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Deadly Changes in Our World

I have been looking for the precise wording and definitions that would precisely where we went wrong and how much and when, too. I think my answer came today, April 22, 2019. The Answer was always inside me, but I could not drag it out. Now I can. We have made many bad choices as a society and if we do not identify them, they might end up being our demise. What are the differences between, say, the 30s, and now? This what I will explore and hopefully answer. I was inspired by a video I saw today from an ordinary man, who revealed far more than he probably realizes. I'll fix that, too.

He Reveals What 1950s Men Thought & Did

I'm only going to deal with the important points in his discussion. He says was was a young man of about 23 or 24 and working as a cab drive, a profession held in higher esteem then, than now. He saw a lot that job. I think it was the mid 50s and he was seeing changes in the young, while still rather young himself. But those growing in the 50s and nearing adulthood in the later 50s, were already showing changes compared to people just 5 or 6 years young. How do you get that much change in that short a time? I think the answer it simple, but we will take one stop at a time.

Its important to at least recognize when things are changing, and how much, and most of all, WHY they are changing. My brother (dead now) was 3 years young than me, but oddly, he was raised much differently than I was, but by the same parents. Why? He we ruined and died at 46, because of how he was raised by 2 very stupid and inconsistent people, my parents. I was taught to be responsible and told we did not have that much money, which was true. I was expected to be responsible and accountable.

One the other hand, my brother was pitied by my mother because she felt trapped in her marriage by having a 2nd child growing in her womb. She knew she was trapped now, but good and with no way out. My father was a certified asshole! When my brother was born, he was very clinging to my mother. He was not easily comforted like I was. He was not as well formed as I was. She felt guilty that her dread was likely to have hurt his growth in the womb. So she spent the rest of her life compensating him, which is the worst thing she could have done to him. Pity is a terrible thing. Because he was always favored over me, he concluded, instinctively and by reason, that he was better than me, just because he was favored. He imagined he was superior and was entitled. It was his right. And My father went along with my mother in the way my brother was treated.

But when my brother got into school, he was not recognized for his "greatness and privilege." Just the opposite. they were not impressed by him. He didn't know how to handle it. and it only got worse and after graduating, he got no recognition in the adult world either. Our family was working class with both parents working. My brother discovered alcohol at 18 and it was love at first sight. He was afraid to try to do things beyond his ability because he might look bad or look like a failure.

On the other hand, there is nothing I would not tackle. I had an inner confidence, though it was tapered by by a crippling shyness my mother believes resulted from a foster teen my parents took in to help him. My father worked at a reform school for boys. The boy about 14 I think, when I was 2 and could not speak, grinding my face into the cement floor of the cellar. My mother says I let out a horrific scream. She came flying down, but the boy had ran out the cellar to the outside. they took the boy's sorry ass right back the boys prison, where it was determined he would serve in Vietnam when older enough at 18. So I had extreme shyness and timidity as a result. It was extreme. School staff noticed me climbing the monkey bars and just staying up there the whole recess, speaking to no one. But because I had it good in the womb, I was able to overcome this. It only 30 years or so. My brother had it bad in the womb. So he avoided everything that might threaten his concept of superiority.

This is an important thing to understand. The outlook our parents give us, can make us or break us. Given the right outlook, we can overcome almost anything, even if it does take 30 years. On the other hand, the wrong out look and start, can cripple one for life and can make that life much shorter. It is the most important to establish, as soon as a child is born. There are many other examples that could verify this. Dr. Janov wrote many books on it as have many others.

Now we can get into what was in the video I cited.

The guy in the video, said about his father that he was the kind of guy that thought, as long as he had a roof over his head, food on the table, and a shirt on his back, then he was fine. There is so much in that statement. Many of the homes newly built from 1947 onward, were small modest 1 floor houses, often with 2 or three bedrooms. A man was paid enough to support a family in that situation. Many were tickled to death with this circumstance. Many of them came from inner city apartments in concrete jungles with ashphalt roads and people packed in. But they also had deep close ties to the people in their neighborhoods. 2 or 3 generations prior, their grand parents and Great Grand parents immigrated to the USA. They had a culture of their own, shared by all that were around them.

The "Burbs" offered a beautiful living environment with sun, grass, their own driveway, trees, a bit more privacy with their own home. But their neighbors might not have the same outlook and shared culture that they had back in the cities. Removing people from their tribal communities broke their culture down very rapidly and people had to compromise their old values and replace them with newer values or might I say, lesser values. Rather then depend on neighbors who go back 2 or 3 generations for support, they might lean on neighbors or not. People can be funny, you know.

The goal of Satan and his governments has been to change our values and lessen our values and diminish them and ever get rid of them altogether. It would start with the exodus out of the cities and into the Suburbs. I had friend who moved down to Boston for 10 or 15 years and I would go down to see him in East Boston. He had a friend Dave, who accompanied me as a guide to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to see their impressive Egyptian Artifacts Display. But Dave had some brains, too, and he was also into Egyptology. But he was quite up on the Massive exodus of the former inhabitants of E. Boston. It was largely an Italian Neighborhood. Dave was Italian, too. They had all moved out in the the 80s to the general Springfield area in the suburbs. But in doing so, they lost their deep extensive roots they one had in E. Boston.

