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Satan's NFL Follies


Welcome to Truth1's new World Watch blog, which will focus on world affairs and issues not primarily associated with SRA topics. In some ways, everything is connected, but SRA is a focused subject related to operations of Satanic cults, Intelligence operations, and cover ups and world control thru mind control programming. it is also very much about Satan worship or other pagan and paranormal worship.

World Watch will give attention to anything else that Christians ought to be considering. Prophetic concerns will be likely be common. Anything that exposes our world's corruption. It will be a catch-all blog. Archeology and History will have big features in the near future. Science, too. And at this point, June, 6, 2019, there is a lot happening that needs to be discussed. That all said, this 1st article for this additional focus, focuses on how Satan lurks in the invisible realm to control all aspects of life in earth, even entertainment and sports.

The intro here is a bit long. Be sure to check out all the screen saves far below if you get board with the text.

The Screen Photos

Satan is all about control over humanity, to our detriment. He pervades everything. It might surprise some that the NFL might be controlled, not only by the NFL, but by Satan, too. Look at it this way. Satan controls who wins and loses in wars. So why not sports, too? As well, fame and wealth are things Satan allows only to those who join him and his cause. No one can have fame, wealth, or both without the approval and support of Satan. Many on the internet understand this. Many more do not. There are some good channels that point out this stuff all the time.

What I present here is an old wound, a heart break, as a vastly inferior team supposedly beat the best team in the NFL on Xmas day, 1971, AFL conference playoffs, first round, to determine who would go to the next round, the Conference championship that leads the Super Bowl. It was the Kansas City (KC) Chiefs vs the Miami Dolphins. This was still in the early days of the NFL merger of the NFL and AFL. KC had gotten soundly defeated by their 1st superbowl appearance again the Greenbay Packers. The Packers had big men playing defense And KC was well contained and the score never got very high.

At that time, high scoring (on both sides) was rare. Most games were decided by a field goal. It was a very boring sport then and the skills were no where near what they are today. KC had a good offense. In my opinion, KC had the best offense around by the time they faced the Vikings in the Superbowl. But Greenbay's defense was like a brick wall. The best in the NFL, no doubt, at that time.

The Vikings struggled against the KC offense. and KC became the winner. Now it could have been that the Vikings let up a little to allow KC to win, in retrospect, but one has to understand just how advanced the KC offense was, and their defense was pumped up, learning from their facing Greenbay previously.

Hank Stram was a new sort of coach with a new strategy. And he had the best QB around to fit right in with Stram's strategy, in Lenny Dawson. Lenny liked to be able to leave the pocket and run toward one of the sidelines to buy some time and find a receiver. Stram would even create plays making use of this strategy. This is done today in 2019, but back then, not that much and not planned. This would later be named the "West Coast Offense style" as the Oakland Raiders with Coach Madden and Kenny Stabler at the helm as QB. And then Coach Walsh and Joe Montana in San Fran. Don Coryell in San Diego, too, a little later. In fact, I dare say that Oakland, who loved the long bomb, saw the wisdom of the KC offense and adopted it for their own with Ken Stabler as QB.

But in 69 vs. the Vikings, KC had the antidote for a superb Viking defense. At that time, most games were about running, and only occasionally passing, and playing line/ball control offense, running out the clock with a field goal wining the game. The Hurry up 2 minute drill had been done by Johnny Unitas previously. But it was not a routine thing. KC would alter that by passing more, but with mobility and option receivers. This was good against good defenses, too. It was Don "Air" Coryell and the "Cardiac Cards" (St. Louis Cardinals) who made the 2 minute drill the state of the art, with Jim Hart at QB. Air Coryell would do the same for the San Diego Chargers, with Dan Fouts presiding at QB.

Jumping ahead to 1971, KC showed a very impressive season. One game in particular I remember was when they played the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland never made it past the 50 yard line. KC was as monstrous on defense by that time, as any around. And the offense as well. They were a balanced whole team with a maverick coach in Hank Stram. It was the perfect storm.

