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The Politics of Lies

   This blog was inspired by the following:

Why conservatives are winning the internet

A new book explains why digital activism helps conservatives more than liberals.        Q: = a quote from the article

So we are supposed to believe that the net only benefits Conservatives, the supposed scourge of the Earth. And why? Because digital conservatism! let me explain that with their own crap. Q: "A lot of people thought the internet would help democratize the world."

Let me translate that for you. "We thought that winning peoples' minds over is only a matter of numbers and voices chirping in." Well, I guess they were wrong. You have to understand that the lying left has no concept of objective thought or reason. Clever (in theory) little slogans and sound bites are going to win peoples' minds over. The modern left are a bunch of little children who have no idea what logic and reason are and why those are important. What they are finding out is that on the net, not everyone is a mindless dummy.

On the net, its all about reason, logic, things that really work as opposed to failure or fantasies that have a long track record of failure. Human history is available to anyone who is willing to go after it and be guided by it. This amazing concept is called "experience." Experience can not lie. It simply exists except in totalitarian despotic communist echo chambers.

The modern left knows nothing of any of that. At least Satanists know better when they lie. The modern young idiots really believe the crap of the left. To them, the Easter Bunny and Mother Goose are all very real.

Lies do not work on the net. The left has no power on the net. And if by chance, someone comes along and listens to both sides, they are very likely to realize that only the conservatives offer any reason or logic. Its not always right, but it beats the hell out of the chants of the mindless idiots among the young.

But now I must explain in few words, what the left and Satanists often use, in place of logic and reason.

Peer Pressure

Everybody wants to fit in. Everybody want to belong to some group somewhere. This is the natural instinct of humans, to be social and fit in as long as everything is in good order. Problems only arise when things go wrong and bullies take over a group, or a nation.

In an ideal world, there is balance between fitting in and getting along . . .  and obeying the important rules of societal conduct that allow order and peace, what we might call the social lubrication of the machinery of society.

All our world is designed around organizing people, and controlling them, and using them as salves really. Sometimes slavery can be almost unnoticeable. but if you step out of line, you will notice it and those in power/control will notice, too. Most people are naturally informants who love to squeal and get score brownie points with those in control.

The leftists are used to fitting in and going along and not rocking the boat. They want to belong. To who they belong, hardly matters to them. Well, most despots are all the same, right?

But on the net, fitting in is not important to anyone seeking good sense and logic and ample amounts of truth and that dirty cuss word again, Experience. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. FACT!

Therefore, boys and girls, Peer pressure is a different quality on the net. logic and reason appeal to those who want and seek logic, reason, experience. Nothing the left has, can satisfy those who seek logic, reason, and experience. Therefore, the left is helpless on the net.

There is not antidote for truth . . .  well, other than killing millions of people, I suppose. That's how most leftists movements end up collapsing and dying. They are the cancer who eat themselves from within.

So what the article I referred to fails to grasp is that "their side" is powerless and without any defense, against those who seek truth.

Incidentally, Marxism was founded on Satanism. Marx had given himself over to Satan. That is why Marxists love lies and killing. Satan hates all human beings, even his own followers. But he will not hesitate to use them. He is such a bastard.

That's It! short and sweet.

 Truth1 Out!               

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