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SRA Watch No. #124

The Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke #16


  We pick up at 1:37:00 with Freelings moving out of their home. They are spending 1 last night in the house. Lets just call it the finale. Mom is going to get rid of the bit of gray, that her oldest daughter pointed out. She turns on the tub. Then gets the kids to go to bed. Bobbie notices the spooky smile of the sinister clown who takes turns appearing with each kid and now about to display some new facial expressions as well. He plays a lot of roles as a menace to the 2 kids, a boy and a girl. Who does the clown represent? The beast? Why not!

He throws a jacket or similar over the clown. You hear bells jingling, that are on the clown. Then the boy and us, too, here movement. Robbie decides to sit up and the clown is not in the chair anymore. Robbie looks around and does not see the clown anywhere. He decides to look on each side of the bed. As he is looking, you can hear breathing in the right speaker and a sort of mumbling or grunting. It sounds menacing or stalking. Its not good for Robbie

In the mean time, mom is in the tub at 1:40:08 when a mist or smoke starts flowing over her. Back to Robbie and clown. Robbie looks over the bed and pulls up the blanket or sheet that is preventing seeing under the bed. while looking, the Clown has come up on the other side of the bed and attacks Robbie by wrapping his red and white limb around Robbie and pulls him under the bed, all the while with that sinister laugh that many abusers of children almost certainly make use off. They love seeing a child (or anyone else) in terror.

Take a look at the hands of the clown. Kind of big, aren't they? Disproportionately so! Though the clown is small, we know this must symbolize an adult. He is still creepy looking. But notice the happy smile on the clown! Its about to change. The boy throws a piece of clothing on the clown, but it slides off, causing the bells on the clown to jingle.

The screen goes back to mom. 1:40:55.

A Badly Needed Lesson/Intervention

Warning to prudes! A good looking woman is about to be displayed fairly generously by the camera and screen. If you fear being titillated and all worked up, stop here! In my book, the feeling of titillation and arousal that are natural functions of the instinct, and I do not fear them and I do enjoy them. I feel no shame for being a man of natural male inclinations. Anyone who see's these as evil is also attributing evil to God as well, as He made us. Anyone calling God evil is not going to get very far in life. As the spirit said to Peter, Stop calling unclean what God has declared Clean/Holy. Our instinct is God-Created. The Pharisees were great for binding huge burdens on men, that Jesus said they would not try to budge with even a finger. Nuff said there. One can not fornicate with the eyes. Fornication is action or pursuit of actual sex, even if its not obtained. Intent is all that matters. Drooling does not count.

Now it just so happens that Jobeth Williams is hot looking, unless you're dead and buried. Of course, Hollywood typically tries to titillate and excite and arouse people. But that of itself is not an extreme sin. But if you are weak, then it could lead to sin, in theory. But it just as well could lead to nothing. Acts 15 says there are only 4 necessary things to keep/observe. Not 100! Just 4! If you keep these says James, speaking for all, you are doing fine. Solomon in Ecclesiastes 7:16,17, says that we would avoid trying to be too wise or too righteous.

(NKJV) 16 Do not be overly righteous, Nor be overly wise: Why should you destroy yourself?
71 Do not be overly wicked, Nor be foolish: Why should you die before your time?

You will bring destruction to your selves or have to account to God for insisting on what James & Co., did not.

I note as mom blows her hair dry, sitting on the bed, that she has a football jersey on with the number 65 on it. Makes me wonder if there are any implications in that. The football stuff all seems to revolve around CA/Heather. Having further watched to the end, she gets a lot of camera action with that number showing prominently. Given it has to do with football, too, which as always hinted at Heather's future murder/sacrifice says I. But if there is a solution to 65, its escaping me. Time or another person will figure it out, if it it with some meaning. Its a lot like the angel/bird picture, that was easier to interpret.

Mom's part is scripted to fill in for what is symbolically done to kids in Hollywood. You could not have kids act out what we are about to see. I agree! So just pretend that mom is a child in the hands of the Beast. She is roughed up in a brutal "banging" on the bed. She tries to push her shirt back down to cover herself and make it stop, but to no avail. Then the Beast drags her up a wall, across the ceiling,  left, right and every which way and down on another wall. During some of this she is pleading, no! no! stop! and similar. But there is no stopping, though the kids plead, otherwise. And while she is being dragged around, the screen will switch to the kids in and out, too. I separate the 2 to eliminate confusion and give each its own focus.

The shirt pulls up by itself. her hips get bounced up and down. then she is pulled against the wall and up to the ceiling.



Remember that this is after Tanigina declared the spirits are no more. But this is an exceptionally power and determined spirit, the beast.

Now while mom had been going thru this, The boy, Robbie, was having his problems with the clown. and the clown now has an evil expression on his face and fully animated

To me, these pictures are very suggestive. The boy actor has some great expressions. You would almost think he was really getting raped. That's what happens in Hollywood, says I and many victims.

Below: Robbie gets really mad (I hate you! I hate you! as he is ripping the clown part) and fights back and gets the upper hand. Good for him! Robbie really comes thru on this performance. I am sure the many boys of Hollywood felt the same way.

 While the beast threatens the children, mom runs outdoors for help and falls into the pool where she encounters all sorts skeletons in the pool that had buried there. Below left, you can almost hear the "guy" on the left. Great pool party Mrs. Freeling! Well, everyone did show up.




Meanwhile, mom heads for the kids bedroom but the hallway grows longer, making it hard to get to the room. I think this might have happened in Kubrick's "The Shining" as well. And a stunt double is playing mom, too. "She" looks bigger and a frame to follow, will show a much stronger thicker actor.


CA is scared. I note that her head board of her bed is unusual. Robbie's is very plain, being a shelf and wall. I'll ponder it later. They are being sucked in (it happens to all people who agree to give their soul over to Satan. Me thinks the awkward position is why a stunt double is in this scene.


Above the door to the closet is exploding.  Below, right,  is what they risk getting sucked into. It could be a throat going into the belly of the beast. They hold on for dear life. When all 3 are able to join hands, the attack stops.


Dad arrives to see his house flashing like lightning inside. He runs inside and his family is coming the other  way when below right comes up thru the floor.


Then inside the house, another coffin comes up thru the floor.

Dad/Steve is royally pissed off at his boss in the next 2 pictures

The boss sees the house get folded down into the ground below right.

The only lie below is that any developer or big business man would ever feel pain or regret. Its the price of doing business as he would see it.

The Family took off in a hurry. This is where it gets funny, to me. This is where we will leave off and pick up next installment. We are nearly done now.

It would be my opinion at this point, That the house sucked into the ground was a result of the misdeeds of the Developer. But they are just stand-in symbols for Hollywood, who might one day be exposed for all the skeletons in the closet or in this case, beneath the house. Is it also foretelling a massive exposure of Hollywood? The future will have to decide that. If nothing else, the house could be Hollywood, who sits on top of a whole lot of skeletons buried beneath it, as a ruthless sacrilege. Eventually, it will be sucked back into the earth and the earth will be cleansed.

We could see it as the ruthless development that will lead to the demise of the middle class with the ultimate goal of killing as much of humanity as possible. The Georgia Guide Stones say this.        No# 17 will be the next installment.


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