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The Real Forces to Blame

  It would seem that those in power, who feed youtube channels things to say,  seek to make the baby boomers the scape goats for the demise of the world, when the culprits, beyond any doubt, are the super rich world rulers responsible for all wars and and economic ups/downs and crashes. Even more laughable is that they dare to say we were worse than the Millennials, the most screwed-up, feminized bunch of fools to ever be born. Anyway, I came across the video below and my reply to it.

Laziness, Greed, Entitlement - Baby Boomers Defined

I posted my comment at 2:59 PM April 23, 2019   I burned Moly at the stake as a certain BS promoter. Make no mistake about it. Its hate speech and lies! Enjoy the decline!


Now boys and girls, the real problem is the super rich secret cabal that is determined to kill us all off, if possible. They are going to try, anyway. But God says He is not going to let it go all the way, or it would be the end of the world.

This is a video that you desperately need to watch listen closely to. It is as fine a works as is on the net. AS good as anything I have ever said.

The Dangerous Tribalism of the Ruling Class

 Black Pilled is 10 times smarter than Mr. Stefan. Why the big discrepancy tween the two?

So why is it that the elite who promote most youtube channels and many blogs and sites, want so bed to blame everything on the boomers?

I guts the answer! 2 big reasons. The biggest reason is that the global elite are planning a really big war that will drastically change the world once again. and so they are going to need a lot of idiots, I mean, soldiers, to fight that war, many of them to die in it as well. And what terrifies them more than anything else is the incredible legacy of the only generation to boldly protest war and many refused to fight, many fleeing to Canada at that time. Demonstrations took place all over the country,  and causing havoc for the military recruiters. It was upsetting the whole applecart. So they ended the war a bit earlier than they would have liked, and went to work on a propaganda plan to absolutely pay back and ruin the reputation of the Boomers, the only generation in history to tell War-mongers to go to hell. So now we are seeing the next phase of propaganda attacks on the most feisty generation to have come along since 1776.

We boomer are now said to the cause of all present problems as well as every problem of the last 1000 years. I only slightly exaggerate.

But now we need to know the truth. Boomers did not cause inflation. That was the work of the Federal Reserve and tentacle branches around the world. Boomers did not make your factories close and your jobs go overseas. That was big business Corporations and your politician who were told by they Global Elite to bring American to its knees. Nor was it the wish of boomers to cut back on breeding. They simply could not afford to have more than 1 or two children due to escalating inflation with soaring interest rates and property taxes and steadily declining jobs. So our population dropped so that our traitorous leaders could replace boomers, with foreigners instead, the immigration. This burdened everyone with huge increases in taxes to make us pay to keep foreigners for nothing while they leach from us.

Which brings us to the 2nd problem. All the while, since 1860, Rockefeller and his many global allies used schools to prevent real learning and education to the point were Gen-ex'ers and Millennials would end up becoming the dumbest generations yet. I refer more to the Millennials. Gen Z shows a little more promise.

So there you have the motivation behind the character assassination of the Boomer Generation, the Real Greatest Generation of the 20th Century.

Just say no to war if you know what is good for you!       Neutrality and War         on Truth1.

Now it also has to be said that the boomers were the ones who really broke loose, right? Wrong. Military men everywhere were buying prostitutes an hooking up with anyone they could. Parent were subtly urged to look the other way while their daughter gave the men going off to war a last thrill. They were a fine bunch to call the kettle black when the 60s youth rebelled and went crazy with sex and drugs. Further, it was the CIA who promoted the drug culture and supplying the dugs as well. Don't blame the boomers.

In fact, if you want to get down the demise of society, I can make it easy for you. We hated God and His morals prescribed for us such as mercy, kindness, respect, compassion along with forbidding greed of all types and requiring responsible use of our procreative abilities by mean so a commitment to marriage for the sake of the offspring and granting land as as right without cost to support a family and being independent and autonomous of other like employers. Honesty was mandatory as was true justice.

All these things have all been renounced by nearly everyone and this why we are not in the mess we are. NOT exclusively the Boomers!

Next time you want to blame someone or something, Find yourself a good mirror and look real closely into it. There you will find the real problem, and if sincere, you can find the solution there, too.

by the way, there are other idiots on the net that say much the same thing as Stefan. Aaron Clarey says much the same as Stefan, except as regards spanking. And I know I have come across others saying much the same, too. Stupidity is not in short supply. It is abundant everywhere.

What is extremely rare is the sound logic and truth that you will find here. 99% truth and 1% unintentional error.

How do ya like me now, Stephan?

 Truth Won Out!    Big time!                             

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