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The Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke #15

   To add just a bit from the hill top scene of Steve's boss making an offer, he says to Steve that his offer is worth 70 million in securities. "That is a whole generation of security that nobody can put a price on." The building boom was huge for sure. But there was a ruthless greed behind it. People were being crammed into cookie cutter houses, living on top of each other, like Sardines. That was the essence of what Steve suggested. Mind you, Americans did not seem to mind this herding of the cattle that they had become a part of. As long as they were middle to upper middle class, thereby proving to them selves and to others, so they thought, that it was their great efforts that had accomplished the suppose achievement of the middle class dream.

The current horror for many of the graduated young of the present, is that they will never be able to afford a house. Some have turned to "tiny houses" that some end up loathing. Its not realistic. The California boom was great for the money makers but it sucked for the middle class who have steadily been pushed below the middle class and into the low end of working class, with less money per hour and reduced living style, with longer hours, greater commuting distances, working 2 or 3 jobs and being able to afford far less. The California dream, pointed out by the Steve character, has become a nightmare symbolically presented in the movie. The Freelings will end up leaving the suburban paradise, barely escaping the nightmare.

1:15:52, the spirit guide "expert"  (Called Tangina) enters the story/nightmare.

Beginning At 1:18:15, the guide: "your daughter is alive and in this house." What I find most interesting is her line beginning just after 1:19:26 And will you do anything I ask, even if it is contrary to your beliefs as a human and a Christian?  Yes, mom says.

So the movie is not just a thrill ride. There is an intent to mislead us and get us to trust "experts" to guide us and instruct us, rather than being guided specifically and exclusively by the Bible during a crisis that will soon grip the world in 2019 or 2020, the election year, which year might not have an election, if we are in a crisis of war, economic collapse, or even an alien invasion they have been insinuating since the 50s.

“There is no death.” ( That is what Satan had been saying since the Garden of Eden. Of course, he is lying as always.) "She is a living presence in their spiritual bound plane."

She will go into a whole bunch of nonsense.

T1: this movie seeks to fill us full of New Age gobbelty-gook and nonsense about a supposed spiritual existence that we pass onto after death.

"They are attracted to the one thing different about her, her life force. It is very strong. It gives off its own illumination."  T1: they keep pilling it higher and deeper.

“Inside the spectral light, there is salvation.” A window to the next plane.  ( I think I am getting nauseas.)

1:22:00 “A terrible presence is in there with her.” Wow! is that every an understatement, likely applying to Heather in real life, rather than CA in the movie. She was likely in many a terrible presence in her acting days. It is a comfort to know that she will likely be allowed to be brought back to life after judgment day.  Continuing: "So much rage! So much betrayal!.

Most Satanists and cultists, are multi-generational. They were abused as infants and children and they end up with much pent up rage and feelings of betrayal. It all gets buried deep inside them, thru the instinctive process known as Dissociation. And typically, those abused will also become abusers, with rage exploding from inside them. So make no mistake. The Hollywood bad boys are brutal in their sexual attacks. Its not the pleasure of sex they seek, but its violence and hurt and utter destruction of another human being of a young vulnerable age, even as they once were.

Continuing:  “ I’ve never sensed anything like it.” “It lies to her (CA). To her it simply is another child. It is the beast."

T1: The Beast is none other than Hollywood, and its ultimate master, Satan or one of his many names and disguises.

 This is a perfect description of them. To any unacquainted with these types, they would say “ I’ve never sensed anything like it.” They are beasts. No doubt about it. Here are some typical lines uttered by the monstrous abusers: "Your mommy would want you to do this!  No one will believe you, if you tell!  We will kill your parents if you tell!  Then follows the absolute brutality, quite possibly causing a Dissociative hiding of the experience deep in the mind).

Tangina says that its power is so strong that it was able punch a whole in our world and take your daughter away from you. T1: And in fact, Satan/Hollwood's reach would take Heather away from her mom, the day after the 1988 SuperBowl in San Diego, CA. I say it was murder and that Culkin told the truth when he said her skin was harvested by Hollywood moguls to make shoes with her skin. This was done by a cult in Hampstead, London, UK, as well, according to 2 children who say their dad was cult boss and that shoes were made from the skin of babies sacrificed by the cult routinely. Tangina says "It lies to her. It says things only a child could understand."