But it was the decision, says I, of the NFL owners, that the Florida market, that they felt had fare more potential for additional teams, should be encouraged by enabling Miami to win the AFC conference and go to the Superbowl. The NFL would favor Dallas as Texas also had more football potential and a year later, Miami would have an undefeated season and win the Superbowl. To do that, Miami was enabled, maybe by plan, luck, or Satan, to never have to face a team about 500 in the 72 season/73 superbowl against the beat up, worn out, injured Washington Redskins. or maybe Washington just let them win, according to a plan.

So back to the 71 conference division, KC takes to the field with a great defense and high tech offense. They had possibly the best field goal kicker of the time, the first to use the soccer style sort of kick and would end up a hall of fame kicker, too. This is important to note.

Wikipedia: The 1971 Kansas City Chiefs season was the franchise's 2nd season in the National Football League, the 9th as the Kansas City Chiefs, and the 12th overall. They improved from a 7–5–2 campaign in 1970 to record a 10–3–1 mark and win the AFC West division championship, the Chiefs' first division title since 1966.   

The truth was that the AFC had little going for them in 1971. The Eastern division in particular, that Miami was in.

Miami had a good defense but not as good as KC, by any means. Worse for the offense. Miami QB Bob Griese would stay in the pocket when passing.

Wikipedia: The 1971 Miami Dolphins season was the team's sixth, and second in the National Football League (NFL). The team improved on their 10-4 record from 1970 and finished 10–3–1.

Truth1: Both had the same record and seemed evenly matched but they said that about the Cassius Clay - Sony Liston fight, too. And that was a farce, too.

KC played in the best division of the conference and Miami played in the worst division. Remember that each team in a division played each team in that division twice. So Miami had it real easy. KC had the biggest challenge. So the records do not tell it all. The East sucked! The West was the best. KC earned their record. It also needs to be pointed out that the Baltimore Colts were 10 and 4 and were a better team than Miami as I see it. Let me tell you about that. Miami would face the Colts for the conference championship and trip to the superbowl. It was near the end and Unitas threw an interception.  It was way underthrown. I do believe it was deliberate. Unitas was a skilled veteran, unlike Greise.

The Miami back did the most crazy run back for a TD that I have ever seen, save Billy White shoes Johnson . . . Or KC's Ed Podalak who ran for 350 yards against Miami in the 71 playoff. You can say what you and about the biggest single game yardage but to me, whether running back kicks or taking hand offs, Podalak;s record has never been broken. But the Miami special teams was a total disaster.

So as I see it, the Colts gave Miami a free trip to the Superbowl.

So now I want to show you how you can puff up a record and statistics, simply by leaving out important info. Or put another way, be selective in the info you use. There are too many factors to show that Miami was the biggest hoax ever put over on NFL fans and the most unworthy team to ever win a superbowl in 73. So I will show you the AFC divisions in more detail, so you have a better understanding of Football at that time, compared to now and how pathetic the AFC Eastern division was. Below are the final season standings of the AFC in 1971.

I will eliminate the 2 top teams for having winning records and will add the 3 losing records for total wins and losses that we can compare with the 2 other divisions. You will note that the good teams and bad teams were more polarized and unbalanced. This is evidence that the combined talent was not enough to present fairly competitive teams. The Bills were a disaster.

AFC east 13 wins  29 losses  5 teams in the Division AFC West 10 wins, 17 losses  Only 4 teams here

Miami has the least competition and got 2 games from most of them. KC on the other hand did not have as easy a division and had to play more teams in the other divisions.

You'll notice only 4 teams here, too. Note that the Browns were a good team. KC never let them past the 50 yard line that season. There was more parity in this division, or you could call it mediocrity. The division record was still better than Miami's East division. The toughest division considering losing records, was KC's West division. So although the Colts and Dolphins had records as good as KC, they both had easier competition. KC was the king of the AFC, beyond question. The West division had far less losses among the losing records, which means that this was no easy division. The other 2 divisions were easy picking.

