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 This comes from CatScot:

Fabooka De Stait:

This is a page to tell you all about myself and why I have finally felt the need to embark upon the task of creating my own website.

For several years now, I have been involved with certain elements of what is colloquially known as the "Alternative Media." During that time, I have gained a considerable amount of experience in dealing with the pressing issues of the day that tend not to be covered in depth elsewhere.

I also have a wealth of experience in dealing with corrupt and unstable individuals and groups who claim to operate from a position that seeks to look for answers with regards to many of society’s inherent problems.

A lot of those who profess to be against the ‘system’ or who claim to be seeking justice and equality are completely the opposite. It needs to be stressed and accepted without ambiguity that many of those operating certain blogs, and or Facebook and Twitter pages are in fact, fully paid-up associates of the police and their overlords – be they the likes of National Crime Agency – or perish the thought, the Security Services.

This is fact, not fiction and I have more than enough proof to illustrate this as being the case.

Truth1: I am liking this right off and am in full agreement. Nearly all do-gooders (truthers, etc.) are opposition controlled. Let read on some more. < End T1

Fabooka:   It also needs to be appreciated that some of these people really do not like to hear the truth; especially when it concerns themselves and their many foiled schemes. As such, it should be noted that they will go to extreme lengths to subvert that truth from whatever angle it is delivered. Whether they do this by simply ignoring graphical illustration of their deviancy or by way of attempting to drum-up support from groups of equally compromised associates is a moot point: that’s how they operate.

Given the ever imposing nature of government upon totally compromised ‘social media’ platforms such as Facebook – and their subsequent suppression of free speech and sociopolitical dissent, I felt it was the perfect time to offer something a little bit different to the standard, flat looking blogs that claim to speak out for others.

I wanted to deliver something that would appeal to the likes of myself if it came from someone else. Something that was more dynamic and that was able to offer an immediate riposte without the need to wait for days or weeks-on-end looking for an appropriate story to convey my point.

After long-term appraisal, I hope I will have gone some way towards achieving this objective.

It has taken me a couple of days to get things sorted out, since the demise of Google+ on Tuesday, and to obtain the layout I desired. Therefore, I should state that I am still in the process of evaluation and will probably not settle on a final look for quite some time.

Anyway, I hope some or all of you may enjoy it and can gain some form of pleasure or insight from it.

Fabooka De Stait 06/04/19

Truth1: It promises a lot and I hope it can deliver. But having done lots of research and observation, I know that establishing patterns is all about gathering details and connections. Its real work. But its also real rewarding, too. And then there is this gut feeling-impression that I have seen and heard this pattern before. But there are some differences in it, too. I I am giving it a free pass, but will watching closely. This is something I have been doing since late 2015. I have long believed that all youtube channels of truth seeking, conspiracy exposing crusaders are opposition controlled due to them doing small little things wrong. These I will not reveal as they give me a clear signal and upper hand. Good spiess never let you know they are on to you. They fake ignorance or trusting. It gives them the potential advantage that the other side might not be as careful, if they think you are not on to them. So I will just wait this out and observe.

To put it in perspective, We all know Hoaxtead is a government protected Satanic cult, the bad guys, right? No Revelations there. But there many good youtube channels who put out 50% really good material and 50% nonsense and crap. We are being tested for perceptiveness and insightfulness. Can we discern the true from the false? Most can't because they do not try. It is my opinion that all truths will probably come thru mixed information channels and blogs or websites. We have to separate the truth from the lies.

And again, this comes to me thru Cat Scot's blog. That is also interesting.


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