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The Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke #11

We are continuing the focus from #109, #10 on the Angel/Bird symbolism, focusing on it, in its entirety in this blog #113, #11.

Whether one subscribes to Bible prophecy and its symbolic metaphors and cryptic messaged or not,  trying to decipher it does take some time to absorb and digest the techniques. And there is always the possibility that one will need to revise ones understanding as events unfold. Prophecy was really designed to only be understood not far from the time that it was intended for. We can see it shaping up more.

Movie and TV production brought a new level of communication to the world, using images, dialog and its own types of symbols as well. Movies are visual communication as opposed to verbal or written communication. But form my money, the master of the Movie medium was Stanley Kubrick. He has proven to be the first to use hidden symbols and messages in some of his movies, in particular, using The Shining to very subtly reveal that the Moon mission never happened and that what we saw was what Kubrick filmed in secret for NASA and the US government. It added a new dimension to Movies, TV, the Press, and all over propaganda. If you don't like the news, make up something else in its place.

Really, the age of film and animation was game changer for the 20th century. None knew that better than the devil.

As well, the 20th century brought on a new level of deceit. anything could be staged by the press or Hollywood or TV broadcasting. And most of all, the CIA and other intelligence services would teach us new, more deceptive techniques and strategies. Among them, how to mislead while telling the truth, and just as important, how to tell the truth while misleading. Deception, deceit, forgery, using multiple sources and contradictory forces, to confuse, with the hope that people would get so frustrated with opposing information that they would give up trying to make sense of any of it. Of course, that is the lazy man's excuse for avoiding what might get him in trouble. He reacts like Pavlov's Dogs, who when punished for bad and punished for good, too, just stopped listening to the handlers.

So the challenge in our day is to sort out what is fact and what is not. Who is telling the truth and who is lying? Its never easy, but it is very rewarding. and very important. And what I am undertaking here is solving a very big hint from a movie with a poster on a boy's wall that is seriously out of time and place in the Poltergeist movie.

We are lucky though, in that we have seen some of these things before and so we have some idea of how to sort thru all this. And none were more helpful in this then Stanley Kubrick. and that bring us to this puzzling picture that sometimes seems to be on mom's side or behind her and sometimes around the corner as she enters either into her room from outside or from the bathroom.

The image struck me as a child angel or fairy or similar. Yet at times like a dove or pigeon. The angles and exposure as well as the odd shape in some parts of it. So we will examine all the times it shows up and how it changes in some frames and not others, perhaps.

I have also supplied some typical symbols used for the same motifs to prove my points.

On the left, I say angel, a girl, her left wing points up into the air. The right wing is sprawled out, as would be more typical. Her head is between the 2 wings. A hand or 2 hands holding a branch or flower. And the bottom of her robe blown back underneath her.

It is a vague simplistic, if not childish image. Couldn't they do a little better than that? Well, yes, they could. So it must be intentional, but of what?


Here the flower seems to be the best possibility. No star says I, since its only got 3 points, not 4 or 5 or 6. But it looks like a possible eye as if a dove maybe with an olive branch in its beak.
But here is the problem. The 2 wings look totally different. Especially the left wing pointing up. Its the craziest damned dove I have ever seen. Ready to give up? You better not! We and our intellects are being challenged. Do you want the answer or is it that you could care less. That a girl died in this little twisted game merits a bit more attention, don't you think?

There would appear to be an eye on the bird head, if that is what it is. But other wise, its a dumb looking bird. Notice the painting is just beyond a door or around a corner. Likely a door I say. and another reason to rule out a magic wand is that would be pagan. That will matter soon.


Picture too blurry to tell. looks like the door in back and the picture on the wall.

To me, this shot is hard to fill in all the angles in the room. But this is very crisp well defined picture and the dot/eye is clear. But it does not fit in with the rest of the picture. Now the question. The head of the angel head and left wing look a lot like a hand finger pointing up. Is there double meaning concealed?


This was about the best I could do for getting good views.
I will cover one more shot from the Move next and then some other motifs from around the net.


at 24:59, this shows up. The very vague sort of bird image could also represent an angel ascending, though there should be a context were it so.  At best, just a possibility. But the bottom part seems rather big to be bird tail. Almost more like a robe or dress. But nothing for certain. for a number of years, till the 80s maybe, in Portland Maine, there was a gull pointing the way to the airport that looked very similar to this. but the tail was much smaller to be more proportional.

The dove of peace or the olive branch brought back to Noah on the ark.




Angel Motifs  for young girls  in particular

I'd say these all look a lot like the angel motif we have been considering. The gowns cover the feet and hide them, or nearly so. And the wings are spread out, too.


Knowing that God forced the revelation of what really goes on in Hollywood, Satan was required to show what he does. But for God, a human life should never be squandered. He wanted that message out as well. I would propose that other notable sacrifices would include JonBenet and Elizabeth Smart I. Not Elizabeth Smart II. The list of casualties throughout history is too much to number. But in the case of Heather, who I say was murdered as a Ritual sacrifice to Satan, will live again after judgment day. The head/left wing looks a lot like a finger. The finger of God, which finger was also seen by Daniel and Belshazzar with the handwriting on the wall. The dove that came down out of heave to anoint Jesus also occurs to me. Noah with a dove with an love branch in its beak, come to mind as well. But what awaits Heather, awaits for us all if we want it.

My conclusion would be, that the painting/picture was two symbols combined into one. One could view the branch or what ever it was, as flower, dignifying mourning and sorrow over the loss of a young girl, Heather. But the finger pointing to heaven/God, can only be good.

For sure, care was taken in this lousy picture. The quality of the picture was not important. It was the message/symbol of the picture that was to be taken note of. Some might laugh at my "speculation," but the superbowl poster seemingly predicting the circumstances regarding Heather's death, by murder, in my opinion, by medical and/or paramedic staff. I do not believe a toxicology exam and report were ever done, but should have been. She was poisoned as far as I am concerned. Even if a toxicology report were done, it would get covered over. Cali is ruled by the combined forces of intelligence agencies, organized crime and Hollywood/TV.

It is the ominous poster over the boy's bed that alerts us that we needed to look far deeper into this movie and Heather's death. I pray that God might make this message prosper and grow.

That this picture was seen so often, though only briefly, should be enough to make us look at it more closely thru screen shots. In fact, we shall look at the entire movie.

Just a point in passing, Graeme had suggested to me that The Redskins, who were in the 88 superbowl and won it, could be related to the Indian Burial ground in the movie. Its not without possibility. But the main focus was on Heather's "sacrifice."  "They" wanted us to know what they did and that they are in control. They are boasting, yet leaving room for denial, should it ever become neccessary. The Redkins might just be icing on the cake or just a convenience or total coincidence. But worth noting. One never knows what the future will turn up.

All hell is about to break lose for the Freeling family. That will be for the next installment. Been busy working. I can not guarantee time frames.

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