AFC central  14 wins  27 losses                  

So what I am saying is that this is not just about wins and losses but how those compared to the other divisions. The east was breeze for both Baltimore and Miami. KC had the best performance, by far. KC was the real champion, not only of the AFC, but of all the NFL. Dallas beat San Fran, which is like saying that a 10 year old boy beat and 5 year old. Dallas had it easy to get in to the Superbowl. Dallas won the Superbowl with defense and Duane Thomas, pretty much written out of history because he had the audacity and arrogance to ask for a better contract after the season. Duane didn't feel like being a slave. I sympathize with him. He deserved better than the NFL meat grinder contract. In that time, when football wages were absurdly low, injuries were still permanent as was the arthritis. Duane deserves to be better remembered and fans should mourn that they were robbed of what I suspect, would have been a superb runner.

This reminds me of Terry Metcalf of the St. Louis Cardinals, coached by "Air" Coryell, the best thing that ever happened to the NFL. In the mid 70s, players were hired and fired by the "Front Office, and and the coach would have to accept what ever the front office delivered to him. Metcalf was exciting to watch and versatile, too. He ran the kickoffs and maybe punts, too, as well as half back and receiver.

Wikipedia: Metcalf finished his NFL career with 3,489 rushing yards, 245 receptions for 2,457 yards, 936 punt return yards, and 3,087 yards returning kickoffs. He also scored 36 touchdowns (24 rushing, 9 receiving, 1 punt return, 2 kickoff returns). He holds the record for most games with 250+ all purpose yards. << end wiki

 He wanted more money after a great season and the front office said no and the NFL turned its back on him, so he played for the Canadian Football league in Toronto.

 Eric Dickerson had the same problem nearly 10 years after Duane Thomas. If you watch all the highlights of the great running backs, you will notice a variety of styles. Each has their own strength. Dickerson was unique in that not only was he tall, but he had blinding speed. In almost all his great runs, he finds an opening and then accelerated and left everyone in the dust. Just the slightest opening and he was gone for a visit to the endzone. His rookie season was nothing short of amazing. But the owners of the NFL wanted some "charity" years out of any player. "Give us 2-4 good years and we will jack your salary, after. Most Players only last 7 years. The NFL needed a players union. And they well deserved it, too. Pardon my rant. But this is part of the reason why I do not think players deserve anyone's wrath for throwing games, if what I say is true. I could be in error, but I doubt it.

Miami did not have the defense enough to stop KC or Dallas. Miami's Nick Buoniconti was the only real standout against the Chiefs in 71. Miami was crushed by Dallas 24-3. KC would have done the same if the NFL had not tied their hands and made them throw the game, says I! The Chiefs had a better offense than Dallas. There were 10 winning records in the NFC and only 5 in the AFC. The NFC was still marginally better. I say this to point out that KC had finally brought the AFC the parity it sought with the NFC. KC could take on any of them. KC has never been recognized for the great level of ability they had that year, 10 times better than Miami and fully capable of subduing Dallas, too.

 Now what I will point out is that Miami would come back the next season to be undefeated and win the Superbowl, with this disparity between the NFC and AFC. In that 72 season, Miami NEVER played a team over 500.  50% wins or less. And when they faced the Redskins, they barely won, 14 to 7. Washington did not  have the full services of their star fullback of that season, Larry Brown, as he took way too many hits playing reckless in the regular season.  The Washington offense depended on the running game, ever as Miami did. So Miami was just damn lucky. Miami's accomplishment of beating up teams that sucked, was no accomplishment at all. I dare say a college team could have survived in the AFC with a record as least as good as Buffalo's. Miami squeaks past a beat up Redskins. Had the two met half way into the season, Miami would have got beaten to hell!

