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1971 KC Chiefs Repeat in 2018

  I had covered the likelihood of the 1971 KC Chiefs throwing the game to please all the NFL owners wanting to grow the Florida Football Market. But it does not end there. Patterns repeat often because patterns and symbols are part of a subtle secret battle for the hearts and minds of the human race. Just as the army will not take low IQ recruits, Satan, out of jealousy, wants to deny low IQ people and all people, if he could, from being able to recognize God, known since1209 AD at least, from the old Hebrew, as Jehovah. Satan insisted on symbolism on the part of God communicating to humans. Symbolism or we would call it, messages in coded form. The military does this routinely. The code takes some effort, but its not impossible or even unlikely to break. God is not unfair. The barrier will require some study and effort, but the reward is huge. Are You game?

Satan has the whole world in his hands, by permission of God, that both God and we, be tested and prove ourselves. But Satan is clever in that he hides his administration and administrators so that no one will even know that he and they are doing to us. Call it a secret Kingdom. Invisible, much like intelligence agencies operations are. But God has also placed great restraints on Satan's secrecy, requiring him to expose his dealings, at least in symbols and patterns. These symbols and patterns repeat many times if we know what to look for. We are seeing a lot of it now in the world.

The irony is that Satan's network coverers everything and is seen everywhere, again, if you know what to look for. Yes, even in sports where money and fame abound, Satan will require that the athletes and stars take an oath of loyalty and obedience so that all things might be rigged and controlled. All crime families are Satanists. If they would refuse Satan, he would have them eliminated. The NFL was founded by gambling and racketeering syndicates who together, rigged sports and gambling, the occupation of fools. I covered the 1971 Chiefs of the NFL, the best team of that year/season.

In this article, we have a repeating pattern from 1971, in 2018, Again by the KC Chiefs and their QB. It would seem the opposing forces in the spirit realm are not even making this hard for us. Its being preached from the roof tops, so to speak. That is to say, very obvious. So please join me for a look at the playoff game between the KC Chiefs and NE patriots. Its short and sweet.

I believe this was the AFC championship playoff game to go to the superbowl in 2018. 1971 was a playoff game, too. KC Chiefs vs. NE Patriots.


 Pats defender/back #54 will be the receiver on the right. The QB is looking somewhere else so that no one will be suspisious.


Now notice here that Mahomes, the QB no.15, has already thrown the ball in the direction of the guy in indicated previously. He is leading 54 just a little. All the Chiefs are heading left. 


Pats 54 is about to intercept. He is crouching a little. Mahomes is looking right at him. Notice that no one is near 54. Why throw there? The football is just over a square light in the far background beyond the playing field. It looks like 2 small dots.


Pats 54 is now taking it in. There is a chief now, just in back of 54 coming up. In theory, Mahomes would know he was going to be in that vacinity. But 54 was there waiting. Mahomes would have known better if he as shooting for his own guy.
But what you have to understand is that players react with anticipation. A mere arm motion will cause a player to adjust to that. But the KC player in the frame below should have seen that interception coming. Instead he keeps on his path without altering.


The KC player with an 8 on his jersey far right has only now begun to put the brakes on. He would have seen that pass coming earlier. 54 now has the ball well in hand.

For whatever the reason, the league would have had to authorize this blown play. Maybe the betting odds favored this outcome. Maybe the Pats were owed a favor, throwing the Philly game the previous Superbowl. Whatever the reason, I do not think this was an oversight or mistake. It was intentional.

Now I must point out again, that this is such an obvious repeat patter of the 1971 KC Chiefs. When dripping hints, those in power doing it, have a reason for it and they intend it to be noticed by someone or maybe quite a few. So to make sure it is reasonably obvious, they take care to make the details of the 1971 playoff game be nearly identical to the new one they are planning. Both playoff games. Both thrown by the Chiefs' quarterbacks throwing to defensive backs on the other side. Both times the opposing backs were moving to the left and no one was near them when they intercepted the pass. That is a lot of coincidences. Its pretty bold, really. What are the odds? Now as far as I know, no one ever suspected that the 1971 playoff game was thrown, though in hind sight, its pretty obvious to me.