T1: That line would be better understood as lies to keep her from telling. These would work on a child. She would "understand" their threats. The beast has "devoured a lot of children over the years. Beyond counting!

"Its been using her to restrain the others. To her, it simply is, another child. To us, it is the beast!"   "Now let's go get your daughter!"

Tangina has a rope and 2 tennis balls she numbers 1 & 2.  She is going to send mom into the other side and bring CA back. Yes it does stretch things quite a bit. Perhaps there is a reason for going so far out on a limb.

After the dumb woman from the University says not to go to the light, Tangina sets her strait. This to further show her lack of any real knowledge or substance. They tell CA to go to the light. Interesting that dad says he has never given CA a spanking ever. Yes, it is the typical California way of raising brats.

Tangina makes an interesting statement. 1:25:15: "Now clear your mind. It knows what scares you. It has from the very beginning. Don't give it any help. It knows too much already." That is quite a mouth full. Satan and his earthly sychophants know all about fear, pain and intimidation. They love those things. The only way to win is to avoid having anything to do with them, if possible. It usually is. You don't want to go looking for trouble with those guys.

Tangina: "Now open the door!" Tangina approaches the closet door and throws the ball marked 1, into it and where it comes out, marks the openings from one world to the other, in the house. The ball drops thru the living room ceiling.  They do it again with ball 2 and it comes out of the ceiling as well. Tangina brings the rope to Mom , who is going to go into the other dimension to rescue CA. They will need to be pulled out of that dimension and back into their own. It would not be possible, otherwise.

They throw the rope into the light while keeping a hold of the other end and the rest of the rope drops into the living room where the balls had dropped thru. Then mom ventures into the light in the closet. Her and CA fall thru the ceiling onto a mattress. Mom and CA are motionless and are taken into the tub to be cleaned off. And they finally start responding. Tangina then declares, "this house is clean."

The next thing we see are the 2 screens below.

1:35:45 Mom says as they look at CA a little ways away," “She doesn’t seem to remember any of it.”

Fascinating! Not a shred of doubt in my mind the writer was admitting it had been traumatic for CA and that she remembered nothing. Any substantial trauma will cause the mind to dissociate and hide the memory/experience away in a sealed off part of the brain for retrieval if at a later time in life, the time and circumstance might allow for the memory to finally be allowed to be experienced by the conscious mind and reset all the epigenes  that record changes in state of the mind and body, back to the state of the mind and body, that was before the trauma. Normally, the instinct looks for time and circumstance that are deemed safe and secure to allow the person to finally experience the trauma, so that the mind and body might heal and return to original "pre-harmed" state.

This might well be suggesting that Heather had undergone traumas that got hidden away like CA did. I'd bet big money on it. I don't believe these lines were put in on a whim. They had to reveal that Heather has been traumatized and maybe more then once and that goes for many other children as well. Drew Barrymore, and many other kids have likely been attacked many times by the "Beast."

1:36:10  They gaze at the house and mom says, “We worked so hard for this." That is a very true statement. Living in upscale middle class housing, if not upper middle class by standards of the day, was not an easy thing to obtain and now Dynastic Inheritance and Gentrification have pushed this out of the reach of the middle class entirely. This sort of housing is now fully the upscale living of the 9.9%

The standards of living have drastically fallen for all but the 9.9%. The American dream has now become a Poltergeist nightmare of America crashing and dying. The good old days of prosperity are as dead as the corpses/skeletons that we are about to see in the pool.

Dad is done with the development (the Middle Class American "Dream.) The family wants out of it. Its too much. Too high a toll. It was not such in 1981, but many in high finance knew that the day was coming when economics would only favor the 9.9%. "A Generation of security" says Dad's boss. But we are now seeing the last dying gasps of the middle class drawing their last breath. We will all be poor together until the madness of WW3 and an Alien invasion set us up for the final showdown. We are already seeing it.

I end this at 1:37:00, to start the next installment. What I can tell you is, that I had not had a good gut wrenching laugh in maybe 3 or 4 years till I saw what is coming in the next installment. I laughed so hard and it felt so good. Its a riot.

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