In the 72/73 Season, the Redskins' Larry Brown, the main running back, had 1216 yards for the season, averaging 101.3 yards per game. But by the end of the season, Larry had taken too many solid hits. He was the kind of runner who thought he could take on anyone and it hurt him enough that by the time of the superbowl, he did not have what he did earlier in the season. In the Super bowl, he only had 72 yards for the game. So he was about 30 yards short of his usual. Recall that Miami allowed Ed Podalak 350 all purpose yards in 71. So Miami was not a great defense. In fact, its not beyond possibility that the Redskins were asked to not play their full potential so that Miami might have the Cinderella season that might bring more enthusiasm for football in Florida.

Lets observe some things about the Cinderella SuperBowl.


They (Miami) also remain the only Super Bowl team to be shut out in the second half and still win. (by luck and rigged games I might add.)

( Truth1: This means their offense sucked, big time! )

The game was played on January 14, 1973, at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, the second time the Super Bowl was played in that city. At kickoff the temperature was 84 °F (29 °C), making the game the warmest Super Bowl.[5]

This was the Dolphins' second Super Bowl appearance after losing Super Bowl VI. They posted an undefeated 14–0 regular season record before defeating the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs. The Redskins were making their first Super Bowl appearance after posting an 11–3 regular season record and playoff victories over the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. Despite being undefeated, the Dolphins were actually one point underdogs,[1] largely based on the weakness of their regular season schedule.[6]

Super Bowl VII was largely dominated by the Dolphins, and is the second lowest-scoring Super Bowl to date with a total of only 21 points.

I suspect Washington took it easy so as to give Miami a chance. No significant offense on either side. Was it because Washington had no offence? Not at all. And Washington had a good defense of skilled veterans. My suspicion is that Washington took it easy on the Dolphins.

The 1985/86 Bears was 100 times better than Miami has ever been. Same for the Patriots in 2007/8. And they had 2 extra games compared to Miami with only14. I don't think Miami deserved their glory. What is more, is that the NFL was never able to make Florida a big football market. Florida just does not go in for football, it would seem. Maybe the fans hated sitting in the brutal heat down there.

Now we are going to explore in screen saves, the dirty deal of the KC/Miami playoff game.

As usual, Miami had no offense to offer. They never lead at any time in the game. They always had to play catch-up. Their special teams defense gave up 350 years to Ed Podalak, alone. And more thru passing. In order to allow Miami a victory, they had to go into overtime, setting the longest play-off game in history. In my opinion, the chiefs hall of fame kicker, perhaps the best in the league at the time, Jan Stenerud, missed 3 field goal attempts, either by kicking wide or kicking it into the waiting hands of the Miami defense. Normally, blocking kick is hard and rare. But if there kicker were to aim in the direction of the defenders most likely to be in his line of sight, then you have the perfect cover for a thrown game. "Just an off day, I guess."

If the desire by the owner and the league is to throw a game, while trying to conceal that from most of the team; they would need to have 3 key people in on it, for sure. The coach, the Quarterback, and the the kicker. The QB and kicker are solely in control when the ball is snapped into play. The coach could work out a special play for the other side, letting the other coach know what to look for and when or have a secret signal to let the opposing coach know that play is about to be executed. The communication might carried out by the 2 owners or delegated to the coaches. Its an easy thing to do. Who could tell, ordinarily? But over the years, some slips have been made and sport rigging is older than sports, itself.

Horse racing, Boxing, Baseball as in the 1919 White Sox scandal.

Wikipedia: The Black Sox Scandal was a Major League Baseball match fixing incident in which eight members of the Chicago White Sox were accused of intentionally losing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for money from a gambling syndicate led by Arnold Rothstein. The fallout from the scandal resulted in the appointment of Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis as the first Commissioner of Baseball, granting him absolute control over the sport in order to restore its integrity.

