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SRA Watch No. #114

The Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke #12

  We will start here where mom finds all the chairs stacked on the table. Then the scene shows dad show a couple one of the houses for sale. This is a very  entertaining, yet rather honest portrayal of that good old stuck up attitude of those who consider middle class one step removed from animals. Lets listen in:

32:27 Dad selling houses: I think you are really going to enjoy this kitchen. Our latest development. We call it phase 4.

Where do you live, Mr. Freeling?, she asks.

Dad: we were the 1st family to set up housekeeping in the Questa Verdi estates. Phase 1 says woman’s husband.

Truth1: Oh, a put down. Dad is only a phase 1 nobody. Not fit to lick the shoes of this prospective buyer. But lets be clear. If they are shopping here, they are just middle class who pretend to be so much more than that. Trying to be better than the Smiths' and Jones'. Speilberg is very accurate in this scene.

Dad: Yeah, we had to pass thru here to get to my place here this morning. Woman: Oh you mean the one with the lived in look.

Truth1: Another smack down on poor dad. This couple is disgusting, but accurately portrayed.

Dad: Yeah it has that, but in a couple of months you not going to be able to distinguish phase 1 from to phase 3 to phase, slight pause. You know we have a saying around here. The grass grows greener on every side.

They laugh. The guy says: Honey I can not tell one house from the other. Truth1: then why are they shopping here if they are so far above the rest. Isn't there a place available in Beverly Hills?

Dad says: well, you know something? I think you’re absolutely right. But I think our construction standards are really very liberal, like, I have this neighbor and he built this Jacuzzi in his bedroom and a running aqueduct connected to a wading pool outside. And its built half in and half out of his living room and was featured in last month’s issue of Town & Country. Come on. I’ll show you the den.  End of scene.

California is full of snobs, cutthroats, really snotty ugly people. I often marvel at Perry Mason re-runs, of how treacherous the people of Cali are. Those who write the scripts just adapt it for TV from actual court cases. I see the same on Alfred Hitchcock, 77 Sunset strip, Mannix, Cannon, and other old TV shows. I know they are embellished but at the same time, California was in a league all by itself. It has been since the first days of Hollywood. And that plenty of CIA folks live in that area, too. Its unlike any other state for, as Obi Wan put it in Star Wars I to Luke, "You'll never meet a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Dad arrived home in a classic station wagon, reflecting the 70s and the Brady Bunch. SUVs and Mini Vans had not come along yet, save the Jeep Wagoneer type vehicles. When dad enters the house, mom has something urgent to show him. She has interesting line: 

"I kept Dana and Robbie out of this but Carol Anne was here so she knows about this, alright?" Truth1: Is there another meaning intended in this statement? I think there might be. You'll see.

Mom puts a chair in a drawn out circle on the floor and says, now watch. The chair starts to rock and then stops. Then it slides across the room to the circle near to the kitchen entrance. Mom is really excited. Don't get used to it. CA is holding a Rams helmet and mom has her put it on. Football has been used throughout the movie to symbolize that fate of Carol Anne (Heather) indicated in the football poster of her brother, dated to 1988 when its only 1981 that they are filming. As well, Heather dies at 12 and 2 different football jerseys had the number 12 on them. Heather is continually linked with football symbols.

Mom places CA on the circle next. CA slides to the other circle like the chair did. Dad is sort of freaked out.


In many ways, CA gets associated with football so that when the poster would be recognized as having important symbolism, that we would see how it foretold the details of her death, making people realize that her death was planned and not an accident or mistake.

Mom and dad visit their contrary neighbor to see if he has been experiencing some of the weird stuff they have. As they are talking, they are being attacked by a swarm of mosquitos and yet the neighbor is not being bothered by the bugs or anything else. It is just the Freelings being targeted.

Technically, this could be seen as screwup in writing as bad things were happening to everyone at the very beginning but now only the Freelings. We were to understand them being singled out. Or I suppose that they were carrying on, 2 different tales here in this movie. One about the great middle class American Dream and its sort of dark side or double edge sword, and the horrors kids experience in Hollywood, being persued by "monsters" and "evil demons" (Hollywood again).

The boy tries counting after lightning again and instead of getting longer, it gets shorter as in the storm getting stronger and longer. The boy stares at the tree and it comes to life and into the room as a supermonster and takes the boy from the room and tries to swallow the boy. Ah, those Hollywood predators. No boy is safe with them around.


Hollywood really is a horror show. Just ask any kid who had been thru it. But the boy (boys) is/are not the only one(s) being pursued. The real goal of the madness as to get CA in the movie and Heather in real life, while the Movie parents are distracted.

While the boy is pulled out of the house, CA is screaming with the creepy clown in bed with her. Now you don't really thing she would want that in bed with her or even in her room. Come on. You're smater than that. The clown is a symbol, an obvious one. A creepy clown in bed with a girl. Clowns have satanic origins. notice the clown is bigger in size than her. And they are in bed together and she is screaming. Its starting to look and feel like documentary, rather than a far fetched horror movie. While the parents are distracted (both the real ones and the ones in the movie) the real target, CA, is abducted.



below, CA is being sucked in to the closet. Oh wait. How Ironic is that? Skeletons in the Hollywood closet? Ya can't make this stuff up. She is about to disappear in the closet, sucked backwards into the air and into another dimension. lots of other stuff gets dragged into the closet. Does the irony ever stop? There is a whispering voice hard to hear but it says "Carol Anne. Come and play. We play all day." Now whose words are those, really? You know the answer. Hollywood creeps, scarier then any movie.


Hollywood drags the kids into a hell on earth and swallows them up. They will be permanently damaged by the experience.

The supernatural power sucks in everything in the room and blocks off any access. In real life, Hollywood in the 80s would block off any access to the kids while filming. Again, its all going into the closet. They boy, having escaped the tree, looks like he has been thru hell. A thinly disguised metaphor for what many boys went thru who got sucked into the Horrors of Hollywood. He notices CA is gone. But the clown remains as mom then comes in with no CA in sight.

Now I find this picture very interesting. CA talked with the TV people thru very screen we have seen a few times. And in full view of it, we see that angel picture. There is a connection there. Heather's life would end in 1989, but her resurrection has been guaranteed. She will be back! God would not have it any other way. she will not go the way of the TV people. She will live again.

The boy finds only a doll left

The boy hears CA in the TV. Whether he sees her as well, I do not know. While out in the pool area, they see a tornado going away. It got what it wanted, CA. He then sees and hear this:

the robot, clearly controlled by the force that stole CA, laughs in a sinister "got cha" style, as if to say, she's all mine now! Is this more then just a movie? I think so.

The Freelings need some help. Their daughter is gone. Nothing like this has ever happened. They don't know where to turn. Very interesting. This will become important.

I'll stop this here and begin the new installment of searching for help from some University folks dealing with paranormal activity. In the eyes of hard core Satanists, these types are laughable jokes. the truth is that many Satanists have seen many unusual manifestations from the other realm that make university stuff look like a fraud by comparison. Speilberg actually handles this in very funny ways. You'll like it.

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