We all tend to see with our eye rather than think with our brains. The surbs are attractive and what it more, they have a higher status in society. You are a man and have made it, if you can secure the Middle class American Dream of living in the plush burbs. Paradise on earth, they say. but in the 80s, many were seduced in to expanding their places into what become known as McMansions. But after many improvements and expansions, the municipalities jacked the property taxes thru the stratosphere. Many had to sell their mansions when the taxes soared. Tax re-evaluations destroyed the American Dream overnight. Americans were not satisfied with a roof over their heads, food on their table, and a shirt on their backs.  They wanted to be royalty and live in castles and mansions. Satan knows us well. He knows who to get our desires shooting the stars and then he can tighten the screws and tempt us to sell our souls in exchange for those McMansions from heaven. In fact, now, many would be happy with a modest place in a nice suburb. But even that is now becoming fairly unobtainable.

When I was a kid, most in Deering Center Portland Maine, in the 70s, did not worry if the paint was pealing some or the house was not that big. They spent little in fixing a place up. They were happy to just live in it and have life be affordable and not struggle to make ends met. They had a different out look. Life was different when they were kids so they had more reasonable expectations. Ah, but then came the 80s and the California American dream of opulence and being somebody big, took American by storm in the 80s. Everyone wanted what they saw in the movies and on TV. Satan is the great car salesman in the sky who knows marketing like no other.

You can have it all, he declared, so they packed up and headed for Cali, if not literally, then certainly in their hearts and desires. Then Satan made it much harder to capture the American dream so we might stoop to more ruthlessness in trying to get up a notch or two at work, or get a better job, spend all our time working and neglecting our kids and marriages. We went from the 1950s being happy just to have our own modest home in the burbs and even a car for mom, as well as dad. In the 80s, every child had to have his own TV or soon would. And expensive Cable TV, too.

We were not longer able to be content with a modest life style. We wanted every thing we saw on TV.

"They have it, so why can't I? I deserve it! Its my entitlement and privilege!"  "And I want a new car every 5 years. Everyone else has one every 5 years." Actually, not everyone does that, but people will rationalize and convince themselves that it is their right to have what everyone else has. Then they do stupid things and end up in debt or prison.

Satan is just very good at manipulating human nature and their natural inclination to want what many seem to have. Why not me, too, they say.

Now the Guy in the video noted the following:

He noted that most people start out as liberals when young and then later become conservative. A similar observation was once discussed in the Portland Maine Sunday Telegram in the 1980s. The woman writer asked why it was that many of the young identified as Democrats and later became Republicans. She did say it was a consistent trend. But she never solved the mystery. Funny thing, isn't it?

He also said His dad did not like do-gooders or reformers in office. Every time they get in office, he said, all the businesses go out. Nothing happens in business. They make it tough to operate in business. I only want a man in office that I can get to. That’s the American system. And that system works.

There is a lot in that philosophy. The dad was basically speaking of taxes and regulation and fees galore. But in our day and age, things have changed a lot since the mid 1950s. A LOT!  Satan had inspired every sort of regulation and control so that we can barely move or breath. He squeezes every last penny out of us. Control is everywhere. we can not escape it. It is designed to make us fearful and accepting of as much control as we can tolerate, if not more. He is trying to break us all, in spirit, if not the flesh, too.

But the comment of: That’s the American system. And that system works. Correction! It used to work that way. The dad went on to say:

At one time, you could get help from a government office (a "ward healer" in boroughs throughout NYC to find work and back then, it worked.

Yes it worked because the government cared about being productive at that time. But the government and Satan had other plans in the works. Soon they would turn their backs on help and caring.

"But Lindsey became mayor and wiped it all out. Then everyone had to go to City Hall. They were overloaded and could not handle it."

Another lesson for us all. Every election is determined in advance and the man or woman picked to win, has an assignment from the bosses. Lindsey's assignment was to get rid of the employment help. Shut down the help and let them starve as we bring in immigrants and close factories to destroy America and its great middle class dream. We will create desperation and misery everywhere.

The world has changed for far worse. Most are not aware that we are being sold out by our own elected politicians. Ah, correction. They convince us to elect who they want and they can fix the voting machines to say who won, anyway. but we still think we "chose" who we wanted. My, how naive we are.

In the man's final statement in the video, He says he prefers to be moderate rather than the 2 extremes. He don’t like crowds. When he comes home at night, he stays in and just watches the news. He does not like the world as much now.

What did we learn? What we should understand is that we all got seduced by the TV, movie, and magazine adds that encouraged us to all want to be rich, just like the other rich people are. so we worked like hell for nothing as they system punishes us for trying to elevate our selves. If we had retained the old standard of contentment stated in:  a roof over their heads, food on their table, and a shirt on their backs.

Satan knows our weaknesses in our nature. If we restrain our nature, then Satan has no way to get to us. Paul in the Bible (1 Timothy 6:Urges us:

7 For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.
8 And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content.
9 But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition.
10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. << End of bible quote.

The ultimate goal is to learn to be content with whatever we can manage without putting ourselves in risky positions. Life is short. 70 years can go fast. We just need to focus on learning and not getting caught up in the rat race and being as decent as we can bare and learning all we can so that we don't get fooled by Satan as most do.

Satan has brought the world to its knees because the world does not even believe Satan Exists, much less a global Elite. Satan is still tightening the screws and closing us all into a pen to be herded, if possible, into joining him or being imprisoned someday in camps and some being tested even to having to die temporarily till the matter is settled and everyone belonging to God being brought back to life.

Avoid Hollywood and the desire to be middle class and live a more easy life of minimal expenses and the peace of mind that comes with that.

If we avoid asking too much out of life and accept a humble lifestyle, we can find a much more peaceful life. Peace comes from not putting pressure on our selves by wanting everything we see. Low expectations  will free us up to pursue God and stay out of trouble till God fixes everything. It will happen.

Most satanists get into trouble by wanting too much. The Devil easily controls them and laughs about it. Don't let him laugh at you!

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