There is no point in even denying that this goes on. The NFL League was formed by a bunch of gambling Crime families who realized, that if they owned all the teams on a league, it would be effortless to fix games to their benefit/profit. It was logical and it is what every industry does.

Oil, manufacturing, electronics, food production, transportation and trucking, shipping and more. Satan demands absolute control over all things.

We have never had "Free enterprise" at any time in world history. The devil has made sure that all things get controlled and stay controlled. They own all the horses in a race. Whether that race is politics, war, or finance or nations, its all fixed and controlled to the last detail. If you can accept this, then nothing can be ruled out and everything is possible.

This is why I am writing about a football game, of all things. Some will ask why I would care so much about a stupid football game. But this game points at far greater implications for the world and everything in it and throughout time. Its a small scale version of what Satan and God dispute over. We are all affected, like it or not. You stick your head in the sand if you want, but this is no laughing matter. Just like my film analysis of the Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke. Satan and God are putting out their respective messages to see who is worthy of living forever and who is not. Satan wants everyone dead. God would like people to accept His terms, securing our own bests interests, and being able to live forever without madness and insanity everywhere.

My premise is that Jan Stenerud and Lenny Dawson were forced participants in throwing the Xmas Day playoff game of 1971.

I bear no ill will against any NFL player. In those days, money was not big for players and they had no rights. Now they have a union, rights and are paid much better for their accumulated injuries, reduced life spans and post career life long pain. And in the case of the Chiefs, who I loved as my favorite, in part due to the unorthodox huddle of Dawson and the excellence that the 1971 team had achieved. What is more, I liked the Indian/Native American motiffs and identities. I had a high regard for their close to nature lifestyles. I have never been able to understand why Native Americans take offense, when someone identifies with them and wants to emulate them. Its makes no sense whatsoever. Many identify with what the Native Americans were up against in the nation's past and still in the present, too.

Why Native Americans have chosen to go along with the very government that so brutally disregarded them in the past, and present, as the government steals their children to this day. Why do they go along with government, leftists nonsense? I am baffled and bewildered.

But any way, the Chiefs swept me off my feet in 71 and I  have never taken this loss in 71 easy. It still angers me. The Chiefs deserved the superbowl that year. Instead, they were robbed like their namesake, the Chiefs and their tribes from 1500 AD to the present.

For me, Lenny Dawson and Hank Stram were the best of their time. Their team was solid, a rock. I was robbed. Kansas City was robbed. And especially all those players who gave up their health for our pleasure, and for little money at that time, too. I loved them then and I love them now. I love all the incredible players who you can watch the highlights of, on youtube, courtesy of the NFL.

Especially in our day, where the skills of football have advanced so far beyond 1971. But there was a great injustice done to the men who played for the KC Chiefs in 71, the best team of 1971. It would be my wish that only those deserving of winning should be granted the trophies. but we would have to get rid of Satan first. Yeah! As soon as hell freezes over, right?

Now the pictorial evidence.

The Screen Photos

I believe that the first time I saw the 71 game on youtube, it was a 3 hour version as is common for that year. My earliest screen shots were taken on Aug. 21, 2018, 2 months shy of 1 year ago. I should have downloaded the video as soon as I saw it. I never imagined that someone was watching me that closely, though I've always been aware of the likelihood of it. You just don't give it much thought or concern. You get worn down at times and lazy.

What I saw dropped my jaw to the floor. Moving from left to right and not all that far away, was first a KC receiver and chasing him, trying to catch up with him was a Dolphin back. They both go past Dawson and then another Dolphin back is moving right to left and Dawson throws it to him and there is no one else around. That footage is not in any existing video footage that I can find as of Jun 5, 2019. Now I have some screens from that year ago, but the 2 players going left to right, were blurry due to them moving fast. I could not get a clear picture and left it as is, as I was working on my house at the time. And so the project sat till now. I got lots of projects like that.

So I will present what is left that should show what I am talking about but not with clarity and angle of the original video. That the video footage has disappeared, is damned good evidence that I am watched and that I did find very incriminating evidence from the 1971 footage.

