either. The USA also has reason to see this idea die.

So do not be misled by ever-changing facts and stories. How did Karen end up in the UK? Is she rich? Is she a phony character like so many made up by the likes of Jacqui and Cynthia? Just know this! EC is RD and he posts from the West coast, as best as I can tell. Now if you know nothing about the superbowl commercial with the Alisa and Gabriel in it, you should get to know that story, too. And what is more, the Ebay appearance showed clearly that the kids were with dad. We never did get the court notice that dad was now seen fit for custody.

For those who are Christians, you need to get all the spiritual/intellectual weapons and armor to resist the sophisticated deceptions of the devil. Do not believe anyone from the UK about anything. The only ones that can speak now, are liars working for the UK. Sabine is in prison. Need I say any more? I hope this puts an end to the nonesense being spread about Karen, once and for all. Don't listen to any one from the UK!

Now by the way, I notice that Karen had a Canadian accent and one that sounds authentic as in not over done. That might change not that I write this. there are quite a few variations in Canadian Accents. The Odd thing is that although I was born in the USA, there are certain aspects of the Canadian accent that sometimes show up in my speech, as seemingly an inherited influence. IF Karen's accent is genuine, which seems reasonable to me, then she is not UK born and it truly Canadian. This being the case, she is either in the UK (NOT) or she is still in Canada, faking being in the UK. If I am wrong about the accent, then she could be English or only appearances during the Trial of Sabine and that back to Canada. She could stay there but if Canadian, I doubt she would stay. Besides that, there are a lot of inter agents in Canada. But I am not going to bother with that. Most are either in the Ontario area or British Columbia.

God has apparently chosen the USA to be the platform to prosecute the Hampstead case as the UK has no jurisdiction here in the USA. And I have to say, that to date, Tom Dunn as been the most successful person in promoting/prosecuting this case. Perhaps it is the hand of God being lent to him. Whatever the reason, I hope it continues. I am delighted with his success. I have learned things from it. But each of us has his own individual gifts. For me, it is research. Each part of the body has its functions to carry out.

I had one other thought just occur to me. Angela began attaching herself and Jake the Luciferian, too, to Cat Scot. How interesting. And now Angie has tried to attach herself to Tom. Please be careful Tom. Angela has often been the kiss of death. She brings demons with her. She might mean well, but she has never been able to overcome the abuse and programming that her dad and the RAF inflicted on her. Its not her fault, but at the same time, if she can not shake the programming, then in effect, she, by default,  assumed as demonically influenced. Your success has been good so far. But if good warnings are ignored, your success could go cold. Please just exercise good caution when dealing with her. She has a long sordid trail behind her. Hoaxtead loves her outrageous antics, that tend to discredit the Hampstead cause. Most so-call supporters of recent times were not part of the original Movement, and they act crazy to make the cause look bad.

Angela, if you want good standing with God and His cause, you need to confess your public sins AND repent of your ways. Rehab might be a help. You need to do something. You have too much to answer for. Only we who were around from the beginning, know that. That was 4 years ago. anyone who follows Hoaxtead reports know that. there is no escaping it. You can't wear 2 hats and be 2 people. one of them need to go.

Karen Irving does not want to own the Dalhousie University and Halifax claims of earlier. How come? Folks, you got to smarten up. Can you read the handwriting on the wall? And there is a lot on that wall. Karen, RD, and EC are all Satanic liars. Got it ? Tell Karen to find someone else who wil believe her nonsense. Oh! and by the way, Karen taking all those noted of the court proceedings is a joke. I am sure she was making it look like she was getting it all down on paper but the truth is, in all likelihood, that the court just printed her off a copy which she then sends to EC in Commie-fornia, I mean, Satan-fornia. Well, whatever they call it now. Its burned to the ground, anyway, with people living on the streets now.

I note this from the Holly Grieg blog:  Today Hoaxstead satanists have decided that as their blog is boring the nuts off us all Karen el coyote  aka snake logan is going to us directly though youtube in an effort to convince us that she really isnt a cunt and isnt baws deep in this.

We wish her well in this exciting new development as she had no choice since cat outed her…opps thats awkward   >Truth1: they want you to think that Cat Scot is the hero for "outing" Karen. Truth was and is, that it was all planned as far as I am concerned. Initially, Hoaxtead disputed that Karen was EC. Now they readily admit it, though I disagree with it all. < end T1

Not so sure about her advertising poster for the new channel though or its name.  Karen does pubis

Wow, 4 years. Hasn't time flown? So now Hoaxtead Research has become a double threat to all those that spout lies about this hoax of a case. Well done El Coyote and Scarlet Scoop for starting the blog and for all the hard work you have put in over the last 4 years.

Truth1: It looks to me like they are no longer saying that Karen is EC. Now we are supposed to believe that Karen is just going to be herself. but she can that anywhere. And switching from blog/test to video will make it more undesirable for the likes of me to write what was said. I will just summarize and link. Time will tell what is going on. RD has a style you can not miss. He has often verbally attacked me on youtube comment screens. He is very transparent.

I got another interesting new development that will follow this blog later in the day.

 Truth1  Out!

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