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The Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke #13

In this installment #13, We have just seen CA get taken away into the spirit realm and pleading for mommy. The boy hears CA from the TV.

Mom had been searching for CA in the pool, afraid that she had fallen in.

So the Freelings head to the University to get some help from Academic Parapsychologists, assuming these to be the "experts." But that is not how it is in the real world. I think Speilberg was making fun of the phony academics as we watch their helplessness against spirit powers way beyond any thing they imagined. Real Satanists and other such pagan religions, too, know the real powers as they are well versed in those powers. They know all too well that spirits and spirit power are very real and capable, as long as they stay out of God's business, who is also at work among His own. Speilberg and the big Hollywood moguls know those ill inclined spirits very well and are very devoted to them. So they all laugh at barely psychic dabblers. It is NOT without reason that the big execs require anyone signing on to one of their productions, must give over their soul to Satan. Many probably do not take this very serious and accept the offer, having no idea how much it is really going to cost them.

Let me declare this boldly. No one, anywhere on earth, can have great success or obtain great wealth or great fame and celebrity or great power, without having to come to terms with Satan or one of his many alternate name/identities. All early tyrants as Greeks called them, or "mighty ones" in the Bible, or dictators in more recent times, had to make a deal with Satan or risk defeat in battle. As it was and is, the spirits can b treacherous such as when Croesus consulted the oracle of Delphi when considering a battle against Cyrus the Persian, in Herodotus' History.

Croesus was told by the Oracle, a treacherous one at that, that if he went to battle, a great empire would fall. Croesus assumed it meant he would win. But he lost. And in losing, his great empire was lost. Cyrus came to see some value in Croesus and kept him around.

But the spirits love to fool and lie and trick those they toyed with. They are not grateful to their devotees or have any affection for them. They just use them and give them a few goodies, along with the leverage of fear. So welcome to the mind prisons, I mean, universites.

It is also well known by those in power that universities are designed to lie and mislead and keep people from learning truth and becoming smart. They openly flaunt this with these "psychics" we are going to meet. The universities are proud of their ability to turn out idiots. Satan delights in it.

Interesting that the woman asks about any publicity, to which he says there has been none, not even the police. Near to 44:54. She wants it to remain secret. That is very accurate. No believer in Psychic phenomena wants to spread it around anywhere and everywhere. They want it to be very discreet until the right time to let it all out out. That is not far away now. We are getting very close to "disclosure." They want to document the "phenomena." He, Dad, agrees to it.

The following starts at about 46:00 "We keep the room locked."  When the psychics arrive, they are overwhelmed by the power they are seeing. They have never seen anything like it. But their are people in our real world who have seen great power wielded. If not directly, then certainly by those on earth authorized to act in Satan's behalf, such as a Hollywood mogul. The Psychics are overwhelmed as they behold things flying around.



They now realize that they need someone far more qualified with REAL paranormal experience and knowledge. They know what they have, is nothing now. And yes, that lamp does look fake but when animated its not quite as obvious. Speilberg really plays up the "comedy look" as I will call it. Mischievous toys and whatever. They are visibly shaken up at what they have seen.

48:20 "Poltergeists are usually associated with an individual. Hauntings seem to be connected with an area." 51:00 "don't look at the light."

52:00, The crew are hearing CA thru the TV and even the house maybe. CA cries for help.  Mom: You bastards! She’s just a baby! Yes, little Heather, I mean, CA, or do I? She was a tiny little 5 year old with a tiny voice. And I'm thinking at this point is that Heather would have been silent if abused and I think she was, because mom was thrilled at her getting a part in a movie with a high ranking producer although this was still fairly early in his career. And with the money pouring in, Heather probably did not want that to end for mom so Heather took the abuse and kept silent. Near to her death, she bought a bracelet or something like that, that had half of best friends split up between 2 parts, one to stay with Heather and one for mom as a sign of love for her mom. There are kids like that, that will go along with horrible things to spare their parents, such as if a rapist were to say, "I'll kill your mother and father if you tell," and the child fears the threat enough to stay silent.

