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The Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke #14

  I'll call this one "The Investigation." The university trio are still at it, each taking a watch for manifestations of a poltergeist. I really like this upcoming scene. All in good fun, ya know! Speilberg wants to throw a few bones to the crowd with some very engaging horror. But as it turns out, the guy either is made to see this or it really happened and then reverted. Whatever. The fake face was funny. I took a few shots for ya.


It looks to me like he has bad acne problem. He should see a dermatologist. Mom says don't pick your zits, son. But of course, the poltergeist is becoming more bold by the day and hour. Below! Hey! Who says drugs can't hurt you?


And suddenly, he is back to normal. Never play with poltergeists, boys and girls. You can do better than that. And stay away from the Acid, too.

Now suddenly, the Seismograph begins to activate and go crazy.


Below the camera watching the stair case where much disturbance was being detected.

Below, the monitor on watch is distracted and not noticing things going crazy on the instruments. I think in real life, monitors would have shifts or some alarm when an instrument was reacting.


On the right above, the camera aims up at the stair case. Some is about to happen. At this point we hear the guy using headphones to listen to music instead of being attentive. smoke begins to come out onto the stair case. Then we hear a door open from the kids bedroom and it lights up bright. The movie camera moves up the stairs just a little.


This was the straw that broke the camel's back. The boy, Robbie, is sent to Grandma's house. One of the guys leaves and the other will stay and the woman in going to get some help.
Who ya gonna call, right?

And the boss/owner of the development comes to see dad/Steve. the boss does not even notice the piano moving or other presenting manifestations. He is clueless and the writer/producer wanted that to be clear. It is rather funny. Many people in business are clueless. Their success does not derive from brains and ability, but instead, from being a loyal cog in the machinery that is the network of "do what you are told and don't ask questions. We'll take care of the rest."
This is the essence of the Satanic network.

The boss says to dad, "feel like going for a little ride? I'd like to show you something." The actor does a great job of being clueless and out of touch. near to 1:54:00 the boss takes dad up to a small mountain view of the valley and housing development and drives a stake into the ground and asks, "How is that spot for a bay window?!" He is offering Steve a home up on the Mountain top, overlooking the valley, a place that many would pay big bucks for. Its all about status and prestige. And all dad can think about is his family and the hell they are enduring. I am going to lay out some screen grabs that were all shown as they walked. I am not putting in any kind of order. I just want to show you  how this mass production of homes worked in California in 1980 to 1981 and before and after those years. There were big plans and ambitions.

below left, you can see the dead end circle road that houses would face on. A typical design as you will see. Foundation slabs are all laid out, waiting for buyers or a strong market before building very many. There was huge money to be made, by the big land holding operation, by construction crews and companies. Municipalities would rake in huge property taxes. Stores would build in an area not too far out and proper for a time. Many unseen bribes would take place. Corners would be cut in building, I suspect. I know California is tough with codes.



Below right is where the boss/owner makes his pitch to Steve for a bay window between the 2 men. Elevated look-offs have always ben very popular with the well-to-do people. Steve complains about the view for the people below. So his boss says he won't have to worry about that. Money does not have to give a damn about people. Money secures their rights and privileges.


Our first look at a cemetery that is about to become important.


Here is the dialog that went along with those photos:

1:11:54  Steve/dad: How could anyone have a problem on a day like this?

Boss: We’re starting phase 5 (building plans/expansion).I think the boss was offering 42% of sales to dad. "Almost 70 million in properties. That is a whole generation of security that nobody can put a price on." Offered to be a full partner.

Now comes the big revelations.

They are going to relocate the cemetery.

That’s sacrilegious, isn’t it?

Its not a tribal burial ground, just a bunch of people. Besides, we’ve done it before. The housing development was an Indian burial ground. << End of quotes. The burial ground will turn out to be where swimming pool was places in the Freelings' back yard.

To me, what was being related to us in this offer to Steve/dad, is the spirit of greed and ruthlessness that was abundant in many areas of the USA at this times. Reagan was known for deregulation. I am not a fan of unions, by any means and yet, I dare say, that life without them might have been worse. Its a tough call and I am by no means certain. But sometimes, many times, gridlock is better than one side or the other having all the power. I have seen companies let up and give more to get people to not note to unionize. It only works for that one time but does keep the company aware that the union is still out there lurking and waiting for a chance.

But Reagan's biggest sin was letting credit cards do whatever they wanted to weak-willed short sighted buyers with no will power and filled with want and desire. As well, Japanese imports wiped out the better part of American manufacturing in electronics and automobiles. The loss of American jobs is something we never recovered from. I remember discussing with my friend, way back in 87 or 88, how we were going to fall as a nation because we are not making so that we might have jobs and get paid.

This complete idiot, Nesbitt, did a book. That is all I can remember and nothing comes up on that name, but he was saying that we went from low tech to a high tech economy and that we had become an information society and economy. I thought he was out of his mind and that I can't find his name, would suggest he has been long forgotten as a certified idiot. If you have no jobs, your nation will die, very quickly. Reagan helped that along, quite well. And if you dilute the jobs by letting Immigrants take those jobs, then you die twice as fast.

There was a very sinister operation to destroy the USA. I only use this movie to suggest that Speiberg and company knew this sort of stuff quite well.  They know what is really going on. They knew the spirit guiding the USA and the big urban sprawl that was blanketing the nation. That knowledge is recorded for us in some ways in this movie as evidenced by the greed and selling the USA down the drain. Indeed, that is quite the horror movie, only no one saw it or recognized it.

But the movie records 1981 for us quite well and the story line backs it all up. and a small innocent and adorable looking little girl was being set up to be sacrificed with the commencement of the 1988 Superbowl, where upon she died the day after, in the city the Superbowl was held in, at age 12, even as 2 football jerseys suggested.

The next installment will introduce the spirit guide woman to help get back CA from the dark side.

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