This was after Dawson, the best QB in the NFL at the time, says I. And to the right are the 2 guys that ran from left to right, no. 17 showing. What I came back for recently was to get the footage of these 2 going right and the player having now caught the ball from Dawson. Having come from the right to left and Dawson tossing him the ball with no KC receivers in the Neighborhood. There was no excuse for throwing it where it went . . . unless you were trying to throw the game to please the owner, Lamar Hunt, who would stand to make more money losing, than winning if he and his pals could increase the amount of income generated by the NFL league that every owner was a member of and a beneficiary of. I wanted to be able to show you the ball before it was caught and he turned upfield.

In this shot, you can see the KC receiver having passed the Miami back now with ball in hand. and look how far back/behind the other Miami back was. The KC receiver was just starting to slow up and turn around. Why wasn't the ball thrown to him as he appeared to be wide open with his coverage way behind him?

The original footage was not this blurry. as it looks here,  the Miami "receiver" is all alone waiting for the perfectly thrown ball to arrive. That is accurate. What is not are the 2 players, one of which is the Miami back covering no. 17 not visible by this point. no.14 is Ed Podalak, I believe, in the back field.

This picture is very suspicious. It looks like 17 is right against him when no one was near him. Is this frame faked. I think so.
I think that is no. 89 Otis Taylor stopping the Miami back from going any further. Otis was split left at the snap.

This picture shows a more accurate perspective of the situation, but not perfect. Both guys in back of him were were further to the right or he was further to the left before catching the ball, as I think likely. But they were both well past him. He was alone. He did not need to jump. it was put right into his hands, perfectly timed. I took this screen shot Jun 5, 2019.

In the throw, Dawson is definitely throwing to the left. The only one down field left was the Miami back.

For too many places in this short time period, there were stops in the video action and going to other shots. I think the whole thing stinks.
But all the same, I think I gave enough evidence to show that the interception was thrown intentionally and that footage was likely tampered with. If this is so, then we have a coverup. If we have a cover up, we have guilt, and if we have guilt, we have a conviction, not on the players, but on the part of the owners who rig everything to make more money for the group of owners. Leave the players alone. They were paid very little at that time. It was tough time to be playing football.

Now I have another aspect to consider. After Miami supposedly beat the great KC Chiefs, they played Baltimore for the conference championship to go to the Super bowl. In it, I believe QB Johnny Unitas threw a ball deliberately short to allow an interception for Miami. In fact, the Colts receiver helped tip it back to Miami to make sure they got it. Join me, won't you?!

Unitas underthrows his receiver. The reciever seems to know the plan. He did not knock it down, but seemed to tip it back and maybe up, too, for the benefit of the Dolphins. Colts are in white.




With the ball just hanging there in the air, The far left Dolphin could easily haul it into his arms. He makes an amazing run that was likely legitimate or aided by one of Satan's allies in the spirit realm. Below linked, is the amazing run back the Dolphin back makes. Miami interception and run-back of Baltimore pass.

Those truly in the know and aware, know that Satan is too real and a real force to be reckoned with. Only God can keep the fight fair for those who choose God rather than Satan. But otherwise, in business, sports, entertainment, politics, war, and more, Satan will always be present till all he wants to do, is accomplished. He has already failed the big test and must die, but he is given his option to test each human to verify or deny them as being worthy of preservation and resurrection. So he remains as the spoiler to test our resolve and obedience to God and test our intellects as well. Can we see beyond the veil and symbolism?

This world and life is a waste. We use the experience to prove our selves. Our real reward will be after all this has been put behind us. For those resurrected to a life on earth, it will be the wonderful joy that it should have been 6000 years ago, had it not been for Satan. Those destined for heaven to be kings and priests over the earth, will help bring humanity back to perfection lost by Adam about 6,020 years ago.

I forgot the links so here they are.

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