What I can say is this. We have rumors of Heather being used, though not likely in the exact context related, but from a different time and circumstance, with Heather hurt fairly bad and needing medical attention for some sort of anal penetration. This was uses to claim her death from it. But its a twisted piece designed to make all think this was an accident. But the timing was not right. But the circumstances were probably true. But Heather was, in my estimation, murdered, likely with poison, most likely Arsenic, which was also how Brittney  Murphy has been alleged by her step dad, I believe to be poisoned, allegedly, with arsenic and a number of other heavy metals, By a very wealthy tycoon from the UK and the Mideast, last name Fyad, whose son, Dodi and Princess Diana were taken out by British agents some allege.  I am persuaded it is all true.

To me, poison is the only possibility that matches the circumstances. The attempts to cover up, claim that it was an oversight on the medical staff that did not detect a blockage in the small intestine. Complete lies in my opinion. An impossibility! The Hospital and maybe another party, agreed to pay a settlement to Mom, requiring secrecy of how much and likely requiring her not to disagree with the cause of death and say nothing for ever after. So the settlement was probably a fairly good one, too. Hollywood wanted to be damned sure they had her silence, so they could spin it anyway they wanted. Heather was a very young small child when mysterious Big Hollywood execs made the plan to offer her as a valuable sacrifice to none other than Satan. So relatively speaking, she was a "baby" when they plotted her murder. And they were bastards, for sure.

The woman asks at near to 53:40, "Where was CA playing when she was caught up? Mom: In her bedroom closet. Is that a play on words. Could it be that in the closet is the main clue and "playing is the 2nd clue. In the closet as being secret and playing is not CA or Heather playing but rather the Hollywood perverts doing all the "playing." And you wonder why I am suspicious.

53:58 they about to head for the closet. One of the guys had a huge bit mark from being in the bedroom.

At 54:00, they are still skeptical about what is going on. They can not believe what they are seeing and experiencing.

Here is a line from the woman talking to mom. 

55:46 nonsense. I am the one who should be embarrassed. parapsychology is not something you master in. No certificates of graduation. No licenses to practice. I am a professional psychologist, that has spent most of my time in this ghostly hobby, which makes me the most irresponsible person of my age that I know. Its all the things we don’t understand! The forest primeval.

At least she is being very honest now. And it is true. People are very ignorant of the real paranormal and its very real and powerful presence on earth and through out history. Most know nothing of any of it.

That is how many Satanists feel about most psychics and whatever. They laugh at the psychics. They are proud of their real connections to real power and benefits coming from Satan. Make no mistake about that. Although they are rather quiet now in my area. They know I know that they know. Know what I mean ? ;-) At about 56:00, the woman fills the boy with BS stories about life after death and all that lying crap. Well ya didn't thing Satan was going miss a chance to lie and mislead you, did you? that is part of what this movie is about. You'll see. While they aspire to be entertaining, they main goal is to mislead you and misdirect you and get you off in the wrong direction. That is what all movies and TV try to do. And it works quite well. They want you to believe in life after death as spirits. That is the lie Satan has been telling since the garden of Eden.

"You don't really die. You are really a spirit just like God and when you cease living here, you live in the invisible realm where God lives and you become like Him. He does not want you to know that. You'll be as big and strong as He is. Then you can be the judge of good or bad. I, the swell guy Satan, wanted you to know this. Tell God to go to hell and that you don't need Him any more. You're just as good as God is."

Don't fall for it, folks. Rebellious spirits have never been truly nice to people. They lie to us, harm us, trick us and get us killed. They make life miserable down here. Satan loves to kill children and Babies. That's what a nice guy he is. He hates innocence and goodness. Chose your god/God wisely.

Suddenly this bitch is all knowing about the "other side," as if she had been there. Don't kid yourself. She is delivering Satan's lies to you, to have you swallow. He's a clever guy, but rather diabolical, wouldn't you say?

I end this blog here at 59:50. Its the dialog going on often at this point that gets real interesting. The Movie is moving toward the big showdown now.

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