My business is hunting down old history to show that things we are just getting on to now, have long been going on in the past as well. Having been a Chiefs fan for so long and mourning the 1971 loss to this day, I saw the game on NFL videos on Youtube and thought, wow, I get to see the game at 60. I was almost 13 when I saw it in 71. I wondered if maybe 3 blown field goals was not an accident. But that is as far as it went. But having seen the video, my jaw dropped to the floor. I say both Stenerud  and Dawson were called upon to make sure the game was lost. Miami was so bad that even 3 blown field goals was not enough as Miami not capitalize on any of them. that is why the game set a playoff record to this day because Miami was that bad. So Dawson sealed the deal. I don't know if they play was planned ahead or jus improvised but the Miami field goal after the interception gave them the ticket to the Super bowl.

Again, why this is important is that everything is controlled like this and we can not leave out the possibility that Satan could also aid a player in helping him or hindering him. I would suggest that demonic intervention took place during the Atlanta Falcons  vs NE Patriots Superbowl. I have never seen a game where the momentum was so strong for one side and so weak for the other side and then in the 2nd half, the sides switched 180 degrees. From unstoppable to dead on arrival and vice versa. This was the exact pattern that took place in the Homer's Greek tragedy, The Illiad, whereby it described as one side and their god winning a day of battle, unbeatable, and then the next battle it would be the other side and their god that would prevail and the war would go back and forth.

For one, Satan loves to seen as many die as possible. And both sides are his, under the names of 2 different gods, though both are really Satan. He does as he pleases, all the while cultivating and guiding men and nations toward one big united world-wide empire that we about to enter upon. Whether fame, wealth, or power, Satan controls it all in every detail. Crime syndicates have long been agents of the devil. Hollywood is one of his favorite hangouts. Nothing is out of his reach. Since he can read minds, no one can escape his detection or fool and deceive him. He can cause anyone's death at any time.

If you have the "eyes" to "see" and the "Ears" to "Hear," That Jesus speaks of, then you should be able to recognize the patterns and plans of the enemy. And you should be well aware of the enemy lurking in secret against the human race. the Devil will be subtle and crafty, but he also has to leave tell tale signs behind, that if people are reasonably awake and alert, they will see and recognize the handiwork of the devil gong on all around us. It is not completely hidden to us. If we seek the patterns and symbols and hints being spread around, then we will not be caught by surprise.  We should expect that with Satan have nearly full power over the earth and people, that the world will not be a nice place, or an honest one, either. But we have to keep our hearts and minds, and eyes and ears, open and alert. If we do this, we will not be caught off guard when the "Big day" arrives.

I am not sure what people might think about my suspicions of the ritual murder of Heather O'Rourke and the analysis of the movie, Poltergeist. But as I see it, people will be making a big mistake if they don't wake up to what goes on around us all the time that is sinister and evil, for the world has never been more evil and sinister and it is going to get far worse for a brief time. Now is not the time to sleep or to be skeptical and cynical about the evil all around us.

Many assume the NFL is a legitimate sport. It may or may not be. But I am suggesting it is not legitimate and that none of our world is legitimate and honest. It all runs on lies and deceit.


There are a lot of goodies coming. Were it not for work, I would be getting it up sooner. I got an amazing one of a police officer/detective from the JonBenet case of 1995/6, setting a strong pattern that would be repeated in the Hampstead case of 2015. You will not believe it till you see it. And when you do see it, your jaw should drop to the floor. A pattern so similar that I don't see how anyone will be able to miss the connection. You will not be disappointed. Can you put two and two, together? Is it a hint? The hand writing on the wall? A message from God? You get to decide. And there is much more to follow. I got 2 big projects coming up. I wish I had more time.

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